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The page lists the monsters script instructions. They are used to determinate the monsters actions in battle.
Two scripts are used by every monster. The first script is executed in every monster turn. The second one is executed in every monster counter.

Unique spell

1 byte syntax: (spell)
If the only byte is between 00 and EF, the spell is executed based in (spell) ID.

F0: Random spell

4 bytes syntax: F0 (spell 1) (spell 2) (spell 3)
Randomly execute one of the three available spells to use.

F1: Set targets

2 bytes syntax: F1 (target)
The instruction changes the target for the next executed spell. It can fail, if the target is invalid.
  • (target) values:
    • 00: Terra
    • 01: Locke
    • 02: Cyan
    • 03: Shadow
    • 04: Edgar
    • 05: Sabin
    • 06: Celes
    • 07: Strago
    • 08: Setzer
    • 09: Relm
    • 0A: Mog
    • 0B: Gau
    • 0C: Gogo
    • 0D: Umaro
    • 0E: Banon
    • 0F: Leo
    • 30: Monster ID 1
    • 31: Monster ID 2
    • 32: Monster ID 3
    • 33: Monster ID 4
    • 34: Monster ID 5
    • 35: Monster ID 6
    • 36: Self
    • 37: All monsters (excluding itself)
    • 38: All monsters
    • 39: Random monster (excluding itself)
    • 3A: Random monster
    • 3B: All characters with Dead status
    • 3C: Random character with Dead status
    • 3D: All monsters with Dead status
    • 3E: All monsters with Dead status
    • 3F: All characters with Wall status
    • 40: Random character with Wall status
    • 41: All monsters with Wall status
    • 42: Random monster with Wall status
    • 43: All characters
    • 44: Random character
    • 45: Last attacking character/monster
    • 46: All characters and monsters
    • 47: Default spell target
    • 48: Character ID 1
    • 49: Character ID 2
    • 4A: Character ID 3
    • 4B: Character ID 4
    • 4C: All targets or one random target (excluding itself)
    • 4D: Last target of "Targetting" spell

F2: Formation change

4 bytes syntax: F2 (unknown) (formation low byte) (formation high byte)
The instruction changes the actual enemy formation to a new one. It won't work correctly if the monsters and formations aren't compatible.
The highest bit of the formation determinates if the new monsters HP will be set to maximum.

F3: Display message

3 bytes syntax: F3 (message low byte) (message high byte)
Display a message.

F4: Use command

4 bytes syntax: F4 (command 1) (command 2) (command 3)
The instruction will use a random character command, based in three available commands. The majority of the commands don't work and have glitches. The instruction must be used with care.

F5: Change enemies

4 bytes syntax: F5 (animation) (HP flags) (monsters bitfield)
The instruction changes between active and inactive enemies in battle without changing the monster formation.
  • (HP flags) values:
    • 00: Unhide and sets max HP
    • 01: Hide and nulls HP
    • 02: Unhide without changing HP
    • 03: Hide and sets max MP
    • 04: Hide without changing HP

F6: Throw or use items

4 bytes syntax: F6 (Usage flag) (Item 1) (Item 2)
The instruction throw or use items, based in the <Usage flag>. One of the two available items is choose at random.

F7: Special event

2 bytes syntax: F7 (Event ID)
Triggers a special event.

F8: Arithmetic Variable manipulation

3 bytes syntax: F8 (Variable ID) (Operation)
The instruction change variables values based in arithmetic operations.
The two highest bits of (Operation) determinate the operation. The other six bytes determinate the value for the operation.
  • Two highest bits of (Operation) values:
    • 00 bits: Set variable
    • 01 bits: Set variable
    • 10 bits: Add variable
    • 11 bits: subtract variable

F9: Bit Variable manipulation

4 bytes syntax: F9 (operation) (variable ID) (related bits)
The instruction changes variables based in bits operations.
  • (Operation) values:
    • #$00: Toggle bits
    • #$01: Set bits
    • #$02: Clear bits

