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C2/10B2 unknow

C2/10B2: 7B           TDC
C2/10B3: 1A           INC
C2/10B4: A8           TAY         (Y = 1)
C2/10B5: 1A           INC         (Accumulator = 2)
C2/10B6: 85 FF        STA $FF
C2/10B8: A3 01        LDA $01,S   (equipment/relic slot - 0 to 5?)
C2/10BA: C9 02        CMP #$02    
C2/10BC: B0 B8        BCS $1076   (if it's not slot 0 or 1, one of the arms, return
                                   to caller)
C2/10BE: 3A           DEC         
C2/10BF: F0 03        BEQ $10C4   (if it was slot 1, branch)
C2/10C1: 88           DEY         (point to slot 0)
C2/10C2: 06 FF        ASL $FF     ($FF = 4)
C2/10C4: B9 C6 11     LDA $11C6,Y (get item # from the slot)
C2/10C7: 1A           INC 
C2/10C8: D0 04        BNE $10CE   (if the item is not Empty #255, branch)
C2/10CA: 06 FF        ASL $FF
C2/10CC: 06 FF        ASL $FF    
C2/10CE: A5 FF        LDA $FF     ($FF = 2 if this is 2nd hand and it's occupied by weapon,
                                   4 if this is 1st hand and it's occupied by weapon,
                                   8 if this is 2nd hand and it's empty,
                                   16 if this is 1st hand and it's empty.
                                   And $FF is never set if the hand holds a nonweapon)

C2/10D0: 0C CE 11     TSB $11CE      (turn on the current $FF bit in $11CE, which
                                      will hold info about both hands)
C2/10D3: BF 16 50 D8  LDA $D85016,X
C2/10D7: 99 B2 11     STA $11B2,Y
C2/10DA: BF 0F 50 D8  LDA $D8500F,X  (elemental properties)
C2/10DE: 99 B0 11     STA $11B0,Y
C2/10E1: A5 FD        LDA $FD        (get equipment Battle Power)
C2/10E3: 79 AC 11     ADC $11AC,Y    (add it to Battle Power so far)
C2/10E6: 90 02        BCC $10EA
C2/10E8: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/10EA: 99 AC 11     STA $11AC,Y    (if the Battle Power exceeded 255, make it 255)
C2/10ED: BF 15 50 D8  LDA $D85015,X  (hit rate)
C2/10F1: 99 AE 11     STA $11AE,Y
C2/10F4: BF 12 50 D8  LDA $D85012,X  (random weapon spellcast)
C2/10F8: 99 B4 11     STA $11B4,Y    
C2/10FB: BF 13 50 D8  LDA $D85013,X  (weapon properties)
C2/10FF: 99 DA 11     STA $11DA,Y    (11DA=

                        01:                     10: --
                        02: SwdTech             20: Same damage from back row
                        04: --                  40: 2-Hand
                        08: --                  80: Runic)

C2/1102: 4C 76 10     JMP $1076

C2/1105 data: evade and mblock values

(Data - Evade and Mblock Boosts/Reductions)
C2/1105: 00 00   (0)
C2/1107: 0A 00   (+10)
C2/1109: 14 00   (+20)
C2/110B: 1E 00   (+30)
C2/110D: 28 00   (+40)
C2/110F: 32 00   (+50)
C2/1111: F6 FF   (-10)
C2/1113: EC FF   (-20)   
C2/1115: E2 FF   (-30)
C2/1117: D8 FF   (-40)
C2/1119: CE FF   (-50)

