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C1/6019 display spell name

C1/6019:	EB      	XBA 			(from only C1/5FBF)
C1/601A:	A907    	LDA #$07		(7 = spell name length)
C1/601C:	8510    	STA $10
C1/601E:	8D6D61  	STA $616D
C1/6021:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA		(half multiplier)
C1/6024:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6026:	AF164200	LDA $004216
C1/602A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/602B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/602C:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/602E:	CE6D61  	DEC $616D
C1/6031:	BF68F5E6	LDA $E6F568,X	(Load Spell name X)
C1/6035:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6037:	F009    	BEQ $6042
C1/6039:	201161  	JSR $6111
C1/603C:	E8      	INX 
C1/603D:	CE6D61  	DEC $616D
C1/6040:	D0EF    	BNE $6031
C1/6042:	60      	RTS

C1/6043 unknow

C1/6043:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/5E51, X = E)
C1/6046:	A748    	LDA [$48]
C1/6048:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/604A:	D005    	BNE $6051
C1/604C:	A90D    	LDA #$0D
C1/604E:	4CA85F  	JMP $5FA8

C1/6051 display item name

C1/6051:	EB      	XBA 			(from C1/604A)
C1/6052:	A90D    	LDA #$0D		(13 = item name length)
C1/6054:	8510    	STA $10
C1/6056:	8D6D61  	STA $616D
C1/6059:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA		(half multiplier)
C1/605C:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/605E:	AF164200	LDA $004216
C1/6062:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6063:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6064:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6066:	CE6D61  	DEC $616D
C1/6069:	BF01B3D2	LDA $D2B301,X	(Load item name X)
C1/606D:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/606F:	F009    	BEQ $607A
C1/6071:	201161  	JSR $6111
C1/6074:	E8      	INX 
C1/6075:	CE6D61  	DEC $616D
C1/6078:	D0EF    	BNE $6069
C1/607A:	60      	RTS

C1/607B unknow

C1/607B:	A54B    	LDA $4B		(from C1/5E51, X = 4)
C1/607D:	4901    	EOR #$01
C1/607F:	854B    	STA $4B
C1/6081:	60      	RTS

C1/6082 unknow

C1/6082:	00
C1/6083:	5A    	
C1/6084:	00
C1/6085:	5C    	
C1/6086:	00
C1/6087:	5E    	
C1/6088:	00
C1/6089:	58    	
C1/608A:	00
C1/608B:	58    	

C1/608C unknow

C1/608C:	647A    	STZ $7A		(from C1/5E51, X = 1)
C1/608E:	ADC3E9  	LDA $E9C3
C1/6091:	1045    	BPL $60D8
C1/6093:	20BB5D  	JSR $5DBB
C1/6096:	ADC1E9  	LDA $E9C1
C1/6099:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/609B:	D003    	BNE $60A0
C1/609D:	9CC1E9  	STZ $E9C1
C1/60A0:	ADC1E9  	LDA $E9C1
C1/60A3:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/60A5:	0A      	ASL A
C1/60A6:	AA      	TAX 
C1/60A7:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/60A9:	BF8260C1	LDA $C16082,X
C1/60AD:	8DBFE9  	STA $E9BF
C1/60B0:	7B      	TDC 
C1/60B1:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/60B3:	EEC1E9  	INC $E9C1
C1/60B6:	20025E  	JSR $5E02
C1/60B9:	ADC2E9  	LDA $E9C2
C1/60BC:	C902    	CMP #$02
C1/60BE:	D014    	BNE $60D4
C1/60C0:	A904    	LDA #$04
C1/60C2:	8DA87B  	STA $7BA8
C1/60C5:	A93E    	LDA #$3E
C1/60C7:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2      (queue up to execute at C1/5B4C)
C1/60CA:	ADC27B  	LDA $7BC2
C1/60CD:	F008    	BEQ $60D7
C1/60CF:	201C5E  	JSR $5E1C
C1/60D2:	80F6    	BRA $60CA
C1/60D4:	EEC2E9  	INC $E9C2
C1/60D7:	60      	RTS

C1/60D8 unknow

C1/60D8:	A910    	LDA #$10		(from C1/6091)
C1/60DA:	48      	PHA 
C1/60DB:	7B      	TDC 
C1/60DC:	AA      	TAX 
C1/60DD:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/60DF:	A92000  	LDA #$0020
C1/60E2:	8524    	STA $24
C1/60E4:	A90F00  	LDA #$000F
C1/60E7:	8522    	STA $22
C1/60E9:	BD41E3  	LDA $E341,X
C1/60EC:	9D3FE3  	STA $E33F,X
C1/60EF:	E8      	INX 
C1/60F0:	E8      	INX 
C1/60F1:	C622    	DEC $22
C1/60F3:	D0F4    	BNE $60E9
C1/60F5:	9E3FE3  	STZ $E33F,X
C1/60F8:	E8      	INX 
C1/60F9:	E8      	INX 
C1/60FA:	C624    	DEC $24
C1/60FC:	D0E6    	BNE $60E4
C1/60FE:	7B      	TDC 
C1/60FF:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6101:	20025E  	JSR $5E02
C1/6104:	68      	PLA 
C1/6105:	3A      	DEC A
C1/6106:	D0D2    	BNE $60DA
C1/6108:	60      	RTS

C1/6109 unknow

C1/6109:	04                              (from C1/61CB)
C1/610A:	00    	
C1/610B:	03
C1/610C:	00    	
C1/610D:	02
C1/610E:	00    	
C1/610F:	01
C1/6110:	00    	

C1/6111 unknow

C1/6111:	8DF0EC  	STA $ECF0
C1/6114:	38      	SEC 
C1/6115:	E980    	SBC #$80
C1/6117:	5A      	PHY 
C1/6118:	DA      	PHX 
C1/6119:	8522    	STA $22
C1/611B:	A916    	LDA #$16
C1/611D:	8524    	STA $24
C1/611F:	20D918  	JSR $18D9
C1/6122:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C1/6124:	F003    	BEQ $6129
C1/6126:	4C5662  	JMP $6256

C1/6129 unknow

C1/6129:	A57A    	LDA $7A		(from C1/6124)
C1/612B:	29F8    	AND #$F8
C1/612D:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/612F:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6130:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6131:	A8      	TAY 
C1/6132:	A90B00  	LDA #$000B
C1/6135:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/6137:	A57A    	LDA $7A
C1/6139:	290400  	AND #$0004
C1/613C:	D003    	BNE $6141
C1/613E:	4CC461  	JMP $61C4
C1/6141:	A57A    	LDA $7A		(from C1/613C)
C1/6143:	290300  	AND #$0003
C1/6146:	851A    	STA $1A
C1/6148:	A626    	LDX $26
C1/614A:	6412    	STZ $12
C1/614C:	A51A    	LDA $1A
C1/614E:	8518    	STA $18
C1/6150:	D006    	BNE $6158
C1/6152:	BFC090C4	LDA $C490C0,X	(Load var. width font graphic X)
C1/6156:	800B    	BRA $6163
C1/6158:	BFC090C4	LDA $C490C0,X	(Load var. width font graphic X)
C1/615C:	4A      	LSR A
C1/615D:	6612    	ROR $12
C1/615F:	C618    	DEC $18
C1/6161:	D0F9    	BNE $615C
C1/6163:	8522    	STA $22
C1/6165:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6167:	1967E3  	ORA $E367,Y
C1/616A:	9967E3  	STA $E367,Y
C1/616D:	A522    	LDA $22
C1/616F:	1968E3  	ORA $E368,Y
C1/6172:	9968E3  	STA $E368,Y
C1/6175:	EB      	XBA 
C1/6176:	1947E3  	ORA $E347,Y
C1/6179:	9947E3  	STA $E347,Y
C1/617C:	A523    	LDA $23
C1/617E:	1948E3  	ORA $E348,Y
C1/6181:	9948E3  	STA $E348,Y
C1/6184:	A513    	LDA $13
C1/6186:	1987E3  	ORA $E387,Y
C1/6189:	9987E3  	STA $E387,Y
C1/618C:	A513    	LDA $13
C1/618E:	1988E3  	ORA $E388,Y
C1/6191:	9988E3  	STA $E388,Y
C1/6194:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6196:	A522    	LDA $22
C1/6198:	4A      	LSR A
C1/6199:	6612    	ROR $12
C1/619B:	8522    	STA $22
C1/619D:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/619F:	1969E3  	ORA $E369,Y
C1/61A2:	9969E3  	STA $E369,Y
C1/61A5:	EB      	XBA 
C1/61A6:	1949E3  	ORA $E349,Y
C1/61A9:	9949E3  	STA $E349,Y
C1/61AC:	A513    	LDA $13
C1/61AE:	1989E3  	ORA $E389,Y
C1/61B1:	9989E3  	STA $E389,Y
C1/61B4:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/61B6:	C8      	INY 
C1/61B7:	C8      	INY 
C1/61B8:	E8      	INX 
C1/61B9:	E8      	INX 
C1/61BA:	C61C    	DEC $1C
C1/61BC:	F003    	BEQ $61C1
C1/61BE:	4C4A61  	JMP $614A
C1/61C1:	4C2E62  	JMP $622E

C1/61C4 unknow

C1/61C4:	A57A    	LDA $7A
C1/61C6:	290300  	AND #$0003
C1/61C9:	0A      	ASL A
C1/61CA:	AA      	TAX 
C1/61CB:	BF0961C1	LDA $C16109,X
C1/61CF:	851A    	STA $1A
C1/61D1:	A626    	LDX $26
C1/61D3:	A51A    	LDA $1A
C1/61D5:	8518    	STA $18
C1/61D7:	6412    	STZ $12
C1/61D9:	BFC090C4	LDA $C490C0,X	(Load var. width font graphic X)
C1/61DD:	0A      	ASL A
C1/61DE:	C618    	DEC $18
C1/61E0:	D0FB    	BNE $61DD
C1/61E2:	8522    	STA $22
C1/61E4:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/61E6:	1967E3  	ORA $E367,Y
C1/61E9:	9967E3  	STA $E367,Y
C1/61EC:	A522    	LDA $22
C1/61EE:	1968E3  	ORA $E368,Y
C1/61F1:	9968E3  	STA $E368,Y
C1/61F4:	A523    	LDA $23
C1/61F6:	1947E3  	ORA $E347,Y
C1/61F9:	9947E3  	STA $E347,Y
C1/61FC:	A523    	LDA $23
C1/61FE:	1948E3  	ORA $E348,Y
C1/6201:	9948E3  	STA $E348,Y
C1/6204:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6206:	A522    	LDA $22
C1/6208:	4A      	LSR A
C1/6209:	6612    	ROR $12
C1/620B:	8522    	STA $22
C1/620D:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/620F:	1969E3  	ORA $E369,Y
C1/6212:	9969E3  	STA $E369,Y
C1/6215:	EB      	XBA 
C1/6216:	1949E3  	ORA $E349,Y
C1/6219:	9949E3  	STA $E349,Y
C1/621C:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/621E:	1989E3  	ORA $E389,Y
C1/6221:	9989E3  	STA $E389,Y
C1/6224:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6226:	C8      	INY 
C1/6227:	C8      	INY 
C1/6228:	E8      	INX 
C1/6229:	E8      	INX 
C1/622A:	C61C    	DEC $1C
C1/622C:	D0A5    	BNE $61D3
C1/622E:	7B      	TDC 
C1/622F:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6231:	DA      	PHX 
C1/6232:	ADF0EC  	LDA $ECF0
C1/6235:	38      	SEC 
C1/6236:	E960    	SBC #$60
C1/6238:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6239:	BFC08FC4	LDA $C48FC0,X	(Load var. width font cell width X)
C1/623D:	FA      	PLX 
C1/623E:	18      	CLC 
C1/623F:	657A    	ADC $7A
C1/6241:	857A    	STA $7A
C1/6243:	ADAC62  	LDA $62AC
C1/6246:	D003    	BNE $624B
C1/6248:	20025E  	JSR $5E02
C1/624B:	FA      	PLX 
C1/624C:	7A      	PLY 
C1/624D:	60      	RTS

