EarthBound:NPC Battle AI Table

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NPC Battle AI Table
Game EarthBound
Start Address 0x15912D
End Address 0x159147
# of Entries 13 (0xD)
Entry Length 2
Total Length 26 bytes (0x1A)
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The NPC Battle AI Table controls how Non-Player Characters behave in battle. It designates Enemy Configuration AI entries to each NPC and controls how they are targeted by enemy attacks.




Targetability of the AI entry. There are three known values.

  • 0x01 - Untargetable. Enemies will not be able to attack this NPC.
  • 0x06 - Forced targeting. All attacks from enemies will be directed at this NPC.
  • 0x07 - Variable targeting. Attacks from enemies will be directed at this NPC randomly, as with Player Characters.

Enemy Number

Enemy Configuration entry to be used for this AI. The NPC acts like it is the referenced enemy, except on the player's side.

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