C2/111B unknow

C2/111B: 08           PHP
C2/111C: E2 30        SEP #$30    (Set 8-bit A, X, & Y)
C2/111E: 20 1F 4D     JSR $4D1F
C2/1121: AD 41 2F     LDA $2F41
C2/1124: 2D 8F 3A     AND $3A8F
C2/1127: D0 62        BNE $118B   (Exit function if set to wait battle and in a menu)
C2/1129: AD 6C 3A     LDA $3A6C   (get backup frame counter?)
C2/112C: A2 02        LDX #$02
C2/112E: C5 0E        CMP $0E     (compare to current frame counter?)
C2/1130: F0 5E        BEQ $1190   (Exit function if $3A6C = $000E.  Doing this check
                                   twice serves to exit if the function was already
                                   called the current frame [which i don't think ever
                                   happens] or if it was called last frame.)
C2/1132: 1A           INC 
C2/1133: CA           DEX 
C2/1134: D0 F8        BNE $112E   (Check and exit if $3A6C + 1 = $000E)
C2/1136: EE 3E 3A     INC $3A3E   (Increment battle time counter)
C2/1139: D0 03        BNE $113E
C2/113B: EE 3F 3A     INC $3A3F   (Increment battle time counter)
C2/113E: 20 83 5A     JSR $5A83
C2/1141: A2 12        LDX #$12
C2/1143: EC E2 3E     CPX $3EE2   (Is this target Morphed?)
C2/1146: D0 03        BNE $114B   (Branch if not)
C2/1148: 20 11 12     JSR $1211   (Do morph timer decrement)
C2/114B: BD A0 3A     LDA $3AA0,X
C2/114E: 4A           LSR 
C2/114F: 90 33        BCC $1184   (If bit 0 of $3AA0,X was clear, branch to next target)
C2/1151: EC F8 33     CPX $33F8   (Has this target used Zinger?)
C2/1154: F0 2E        BEQ $1184   (If it has, branch to next target)
C2/1156: 89 3A        BIT #$3A
C2/1158: D0 2A        BNE $1184   (If any of bits 6, 5, 4, or 2 are set in $3AA0,X ,
                                   branch to next target)
C2/115A: 89 04        BIT #$04
C2/115C: F0 1E        BEQ $117C   (If bit 3 isn't set in $3AA0,X , branch to load
                                   this target's ATB)
C2/115E: AD 45 2F     LDA $2F45   (Characters trying to run)
C2/1161: F0 16        BEQ $1179   (If no one is trying to run, branch to Advance Wait Timer
C2/1163: BD E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,X
C2/1166: 89 02        BIT #$02    (Check for Zombie Status)
C2/1168: D0 0F        BNE $1179   (If zombie, branch to Advance Wait Timer function)
C2/116A: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/116D: F0 0A        BEQ $1179   (If monster, branch to Advance Wait Timer function)
C2/116F: 2C 2C 3F     BIT $3F2C
C2/1172: D0 05        BNE $1179   (If jumping, branch to Advance Wait Timer function)
C2/1174: 2C 40 3A     BIT $3A40
C2/1177: F0 03        BEQ $117C   (If not character acting as an enemy, skip Advance
                                   Wait Timer function)
C2/1179: 20 93 11     JSR $1193   (Advance Wait Timer function)
C2/117C: BD 19 32     LDA $3219,X  (Load top byte of this target's ATB counter)
C2/117F: F0 03        BEQ $1184    (If it's 0, branch to next target)
C2/1181: 20 BB 11     JSR $11BB
C2/1184: CA           DEX 
C2/1185: CA           DEX 
C2/1186: 10 BB        BPL $1143    (Loop if targets remaining)
C2/1188: 20 54 5C     JSR $5C54
C2/118B: A5 0E        LDA $0E
C2/118D: 8D 6C 3A     STA $3A6C    (copy current frame counter to backup frame counter?)
C2/1190: 7B           TDC 
C2/1191: 28           PLP 
C2/1192: 6B           RTL 

C2/1193 advance wait timer

(Advance Wait Timer.  this is what controls how long a character
 spends in his or her "ready stance" before executing a move.)

C2/1193: C2 20        REP #$20      (16-bit accumulator)
C2/1195: BD C8 3A     LDA $3AC8,X   (amount to increase ATB timer by??)
C2/1198: 4A           LSR           (div by 2)
C2/1199: 18           CLC 
C2/119A: 7D B4 3A     ADC $3AB4,X
C2/119D: 9D B4 3A     STA $3AB4,X   (add to Wait Timer)
C2/11A0: E2 20        SEP #$20      (8-bit accumulator)
C2/11A2: B0 06        BCS $11AA     (if that timer overflowed, branch)
C2/11A4: EB           XBA           (get top byte of the timer)
C2/11A5: DD 2C 32     CMP $322C,X   (compare to time to wait after inputting
                                     a command)
C2/11A8: 90 10        BCC $11BA     (if it's less, we're not ready yet)
C2/11AA: A9 FF        LDA #$FF      
C2/11AC: 9D 2C 32     STA $322C,X
C2/11AF: 20 77 4E     JSR $4E77
C2/11B2: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/11B4: 1D A0 3A     ORA $3AA0,X
C2/11B7: 9D A0 3A     STA $3AA0,X   (set bit 5)
C2/11BA: 60           RTS 