C1/624E unknow

C1/624E:	00
C1/624F:	80
C1/6250:	C0
C1/6251:	E0
C1/6252:	F0
C1/6253:	F8
C1/6254:	FC
C1/6255:	FE

C1/6256 unknow

C1/6256:	A57A    	LDA $7A
C1/6258:	2907    	AND #$07
C1/625A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/625B:	BF4E62C1	LDA $C1624E,X
C1/625F:	8528    	STA $28
C1/6261:	A57A    	LDA $7A
C1/6263:	29F8    	AND #$F8
C1/6265:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6267:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6268:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6269:	A8      	TAY 
C1/626A:	A90B00  	LDA #$000B
C1/626D:	851C    	STA $1C
C1/626F:	A57A    	LDA $7A
C1/6271:	290400  	AND #$0004
C1/6274:	D003    	BNE $6279
C1/6276:	4C0763  	JMP $6307
C1/6279:	A57A    	LDA $7A
C1/627B:	290300  	AND #$0003
C1/627E:	851A    	STA $1A
C1/6280:	A626    	LDX $26
C1/6282:	6412    	STZ $12
C1/6284:	A51A    	LDA $1A
C1/6286:	8518    	STA $18
C1/6288:	D006    	BNE $6290
C1/628A:	BFC090C4	LDA $C490C0,X	(Load var. width font graphic X)
C1/628E:	800B    	BRA $629B
C1/6290:	BFC090C4	LDA $C490C0,X	(Load var. width font graphic X)
C1/6294:	4A      	LSR A
C1/6295:	6612    	ROR $12
C1/6297:	C618    	DEC $18
C1/6299:	D0F9    	BNE $6294
C1/629B:	8522    	STA $22
C1/629D:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/629F:	1968E3  	ORA $E368,Y
C1/62A2:	9968E3  	STA $E368,Y
C1/62A5:	3967E3  	AND $E367,Y
C1/62A8:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C1/62AA:	3967E3  	AND $E367,Y
C1/62AD:	9967E3  	STA $E367,Y
C1/62B0:	EB      	XBA 
C1/62B1:	1948E3  	ORA $E348,Y
C1/62B4:	9948E3  	STA $E348,Y
C1/62B7:	3947E3  	AND $E347,Y
C1/62BA:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C1/62BC:	0528    	ORA $28
C1/62BE:	3947E3  	AND $E347,Y
C1/62C1:	9947E3  	STA $E347,Y
C1/62C4:	A513    	LDA $13
C1/62C6:	1988E3  	ORA $E388,Y
C1/62C9:	9988E3  	STA $E388,Y
C1/62CC:	3987E3  	AND $E387,Y
C1/62CF:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C1/62D1:	3987E3  	AND $E387,Y
C1/62D4:	9987E3  	STA $E387,Y
C1/62D7:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/62D9:	A522    	LDA $22
C1/62DB:	4A      	LSR A
C1/62DC:	6612    	ROR $12
C1/62DE:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/62E0:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/62E2:	1969E3  	ORA $E369,Y
C1/62E5:	9969E3  	STA $E369,Y
C1/62E8:	EB      	XBA 
C1/62E9:	1949E3  	ORA $E349,Y
C1/62EC:	9949E3  	STA $E349,Y
C1/62EF:	A513    	LDA $13
C1/62F1:	1989E3  	ORA $E389,Y
C1/62F4:	9989E3  	STA $E389,Y
C1/62F7:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/62F9:	C8      	INY 
C1/62FA:	C8      	INY 
C1/62FB:	E8      	INX 
C1/62FC:	E8      	INX 
C1/62FD:	C61C    	DEC $1C
C1/62FF:	F003    	BEQ $6304
C1/6301:	4C8262  	JMP $6282
C1/6304:	4C7B63  	JMP $637B      (BRA would work)

C1/6307 unknow

C1/6307:	A57A    	LDA $7A
C1/6309:	290300  	AND #$0003
C1/630C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/630D:	AA      	TAX 
C1/630E:	BF0961C1	LDA $C16109,X
C1/6312:	851A    	STA $1A
C1/6314:	A626    	LDX $26
C1/6316:	A51A    	LDA $1A
C1/6318:	8518    	STA $18
C1/631A:	6412    	STZ $12
C1/631C:	BFC090C4	LDA $C490C0,X	(Load var. width font graphic X)
C1/6320:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6321:	C618    	DEC $18
C1/6323:	D0FB    	BNE $6320
C1/6325:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/6327:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6329:	1968E3  	ORA $E368,Y
C1/632C:	9968E3  	STA $E368,Y
C1/632F:	3967E3  	AND $E367,Y
C1/6332:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C1/6334:	3967E3  	AND $E367,Y
C1/6337:	9967E3  	STA $E367,Y
C1/633A:	EB      	XBA 
C1/633B:	1948E3  	ORA $E348,Y
C1/633E:	9948E3  	STA $E348,Y
C1/6341:	3947E3  	AND $E347,Y
C1/6344:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C1/6346:	0528    	ORA $28
C1/6348:	3947E3  	AND $E347,Y
C1/634B:	9947E3  	STA $E347,Y
C1/634E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6350:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/6352:	4A      	LSR A
C1/6353:	6612    	ROR $12
C1/6355:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/6357:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6359:	1969E3  	ORA $E369,Y
C1/635C:	9969E3  	STA $E369,Y
C1/635F:	EB      	XBA 
C1/6360:	1949E3  	ORA $E349,Y
C1/6363:	9949E3  	STA $E349,Y
C1/6366:	A513    	LDA $13
C1/6368:	1989E3  	ORA $E389,Y
C1/636B:	9989E3  	STA $E389,Y
C1/636E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6370:	C8      	INY 
C1/6371:	C8      	INY 
C1/6372:	E8      	INX 
C1/6373:	E8      	INX 
C1/6374:	C61C    	DEC $1C
C1/6376:	F003    	BEQ $637B
C1/6378:	4C1663  	JMP $6316
C1/637B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/637C:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/637E:	DA      	PHX 
C1/637F:	ADF0EC  	LDA $ECF0
C1/6382:	38      	SEC 
C1/6383:	E960    	SBC #$60
C1/6385:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6386:	BFC08FC4	LDA $C48FC0,X	(Load var. width font cell width X)
C1/638A:	FA      	PLX 
C1/638B:	18      	CLC 
C1/638C:	657A    	ADC $7A
C1/638E:	857A    	STA $7A
C1/6390:	ADAC62  	LDA $62AC
C1/6393:	D003    	BNE $6398
C1/6395:	20025E  	JSR $5E02
C1/6398:	FA      	PLX 
C1/6399:	7A      	PLY 
C1/639A:	60      	RTS

C1/639B unknow

C1/639B:	A20004  	LDX #$0400
C1/639E:	8610    	STX $10
C1/63A0:	A23FE3  	LDX #$E33F
C1/63A3:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C1/63A5:	ACBFE9  	LDY $E9BF
C1/63A8:	4C8D19  	JMP $198D

C1/63AB unknow

C1/63AB:	ADE288  	LDA $88E2		
C1/63AE:	8556    	STA $56
C1/63B0:	8558    	STA $58
C1/63B2:	855A    	STA $5A
C1/63B4:	EB      	XBA 
C1/63B5:	0EE188  	ASL $88E1
C1/63B8:	642D    	STZ $2D
C1/63BA:	AEDD88  	LDX $88DD
C1/63BD:	864F    	STX $4F
C1/63BF:	AEDF88  	LDX $88DF
C1/63C2:	8651    	STX $51
C1/63C4:	A551    	LDA $51
C1/63C6:	18      	CLC 
C1/63C7:	6DE188  	ADC $88E1
C1/63CA:	8553    	STA $53
C1/63CC:	A552    	LDA $52
C1/63CE:	6900    	ADC #$00
C1/63D0:	8554    	STA $54
C1/63D2:	A400    	LDY $00
C1/63D4:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/63D6:	F01C    	BEQ $63F4		
C1/63D8:	C920    	CMP #$20
C1/63DA:	900C    	BCC $63E8
C1/63DC:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/63DF:	E64F    	INC $4F
C1/63E1:	D0F1    	BNE $63D4
C1/63E3:	E650    	INC $50
C1/63E5:	4CD463  	JMP $63D4		(BRA would be better)

C1/63E8 unknow

C1/63E8:	200B64  	JSR $640B
C1/63EB:	E64F    	INC $4F
C1/63ED:	D0E5    	BNE $63D4
C1/63EF:	E650    	INC $50
C1/63F1:	4CD463  	JMP $63D4     (BRA would be better)

C1/63F4 unknow

C1/63F4:	7B      	TDC 			(from only C1/63DC)
C1/63F5:	EB      	XBA 
C1/63F6:	60      	RTS

C1/63F7 unknow

C1/63F7:	E64F    	INC $4F
C1/63F9:	D002    	BNE $63FD
C1/63FB:	E650    	INC $50
C1/63FD:	60      	RTS

C1/63FE unknow

C1/63FE:	C220    	REP #$20		(from C1/669C, etc.)
C1/6400:	9153    	STA ($53),Y
C1/6402:	A555    	LDA $55
C1/6404:	9151    	STA ($51),Y
C1/6406:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6408:	C8      	INY 
C1/6409:	C8      	INY 
C1/640A:	60      	RTS

C1/640B unknow

C1/640B:	852C    	STA $2C		(from only C1/63E8)
C1/640D:	062C    	ASL $2C
C1/640F:	A62C    	LDX $2C
C1/6411:	7C1464  	JMP ($6414,X)

C1/6414 table of text to load/display

		(function)	(value of $2C)
C1/6414:	4767    	(00)			(exits)	(00 is used to end a set of commands...)
C1/6416:	4867      	(01)			
C1/6418:	9464    	(02)			(Displays 2-digit number X?)
C1/641A:	C964    	(03)			
C1/641C:	D164    	(04)			(Change tile palette to X?)
C1/641E:	DE64    	(05)			(Insert X blank tiles)
C1/6420:	EF64    	(06)			(Display Magitek attack name X?)
C1/6422:	4767    	(07)			(exits)
C1/6424:	4767    	(08)			(exits)
C1/6426:	4767    	(09)			(exits)
C1/6428:	4767    	(0A)			(exits)
C1/642A:	4767    	(0B)			(exits)
C1/642C:	4767    	(0C)			(exits)
C1/642E:	4767    	(0D)			(exits)
C1/6430:	5865    	(0E)			(Display Item (no Type) name X?)
C1/6432:	9865    	(0F)			(Display Spell name X)
C1/6434:	4767    	(10)			(exits)
C1/6436:	8565    	(11)			
C1/6438:	1765    	(12)			(Display Item and Type names X?)
C1/643A:	4767    	(13)			(exits)
C1/643C:	4767    	(14)			(exits)
C1/643E:	4767    	(15)			(exits)
C1/6440:	4A64    	(16)			(Display 3-digit number X?)
C1/6442:	0066    	(17)			(Display Dance name X?)
C1/6444:	2866    	(18)			(Display Enemy name X?)
C1/6446:	5566    	(19)			(Display Lore name X?)
C1/6448:	7D66    	(1A)			(Display Esper name X?)

