Dragon Quest III (Game Boy Color):ROM map

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  • 0x5000 to 0xBFFF: complete font, standard Game Boy format (2BPP linear).
    • 0x5000 to 0x5FFF: kana and frieds (8x8);
    • 0x6000 to 0x7FFF: same (8x16);
    • 0x9000 to 0x9FFF: small kanji (8x8);
    • 0xA000 to 0xBFFF: big kanji (8x16);
    • The characters are exactly the same, for small and big fonts, plus the kanji part is intact at BD3E.
  • 0x180000: classes, personalities, magic, places, items, monster and people names, signs, characteristics plus some descriptions, placed in a weird way without pointers.
  • 0x184000 até 0x1C0000: dialogue...
  • 0x1E0000 até 0x1E8000: the dialogue keep going...