C2/11BB unknow

C2/11BB: C2 21        REP #$21
C2/11BD: BD 18 32     LDA $3218,X   (current ATB timer count)
C2/11C0: 7D C8 3A     ADC $3AC8,X   (amount to increase timer by)
C2/11C3: 9D 18 32     STA $3218,X   (save updated timer)
C2/11C6: E2 20        SEP #$20
C2/11C8: 90 F0        BCC $11BA     (if timer didn't pass 0, exit)
C2/11CA: E0 08        CPX #$08      
C2/11CC: B0 03        BCS $11D1     (branch if a monster)
C2/11CE: 20 E2 5B     JSR $5BE2
C2/11D1: 9E 19 32     STZ $3219,X   (zero top byte of ATB Timer)
C2/11D4: 9E B5 3A     STZ $3AB5,X   (zero top of of Wait Timer)
C2/11D7: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/11D9: 9D 2C 32     STA $322C,X
C2/11DC: A9 08        LDA #$08
C2/11DE: 3C A0 3A     BIT $3AA0,X
C2/11E1: D0 07        BNE $11EA
C2/11E3: 20 B4 11     JSR $11B4
C2/11E6: 89 02        BIT #$02
C2/11E8: F0 24        BEQ $120E
C2/11EA: A9 80        LDA #$80
C2/11EC: 20 B4 11     JSR $11B4
C2/11EF: E0 08        CPX #$08
C2/11F1: B0 1B        BCS $120E
C2/11F3: BD 05 32     LDA $3205,X
C2/11F6: 10 C2        BPL $11BA   (Exit function)
C2/11F8: A5 B1        LDA $B1
C2/11FA: 30 BE        BMI $11BA   (Exit function)
C2/11FC: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/11FE: 20 B4 11     JSR $11B4
C2/1201: BD 4D 3E     LDA $3E4D,X
C2/1204: 4A           LSR 
C2/1205: 8A           TXA 
C2/1206: 6A           ROR 
C2/1207: 85 10        STA $10
C2/1209: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/120B: 4C 11 64     JMP $6411
C2/120E: 4C 66 4E     JMP $4E66

C2/1211 decrease morph timer

(Decrease Morph timer.  If it's run out, zero related Morph variables,
 and queue the Revert command.)

C2/1211: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/1213: 38           SEC 
C2/1214: AD 30 3F     LDA $3F30   (Load the morph timer)
C2/1217: ED 32 3F     SBC $3F32   (Subtract morph decrement amount)
C2/121A: 8D 30 3F     STA $3F30   (Save the new morph timer)
C2/121D: E2 20        SEP #$20    (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/121F: B0 13        BCS $1234   (Branch if it's greater than zero)
C2/1221: 9C 31 3F     STZ $3F31   (zero top byte of Morph timer.  i assume we're
                                   neglecting to zero $3F30 just to avoid adding a
                                   "REP" instruction.)
C2/1224: 20 36 0B     JSR $0B36   (adjust Morph supply [in this case, zero it]
                                   to match our new Morph timer)
C2/1227: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/1229: 8D E2 3E     STA $3EE2   (Store #$FF to Morphed targets byte [no longer have a
                                   Morphed target])
C2/122C: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/122E: 8D 7A 3A     STA $3A7A    (Store Revert as command)
C2/1231: 20 B2 4E     JSR $4EB2    (queue it?)
C2/1234: AD 31 3F     LDA $3F31    (Load the remaining amount of morph time DIV 256, if any)
C2/1237: 9D 04 3B     STA $3B04,X  (Store it to the character's Morph gauge?)
(Why do we bother zeroing all these timers and variables here when the forthcoming
 Revert can handle it?  Presumably to avoid gauge screwiness and a bunch of pointless
 calls to this function should Terra's Morph timer run down in the middle of an attack
C2/123A: 60           RTS 

