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The following list are the graphics values used by the game engine. They are used by event scripts and maps to determinate the actors graphics.


The graphics set are complete. They includes battle animations and the sprites for chocobo riding. Also, they have additional data like portraits.
00 Terra
01 Locke
02 Cyan
03 Shadow
04 Edgar
05 Sabin
06 Celes
07 Strago
08 Relm
09 Setzer
0A Mog
0B Gau
0C Gogo
0D Umaro
0E Soldier
0F Imp

Almost complete

The graphics set are incomplete and they don't have the chocobo animations. They have battle animations but some of them don't have the correct portraits.
10 Leo
11 Banon
12 Morphed Terra
13 Merchant
14 Ghost
15 Kefka


The graphics set are incomplete and they only have the graphics for NPC animations. They don't have battle animations.
16 gesthal
17 elder Man
18 young Man
19 dog
1A maria
1B noble man
1C draco
1D arvis
1E returner
1F ultros
20 noble gau
21 dancer
22 chanceler
23 shadow's partner
24 elder Woman
25 young Woman
26 kid - male
27 kid - female
28 bird
29 Locke's girlfriend?
2A katherine
2B opera impresario
2C esper Elder
2D esper Leader
2E siegfried
2F cid
30 maduin
31 thief with eye patch
32 vargas/dadaluma
33 mammuth (monster)
34 narsh guard
35 ghost train manager
36 chocobo stable manager/ shop manager
37 esper fairy
38 werewolf
39 dragon
3A small flame/will of wisp?
3B opera soldier
3C setzer girlfriend?
3D hidon/chupon
3E cultist

Static - mode 00

The graphic set only has one frame. The actor animation must be set as static with graphic action 0x00.
3F ramuh
40 riding Knight
41 chained Celes
42 gau surprised with new cloth
43 gau with new outlook
44 fallen King of Doma
45 monster in Final Stage?
46 half sliced person (for Odin/Raiden cinematic)
47 bone in Pedestal (Umaro's altar)
48 ifrit
49 phantom
4A shiva
4B unicorn
4C bismark
4D carbunckl
4E shoat
4F half left of Owzer
50 half right of Owzer
51 airship
52 fallen figaro soldier
53 magimaster boss
54 bau
55 sliced courtine?
56 atma

Static - mode 32

The graphic set only has one frame. The actor animation must be set as static with graphic action 0x32.
57 statue - thamasha cave
58 bouquet of flowers
59 letter
5A small tree
5B magicite
5C book
5D baby
5E "?" character
5F "!" character
60 tiara control?
61 weight of 4 ton
62 wounded bird
63 square eyes
64 tiara/bandana
65 empty
66 Flying bird
67 bird with open wings
68 asterisk
69 small lights (like healing)
6A small light
6B small light
6C armor
6D turtle in water
6E tiny collar?
6F small point
70 ball of fire
71 magma/fire?
72 tentacle
73 tentacle