C1/644A unknow

C1/644A:	20F763   	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 16)
C1/644D:	6440    	STZ $40
C1/644F:	6441    	STZ $41
C1/6451:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/6453:	38      	SEC 
C1/6454:	E964    	SBC #$64
C1/6456:	9004    	BCC $645C
C1/6458:	E640    	INC $40
C1/645A:	80F7    	BRA $6453
C1/645C:	18      	CLC 
C1/645D:	6964    	ADC #$64
C1/645F:	38      	SEC 
C1/6460:	E90A    	SBC #$0A
C1/6462:	9004    	BCC $6468
C1/6464:	E641    	INC $41
C1/6466:	80F7    	BRA $645F
C1/6468:	18      	CLC 
C1/6469:	690A    	ADC #$0A
C1/646B:	48      	PHA 
C1/646C:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/646E:	D002    	BNE $6472
C1/6470:	A94B    	LDA #$4B
C1/6472:	18      	CLC 
C1/6473:	69B4    	ADC #$B4
C1/6475:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/6478:	A541    	LDA $41
C1/647A:	0540    	ORA $40
C1/647C:	D007    	BNE $6485
C1/647E:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/6480:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/6483:	8008    	BRA $648D
C1/6485:	A541    	LDA $41
C1/6487:	18      	CLC 
C1/6488:	69B4    	ADC #$B4
C1/648A:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/648D:	68      	PLA 
C1/648E:	18      	CLC 
C1/648F:	69B4    	ADC #$B4
C1/6491:	4CFE63  	JMP $63FE

C1/6494 unknow

C1/6494:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 2)
C1/6497:	6440    	STZ $40
C1/6499:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/649B:	38      	SEC 
C1/649C:	E90A    	SBC #$0A
C1/649E:	9005    	BCC $64A5
C1/64A0:	E640    	INC $40
C1/64A2:	4C9B64  	JMP $649B		(why no BRA?)
C1/64A5:	18      	CLC 			(from only C1/649E)
C1/64A6:	690A    	ADC #$0A
C1/64A8:	8541    	STA $41
C1/64AA:	A540    	LDA $40
C1/64AC:	D002    	BNE $64B0
C1/64AE:	A94B    	LDA #$4B
C1/64B0:	18      	CLC 
C1/64B1:	69B4    	ADC #$B4
C1/64B3:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/64B6:	A541    	LDA $41
C1/64B8:	0540    	ORA $40
C1/64BA:	D005    	BNE $64C1
C1/64BC:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/64BE:	4CFE63  	JMP $63FE
C1/64C1:	A541    	LDA $41		(from only C1/64BA)
C1/64C3:	18      	CLC 
C1/64C4:	69B4    	ADC #$B4
C1/64C6:	4CFE63  	JMP $63FE

C1/64C9 unknow

C1/64C9:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 3)
C1/64CC:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/64CE:	4CFE63  	JMP $63FE

C1/64D1 unknow

C1/64D1:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 4)
C1/64D4:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/64D6:	8556    	STA $56
C1/64D8:	8558    	STA $58
C1/64DA:	855A    	STA $5A
C1/64DC:	EB      	XBA 
C1/64DD:	60      	RTS

C1/64DE unknow

C1/64DE:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 5)
C1/64E1:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/64E3:	8540    	STA $40
C1/64E5:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/64E7:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/64EA:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/64EC:	D0F7    	BNE $64E5
C1/64EE:	60      	RTS

C1/64EF unknow

C1/64EF:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 6)
C1/64F2:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/64F4:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/64F6:	D005    	BNE $64FD
C1/64F8:	A90A    	LDA #$0A
C1/64FA:	4CA566  	JMP $66A5

C1/64FD unknow

C1/64FD:	852C    	STA $2C		(from C1/64F6)
C1/64FF:	A90A    	LDA #$0A		(10 = Magitek attack name length)
C1/6501:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/6503:	8540    	STA $40
C1/6505:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/6508:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/650A:	BFADF9E6	LDA $E6F9AD,X	(Loads Magitek attack name X)
C1/650E:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/6511:	E8      	INX 
C1/6512:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/6514:	D0F4    	BNE $650A
C1/6516:	60      	RTS

C1/6517 draw text of item types

C1/6517:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 12)
C1/651A:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/651C:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/651E:	D005    	BNE $6525
C1/6520:	A907    	LDA #$07
C1/6522:	4CA566  	JMP $66A5
C1/6525:	852C    	STA $2C		(from C1/651E)
C1/6527:	A90D    	LDA #$0D		(13 = item name length)
C1/6529:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/652B:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/652E:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/6530:	BF00B3D2	LDA $D2B300,X	(Loads Item name X)
C1/6534:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6536:	F0E8    	BEQ $6520
C1/6538:	38      	SEC 
C1/6539:	E9D8    	SBC #$D8
C1/653B:	852C    	STA $2C
C1/653D:	A907    	LDA #$07
C1/653F:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/6541:	8540    	STA $40
C1/6543:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/6546:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/6548:	A556    	LDA $56
C1/654A:	EB      	XBA 
C1/654B:	BF006FD2	LDA $D26F00,X	(Loads Weapon/Armor type word X)
C1/654F:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/6552:	E8      	INX 
C1/6553:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/6555:	D0F4    	BNE $654B
C1/6557:	60      	RTS

C1/6558 unknow

C1/6558:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = E)
C1/655B:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/655D:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/655F:	D005    	BNE $6566
C1/6561:	A90D    	LDA #$0D
C1/6563:	4CA566  	JMP $66A5
C1/6566:	852C    	STA $2C		(from C1/655F)
C1/6568:	A90D    	LDA #$0D
C1/656A:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/656C:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/656F:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/6571:	A556    	LDA $56
C1/6573:	EB      	XBA 
C1/6574:	A90D    	LDA #$0D		(13 = item name length)
C1/6576:	8540    	STA $40
C1/6578:	BF00B3D2	LDA $D2B300,X	(Loads Item name X)
C1/657C:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/657F:	E8      	INX 
C1/6580:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/6582:	D0F4    	BNE $6578
C1/6584:	60      	RTS

C1/6585 unknow

C1/6585:	209865  	JSR $6598		(from C1/6411, X = 11)
C1/6588:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/658A:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/658C:	F005    	BEQ $6593
C1/658E:	C936    	CMP #$36
C1/6590:	9001    	BCC $6593
C1/6592:	60      	RTS
C1/6593:	A903    	LDA #$03		(from C1/658C)
C1/6595:	4CA566  	JMP $66A5

C1/6598 unknow

C1/6598:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = F)
C1/659B:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/659D:	852C    	STA $2C
C1/659F:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/65A1:	D005    	BNE $65A8
C1/65A3:	A907    	LDA #$07
C1/65A5:	4CA566  	JMP $66A5
C1/65A8:	C936    	CMP #$36		(from C1/65A1)
C1/65AA:	903C    	BCC $65E8      (Go to spell names)
C1/65AC:	C951    	CMP #$51
C1/65AE:	901C    	BCC $65CC      (Go to esper names)
C1/65B0:	38      	SEC 
C1/65B1:	E951    	SBC #$51
C1/65B3:	EB      	XBA 
C1/65B4:	A90A    	LDA #$0A		(10 = skean attack name length)
C1/65B6:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/65B8:	8540    	STA $40
C1/65BA:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/65BD:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/65BF:	BFB9F7E6	LDA $E6F7B9,X	(Load skean attack name X)
C1/65C3:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/65C6:	E8      	INX 
C1/65C7:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/65C9:	D0F4    	BNE $65BF
C1/65CB:	60      	RTS

C1/65CC unknow

C1/65CC:	38      	SEC 			(from C1/65AE)
C1/65CD:	E936    	SBC #$36
C1/65CF:	EB      	XBA 
C1/65D0:	A908    	LDA #$08		(8 = Esper name length)
C1/65D2:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/65D4:	8540    	STA $40
C1/65D6:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/65D9:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/65DB:	BFE1F6E6	LDA $E6F6E1,X	(Load Esper name X)
C1/65DF:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/65E2:	E8      	INX 
C1/65E3:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/65E5:	D0F4    	BNE $65DB
C1/65E7:	60      	RTS

C1/65E8 unknow

C1/65E8:	A907    	LDA #$07		(from C1/65AA)(7 = spell name length)
C1/65EA:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/65EC:	8540    	STA $40
C1/65EE:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/65F1:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/65F3:	BF67F5E6	LDA $E6F567,X	(Load Spell name X)
C1/65F7:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/65FA:	E8      	INX 
C1/65FB:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/65FD:	D0F4    	BNE $65F3
C1/65FF:	60      	RTS

C1/6600 unknow

C1/6600:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 17)
C1/6603:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/6605:	852C    	STA $2C
C1/6607:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6609:	D005    	BNE $6610
C1/660B:	A90C    	LDA #$0C
C1/660D:	4CA566  	JMP $66A5
C1/6610:	A90C    	LDA #$0C		(12 = Dance name length)
C1/6612:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/6614:	8540    	STA $40
C1/6616:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/6619:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/661B:	BF9DFFE6	LDA $E6FF9D,X	(Load Mog's Dance name X)
C1/661F:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/6622:	E8      	INX 
C1/6623:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/6625:	D0F4    	BNE $661B
C1/6627:	60      	RTS

C1/6628 unknow

C1/6628:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 18)
C1/662B:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/662D:	852C    	STA $2C
C1/662F:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6631:	D005    	BNE $6638
C1/6633:	A90B    	LDA #$0B
C1/6635:	4CA566  	JMP $66A5
C1/6638:	A90A    	LDA #$0A		(from C1/6631)(10 = enemy name length)
C1/663A:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/663C:	8540    	STA $40
C1/663E:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/6641:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/6643:	BF50C0CF	LDA $CFC050,X	(Load enemy name X)
C1/6647:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/664A:	E8      	INX 
C1/664B:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/664D:	D0F4    	BNE $6643
C1/664F:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/6651:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/6654:	60      	RTS

C1/6655 unknow

C1/6655:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 19)
C1/6658:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/665A:	852C    	STA $2C
C1/665C:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/665E:	D005    	BNE $6665
C1/6660:	A90A    	LDA #$0A
C1/6662:	4CA566  	JMP $66A5      (BRA would work here)
C1/6665:	A90A    	LDA #$0A		(from C1/665E)(10 = lore name length)
C1/6667:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/6669:	8540    	STA $40
C1/666B:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/666E:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/6670:	BFFDF9E6	LDA $E6F9FD,X	(Load Lore name X)
C1/6674:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/6677:	E8      	INX 
C1/6678:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/667A:	D0F4    	BNE $6670
C1/667C:	60      	RTS