C2/123B true knight and love token effects

C2/123B: DA           PHX
C2/123C: 08           PHP 
C2/123D: A5 B2        LDA $B2
C2/123F: 89 02 00     BIT #$0002  (Is "No critical and Ignore True Knight" set?)
C2/1242: D0 61        BNE $12A5   (Exit if so)
C2/1244: A5 B8        LDA $B8     (intended target(s).  to my knowledge, there's only one
                                   intended target set if we call this function..)
C2/1246: F0 5D        BEQ $12A5   (Exit if none)
C2/1248: A0 FF        LDY #$FF
C2/124A: 84 F4        STY $F4     (default to no bodyguards.)
C2/124C: 20 F9 51     JSR $51F9   (Y = index of our highest intended target.
                                   0, 2, 4, or 6 for characters.  8, 10, 12, 14, 16, or 18
                                   for monsters.)
C2/124F: 84 F8        STY $F8     (save target index)
C2/1251: 64 F2        STZ $F2     (Highest Bodyguard HP So Far = 0.  this makes
                                   the first eligible bodyguard we check get accepted.
                                   later ones may replace him/her if they have more HP.)
C2/1253: DA           PHX 
C2/1254: BE 6C 33     LDX $336C,Y (Love Token - which target takes damage for you)
C2/1257: 30 06        BMI $125F   (Branch if none do)
C2/1259: 20 C0 12     JSR $12C0   (consider this target as a bodyguard)
C2/125C: 20 A8 12     JSR $12A8   (if it was valid, make it intercept the attack)  
C2/125F: FA           PLX 
C2/1260: B9 E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,Y
C2/1263: 89 00 02     BIT #$0200
C2/1266: F0 3D        BEQ $12A5   (Branch if target not Near Fatal)
C2/1268: 89 10 00     BIT #$0010
C2/126B: D0 38        BNE $12A5   (Branch if Clear)
C2/126D: B9 58 33     LDA $3358,Y ($3359 = who is Seizing you)
C2/1270: 10 33        BPL $12A5   (Branch if target is seized)
C2/1272: A9 0F 00     LDA #$000F  (Load all characters as potential bodyguards)
C2/1275: C0 08        CPY #$08
C2/1277: 90 03        BCC $127C   (Branch if target is character)
C2/1279: A9 00 3F     LDA #$3F00  (Load all monsters as potential bodyguards instead)
C2/127C: 85 F0 B9     STA $F0     (Save potential bodyguards)
C2/127E: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y (bit representing target) (was typoed as "LDA $3018,X")
C2/1281: 1D 18 30     ORA $3018,X (bit representing attacker)
C2/1284: 14 F0        TRB $F0     (Clear attacker and target from potential bodyguards)
C2/1286: A2 12        LDX #$12
C2/1288: BD 58 3C     LDA $3C58,X
C2/128B: 89 40 00     BIT #$0040
C2/128E: F0 0A        BEQ $129A   (Branch if no True Knight effect)
C2/1290: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/1293: 24 F0        BIT $F0
C2/1295: F0 03        BEQ $129A   (Branch if this candidate isn't on the same
                                   team as the target)
C2/1297: 20 C0 12     JSR $12C0   (consider them as candidate bodyguard.  if they're
                                   valid and their HP is >= past valid candidates,
                                   they become the new frontrunner.)
C2/129A: CA           DEX 
C2/129B: CA           DEX 
C2/129C: 10 EA        BPL $1288   (Do for all characters and monsters)
C2/129E: A5 F2        LDA $F2
C2/12A0: F0 03        BEQ $12A5   (Exit if no bodyguard found [or if the selfless
                                   soul has 0 HP, which shouldn't be possible outside
                                   of bugs].)
C2/12A2: 20 A8 12     JSR $12A8   (make chosen bodyguard -- provided there was one --
                                   intercept attack.  if somebody's already been slated
                                   to intercept it [i.e. due to Love Token], the True Knight
                                   will sensibly defer to them.)
C2/12A5: 28           PLP 
C2/12A6: FA           PLX 
C2/12A7: 60           RTS 

C2/12A8 make chosen bodyguard intercept attack

(Make chosen bodyguard intercept attack, provided one hasn't been
 marked to do so already.)

C2/12A8: A6 F4        LDX $F4
C2/12AA: 30 13        BMI $12BF   (exit if no bodyguard found)
C2/12AC: C4 F8        CPY $F8
C2/12AE: D0 0F        BNE $12BF   (exit if $F8 no longer points to the original target,
                                   which means we've already assigned a bodyguard with
                                   this function.)
C2/12B0: 86 F8        STX $F8     (save bodyguard's index)
C2/12B2: 84 A8        STY $A8     (save intended target's index)
C2/12B4: 46 A8        LSR $A8     (.. but for the latter, use 0,1,2,etc rather
                                   than 0,2,4,etc)
C2/12B6: 08           PHP 
C2/12B7: C2 20        REP #$20    (set 16-bit A)
C2/12B9: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/12BC: 85 B8        STA $B8     (save bodyguard as the new target of attack)
C2/12BE: 28           PLP 
C2/12BF: 60           RTS 

