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Address		Size Hex		Size Dec	Format		Description
18e340					38800				Greece asm block includes asm pointer tables and some debug text
197ad0		1530E			86798 +2	MIO0		Greece height-map (postData)
1acde0		3df			991 +1		MIO0		Greece terrain texture map (texBlockMap)
1ad1c0		25d2			9682		MIO0		landscape tint map. the colours from this are blended with the terrain textures. (landscapeColours)
1af794		225			549		MIO0		32bpp palette entries for the landscape tint map rgba i think (landscapePalette)
1af9bc		613			1555		MIO0		greece terrain-objects map (treeStructs)
1affd0		3bd			957		MIO0		greece terrain-object-groups map tree clusters trees with fence etc (trees)
1b0390					64				body harvest model pointers terrain objects model pointers (treeGfx)
1b03d0					4				(WaterTableHeight)
1b03d4					1024 +4				Greece building data (BuildingTypes) possibly this actually starts at 1b03d8
1b07d8					4464				greece building table (Buildings)
1b1948					1656				unused greece building table space
__1b1fc0				3084				unknown data (triggerArray) (nextTrigger)__
1b2bcc					3840				greece alien spawn waves info 20bytes per wave 0x0 is wave type ; 0x2 & 0x4 are spawn coords (levelWaveData)
1b3acc					2304				greece vehicle table 0x1 & 0x3 are coords; 0x7 is vehicle type (VehicleStartInfos)
__1b43cc				2052				something to do with events blanking it all means no daisy interrupts, no spawn waves no cinemas eg bridge lowering (Missions)__
1b4bd0		29F1A			171802 +2	MIO0		greece terrain texture-set in ram at 224eb0 (terrainTextures)
1deaec		12fe			4862 +6		MIO0		greece terrain texture-set palette. 512b each 16bpp in ram at 254eb0 (terrainCMap)
1dfdf0		4e13			19987 +1	MIO0		sky texture made of 32bpp blocks in ram at 2ca910 (skyBackDrop)
1e4c04		231			561 +7		MIO0		sky gradient 16bpp in ram at 2d4910 (skyBackDropCMap)
1e4e3c					4992 + 4			enemy data (typeArray)
1e61c0		930			2352				vehicle data (LandVehicles)
1e6af0					96				greece signpost table (SignPostData)
1e6b50					3072				greece english signpost text (SignStrings)
1e7750					256				greece english signpost text 16b offsets (signs_dialogue_offsets)
1e7850					3072				greece french signpost text
1e8450					256				greece french signpost text 16b offsets
1e8550					3072				greece german signpost text
1e9150					256				greece german signpost text 16b offsets
1e9250					6144				greece english miscellaneous text (commsMessages)
1eaa50					256				greece english miscellaneous text 16b offsets (comms_dialogue_offsets)
1eab50					6144				greece french miscellaneous text
1ec350					256				greece french miscellaneous text 16b offsets
1ec450					6144				greece german miscellaneous text
1edc50					256				greece german miscellaneous text 16b offsets
__1edd50				2032				unknown data - 2 lists 0x0 20byte entries & 0x2c0 12byte entries they both include__
									__building model pointers if blanked 0s buildings don't have doors__
									__(commsSentenceInfo) (Doors) (BCPoints)__
1ee540					47040				Possible Java ASM block
1fa820									Java Height-map
2610d0									America Height-map
2c6020									Siberia Height-map
32c8e0									Comet Height-map
377320									alpha one weapon icon textures
37a1f0								MIO0	English & Japanese character sets
37f730									email icons
39adb0								MIO0	Greece character portraits
3a8536					109082				unknown data including java text
3c2f50								MIO0	java character portraits
438940					3923			MIO0	hive mind portrait
439894					578			MIO0	palette for hive mind portrait
439ae0					4457			MIO0	tortured daisy portrait
43ac4c					596			MIO0	palette for tortured daisy portrait
43aea0									model bank 04 - intro movie sets props
576cb0									start of all Greece specific model data this is the beginning of the offset that the microcode in Greek models use.
5bf3b0									Greece cruiser textures
5c0e00									Greece fire truck textures
5c3700									Greece howitzer textures
5cba90					2416				Greece vehicle nico supplies - textures
5cc400					3840				Greece vehicle nico supplies - vertex data
5cd300					2128				Greece vehicle nico supplies - graphics microcode
7e3db0								MIO0	Textures icons
838910								MIO0	Textures icons
888d80								MIO0 	
8d6ce0								MIO0 	Textures icons
8f07b0								MIO0 	
953000									Music data begins around hereish somewhere check usf files for more precision
(Source: Jaytheham)


Address		Size Hex	Size Dec	Format		Description

00001000	30ef0				ASM		Boot code (contains at least one display list - right at the end)