C1/667D unknow

C1/667D:	20F763  	JSR $63F7		(from C1/6411, X = 1A)
C1/6680:	B24F    	LDA ($4F)
C1/6682:	852C    	STA $2C
C1/6684:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6686:	D005    	BNE $668D
C1/6688:	A908    	LDA #$08
C1/668A:	4CA566  	JMP $66A5      (BRA would work here)
C1/668D:	A908    	LDA #$08		(from C1/6686)(Sets name length?)
C1/668F:	852E    	STA $2E
C1/6691:	8540    	STA $40
C1/6693:	20B018  	JSR $18B0
C1/6696:	A630    	LDX $30
C1/6698:	BFE1F6E6	LDA $E6F6E1,X	(Loads Esper name X)
C1/669C:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/669F:	E8      	INX 
C1/66A0:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/66A2:	D0F4    	BNE $6698
C1/66A4:	60      	RTS

C1/66A5 unknow

C1/66A5:	8540    	STA $40	
C1/66A7:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/66A9:	20FE63  	JSR $63FE
C1/66AC:	C640    	DEC $40
C1/66AE:	D0F7    	BNE $66A7
C1/66B0:	60      	RTS

C1/66B1 unknow

C1/66B1:	ADDC88  	LDA $88DC
C1/66B4:	854E    	STA $4E
C1/66B6:	0EDB88  	ASL $88DB
C1/66B9:	AED788  	LDX $88D7
C1/66BC:	8648    	STX $48
C1/66BE:	AED988  	LDX $88D9
C1/66C1:	864A    	STX $4A
C1/66C3:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C1/66C5:	18      	CLC 
C1/66C6:	6DDB88  	ADC $88DB
C1/66C9:	854C    	STA $4C
C1/66CB:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C1/66CD:	6900    	ADC #$00
C1/66CF:	854D    	STA $4D
C1/66D1:	A400    	LDY $00
C1/66D3:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/66D5:	F014    	BEQ $66EB
C1/66D7:	C920    	CMP #$20
C1/66D9:	9008    	BCC $66E3
C1/66DB:	20F366  	JSR $66F3
C1/66DE:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC
C1/66E1:	80F0    	BRA $66D3
C1/66E3:	200267  	JSR $6702		(from only C1/66D9)
C1/66E6:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC
C1/66E9:	80E8    	BRA $66D3
C1/66EB:	60      	RTS

C1/66EC unknow

C1/66EC:	E648    	INC $48        (from C1/66DE, C1/66E6)
C1/66EE:	D002    	BNE $66F2
C1/66F0:	E649    	INC $49
C1/66F2:	60      	RTS

C1/66F3 unknow

C1/66F3:	914C    	STA ($4C),Y    
C1/66F5:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/66F7:	914A    	STA ($4A),Y
C1/66F9:	C8      	INY 
C1/66FA:	A54E    	LDA $4E
C1/66FC:	914C    	STA ($4C),Y
C1/66FE:	914A    	STA ($4A),Y
C1/6700:	C8      	INY 
C1/6701:	60      	RTS

C1/6702 unknow

C1/6702:	0A      	ASL A			(from C1/66E3)
C1/6703:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6704:	7C0767  	JMP ($6707,X)

C1/6707 table (pointers)

		(function)	(value)
C1/6707:	4767    	(00)			(exits)
C1/6709:	4867    	(01)
C1/670B:	5F67    	(02)			(Display 2 digit number X)
C1/670D:	9467    	(03)
C1/670F:	9C67    	(04)
C1/6711:	A467    	(05)
C1/6713:	4767    	(06)			(exits)
C1/6715:	B567    	(07)			(Display party member 1's info)
C1/6717:	B867    	(08)			(Display party member 2's info)
C1/6719:	BC67    	(09)			(Display party member 3's info)
C1/671B:	C067    	(0A)			(Display party member 4's info)
C1/671D:	9369    	(0B)
C1/671F:	DA69    	(0C)
C1/6721:	DE69    	(0D)			(Display the battle command names)
C1/6723:	826A    	(0E)	
C1/6725:	C26A    	(0F)
C1/6727:	0B6A		(10)			(Display the status texts)
C1/6729:	AF6A		(11)
C1/672B:	386A		(12)			(Display the item names)
C1/672D:	4767    	(13)			(exits)
C1/672F:	4767    	(14)			(exits)
C1/6731:	4767    	(15)			(exits)
C1/6733:	4767    	(16)			(exits)
C1/6735:	4767    	(17)			(exits)
C1/6737:	4767    	(18)			(exits)
C1/6739:	4767    	(19)			(exits)
C1/673B:	4767    	(1A)			(exits)
C1/673D:	4767    	(1B)			(exits)
C1/673F:	4767    	(1C)			(exits)
C1/6741:	4767    	(1D)			(exits)
C1/6743:	4767    	(1E)			(exits)
C1/6745:	4767    	(1F)			(exits)

C1/6747:	60      	RTS			(from various, just exits)

C1/6748 unknow

C1/6748:	ADDB88  	LDA $88DB		(from C1/6411, X = 1; from C1/6704, X = 1)
C1/674B:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/674D:	48      	PHA 
C1/674E:	0A      	ASL A
C1/674F:	18      	CLC 
C1/6750:	654A    	ADC $4A
C1/6752:	854A    	STA $4A
C1/6754:	68      	PLA 
C1/6755:	18      	CLC 
C1/6756:	654A    	ADC $4A
C1/6758:	854C    	STA $4C
C1/675A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/675B:	A8      	TAY 
C1/675C:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/675E:	60      	RTS

C1/675F unknow

C1/675F:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/6704, X = 2)
C1/6762:	6410    	STZ $10
C1/6764:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/6766:	38      	SEC 
C1/6767:	E90A    	SBC #$0A
C1/6769:	9005    	BCC $6770
C1/676B:	E610    	INC $10
C1/676D:	4C6667  	JMP $6766

C1/6770 unknow

C1/6770:	18      	CLC 			(from C1/6769)
C1/6771:	690A    	ADC #$0A
C1/6773:	8511    	STA $11
C1/6775:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/6777:	D002    	BNE $677B
C1/6779:	A94B    	LDA #$4B
C1/677B:	18      	CLC 
C1/677C:	69B4    	ADC #$B4
C1/677E:	20F366  	JSR $66F3
C1/6781:	A511    	LDA $11
C1/6783:	0510    	ORA $10
C1/6785:	D005    	BNE $678C
C1/6787:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/6789:	4CF366  	JMP $66F3
C1/678C:	A511    	LDA $11		(from C1/6785)
C1/678E:	18      	CLC 
C1/678F:	69B4    	ADC #$B4
C1/6791:	4CF366  	JMP $66F3

C1/6794 unknow

C1/6794:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/6704, X = 3)
C1/6797:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/6799:	4CF366  	JMP $66F3

C1/679C unknow

C1/679C:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/6704, X = 4)
C1/679F:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/67A1:	854E    	STA $4E
C1/67A3:	60      	RTS

C1/67A4 unknow

C1/67A4:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/6704, X = 5)
C1/67A7:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/67A9:	8510    	STA $10
C1/67AB:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/67AD:	20F366  	JSR $66F3
C1/67B0:	C610    	DEC $10
C1/67B2:	D0F7    	BNE $67AB
C1/67B4:	60      	RTS

C1/67B5 unknow

C1/67B5:	7B      	TDC 			(from C1/6704, X = 7)
C1/67B6:	800A    	BRA $67C2

C1/67B8 unknow

C1/67B8:	A901    	LDA #$01		(from C1/6704, X = 8)
C1/67BA:	8006    	BRA $67C2

C1/67BC unknow

C1/67BC:	A902    	LDA #$02		(from C1/6704, X = 9)
C1/67BE:	8002    	BRA $67C2

C1/67C0 unknow

C1/67C0:	A903    	LDA #$03		(from C1/6704, X = A)
C1/67C2:	AA      	TAX 
C1/67C3:	BDD664  	LDA $64D6,X
C1/67C6:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/67C8:	F005    	BEQ $67CF
C1/67CA:	0A      	ASL A
C1/67CB:	AA      	TAX 
C1/67CC:	7CE367  	JMP ($67E3,X)

C1/67CF unknow

C1/67CF:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC      (from C1/67C8)
C1/67D2:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/67D4:	AA      	TAX 
C1/67D5:	BFDC67C1	LDA $C167DC,X
C1/67D9:	4C2568  	JMP $6825

C1/67DC unknow (data)

C1/67DC:	06      	
C1/67DD:	04      	
C1/67DE:	06      	
C1/67DF:	03      	
C1/67E0:	03      	
C1/67E1:	06      	
C1/67E2:	06      	

C1/67E3 unknow (pointers)

C1/67E3:	EB67    	(00)
C1/67E5:	F267    	(01)
C1/67E7:	F967    	(02)
C1/67E9:	0068    	(03)

C1/67EB character name

C1/67EB:	A2AE2E  	LDX #$2EAE     (from C1/67CC, X = 0, where to look for character 1's name)
C1/67EE:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/67F0:	8013    	BRA $6805
C1/67F2:	A2CE2E  	LDX #$2ECE     (from C1/67CC, X = 1, where to look for character 2's name)
C1/67F5:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/67F7:	800C    	BRA $6805
C1/67F9:	A2EE2E  	LDX #$2EEE     (from C1/67CC, X = 2, where to look for character 3's name)
C1/67FC:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/67FE:	8005    	BRA $6805
C1/6800:	A20E2F  	LDX #$2F0E     (from C1/67CC, X = 3, where to look for character 4's name)
C1/6803:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/6805:	8518    	STA $18
C1/6807:	8610    	STX $10
C1/6809:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C1/680B:	8512    	STA $12
C1/680D:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC
C1/6810:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/6812:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6813:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6814:	7C1768  	JMP ($6817,X)

C1/6817 table of pointers

C1/6817:	2F68		(0)  (Name)
C1/6819:	4168		(1)  (Current HP)
C1/681B:	7268    	(2)  (ATB gauge or max HP, depending on gauge settings)
C1/681D:	A768    	(3)  (current MP)
C1/681F:	2C69    	(4)  (max MP)
C1/6821:	4E68      	(5)
C1/6823:	4668    	(6)

C1/6825 unknow

C1/6825:	AA      	TAX
C1/6826:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/6828:	20F366  	JSR $66F3
C1/682B:	CA      	DEX          X holds how many spaces to draw. it'll be 6, 4, or 3
C1/682C:	D0F8    	BNE $6826
C1/682E:	60      	RTS

C1/682F unknow

C1/682F:	A610    	LDX $10        (from C1/6814, X = 0, $10 holds $2EAE, $2ECE, $2EEE, or $2F0E)
C1/6831:	A906    	LDA #$06
C1/6833:	8514    	STA $14        (6 letters to write)
C1/6835:	BD0100  	LDA $0001,X    (load character name)
C1/6838:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw a tile)
C1/683B:	E8      	INX 
C1/683C:	C614    	DEC $14        (decrement letters to do)
C1/683E:	D0F5    	BNE $6835      (branch if haven't done all 6)
C1/6840:	60      	RTS

C1/6841 unknow

C1/6841:	A907    	LDA #$07       (from C1/6814, X = 1)
C1/6843:	4C7569  	JMP $6975

C1/6846 unknow

C1/6846:	A518    	LDA $18        (from C1/6814, X = 6)
C1/6848:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6849:	BDA661  	LDA $61A6,X
C1/684C:	8006    	BRA $6854

