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(This is a TBL file for the mentioned game.)
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The Fintstones - Rescue of Dino and Hoppy is an nes game made by Taito, there was no tbl available for it so here it is:

00=e 01= t 02=re 03=<line> 04=th 05=he 06=in 07=ou 08=t 09=d 0A=s 0B= a 0C=an 0D=ed 0E=me 0F=.<line> 10= h 11=hi 12=er 13=nd 14=o 15=to 16=e.<line> 17= m 18=on 19=e<line> 1A=im 1B= 1C=n 1D=ne 1E=.<line> 1F=is 20=ha 21= f 22=I 23= s 24=om 25= c 26=ar 27=at 28=ro 29= w 2C=st 2D=ll 2E=Ma 30=0 31=1 32=2 33=3 34=4 35=5 36=6 37=7 38=8 39=9 3A=: 3B= 3C= 3D== 3E= 3F=? 40= 41=A 42=B 43=C 44=D 45=E 46=F 47=G 48=H 49=I 4A=J 4B=K 4C=L 4D=M 4E=N 4F=O 50=P 51=Q 52=R 53=S 54=T 55=U 56=V 57=W 58=X 59=Y 5A=Z 5C=" 5E=, 60=. 61=a 62=b 63=c 64=d 65=e 66=f 67=g 68=h 69=i 6A=j 6B=k 6C=l 6D=m 6E=n 6F=o 70=p 71=q 72=r 73=s 74=t 75=u 76=v 77=w 78=x 79=y 7A=z 7E=!! 7F=<flecha> 80=ts 81=ac 82=ut 83=no 84=y 85= b 86=m 87=ch 88=co 89=ve 8A=en 8B=ri 8C=ow 8D=it 8E=se 8F= i 90=nt 91=be 92=ng 93=g 94=ur 95=or 96=a 97= l 98=pa 99=r 9A=pp 9B=le 9C=d<salto> 9D=f 9E=oo 9F=u A0=lo A1=wo A2=el A3=fr A4=li A5=ca A6=ee A7=et A8= g A9=te AA=ea AB=am AC=sa AD=w AE=mi AF= I B0=y<salto> B1=fo B2=r<salto> B3=e<salto> B4=es B5=pr B6=ce B7=the B8=and B9=you BA=Fred BB= ma BC= time BE= you BF= and C0= time C1=ll C2='s C3=ng C4=Machine C5=t's C7=,Fred C8=Dino and C9=Hoppy CA=ing CD= parts CE=of the CF=uld D0=n't D1=way D2=I'm D3=But D4= no D5=... D6=It's D7=Dino and Hoppy D8=all D9=s-e parts DA= parts-f DB=could DC=now DD=Dr.Butler DE=Gazoo DF=Flinstone E0=You can E1=ious E2=It's been E3=long-me E4=s-e parts E5= parts of the E6= could'nt E7= wonder E8=I'm sure E9=Gazoo's time EA=over ther EB=Ha ha ha EC=prehistoric ED=give you FC=<button press> FD=<line> FE=<end> FF=