Donkey Kong:RAM map

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RAM Function Details
0X0010 Local copy of PPU register 2000
0X0011 Local copy of PPU register 2001
0X0012 Horizontal Scroll Offset
0X0013 Vertical Scroll Offset
0X0014 Current Buttons Pressed
0X0015 Current Buttons Pressed Excluding Jump Button
0X0021-0X0023 6 digit Top Score using BCD 1 nybble(4 bits) per digit
0X0025-0X0027 6 digit 1P Score using BCD 1 nybble(4 bits) per digit
0X0029-0X002B 6 digit 2P Score using BCD 1 nybble(4 bits) per digit
0X002E-0X002F 4 digit time remaining using BCD 1 nybble(4 bits) per digit
0X0034 Timer for Kong's arm animation
0X0036 Timer for when Kong Reaches from the left to the center
0X0037 Timer for when Kong either drops barrel or goes from center to right
0X0038 Timer for Oil Barrel Flame animation
0X0039 Timer for princess animation
0X003F Hammer time remaining
0X0044 Slow Timer that starts Demo Mode
0X0050 Stores which option was selected on the title screen $00-$03
0X0051 Amount of players playing $18=1 player, $1C=2 players
0X0052 Which player's turn it is $00=1P, $01=2P
0X0053 Which Zone you're on (1-3)
0X0054 Number of times Zone 3 has been completed Appears under the (L).
0X0055 Marios remaining Graphic only
0X0056 Current direction button pressed
0X0057 Last direction button pressed
0X0058 Demo Mode $01=Active
0X0096 Mario's Satus $01=Hor, $02=Ver, $04=Jump, $08=Falling, $0A=Has Mallet, $FF=Dead
0X00C1-0X00C8 Beam Joint in Zone 3 $00=Beam Joint still there, $01=Beam Joint has been broken(moved over)
0X00F7-0X00F8 Pointer that holds address to music file
0x0100-0x01FF CPU Stack
0x0200-0x02FF Sprite Ram that is transferred via DMA every NMI
0x0330 Offset for the current Name Table Update variable below
0x0331-0x033F Stores the pending changes to update the Name Table
0x0400 Zone number for player 1
0x0401 Zone number for player 2
0x0402 Level number for player 1
0x0403 Level number for player 2
0x0404 Player 1 Marios remaining
0x0405 Player 2 Marios remaining
0x0406 Player 1 game over $00=False, $01=True
0x0407 Player 2 game over $00=False, $01=True
0x043E How many pixels Mario moves up each step of his jump Note: If you increase this and jump, you will fall to your death unless you got to a platform above.
0x050C How many times demo Mario moves a direction
0x050D Which way demo Mario will move
0x050E Index in the array of demo movements