C2/12C0 consider candidate for true knight or love token

C2/12C0: 08           PHP
C2/12C1: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/12C3: BD A0 3A     LDA $3AA0,X
C2/12C6: 4A           LSR 
C2/12C7: 90 2A        BCC $12F3   (Exit function)
C2/12C9: BD B8 32     LDA $32B8,X ($32B9 = who is Controlling you)
C2/12CC: 10 25        BPL $12F3   (Exit if you're controlled)
C2/12CE: BD 58 33     LDA $3358,X ($3359 = who is Seizing you)
C2/12D1: 10 20        BPL $12F3   (Exit if you're Seized)
C2/12D3: BD E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,X
C2/12D6: 89 D2 A0     BIT #$A0D2  (Death, Petrify, Clear, Zombie, Sleep, Muddled)
C2/12D9: D0 18        BNE $12F3   (Exit if any set)
C2/12DB: BD F8 3E     LDA $3EF8,X 
C2/12DE: 89 10 32     BIT #$3210  (Stop, Freeze, Spell, Hide)
C2/12E1: D0 10        BNE $12F3   (Exit if any set)
C2/12E3: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/12E6: 04 A6        TSB $A6     (make this potential guard jump in front of the
C2/12E8: BD F4 3B     LDA $3BF4,X (HP of this potential bodyguard)
C2/12EB: C5 F2        CMP $F2     
C2/12ED: 90 04        BCC $12F3   (branch if it's not >= the highest HP of the
                                   other bodyguards considered so far for this attack.)
C2/12EF: 85 F2        STA $F2     (if it is, save this entity's HP as the highest
                                   HP so far.)
C2/12F1: 86 F4        STX $F4     (and this entity becomes the new bodyguard.)
C2/12F3: 28           PLP
C2/12F4: 60           RTS

C2/12F5 do HP or MP healing

C2/12F5: DA           PHX
C2/12F6: 08           PHP 
C2/12F7: A2 02        LDX #$02
C2/12F9: AD A2 11     LDA $11A2   
C2/12FC: 30 02        BMI $1300     (Branch if concerns MP)
C2/12FE: A2 00        LDX #$00
C2/1300: FC 1F 13     JSR ($131F,X) (Deal damage and/or healing)
C2/1303: E2 20        SEP #$20      (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/1305: 90 15        BCC $131C     (Branch if no damage done to target, or
                                     if healing done on same strike matched
                                     or exceeded damage)
C2/1307: A3 02        LDA $02,S     (get attacker?)
C2/1309: AA           TAX           (save in X)
C2/130A: 86 EE        STX $EE       (and in a RAM variable, too)
C2/130C: 20 2F 36     JSR $362F
C2/130F: C4 EE        CPY $EE       (does target == attacker?)
C2/1311: F0 09        BEQ $131C     (branch if so)
C2/1313: 99 7C 32     STA $327C,Y   (save attacker in byte that's used by
                                     FC 05 script command)
C2/1316: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/1319: 1C 19 34     TRB $3419     (indicate target as being damaged [by an
                                     attacker other than themselves] this turn.
                                     will be used by Black Belt function.)
C2/131C: 28           PLP 
C2/131D: FA           PLX 
C2/131E: 60           RTS 

C2/131F pointers: unknow

C2/131F: 23 13     (HP damage)
C2/1321: 50 13     (MP damage)

C2/1323 do HP damage or healing

(Returns in Carry:
 Set if damage done to target, and damage exceeds any healing done on same strike.
 Clear if damage not done to target, or if healing done on same strike matches
 or exceeds it.)

C2/1323: 20 A7 13     JSR $13A7
C2/1326: F0 13        BEQ $133B   (Exit function if 0 damage [damage = healing])
C2/1328: 90 13        BCC $133D   (If Damage > Healing, deal HP damage)
C2/132A: 18           CLC         (Otherwise, deal HP healing)
C2/132B: 79 F4 3B     ADC $3BF4,Y (Add to HP)
C2/132E: B0 05        BCS $1335
C2/1330: D9 1C 3C     CMP $3C1C,Y
C2/1333: 90 03        BCC $1338
C2/1335: B9 1C 3C     LDA $3C1C,Y  (If over Max HP set to Max HP) 
C2/1338: 99 F4 3B     STA $3BF4,Y
C2/133B: 18           CLC 
C2/133C: 60           RTS 

