Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey:ROM map

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Feel free to add any locations you have found that aren't on this document.

Bank 8-20000

Universal strings

20242; pointers to family names

2025a; pointers to monster names

2055a; pointers to skill names

20718; pointers to item names

208d6; pointers to personalities

213b5; strings - families

213f9; strings - monster species

21ef9; strings - skill names

224e3; strings - item names

231f7; strings - personalities

Bank A-28000

2881c; boss battles

Random encounters for main worlds

29773; Oasis OW encounter data

29856; Well encounter data

2989b; Pirate OW encounter data

29a4c; HoodSquid cave

29a8a; Harmirror cave 1F encounter data

29ab7; Harmirror cave 2F encounter data

29ade; Harmirror cave 3F encounter data

29aff; Moonrock tower 1F encounter data

29b14; Moonrock tower 2F encounter data

29b29; Ghost ship 1F encounter data

29b45; Ghost ship 2F encounter data

29b58; Ghost ship cabin encounter data

29b6b; Ice OW encounter data

29d5d; Gold mine encounter data

29d9b; Spooky forest encounter data

29dca; Sleep herb mtn encounter data

29de7; Ice tower 1F encounter data

29e0c; Ice tower 2F encounter data

29e2b; Sky OW encounter data

2a028; Fhunt tower 1F encounter data

2a03d; Fhunt tower 2F encounter data

2a052; Fhunt tower 3F encounter data

2a06b; Fhunt tower 4F encounter data

2a084; Helm cave 1F encounter data

2a097; Helm cave 2F encounter data

2a0ba; Helm cave 3F encounter data

2a0dd; Armor tower 1F encounter data

2a0f2; Armor tower 2F encounter data

2a107; Armor tower 3F encounter data

2a120; Armor tower 4F encounter data

2a139; Sword castle 1F encounter data

2a160; Sword castle 2F encounter data

2a181; Sword castle 3F encounter data

2a1a2; Sword castle 4F encounter data

2a1bd; Limbo OW encounter data

2a1fb; Darck's castle encounter data

2a220; Elf OW encounter data

2a2ab; AgDevil's lair encounter data

2a2d2; Lonely OW encounter data

2a2eb; Lonely basement encounter data

2a300; Traveler OW encounter data

2a382; Dark Merchant's tower 1F encounter data

2a393; Dark Merchant's tower 2F encounter data

2a3aa; Dark Merchant's tower 3F encounter data

2a3bf; Dark Merchant's tower 4F encounter data

Bank B-2C000

2c03e; library - pointers to text

2c422; library - text entries (strings)

Bank C-30000

Library related data

3136a; library - sizes

31562; library - rarities

3199f; library - upper breed partner

31c9f; library - upper breed partner

31f9f; library - lower breed partner

3229f; library - lower breed partner

Arena pointers & teams

3387f; arena - pointers/kiddie class

33885; arena - kiddie class teams

3389f; arena - pointers/c class

338a5; arena - c class teams

338b7; arena - pointers/b class

338bd; arena - b class teams

338cf; arena - pointers/a class

338d5; arena - a class teams

338e7; arena - pointers/s class

338ed; arena - s class teams

33905; pointers/random arena monsters

33911; random arena monsters

Bank E-38000

Breeding data

3a208; breeding - species+species

3b34e; breeding - species+family

3bb83; breeding - family+species

3be99; breeding - family+family

Bank 14-50000

530f0; strings - censored/unusable names

Bank 16-58000

58cc2; item data

Bank 1A-68000

680d4; skills data

6900a; skill requirements data

Bank 1B-6C000

6d1b6; strings - censored/unusable names

Bank 1C-70000

72188; shop inventories

Bank 34-D0000

d0075; prebuilt enemies (part 1)

Bank 35-D4000

d403b; pointers - core monster data

d433c; core monster data

Bank 6D-180000

182969; key generation - prefix chances

182a09; key generation - suffix chances

Bank 80-200000

20273f; dialogue - arena hints girl

Bank 88-220000

22061c; strings - list of prebuilt enemies

Bank A2-288000

288056; prebuilt enemies (part 2)