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Offset Address Type For What
00040200 - 000429FF Graphics Various Map Objects (AND A CAT?!)
00043200 - 000450FF Graphics No Armor Display Pictures
00058200 - 0005A179 Graphics FIGHTER's Sprite Sheet
0005A180 - 0005C0FF Graphics AMAZON's Sprite Sheet
00045200 - 000458FF Graphics Armor and Clothes on the Display Picture
000292AF - 0002B61C Text Game Text Bank 1
0002C3CA - 0002E397 Text Game Text Bank 2 (Includes Gaps)
0002BC9D - 0002BD41 Text Special Text (Looking around, Battle) 1
000016D5 - 000016E1 Palettes 3rd Player's Palettes?
0007805B Palettes Dungeons' Blue, Maybe....?

Internal Data for Drakkhen

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