C2/133D unknow

C2/133D: 49 FF FF     EOR #$FFFF
C2/1340: 85 EE        STA $EE     (65535 - [Healing - Damage].  This gives us the
                                   Net Damage minus 1, and that 1 is cancelled out
                                   by the SBC below, which is done with Carry clear.)
C2/1342: B9 F4 3B     LDA $3BF4,Y
C2/1345: E5 EE        SBC $EE     (Subtract damage from HP)
C2/1347: 99 F4 3B     STA $3BF4,Y
C2/134A: F0 44        BEQ $1390   (If 0 HP) 
C2/134C: B0 EE        BCS $133C   (Exit If > 0 HP)
C2/134E: 80 40        BRA $1390   (If < 0 HP)

C2/1350 do MP damage or healing

(Returns in Carry:
 Set if damage done to target, and damage exceeds any healing done on same strike.
 Clear if damage not done to target, or if healing done on same strike matches
 or exceeds it.)

C2/1350: 20 A7 13     JSR $13A7
C2/1353: F0 E6        BEQ $133B   (Exit function if 0 damage [damage = healing])
C2/1355: 90 14        BCC $136B   (If Damage > Healing, deal MP damage)
C2/1357: 18           CLC         (Otherwise, deal MP healing)
C2/1358: 79 08 3C     ADC $3C08,Y (Add A to MP)
C2/135B: B0 05        BCS $1362
C2/135D: D9 30 3C     CMP $3C30,Y
C2/1360: 90 03        BCC $1365
C2/1362: B9 30 3C     LDA $3C30,Y (If over Max MP set to Max MP)
C2/1365: 99 08 3C     STA $3C08,Y
C2/1368: 18           CLC 
C2/1369: 80 1F        BRA $138A

C2/136B unknow

C2/136B: 49 FF FF     EOR #$FFFF
C2/136E: 85 EE        STA $EE     (65535 - [Healing - Damage].  This gives us the
                                   Net Damage minus 1, and that 1 is cancelled out
                                   by the SBC below, which is done with Carry clear.)
C2/1370: B9 08 3C     LDA $3C08,Y
C2/1373: E5 EE        SBC $EE
C2/1375: 99 08 3C     STA $3C08,Y (Subtract from MP)
C2/1378: F0 02        BEQ $137C   (If MP = 0)
C2/137A: B0 0E        BCS $138A   (If MP > 0)
C2/137C: 7B           TDC         (If it's less than 0,)
C2/137D: 99 08 3C     STA $3C08,Y (Store 0 in MP)
C2/1380: B9 95 3C     LDA $3C95,Y
C2/1383: 4A           LSR 
C2/1384: 90 03        BCC $1389   (Branch If not die at 0 MP)
C2/1386: 20 90 13     JSR $1390   (Call lethal damage function if dies at 0 MP)
C2/1389: 38           SEC
C2/138A: A9 80 00     LDA #$0080
C2/138D: 4C 4C 46     JMP $464C

C2/1390 kill target if damage was lethal

If character/monster takes lethal damage
C2/1390: 38           SEC
C2/1391: 7B           TDC         (Clear accumulator)
C2/1392: AA           TAX 
C2/1393: 8E 89 3A     STX $3A89   (turn off random weapon spellcast)   
C2/1396: 99 F4 3B     STA $3BF4,Y (Set HP to 0)
C2/1399: B9 E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,Y
C2/139C: 89 02 00     BIT #$0002
C2/139F: D0 9B        BNE $133C   (Exit function if Zombie)
C2/13A1: A9 80 00     LDA #$0080
C2/13A4: 4C 32 0E     JMP $0E32   (Sets $3DD4 for death status)

C2/13A7 math: damage healed - damage taken

C2/13A7: B9 D0 33     LDA $33D0,Y (Damage Taken)
C2/13AA: 1A           INC 
C2/13AB: F0 0F        BEQ $13BC   (If no damage, branch and save damage as 0)
C2/13AD: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/13B0: 2C 3C 3A     BIT $3A3C
C2/13B3: F0 04        BEQ $13B9   (Branch if not invincible)
C2/13B5: 7B           TDC 
C2/13B6: 99 D0 33     STA $33D0,Y (Set damage to 0)
C2/13B9: B9 D0 33     LDA $33D0,Y
C2/13BC: 85 EE        STA $EE
C2/13BE: AD 81 3A     LDA $3A81
C2/13C1: 2D 82 3A     AND $3A82
C2/13C4: 30 02        BMI $13C8   (Branch if no Golem or dog block)
C2/13C6: 64 EE        STZ $EE     (Set damage to 0)
C2/13C8: B9 E4 33     LDA $33E4,Y (Damage Healed)
C2/13CB: 1A           INC 
C2/13CC: F0 01        BEQ $13CF   (If no healing, branch and treat healing as 0)
C2/13CE: 3A           DEC         (get healing amount again)
C2/13CF: 38           SEC 
C2/13D0: E5 EE        SBC $EE     (Subtract damage)
C2/13D2: 60           RTS 

