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== See Also ==
== See Also ==
* [[:Category: RAM Maps]]
* [[Help:Ram Map|RAM Map Guidelines]]
* [[ROM Map]] - the format of a RAM map will be similar to that of a RAM Map
* [[:Category:RAM maps]]
* [[ROM map]] - Similar maps for the contents of ROM
[[Category: General Terms]]
[[Category:General Terms]]

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A RAM map is a linear breakdown of the data stored in a system's RAM. This may be further broken down into WRAM ("Working RAM", which is used as the game is running) maps and SRAM ("Save RAM", which is kept between gaming sessions) maps. Like a ROM map, these pages will often just identify sections and link to other pages for details, especially when there are tables within the data.

Please place the {{rammap|game=name of game}} template, which links to this page, at the top of each RAM map page.

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