C1/684E unknow

C1/684E:	A518    	LDA $18        (from C1/6814, X = 5)
C1/6850:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6851:	BDA261  	LDA $61A2,X
C1/6854:	4A      	LSR A
C1/6855:	29FC    	AND #$FC
C1/6857:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6858:	A9F9    	LDA #$F9
C1/685A:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw opening end of ATB gauge)
C1/685D:	A904    	LDA #$04
C1/685F:	851A    	STA $1A
C1/6861:	BFAC68C1	LDA $C168AC,X  (get the ATB gauge character)
C1/6865:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/6868:	E8      	INX 
C1/6869:	C61A    	DEC $1A        (decrement tiles to do)
C1/686B:	D0F4    	BNE $6861      (branch if we haven't done 4)
C1/686D:	A9FA    	LDA #$FA       (draw tail end of ATB gauge)
C1/686F:	4CF366  	JMP $66F3      (draw tile A)

C1/6872 character subcommand 02 - draw max HP or gauge

C1/6872:	AD2120  	LDA $2021      (from C1/6814, X = 2)
C1/6875:	2901    	AND #$01       (check Gauge on bit?)
C1/6877:	F01F    	BEQ $6898      (branch if it's off)
C1/6879:	A54E    	LDA $4E        (load text color)
C1/687B:	48      	PHA            (save it)
C1/687C:	A518    	LDA $18
C1/687E:	AA      	TAX 
C1/687F:	BD9E61  	LDA $619E,X
C1/6882:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6884:	D004    	BNE $688A      (branch if ATB isn't fully charged)
C1/6886:	A929    	LDA #$29       (Set yellow palette for ATB fully charged)
C1/6888:	8002    	BRA $688C
C1/688A:	A935    	LDA #$35       (Set white palette for ATB charging)
C1/688C:	854E    	STA $4E        (set text color)
C1/688E:	BD9E61  	LDA $619E,X
C1/6891:	205468  	JSR $6854
C1/6894:	68      	PLA            (load saved text color)
C1/6895:	854E    	STA $4E        (set text color)
C1/6897:	60      	RTS

C1/6898 unknow

C1/6898:	A9CE    	LDA #$CE       ("~") (from only C1/6877)
C1/689A:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/689D:	A909    	LDA #$09       (because max HP starts on the 9th byte)
C1/689F:	207569  	JSR $6975
C1/68A2:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF       (a space)
C1/68A4:	4CF366  	JMP $66F3      (draw tile A)

C1/68A7 unknow

C1/68A7:	A90B    	LDA #$0B       (cur. MP starts at 11th byte) (from C1/6814, X = 3)
C1/68A9:	4C8469  	JMP $6984

C1/68AC data for ATB gauge

C1/68AC:	F1F0F0F0
C1/68B0:	F2F0F0F0
C1/68B4:	F3F0F0F0
C1/68B8:	F4F0F0F0
C1/68BC:	F5F0F0F0
C1/68C0:	F6F0F0F0
C1/68C4:	F7F0F0F0
C1/68C8:	F8F0F0F0
C1/68CC:	F8F1F0F0
C1/68D0:	F8F2F0F0
C1/68D4:	F8F3F0F0
C1/68D8:	F8F4F0F0
C1/68DC:	F8F5F0F0
C1/68E0:	F8F6F0F0
C1/68E4:	F8F7F0F0
C1/68E8:	F8F8F0F0
C1/68EC:	F8F8F1F0
C1/68F0:	F8F8F2F0
C1/68F4:	F8F8F3F0
C1/68F8:	F8F8F4F0
C1/68FC:	F8F8F5F0
C1/6900:	F8F8F6F0
C1/6904:	F8F8F7F0
C1/6908:	F8F8F8F0
C1/690C:	F8F8F8F1
C1/6910:	F8F8F8F2
C1/6914:	F8F8F8F3
C1/6918:	F8F8F8F4
C1/691C:	F8F8F8F5
C1/6920:	F8F8F8F6
C1/6924:	F8F8F8F7
C1/6928:	F8F8F8F8

C1/692C unknow

C1/692C:	A90D    	LDA #$0D       (max MP starts at 13th byte) (from C1/6814, X = 4)
C1/692E:	4C8469  	JMP $6984      (BRA would work here)

C1/6931 unknow

C1/6931:	5A      	PHY            (from only C1/6975)	
C1/6932:	A8      	TAY 
C1/6933:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6935:	B710    	LDA [$10],Y
C1/6937:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6938:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6939:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/693B:	A9B4    	LDA #$B4
C1/693D:	8568    	STA $68
C1/693F:	202B1B  	JSR $1B2B
C1/6942:	208F1A  	JSR $1A8F
C1/6945:	A600    	LDX $00
C1/6947:	7A      	PLY 
C1/6948:	60      	RTS

C1/6949 unknow

C1/6949:	5A      	PHY            (from only C1/6984)
C1/694A:	A8      	TAY 
C1/694B:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/694D:	B710    	LDA [$10],Y
C1/694F:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6950:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6951:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6953:	A9B4    	LDA #$B4
C1/6955:	8568    	STA $68
C1/6957:	202B1B  	JSR $1B2B
C1/695A:	206169  	JSR $6961
C1/695D:	A600    	LDX $00
C1/695F:	7A      	PLY 
C1/6960:	60      	RTS

C1/6961 unknow

C1/6961:	A600    	LDX $00		(from only C1/695A)
C1/6963:	B569    	LDA $69,X
C1/6965:	38      	SEC 
C1/6966:	E568    	SBC $68
C1/6968:	D00A    	BNE $6974
C1/696A:	A9C8    	LDA #$C8
C1/696C:	9569    	STA $69,X
C1/696E:	E8      	INX 
C1/696F:	E00300  	CPX #$0003
C1/6972:	D0EF    	BNE $6963
C1/6974:	60      	RTS

C1/6975 unknow

C1/6975:	203169  	JSR $6931      (from C1/6843, C1/689F)
C1/6978:	B569    	LDA $69,X
C1/697A:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/697D:	E8      	INX 
C1/697E:	E00400  	CPX #$0004
C1/6981:	D0F5    	BNE $6978
C1/6983:	60      	RTS

C1/6984 unknow

C1/6984:	204969  	JSR $6949      (from C1/68A9, C1/692E)
C1/6987:	B56A    	LDA $6A,X
C1/6989:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/698C:	E8      	INX 
C1/698D:	E00300  	CPX #$0003
C1/6990:	D0F5    	BNE $6987
C1/6992:	60      	RTS

C1/6993 unknow

C1/6993:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC      (from C1/6704, X = B)
C1/6996:	A90A    	LDA #$0A
C1/6998:	8510    	STA $10
C1/699A:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/699C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/699D:	AA      	TAX 
C1/699E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/69A0:	BD0D20  	LDA $200D,X
C1/69A3:	C9FFFF  	CMP #$FFFF
C1/69A6:	D010    	BNE $69B8
C1/69A8:	7B      	TDC 
C1/69A9:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/69AB:	E610    	INC $10
C1/69AD:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF       (a space)
C1/69AF:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/69B2:	E8      	INX 
C1/69B3:	C610    	DEC $10
C1/69B5:	D0F6    	BNE $69AD
C1/69B7:	60      	RTS

C1/69b8 unknow

C1/69B8:	C220    	REP #$20       (from C1/69A6)
C1/69BA:	8524    	STA $24
C1/69BC:	A90A00  	LDA #$000A     (10 = length of enemy name)
C1/69BF:	8522    	STA $22        (Animation Script pointer)
C1/69C1:	20F418  	JSR $18F4
C1/69C4:	7B      	TDC 
C1/69C5:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/69C7:	A626    	LDX $26
C1/69C9:	BF50C0CF	LDA $CFC050,X  (Load enemy name X)
C1/69CD:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/69D0:	E8      	INX 
C1/69D1:	C610    	DEC $10        (decrement tiles to draw)
C1/69D3:	D0F4    	BNE $69C9      (branch if we haven't done 10 tiles)
C1/69D5:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF       (a space)
C1/69D7:	4CF366  	JMP $66F3      (draw tile A)

C1/69DA unknow

C1/69DA:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/6704, X = C)
C1/69DD:	60      	RTS

C1/69DE unknow

C1/69DE:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/6704, X = D)
C1/69E1:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/69E3:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/69E5:	D005    	BNE $69EC
C1/69E7:	A907    	LDA #$07
C1/69E9:	4C3B6B  	JMP $6B3B
C1/69EC:	EB      	XBA 			(from C1/69E5)
C1/69ED:	A907    	LDA #$07		(7 = battle command name length)
C1/69EF:	8510    	STA $10
C1/69F1:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA		(half multiplier)
C1/69F4:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/69F6:	AF164200	LDA $004216		(load product)
C1/69FA:	AA      	TAX 
C1/69FB:	7B      	TDC 
C1/69FC:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/69FE:	BFA0CED8	LDA $D8CEA0,X  (Loads Battle command name X)
C1/6A02:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/6A05:	E8      	INX 
C1/6A06:	C610    	DEC $10
C1/6A08:	D0F4    	BNE $69FE
C1/6A0A:	60      	RTS

C1/6A0B unknow

C1/6A0B:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/6704, X = 10)
C1/6A0E:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/6A10:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6A12:	D005    	BNE $6A19
C1/6A14:	A90A    	LDA #$0A
C1/6A16:	4C3B6B  	JMP $6B3B
C1/6A19:	EB      	XBA 			(from C1/6A12)
C1/6A1A:	A90A    	LDA #$0A		(10 = length of battle status text)
C1/6A1C:	8510    	STA $10
C1/6A1E:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA		(half multiplier)
C1/6A21:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6A23:	AF164200	LDA $004216		(load product)
C1/6A27:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6A28:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6A29:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6A2B:	BFE1ADC2	LDA $C2ADE1,X  (Loads Battle Status Text)
C1/6A2F:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/6A32:	E8      	INX 
C1/6A33:	C610    	DEC $10
C1/6A35:	D0F4    	BNE $6A2B
C1/6A37:	60      	RTS

C1/6A38 unknow

C1/6A38:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/6704, X = 12)
C1/6A3B:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/6A3D:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6A3F:	D005    	BNE $6A46
C1/6A41:	A907    	LDA #$07
C1/6A43:	4C3B6B  	JMP $6B3B
C1/6A46:	EB      	XBA 			(from C1/6A3F)
C1/6A47:	A90D    	LDA #$0D		(13 = item name length)
C1/6A49:	8510    	STA $10
C1/6A4B:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA		(half multiplier)
C1/6A4E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6A50:	AF164200	LDA $004216		(load product)
C1/6A54:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6A55:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6A56:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6A58:	BF00B3D2	LDA $D2B300,X	(Loads Item name X)
C1/6A5C:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6A5E:	F0E1    	BEQ $6A41
C1/6A60:	38      	SEC 
C1/6A61:	E9D8    	SBC #$D8
C1/6A63:	EB      	XBA 
C1/6A64:	A907    	LDA #$07
C1/6A66:	8510    	STA $10
C1/6A68:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA		(half multiplier)
C1/6A6B:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6A6D:	AF164200	LDA $004216		(load product)
C1/6A71:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6A72:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6A73:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6A75:	BF006FD2	LDA $D26F00,X  (Loads Weapon/Armor type word X)
C1/6A79:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/6A7C:	E8      	INX 
C1/6A7D:	C610    	DEC $10
C1/6A7F:	D0F4    	BNE $6A75
C1/6A81:	60      	RTS