00040720					ASM		Start Menu code

0007F220	D9110				ASM		Base game code
00158330	354B0				ASM		Base game inside code (or just Greece?)
0018D7E0	9790				ASM		Greece events code
00196f70	1530E		86798 +2	MIO0		Greece Height-map (postData)
001AC280			991 +1		MIO0		Greece terrain texture map (texBlockMap)
001AC660			9682 +2		MIO0		Greece terrain texture tint map (landscapeColours)
001AEC34	225		549 +3		MIO0		Greece terrain texture tint map palette, 32bpp RGBA I think (landscapePalette)
001AEE5C	613		1555 +1		MIO0		Greece terrain objects map (treeStructs)
001AF470	3BD		957 +3		MIO0		Greece grouped terrain objects map (trees)
001AF830			64				Greece terrain objects model pointers (treeGfx)
001AF870			4 +4				(WaterTableHeight)
001AF878	1024		32*32				Greece building types data (BuildingTypes)
001AFC78	6120		255*24				|Greece building table (Buildings)
001B1460	3084						Unknown (triggerArray) (nextTrigger)
001B206C			3840		192*20		Greece Alien spawn wave table, 0x0 Wave type, 0x2 & 0x4 coords (levelWaveData)
001B2F6C			2304		128*18		Greece vehicle table, 0x1 & 0x3 are coords, 0x7 is type (VehicleStartInfos)
001B386C			2052				Zeroing results in no Daisy interrupts, no spawn waves, no cut-scenes (Missions)
001B4070	29F1A		171802 +2	MIO0		Greece terrain texture set (terrainTextures)
001DDF8C	12FE		4862 +6		MIO0		Greece terrain texture set palettes, 512B each 16bpp (terrainCMap)
001DF290	4E13		19987 +1	MIO0		Greece sky texture, 32bpp blocks (skyBackDrop)
001E40A4	231		561 +3		MIO0		Greece sky colour gradient, 16bpp (skyBackDropCMap)
001E42DC	4992 +4		48*104				Enemy data (typeArray)
001E5660	2352		21*112				Vehicle data (LandVehicles)
001E5F90	96						Greece signpost table (SignPostData)
001E5FF0	3072						Greece English signpost text (SignStrings)
001E6BF0	256		128*2				Greece English signpost text offsets (signs_dialogue_offsets)
001E6CF0	3072						Greece French signpost text
001E78F0	256		128*2 				Greece French signpost text offsets
001E79F0	3072						Greece German signpost text
001E85F0	256		128*2 				Greece German signpost text offsets
001E86F0	6144						Greece English misc. text (commsMessages)
001E9EF0	256		128*2 				Greece English misc. text offsets (comms_dialogue_offsets)
001E9FF0	6144						Greece French misc. text
001EB7F0	256		128*2 				Greece French misc. text offsets
001EB8F0	6144						Greece German misc. text
001ED0F0	256		128*2 				Greece German misc. text offsets
001ED1F0	2032						Unknown data - 2 lists: 0x0 20Byte entries. 0x2c0 12Byte entries.
								Both include building model pointers, if zeroed buildings don't have doors.
								(commsSentenceInfo) (Doors) (BCPoints)
001ED9E0							Java ASM block
001F9CC0	17793		96147 +1	MIO0		Java height-map
00211454	396		918 +2		MIO0		Java terrain texture map
002117EC	1C47		7239 +1		MIO0		Java terrain texture tint map
00213434	2C2		706 +2		MIO0		Java terrain texture tint map palette
002136F8	59D		1437 +3		MIO0		Java terrain objects map
00213C98	3B1		945 +3		MIO0		Java grouped terrain objects map
0021404C	64		16*4				Java terrain objects model pointers
0021408C			4 +4				WaterTableHeight

001B2F6C	2304		128*18				America vehicle table, 0x1 & 0x3 are coords, 0x7 is type (VehicleStartInfos)

002DCB39	2304		128*18				Siberia vehicle table, 0x1 & 0x3 are coords, 0x7 is type (VehicleStartInfos)

00341F44	2304		128*18				Comet vehicle table?, 0x1 & 0x3 are coords, 0x7 is type (VehicleStartInfos)

0043a340							Intro models
004ebf80   							Bits of Adam? Models
00579d50							Greece model bank
005dcbb0							Java model bank
0063d1b0							Start of Kubelwagon displaylist
0063e3e0							Start of landing craft displaylist
0064edf0							America model bank
006bfbb0							Siberia model bank
0072fda0							Comet model bank
00770c70							Boss monsters model bank
00791c20										Misc Models
007a4400							Greece Interior Models
007e6e50					MIO0		Greece Interior Model Textures
007f9530							Java Interior Models
008463d0							America Interior Models
00898450							Siberia Interior Models
008e4090							Comet Interior Models
(Source: Jaytheham)

Internal Data for Body Harvest

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