FA: Use animation

4 bytes syntax: FA (animation) (monsters bitfield) (complement)
The instruction executes a graphical animation for the specified enemies.
  • (animation) values:
    • 00: Monster stays, flashes red
    • 01: Monster moves back, 1 step, slow
    • 02: Monster moves forward, 1 step, slow
    • 03: Monster moves back, 1 step, fast
    • 04: Monster moves forward, 1 step, fast
    • 05: Characters run to the right
    • 06: Characters run to the left
    • 07: Monster moves back, 3 steps, fast
    • 08: Monster moves forward, 3 steps, fast
    • 09: Plays a sound. The sound is determined by (complement)
    • 0A: Head appears and screen shakes, like in the final battle against Kefka.
    • 0B: Monster stays, flashes
    • 0C: monster stays, flashes
    • 0D: Boss death animation

FB: Miscellaneous

4 bytes syntax: FB (opcode) (target) (complement)
The instruction does different miscellaneous operations, based in (Opcode).
  • (Opcode) values:
    • 00: Sets the battle timer to zero.
    • 01: Target becomes invincible.
    • 02: Ends the battle.
    • 03: Adds Gau to party.
    • 04: Sets the global timer to zero.
    • 05: Cancels invincibility.
    • 06: Target becomes targettable.
    • 07: Target becomes untargettable.
    • 08: Unknown.
    • 09: Ends combat.
    • 0A: Nothing.
    • 0B: Set permanent status. Status are set by (Complement).
    • 0C: Unset permanent status. Status are unset by (Complement).

FC: Conditional execution

4 bytes syntax: FC (condition) (complement 1) (complement 2)
Executes all instructions between FC and FE instructions, if the conditions are meet. Otherwise, they are ignored.
The conditions can change the target of spells. It is recommended to use the F1 instruction inside the conditional instructions.
  • (condition) values:
    • 01: hit by command ID. Syntax: FC 01 (command) (unknown)
    • 02: hit by spell ID. Syntax: FC 02 (command) (unknown)
    • 03: hit by item ID. Syntax: FC 03 (item) (unknown)
    • 04: hit by elements type. Syntax: FC 04 (bitfield) (unknown)
    • 05: HP is decreased. Syntax: FC 05 (unknown) (unknown)
    • 06: (target) HP is below (HP) * 128. Syntax: FC 06 (target) (HP)
    • 07: (target) MP is below (MP). Syntax: FC 07 (target) (MP)
    • 08: (target) has status (status). Syntax: FC 08 (target) (status)
    • 09: (target) doesn't have status (status). Syntax: FC 09 (target) (status)
    • 0A: never executes.
    • 0B: battle timer is greater than (time). Syntax: FC 0B (time) (unknown)
    • 0C: variable value is less than (value). Syntax: FC 0C (variable) (value)
    • 0D: variable value is equal or greater than (value). Syntax: FC 0D (variable) (value)
    • 0E: (target) level is less than (level). Syntax: FC 0E (target) (level)
    • 0F: (target) level is equal or greater than (level). Syntax: FC 0F (target) (level)
    • 10: only one kind of enemy alive. Syntax: FC 10 (unknown) (unknown)
    • 11: specified monsters are alive. Syntax: FC 11 (monsters bitfield) (unknown)
    • 12: specified monsters are dead. Syntax: FC 12 (monster bitfield) (unknown)
    • 13: number of characters or monsters are equal or lesser than (number). Syntax: FC 13 (character/monsters) (number)
    • 14: specified bits are set in variable. Syntax: FC 14 (variable) (bitfield)
    • 15: specified bits are unset in variable. Syntax: FC 15 (variable) (bitfield)
    • 16: global timer is greater than (time). Syntax: FC 16 (time) (unknown)
    • 17: target is valid. Syntax: FC 17 (target) (unknown)
    • 18: Gau isn't in party. Syntax: FC 18 (unknown) (unknown)
    • 19: monster is (monster ID). Syntax: FC 19 (monster ID) (unknown)
    • 1A: (target) is weak against elements. Syntax: FC 1A (target) (elements bitfield)
    • 1B: battle formations is equal to (formation). Syntax: FC 1B (formation low byte) (formation high byte)
    • 1C: always execute. Syntax: FC 1C (unknown) (unknown)

FD: Wait next turn

1 byte syntax: FD
Wait for the monster next turn and resets targeting. It doesn't work correctly inside of conditional instructions.

FE: End of conditional

1 byte syntax: FE
Ends the conditional instruction FC and resets targeting.

FF: End of script

1 byte syntax: FF
The instruction is used to identify the end of the script for the monster.