C1/6A82 unknow

C1/6A82:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/6704, X = E)
C1/6A85:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/6A87:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6A89:	D005    	BNE $6A90
C1/6A8B:	A90D    	LDA #$0D		
C1/6A8D:	4C3B6B  	JMP $6B3B
C1/6A90:	EB      	XBA 			(from C1/6A89)
C1/6A91:	A90D    	LDA #$0D		(13 = item name length)
C1/6A93:	8510    	STA $10
C1/6A95:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA		(half multiplier)
C1/6A98:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6A9A:	AF164200	LDA $004216		(load product)
C1/6A9E:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6A9F:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6AA0:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6AA2:	BF00B3D2	LDA $D2B300,X  (Loads Item name X)
C1/6AA6:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/6AA9:	E8      	INX 
C1/6AAA:	C610    	DEC $10
C1/6AAC:	D0F4    	BNE $6AA2
C1/6AAE:	60      	RTS

C1/6AAF unknow

C1/6AAF:	20C26A  	JSR $6AC2		(from C1/6704, X = 11)
C1/6AB2:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/6AB4:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6AB6:	F005    	BEQ $6ABD
C1/6AB8:	C936    	CMP #$36
C1/6ABA:	9001    	BCC $6ABD
C1/6ABC:	60      	RTS
C1/6ABD:	A903    	LDA #$03		(from C1/6AB6, C1/6ABA)
C1/6ABF:	4C3B6B  	JMP $6B3B

C1/6AC2 unknow

C1/6AC2:	20EC66  	JSR $66EC		(from C1/6704, X = F)
C1/6AC5:	B248    	LDA ($48)
C1/6AC7:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/6AC9:	D005    	BNE $6AD0
C1/6ACB:	A907    	LDA #$07
C1/6ACD:	4C3B6B  	JMP $6B3B
C1/6AD0:	C936    	CMP #$36		(from C1/6AC9)
C1/6AD2:	9048    	BCC $6B1C
C1/6AD4:	C951    	CMP #$51
C1/6AD6:	9022    	BCC $6AFA
C1/6AD8:	38      	SEC 
C1/6AD9:	E951    	SBC #$51
C1/6ADB:	EB      	XBA 
C1/6ADC:	A90A    	LDA #$0A		(10 = skean attack name length)
C1/6ADE:	8510    	STA $10
C1/6AE0:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA		(half multiplier)
C1/6AE3:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6AE5:	AF164200	LDA $004216		(load product)
C1/6AE9:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6AEA:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6AEB:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6AED:	BFB9F7E6	LDA $E6F7B9,X  (Load skean attack name X)
C1/6AF1:	20F366  	JSR $66F3      (draw tile A)
C1/6AF4:	E8      	INX 
C1/6AF5:	C610    	DEC $10
C1/6AF7:	D0F4    	BNE $6AED
C1/6AF9:	60      	RTS

C1/6AFA unknow

C1/6AFA:	38      	SEC 			(from C1/6AD6)
C1/6AFB:	E936    	SBC #$36
C1/6AFD:	EB      	XBA 
C1/6AFE:	A908    	LDA #$08
C1/6B00:	8510    	STA $10
C1/6B02:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA		(half multiplier)
C1/6B05:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6B07:	AF164200	LDA $004216		(load product)
C1/6B0B:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6B0C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6B0D:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6B0F:	BF75F6E6	LDA $E6F675,X	(Loads ??? -- is this a bug?)
C1/6B13:	20F366  	JSR $66F3
C1/6B16:	E8      	INX 
C1/6B17:	C610    	DEC $10
C1/6B19:	D0F4    	BNE $6B0F
C1/6B1B:	60      	RTS

C1/6B1C unknow

C1/6B1C:	EB      	XBA 			(from C1/6AD2)
C1/6B1D:	A907    	LDA #$07
C1/6B1F:	8510    	STA $10
C1/6B21:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA		(half multiplier)
C1/6B24:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6B26:	AF164200	LDA $004216		(load product)
C1/6B2A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6B2B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6B2C:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6B2E:	BF67F5E6	LDA $E6F567,X	(Load spell name X)
C1/6B32:	20F366  	JSR $66F3
C1/6B35:	E8      	INX 
C1/6B36:	C610    	DEC $10
C1/6B38:	D0F4    	BNE $6B2E
C1/6B3A:	60      	RTS

C1/6B3B unknow

C1/6B3B:	851A    	STA $1A		(from various, above)
C1/6B3D:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/6B3F:	20F366  	JSR $66F3
C1/6B42:	C61A    	DEC $1A
C1/6B44:	D0F7    	BNE $6B3D
C1/6B46:	60      	RTS

C1/6B47 unknow

C1/6B47:	A400    	LDY $00
C1/6B49:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6B4A:	996D5F  	STA $5F6D,Y
C1/6B4D:	998D5F  	STA $5F8D,Y
C1/6B50:	999D5F  	STA $5F9D,Y
C1/6B53:	A940    	LDA #$40
C1/6B55:	997D5F  	STA $5F7D,Y
C1/6B58:	C8      	INY 
C1/6B59:	C01000  	CPY #$0010
C1/6B5C:	D0EB    	BNE $6B49
C1/6B5E:	60      	RTS

C1/6B5F unknow

C1/6B5F:	48      	PHA 
C1/6B60:	18      	CLC 
C1/6B61:	796D5F  	ADC $5F6D,Y
C1/6B64:	996D5F  	STA $5F6D,Y
C1/6B67:	68      	PLA 
C1/6B68:	18      	CLC 
C1/6B69:	797D5F  	ADC $5F7D,Y
C1/6B6C:	997D5F  	STA $5F7D,Y
C1/6B6F:	60      	RTS

C1/6B70 unknow

C1/6B70:	48      	PHA 
C1/6B71:	18      	CLC 
C1/6B72:	798D5F  	ADC $5F8D,Y
C1/6B75:	998D5F  	STA $5F8D,Y
C1/6B78:	68      	PLA 
C1/6B79:	18      	CLC 
C1/6B7A:	799D5F  	ADC $5F9D,Y
C1/6B7D:	999D5F  	STA $5F9D,Y
C1/6B80:	60      	RTS

C1/6B81 unknow

C1/6B81:	B98D5F  	LDA $5F8D,Y
C1/6B84:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6B85:	8524    	STA $24
C1/6B87:	B96D5F  	LDA $5F6D,Y
C1/6B8A:	4C996B  	JMP $6B99		(BRA is better)

C1/6B8D unknow

C1/6B8D:	B99D5F  	LDA $5F9D,Y
C1/6B90:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6B91:	8524    	STA $24
C1/6B93:	B97D5F  	LDA $5F7D,Y
C1/6B96:	4C996B  	JMP $6B99		(pointless)

C1/6B99 unknow

C1/6B99:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6B9A:	BF6DFEC2	LDA $C2FE6D,X	(Load value from sine table)
C1/6B9E:	101A    	BPL $6BBA
C1/6BA0:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C1/6BA2:	8F024200	STA $004202
C1/6BA6:	A524    	LDA $24
C1/6BA8:	8F034200	STA $004203
C1/6BAC:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/6BAE:	8567    	STA $67
C1/6BB0:	8567    	STA $67
C1/6BB2:	AF174200	LDA $004217
C1/6BB6:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C1/6BB8:	1A      	INC A
C1/6BB9:	60      	RTS

C1/6BBA unknow

C1/6BBA:	8F024200	STA $004202
C1/6BBE:	A524    	LDA $24
C1/6BC0:	8F034200	STA $004203
C1/6BC4:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/6BC6:	8567    	STA $67
C1/6BC8:	8567    	STA $67
C1/6BCA:	AF174200	LDA $004217
C1/6BCE:	60      	RTS

C1/6BCF unknow

C1/6BCF:	E230    	SEP #$30
C1/6BD1:	8B      	PHB 
C1/6BD2:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/6BD4:	48      	PHA 
C1/6BD5:	AB      	PLB 
C1/6BD6:	A624    	LDX $24
C1/6BD8:	8E0242  	STX $4202
C1/6BDB:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/6BDD:	8D0342  	STA $4203
C1/6BE0:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6BE2:	A423    	LDY $23
C1/6BE4:	EA      	NOP 
C1/6BE5:	AD1642  	LDA $4216		(load product)
C1/6BE8:	8E0242  	STX $4202
C1/6BEB:	8C0342  	STY $4203
C1/6BEE:	8526    	STA $26
C1/6BF0:	6428    	STZ $28
C1/6BF2:	C210    	REP #$10
C1/6BF4:	AD1642  	LDA $4216		(load product)
C1/6BF7:	18      	CLC 
C1/6BF8:	6527    	ADC $27
C1/6BFA:	8527    	STA $27
C1/6BFC:	0626    	ASL $26
C1/6BFE:	2628    	ROL $28
C1/6C00:	AB      	PLB 
C1/6C01:	60      	RTS

C1/6C02 unknow

C1/6C02:	C210    	REP #$10
C1/6C04:	A516    	LDA $16
C1/6C06:	29FF01  	AND #$01FF
C1/6C09:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6C0A:	BF6DFCC2	LDA $C2FC6D,X	(Translation?  This loads from blank space)
C1/6C0E:	102F    	BPL $6C3F
C1/6C10:	E210    	SEP #$10
C1/6C12:	49FFFF  	EOR #$FFFF
C1/6C15:	A624    	LDX $24
C1/6C17:	8E0242  	STX $4202
C1/6C1A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6C1B:	8E0342  	STX $4203
C1/6C1E:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/6C20:	EB      	XBA 
C1/6C21:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6C22:	AD1642  	LDA $4216		(load product)
C1/6C25:	8E0342  	STX $4203
C1/6C28:	8526    	STA $26
C1/6C2A:	6428    	STZ $28
C1/6C2C:	18      	CLC 
C1/6C2D:	AD1642  	LDA $4216		(load product)
C1/6C30:	6527    	ADC $27
C1/6C32:	8527    	STA $27
C1/6C34:	0626    	ASL $26
C1/6C36:	2628    	ROL $28
C1/6C38:	A528    	LDA $28
C1/6C3A:	49FFFF  	EOR #$FFFF
C1/6C3D:	1A      	INC A
C1/6C3E:	60      	RTS

C1/6C3F unknow

C1/6C3F:	E210    	SEP #$10
C1/6C41:	A624    	LDX $24
C1/6C43:	8E0242  	STX $4202
C1/6C46:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6C47:	8E0342  	STX $4203
C1/6C4A:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/6C4C:	EB      	XBA 
C1/6C4D:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6C4E:	AD1642  	LDA $4216		(load product)
C1/6C51:	8E0342  	STX $4203
C1/6C54:	8526    	STA $26
C1/6C56:	6428    	STZ $28
C1/6C58:	18      	CLC 
C1/6C59:	AD1642  	LDA $4216		(load product)
C1/6C5C:	6527    	ADC $27
C1/6C5E:	8527    	STA $27
C1/6C60:	0626    	ASL $26
C1/6C62:	2628    	ROL $28
C1/6C64:	A528    	LDA $28
C1/6C66:	60      	RTS

