Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls:Weapon Data Table

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FF1 Weapon Data Table
Game Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
Start Address 0x19F33C
End Address 0x19FA57
# of Entries 65
Entry Length 28 (0x1C)
Total Length 1820 bytes (0x71C)
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The FF1 Weapon Data Table stores the basic statistics of every weapon in Final Fantasy I. Graphical and sound data are to be found elsewhere.


Sorting Order

Position this weapon will be placed in relative to other weapons when using the Sort option in the Inventory menu.

Who Equips (Base Classes)

Each bit is a true/false flag indicating whether the corresponding base class can wield this weapon. See class equip bits. The top two bits are unused.

Who Equips (Advanced Classes)

As above, for the advanced classes.


Bonus to Attack provided when equipped. Note that total damage per hit is capped to 255, so very high values will have little to no effect.


Bonus to Accuracy/Hit Rate provided when equipped. Note that total (and base!) accuracy is capped to 255.


Modifier to Evade provided when equipped. This value may be negative, allowing for weapons that reduce Evade.

Spell Cast

If this value is not 0xFF, this weapon will cast the spell of the same ID when used in battle. See spell IDs.


Elemental Effectiveness

Each bit corresponds to an element, though the top two bits are unused. If the wielder's target is weak to any of the elements of the weapon, the attacker gains +5 Attack and a +40 bonus to hit. Elemental resistances do not apply.

Family Effectiveness

Each bit corresponds to a monster family. If the target monster shares a family bit with this weapon's family effectiveness bits, the +5 Attack/+40 to-hit also applies.

Note that family and elemental modifiers do not stack - for instance the Flame Sword, which has the Fire element and is also effective against undead, will only apply the bonus once when attacking a Vampire.

Attribute Modifiers

Strength Modifier

Stamina Modifier

Agility Modifier

Intellect Modifier

Attribute modifiers provided while equipped. All of the above may be negative, but note that attributes have a minimum of 0 and a maximum value of 99, so very large values will be wasted.

Critical Rate

Chance out of 20 to score a critical hit from each strike of this weapon. Therefore, at or above 200 Crit Rate each hit will be a critical hit. Even at 0 Crit Rate, a roll of 0 will still crit.

HP Boost (%)

Amount that Max HP is increased by while this weapon is equipped, expressed as a percentage of base Max HP.

MP Boost (%)

As above, for Max MP.


This halfword exists to word-align the following values.


Gil cost of buying this weapon.


Gil received when selling this weapon.

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