C2/13D3 character or monster takes one turn

C2/13D3: DA           PHX
C2/13D4: 08           PHP 
C2/13D5: 20 39 26     JSR $2639
C2/13D8: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/13DA: 04 B0        TSB $B0
C2/13DC: A9 06        LDA #$06
C2/13DE: 85 B4        STA $B4
C2/13E0: 64 BD        STZ $BD
C2/13E2: 9C 89 3A     STZ $3A89
C2/13E5: 9C C9 3E     STZ $3EC9
C2/13E8: 9C 8E 3A     STZ $3A8E
C2/13EB: 9B           TXY 
C2/13EC: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/13EE: 85 B2        STA $B2
C2/13F0: 85 B3        STA $B3
C2/13F2: A2 0F        LDX #$0F
C2/13F4: 9D 10 34     STA $3410,X ($3410 - $341F = FFh)
C2/13F7: CA           DEX 
C2/13F8: 10 FA        BPL $13F4
C2/13FA: A5 B5        LDA $B5     (Load command)
C2/13FC: 0A           ASL 
C2/13FD: AA           TAX 
C2/13FE: FC C7 19     JSR ($19C7,X)
C2/1401: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/1403: 8D 17 34     STA $3417   (indicate null Sketcher/Sketchee)
C2/1406: 20 9B 62     JSR $629B   (Copy $3A28-$3A2B variables into ($76) buffer)
C2/1409: 20 9B 06     JSR $069B   update dead/petrify status
C2/140C: 20 5B 4C     JSR $4C5B	  check for counter-attack
C2/140F: 20 29 14     JSR $1429
C2/1412: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/1414: 20 11 64     JSR $6411   (Shows action?)
C2/1417: 20 B9 4A     JSR $4AB9
C2/141A: 20 7A 14     JSR $147A   
C2/141D: 20 3F 08     JSR $083F
C2/1420: 20 4F 14     JSR $144F
C2/1423: 20 C7 62     JSR $62C7   (Add Stolen or Metamorphed item to inventory.
                                   Also, add back an item used via Equipment Magic
                                   if the item isn't destroyed upon use [no
                                   equipment in the game works that way, but it's
                                   fully possible].)
C2/1426: 28           PLP 
C2/1427: FA           PLX 
C2/1428: 60           RTS 

C2/1429 unknow

C2/1429: A2 0A        LDX #$0A
C2/142B: BD 21 30     LDA $3021,X
C2/142E: 2C 3A 3A     BIT $3A3A
C2/1431: F0 17        BEQ $144A
C2/1433: EB           XBA 
C2/1434: BD 01 3F     LDA $3F01,X
C2/1437: 89 20        BIT #$20
C2/1439: D0 0B        BNE $1446
C2/143B: BD 54 3E     LDA $3E54,X
C2/143E: 30 06        BMI $1446
C2/1440: BD D5 32     LDA $32D5,X
C2/1443: 1A           INC 
C2/1444: D0 04        BNE $144A
C2/1446: EB           XBA 
C2/1447: 1C 2F 2F     TRB $2F2F
C2/144A: CA           DEX 
C2/144B: CA           DEX 
C2/144C: 10 DD        BPL $142B
C2/144E: 60           RTS 

C2/144F unknow

C2/144F: 08           PHP 
C2/1450: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1452: A2 12        LDX #$12
C2/1454: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/1457: 1C 4C 2F     TRB $2F4C
C2/145A: F0 18        BEQ $1474
C2/145C: E2 20        SEP #$20
C2/145E: EB           XBA 
C2/145F: 1C 2F 2F     TRB $2F2F
C2/1462: A9 FE        LDA #$FE
C2/1464: 20 92 07     JSR $0792
C2/1467: BD F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,X
C2/146A: 09 20        ORA #$20
C2/146C: 9D F9 3E     STA $3EF9,X  (Set Hide status)
C2/146F: 20 C8 07     JSR $07C8
C2/1472: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1474: CA           DEX 
C2/1475: CA           DEX 
C2/1476: 10 DC        BPL $1454
C2/1478: 28           PLP 
C2/1479: 60           RTS 