C1/6C67 unknow

C1/6C67:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6C69:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/6C6C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6C6D:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6C6E:	BF6DFCC2	LDA $C2FC6D,X	(Translation?  This loads from blank space)
C1/6C72:	1014    	BPL $6C88
C1/6C74:	49FFFF  	EOR #$FFFF
C1/6C77:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/6C79:	20CF6B  	JSR $6BCF
C1/6C7C:	A528    	LDA $28
C1/6C7E:	49FFFF  	EOR #$FFFF
C1/6C81:	1A      	INC A
C1/6C82:	8528    	STA $28
C1/6C84:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6C85:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6C87:	60      	RTS

C1/6C88 unknow

C1/6C88:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/6C8A:	20CF6B  	JSR $6BCF
C1/6C8D:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6C8E:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6C90:	60      	RTS

C1/6C91 unknow

C1/6C91:	A57D    	LDA $7D
C1/6C93:	38      	SEC 
C1/6C94:	E57F    	SBC $7F
C1/6C96:	8581    	STA $81
C1/6C98:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/6C9A:	E900    	SBC #$00
C1/6C9C:	8582    	STA $82
C1/6C9E:	A57E    	LDA $7E
C1/6CA0:	38      	SEC 
C1/6CA1:	E580    	SBC $80
C1/6CA3:	8583    	STA $83
C1/6CA5:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/6CA7:	E900    	SBC #$00
C1/6CA9:	8584    	STA $84
C1/6CAB:	A581    	LDA $81
C1/6CAD:	4582    	EOR $82
C1/6CAF:	38      	SEC 
C1/6CB0:	E582    	SBC $82
C1/6CB2:	8588    	STA $88
C1/6CB4:	6489    	STZ $89
C1/6CB6:	A583    	LDA $83
C1/6CB8:	4584    	EOR $84
C1/6CBA:	38      	SEC 
C1/6CBB:	E584    	SBC $84
C1/6CBD:	858A    	STA $8A
C1/6CBF:	648B    	STZ $8B
C1/6CC1:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6CC3:	A588    	LDA $88
C1/6CC5:	4A      	LSR A
C1/6CC6:	4A      	LSR A
C1/6CC7:	4A      	LSR A
C1/6CC8:	8586    	STA $86
C1/6CCA:	A58A    	LDA $8A
C1/6CCC:	29F8FF  	AND #$FFF8
C1/6CCF:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6CD0:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6CD1:	18      	CLC 
C1/6CD2:	6586    	ADC $86
C1/6CD4:	858C    	STA $8C
C1/6CD6:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6CD7:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6CD8:	BD00F8  	LDA $F800,X
C1/6CDB:	8586    	STA $86
C1/6CDD:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6CDE:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6CE0:	A68C    	LDX $8C
C1/6CE2:	BF45C9C2	LDA $C2C945,X		(??? -- This has been dummied out)
C1/6CE6:	8585    	STA $85
C1/6CE8:	A582    	LDA $82
C1/6CEA:	3014    	BMI $6D00
C1/6CEC:	A584    	LDA $84
C1/6CEE:	3008    	BMI $6CF8
C1/6CF0:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/6CF2:	18      	CLC 
C1/6CF3:	6585    	ADC $85
C1/6CF5:	8585    	STA $85
C1/6CF7:	60      	RTS
C1/6CF8:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/6CFA:	38      	SEC 
C1/6CFB:	E585    	SBC $85
C1/6CFD:	8585    	STA $85
C1/6CFF:	60      	RTS

C1/6D00 unknow

C1/6D00:	A584    	LDA $84
C1/6D02:	3007    	BMI $6D0B
C1/6D04:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/6D06:	38      	SEC 
C1/6D07:	E585    	SBC $85
C1/6D09:	8585    	STA $85
C1/6D0B:	60      	RTS

C1/6D0C unknow

C1/6D0C:	A245CD    	LDX #$CD45
C1/6D0F:	86F3    	STX $F3
C1/6D11:	A9C2    	LDA #$C2
C1/6D13:	85F5    	STA $F5        (source is C2/CD45)
C1/6D15:	A200A4  	LDX #$A400
C1/6D18:	86F6    	STX $F6
C1/6D1A:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/6D1C:	85F8    	STA $F8        (destination is 7F/A400)
C1/6D1E:	226DFFC2	JSL $C2FF6D    (LZ decompression)
C1/6D22:	A200F8    	LDX #$F800
C1/6D25:	8610    	STX $10
C1/6D27:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/6D29:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6D2A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6D2B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6D2C:	8512    	STA $12
C1/6D2E:	A8      	TAY 
C1/6D2F:	BF00A47F	LDA $7FA400,X
C1/6D33:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/6D36:	18      	CLC 
C1/6D37:	6512    	ADC $12
C1/6D39:	8512    	STA $12
C1/6D3B:	9110    	STA ($10),Y
C1/6D3D:	C8      	INY 
C1/6D3E:	C8      	INY 
C1/6D3F:	E8      	INX 
C1/6D40:	C04000    	CPY #$0040
C1/6D43:	D0EA    	BNE $6D2F
C1/6D45:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/6D47:	18      	CLC 
C1/6D48:	694000  	ADC #$0040
C1/6D4B:	8510    	STA $10
C1/6D4D:	E00004    	CPX #$0400
C1/6D50:	D0D9    	BNE $6D2C
C1/6D52:	7B      	TDC
C1/6D53:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/6D55:	60      	RTS

C1/6D56 unknow

C1/6D56:	AD807B  	LDA $7B80
C1/6D59:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/6D5B:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6D5C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6D5D:	0A      	ASL A
C1/6D5E:	A8      	TAY 
C1/6D5F:	60      	RTS

C1/6D60 data

C1/6D60:	0100    	
C1/6D62:	FFFFFF00	
C1/6D66:	01FF    	
C1/6D68:	0100    	
C1/6D6A:	01FF    	
C1/6D6C:	FF000100	

C1/6D70 unknow

C1/6D70:	2903		AND #$03
C1/6D72:	48  		PHA
C1/6D73:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6D74:	2901		AND #$01
C1/6D76:	F00E		BEQ $6D86
C1/6D78:	AD1D20		LDA $201D      (load valid character targets)
C1/6D7B:	2DAC61		AND $61AC
C1/6D7E:	2DAD61		AND $61AD
C1/6D81:	2D9361    	AND $6193
C1/6D84:	8002    	BRA $6D88      (BEQ $6D8D?)
C1/6D86:	A592    	LDA $92
C1/6D88:	F003    	BEQ $6D8D
C1/6D8A:	68      	PLA 
C1/6D8B:	38      	SEC 
C1/6D8C:	60      	RTS
C1/6D8D:	68      	PLA 
C1/6D8E:	18      	CLC 
C1/6D8F:	60      	RTS

C1/6D90 unknow

C1/6D90:	ADCB7B  	LDA $7BCB		(from C1/5529, X = 38)
C1/6D93:	F003    	BEQ $6D98
C1/6D95:	4C576F  	JMP $6F57
C1/6D98:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (load character targeting)
C1/6D9B:	2910    	AND #$10       (is auto confirm set?)
C1/6D9E:	F003    	BEQ $6DA2      (branch if not)
C1/6DA0:	4C256F    	JMP $6F25
C1/6DA2:	AD1D20  	LDA $201D		(Load valid character targets)
C1/6DA5:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/6DA8:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/6DAB:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/6DAE:	2D7D7B  	AND $7B7D
C1/6DB1:	D00A    	BNE $6DBD
C1/6DB3:	A592    	LDA $92
C1/6DB5:	2D7E7B  	AND $7B7E
C1/6DB8:	D003    	BNE $6DBD
C1/6DBA:	4C576F  	JMP $6F57
C1/6DBD:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (load character targeting)
C1/6DC0:	8536    	STA $36        (save it for now)
C1/6DC2:	100D    	BPL $6DD1      (branch if "random selection" isn't set)
C1/6DC4:	ADB462  	LDA $62B4
C1/6DC7:	F00B    	BEQ $6DD4
C1/6DC9:	CEB262  	DEC $62B2
C1/6DCC:	D06F    	BNE $6E3D
C1/6DCE:	4C256F  	JMP $6F25
C1/6DD1:	4C406E  	JMP $6E40
C1/6DD4:	ADB162  	LDA $62B1
C1/6DD7:	F01D    	BEQ $6DF6
C1/6DD9:	A50E    	LDA $0E
C1/6DDB:	2907    	AND #$07
C1/6DDD:	D05E    	BNE $6E3D
C1/6DDF:	CEB262  	DEC $62B2
C1/6DE2:	D018    	BNE $6DFC
C1/6DE4:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/6DE6:	8DB462  	STA $62B4
C1/6DE9:	A920    	LDA #$20
C1/6DEB:	8DB262  	STA $62B2
C1/6DEE:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/6DF0:	8D7F7B  	STA $7B7F
C1/6DF3:	4C696F  	JMP $6F69
C1/6DF6:	A50E    	LDA $0E
C1/6DF8:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/6DFA:	D041    	BNE $6E3D
C1/6DFC:	E694    	INC $94
C1/6DFE:	EEB362  	INC $62B3
C1/6E01:	ADB362  	LDA $62B3
C1/6E04:	2908    	AND #$08
C1/6E06:	F021    	BEQ $6E29
C1/6E08:	ADB362  	LDA $62B3
C1/6E0B:	2907    	AND #$07
C1/6E0D:	AA      	TAX
C1/6E0E:	AD1D20  	LDA $201D		(Load valid character targets)
C1/6E11:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/6E14:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/6E17:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/6E1A:	3F011AC1	AND $C11A01,X
C1/6E1E:	F0DC    	BEQ $6DFC
C1/6E20:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/6E23:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/6E26:	4C056F  	JMP $6F05

C1/6E29 unknow

C1/6E29:	ADB362  	LDA $62B3
C1/6E2C:	2907    	AND #$07
C1/6E2E:	AA      	TAX
C1/6E2F:	BF011AC1	LDA $C11A01,X
C1/6E33:	2592    	AND $92
C1/6E35:	F0C5    	BEQ $6DFC
C1/6E37:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/6E3A:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/6E3D:	4C056F  	JMP $6F05

