Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey:Notes

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Useful Structures

Boss battles (0x2881c)

0x0; Number of enemies (-1) 0x2; First enemy 0x4; Second enemy 0x6; Third enemy

Random encounter data (0x29773)

These entries are not of a fixed length. The first part of each area's data is a list of 2-byte little endian pointers, one for each screen in the area. These point to the area's actual data which follows a predictable format:

0x0; Maximum number of monsters per battle 0x1; Range 0x2-0x6; Compare values 1-5 0x7; First enemy 0x9; Second enemy 0xb; Third enemy 0xd; Fourth enemy 0xf; Fifth enemy

The "range" is what the compare values are compared to, in order starting from the first compare value. Note that if any of the possible enemies are not used then bytes 0x9-0x10 may not appear. To explain the structure further, examine Oasis' overworld data:

01 07 03 07 00 00 00 02 00 03 00

Group it like so:

01 07 0307000000 0200 0300

A maximum of one enemy will appear. The "range" is 7. There is a 3/7 chance that the first ID (0x2) will be chosen and if it is not then the second ID (0x3) is guaranteed to be chosen (7/7). So you will encounter 0x2 alone 3/7 of the time and 0x3 alone 4/7 of the time.

Core monster data (0xd433b)

0x0 Family

0x1 Gender ratio (0 always male, 1 mostly male, 2 50/50, 3 mostly female)

0x2 Flying flag (LegSweep immunity)

0x3 Metal flag

0x4 ?

0x6 Max level w/o breeding

0x7 Experience growth rate

0x8 Skill 1

0x9 Skill 2

0xa Skill 3

0xb ?

0xc HP growth

0xd MP growth

0xe Atk growth

0xf Def growth

0x10 Agi growth

0x11 Int growth

0x12-2c Resistances

0x2d-2e Base exp yield