C1/6E40 unknow

C1/6E40:	A536    	LDA $36        (load saved character targeting)
C1/6E42:	290D    	AND #$0D       (isolate some bits)
C1/6E44:	C908    	CMP #$08       (is only "auto select one chunk" set?)
C1/6E46:	D03A    	BNE $6E82      (branch if not)
C1/6E48:	A505    	LDA $05        (load shared controller byte)
C1/6E4A:	2903    	AND #$03       (are we pressing left or right?)
C1/6E4C:	F034    	BEQ $6E82      (branch if not)
C1/6E4E:	E694    	INC $94
C1/6E50:	A505    	LDA $05        (load shared controller byte)
C1/6E52:	2902    	AND #$02       (is anyone pressing left?)
C1/6E54:	D016    	BNE $6E6C      (branch if so)
C1/6E56:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE
C1/6E59:	2902    	AND #$02
C1/6E5B:	D025    	BNE $6E82
C1/6E5D:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE      (optionally, BIT #$02 and you won't need this LDA)
C1/6E60:	1A      	INC A
C1/6E61:	1A      	INC A
C1/6E62:	20706D  	JSR $6D70
C1/6E65:	901B    	BCC $6E82
C1/6E67:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/6E6A:	802E    	BRA $6E9A
C1/6E6F:	2902    	AND #$02
C1/6E71:	F00F    	BEQ $6E82
C1/6E73:	ADCE7A  	LDA $7ACE
C1/6E76:	3A      	DEC A
C1/6E77:	3A      	DEC A
C1/6E78:	20706D  	JSR $6D70
C1/6E7B:	9005    	BCC $6E82
C1/6E7D:	8DCE7A  	STA $7ACE
C1/6E80:	8018    	BRA $6E9A
C1/6E82:	A536    	LDA $36        (load saved character targetting)
C1/6E84:	2901    	AND #$01       (is "cursor movable" set?)
C1/6E86:	F07D    	BEQ $6F05      (branch if not)
C1/6E88:	A504    	LDA $04        (load shared controller byte)
C1/6E8A:	2930    	AND #$30       (is anyone pressing L or R?)
C1/6E8C:	F045    	BEQ $6ED3      (branch if not)
C1/6E8E:	C930    	CMP #$30       (is anyone pressing both L and R?)
C1/6E90:	F041    	BEQ $6ED3      (branch if not)
C1/6E92:	E694    	INC $94
C1/6E94:	A536    	LDA $36        (load saved character targeting)
C1/6E96:	2920    	AND #$20       (is "manual party select" set?)
C1/6E98:	F039    	BEQ $6ED3      (branch if not)
C1/6E9D:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/6E9F:	F01E    	BEQ $6EBF
C1/6EA4:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6EA5:	AD1D20  	LDA $201D		(Load valid character targets)
C1/6EA8:	2DAC61  	AND $61AC
C1/6EAB:	2DAD61  	AND $61AD
C1/6EAE:	2D9361  	AND $6193
C1/6EB1:	3D797B  	AND $7B79,X
C1/6EB4:	8D7D7B  	STA $7B7D
C1/6EB7:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/6EB9:	8D7F7B  	STA $7B7F
C1/6EBC:	4C056F  	JMP $6F05      (BRA fool!)

C1/6EBF unknow

C1/6EC2:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6EC3:	A592    	LDA $92
C1/6EC5:	3D797B  	AND $7B79,X
C1/6EC8:	8D7E7B  	STA $7B7E
C1/6ECB:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/6ECD:	8D7F7B  	STA $7B7F
C1/6ED0:	4C056F  	JMP $6F05      (BRA fool!)

C1/6ED3 unknow

C1/6ED3:	A505    	LDA $05        (load shared controller byte)
C1/6ED5:	290F    	AND #$0F       (isolate directions)
C1/6ED7:	F002    	BEQ $6EDB      (branch if not pressing up, down, left, or right)
C1/6ED9:	E694    	INC $94
C1/6EDB:	A505    	LDA $05        (load shared controller byte)
C1/6EDD:	C908    	CMP #$08       (is anyone pressing only up?)
C1/6EDF:	D006    	BNE $6EE7      (branch if not)
C1/6EE1:	208473  	JSR $7384
C1/6EE4:	4C056F  	JMP $6F05      (BRA fool!)
C1/6EE7:	C904    	CMP #$04       (is anyone pressing only down?)
C1/6EE9:	D006    	BNE $6EF1      (branch if not)
C1/6EEB:	20D673  	JSR $73D6
C1/6EEE:	4C056F  	JMP $6F05      (BRA fool!)
C1/6EF1:	C902    	CMP #$02       (is anyone pressing only left?)
C1/6EF3:	D006    	BNE $6EFB      (branch if not)
C1/6EF5:	203377  	JSR $7733
C1/6EF8:	4C056F  	JMP $6F05
C1/6EFB:	C901    	CMP #$01       (is anyone pressing only right?)
C1/6EFD:	D006    	BNE $6F05      (branch if not)
C1/6EFF:	204A77  	JSR $774A
C1/6F02:	4C056F  	JMP $6F05      (...)
C1/6F05:	A504    	LDA $04        (load shared controller byte)
C1/6F07:	1043    	BPL $6F4C      (branch if nobody is pressing A)
C1/6F09:	E696    	INC $96
C1/6F0B:	AD847A  	LDA $7A84      (load character targeting)
C1/6F0E:	1015    	BPL $6F25      (branch if "random selection" isn't set)
C1/6F10:	ADB162  	LDA $62B1
C1/6F13:	D037    	BNE $6F4C
C1/6F15:	EEB162  	INC $62B1
C1/6F18:	205B18  	JSR $185B      (Random number generator)
C1/6F1B:	2907    	AND #$07       (now random number 0-7)
C1/6F1D:	18      	CLC
C1/6F1E:	6908    	ADC #$08       (finally, random number 8-15)
C1/6F20:	8DB262  	STA $62B2
C1/6F23:	8027    	BRA $6F4C
C1/6F25:	209670  	JSR $7096
C1/6F28:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/6F2B:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/6F2E:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/6F31:	AD837A  	LDA $7A83
C1/6F34:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2
C1/6F37:	ADE87A  	LDA $7AE8
C1/6F3A:	F009    	BEQ $6F45
C1/6F3C:	ADE97A  	LDA $7AE9
C1/6F3F:	D004    	BNE $6F45
C1/6F41:	EEE97A  	INC $7AE9
C1/6F44:	60      	RTS
C1/6F45:	EECB7B  	INC $7BCB
C1/6F48:	EE807B  	INC $7B80
C1/6F4B:	60      	RTS

C1/6F46 unknow

C1/6F4C:	A509    	LDA $09        (load controller 1)
C1/6F4E:	1019    	BPL $6F69      (branch if not pressing B)
C1/6F50:	ADB162  	LDA $62B1
C1/6F53:	D014    	BNE $6F69
C1/6F55:	E696    	INC $96
C1/6F57:	9C7D7B  	STZ $7B7D
C1/6F5A:	9C7E7B  	STZ $7B7E
C1/6F5D:	9C7F7B  	STZ $7B7F
C1/6F60:	AD837A  	LDA $7A83
C1/6F63:	8DC27B  	STA $7BC2
C1/6F66:	9CE97A  	STZ $7AE9
C1/6F69:	60      	RTS

C1/6F6A data of keyboard keys

C1/6F6A:	FFFF    	(Nothing)
C1/6F6C:	8000    	(A)
C1/6F6E:	0080    	(B)
C1/6F70:	4000    	(X)
C1/6F72:	0040    	(Y)
C1/6F74:	2000    	(L)
C1/6F76:	1000    	(R)
C1/6F78:	0006    	(Down-Left)
C1/6F7A:	0004    	(Down)
C1/6F7C:	0005    	(Down-Right)
C1/6F7E:	0001    	(Right)
C1/6F80:	0009    	(Up-Right)
C1/6F82:	0008    	(Up)
C1/6F84:	000A    	(Up-Left)
C1/6F86:	0002    	(Left)

C1/6F88 data for blitz unknow

C1/6F88:	00      	(Pummel)
C1/6F89:	0C      	(Aura Bolt)
C1/6F8A:	18      	(Suplex)
C1/6F8B:	24      	(Fire Dance)
C1/6F8C:	30      	(Mantra)
C1/6F8D:	3C      	(Air Blade)
C1/6F8E:	48      	(Spiraler)
C1/6F8F:	54      	(Bum Rush)

C1/6F90 unknow

C1/6F90:	6436    	STZ $36		(from only C1/7045)
C1/6F92:	A536    	LDA $36
C1/6F94:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6F95:	BF886FC1	LDA $C16F88,X     (Load offset into the blitz button structure for blitz)
C1/6F99:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6F9A:	BF4B7AC4	LDA $C47A4B,X	(Load the button presses for the blitz)
C1/6F9E:	3A      	DEC A			
C1/6F9F:	3A      	DEC A			
C1/6FA0:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit accum./memory)
C1/6FA2:	8538    	STA $38           (Store (button presses - 1)*2 to $38)
C1/6FA4:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6FA5:	A8      	TAY 
C1/6FA6:	BF407AC4	LDA $C47A40,X	(Load Blitz specification.)
         00 = Nothing, 01 = A, 02 = B, 03 = X, 04 = Y, 05 = L, 06 = R, 
         07 = Down-Left, 08 = Down, 09 = Down-Right, 0A = Right,
         0B = Up-Right, 0C = Up, 0D = Up-Left, 0E = Left )
C1/6FAA:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF		(Filter out to a single byteA)
C1/6FAD:	0A      	ASL A			(Double it, to use as a pointer into data table)
C1/6FAE:	DA      	PHX 			
C1/6FAF:	AA      	TAX 
C1/6FB0:	BF6A6FC1	LDA $C16F6A,X	(Load bit mask for button)
C1/6FB4:	991EEA  	STA $EA1E,Y		(Store the bit mask to $EA1E structure)
C1/6FB7:	FA      	PLX 
C1/6FB8:	C8      	INY 
C1/6FB9:	C8      	INY 
C1/6FBA:	E8      	INX 
C1/6FBB:	C01400    	CPY #$0014
C1/6FBD:	D0E6    	BNE $6FA6
C1/6FBF:	7B      	TDC			(Clear A)
C1/6FC1:	A8      	TAY 			(Now Y = 0)
C1/6FC2:	B91EEA  	LDA $EA1E,Y		(Load the bit mask for current blitz)
C1/6FC5:	852C    	STA $2C		(Store to $2C)
C1/6FC7:	B9FEE9  	LDA $E9FE,Y		(Load the actual-pressed button)
C1/6FCA:	252C    	AND $2C		
C1/6FCC:	F01C    	BEQ $6FEA		
C1/6FCE:	C8      	INY 
C1/6FCF:	C8      	INY 
C1/6FD0:	C438    	CPY $38		(continue until only one button press left)
C1/6FD2:	D0EE    	BNE $6FC2	(Branch back to start of loop if not the last button yet)
C1/6FD4:	B9FCE9  	LDA $E9FC,Y     (Load the actual-pressed button?)
C1/6FD7:	298000  	AND #$0080  	(Filter out the bit for "A")
C1/6FDA:	D008    	BNE $6FE4		(Branch if it is set, i.e. you confirmed)
C1/6FDC:	B9FEE9  	LDA $E9FE,Y	(Load the actual-pressed button?)
C1/6FDF:	298000  	AND #$0080		(Filter out the bit for "A")
C1/6FE2:	F006    	BEQ $6FEA		(If it's clear, branch. You didn't have a match)
C1/6FE4:	7B      	TDC 
C1/6FE5:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C1/6FE7:	A536    	LDA $36		(Return number for the successful blitz)
C1/6FE9:	60      	RTS

C1/EA wrong blitz input

C1/6FEA:	7B      	TDC 			(from C1/6FCC, C1/6FE2)
C1/6FEB:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit accum./memory)
C1/6FED:	E636    	INC $36		(Increment the blitz index to check)
C1/6FEF:	A536    	LDA $36		(Load the blitz index)
C1/6FF1:	C908    	CMP #$08		(Compare to 8, since there's 8 blitzes)
C1/6FF3:	D09D    	BNE $6F92		(Branch if not equal--more blitzes to check)
C1/6FF5:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF		(Return FF, for failure)
C1/6FF7:	60      	RTS

C1/6FF8 unknow

C1/6FF8:	ADCB7B  	LDA $7BCB		(from C1/5529, X = 3D)
C1/6FFB:	F003    	BEQ $7000
C1/6FFD:	4C8370  	JMP $7083