C2/147A unknow

C2/147A: 08           PHP
C2/147B: C2 20        REP #$20     (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/147D: A2 12        LDX #$12
C2/147F: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/1482: 1C 4E 2F     TRB $2F4E
C2/1485: F0 20        BEQ $14A7
C2/1487: E2 20        SEP #$20
C2/1489: EB           XBA 
C2/148A: 0C 2F 2F     TSB $2F2F    (set enemy in bitfield of remaining enemies?)
C2/148D: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/148F: 20 B4 11     JSR $11B4    (set Bit 0 of $3AA0,X .. which indicates that
                                    enemy is present?)
C2/1492: BD E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,X
C2/1495: 29 1D        AND #$1D
C2/1497: 9D E4 3E     STA $3EE4,X  (Clear Zombie, Imp, Petrify, Death)
C2/149A: BD F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,X
C2/149D: 29 DF        AND #$DF
C2/149F: 9D F9 3E     STA $3EF9,X  (Clear Hide)
C2/14A2: 20 A0 2D     JSR $2DA0
C2/14A5: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/14A7: CA           DEX 
C2/14A8: CA           DEX 
C2/14A9: 10 D4        BPL $147F    (Loop for all 10 targets)
C2/14AB: 28           PLP 
C2/14AC: 60           RTS 

C2/14AD check if hitting target in back

C2/14AD: AD A2 11     LDA $11A2
C2/14B0: 4A           LSR 
C2/14B1: 90 5E        BCC $1511    (Exit function if magical damage)
C2/14B3: E0 08        CPX #$08
C2/14B5: B0 2E        BCS $14E5    (Branch if monster attacker)
C2/14B7: AD 1F 20     LDA $201F    (get encounter type:  0 = front, 1 = back,
                                    2 = pincer, 3 = side)
C2/14BA: C9 03        CMP #$03
C2/14BC: D0 53        BNE $1511    (Exit function if not Side attack)
C2/14BE: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X  (Holds $01 for character 1, $02 for character 2,
                                    $04 for character 3, $08 for character 4)
C2/14C1: 2D 50 2F     AND $2F50    (bitfield of which way all the characters face)
C2/14C4: 85 EE        STA $EE      (will be default of 0 if character attacker faces left,
                                    nonzero if they face right)
C2/14C6: A0 0A        LDY #$0A
C2/14C8: A5 EE        LDA $EE
C2/14CA: EB           XBA          (save attacking character's direction variable)
C2/14CB: B9 21 30     LDA $3021,Y  (Holds $01 for monster 1, $02 for monster 2,
                                    $04 for monster 3, etc.  Note we'd normally access this
                                    as $3019; $3021 is an adjustment for the loop iterator.)
C2/14CE: 2C 51 2F     BIT $2F51    (bitfield of which way all the monsters face)
C2/14D1: F0 05        BEQ $14D8    (branch if this monster faces left)
C2/14D3: EB           XBA 
C2/14D4: 5D 18 30     EOR $3018,X  (A = reverse of attacking character's direction)
C2/14D7: EB           XBA 
C2/14D8: EB           XBA
C2/14D9: D0 04        BNE $14DF    (branch if the character and monster are facing
                                    each other)
C2/14DB: EB           XBA          (get $3021,Y)
C2/14DC: 0C 55 3A     TSB $3A55    (so we'll turn on this monster's bit if the
                                    attacking character is facing their back)
C2/14DF: 88           DEY 
C2/14E0: 88           DEY 
C2/14E1: 10 E5        BPL $14C8   (loop for all 6 monsters)
C2/14E3: 80 2C        BRA $1511   (Exit Function)

C2/14E5: AD 1F 20     LDA $201F    (get encounter type:  0 = front, 1 = back,
                                    2 = pincer, 3 = side)
C2/14E8: C9 02        CMP #$02
C2/14EA: D0 25        BNE $1511    (exit function if not Pincer attack)
C2/14EC: BD 19 30     LDA $3019,X  (Holds $01 for monster 1, $02 for monster 2,
                                    $04 for monster 3, etc.)
C2/14EF: 2D 51 2F     AND $2F51    (bitfield of which way all the monsters face)
C2/14F2: 85 EE        STA $EE      (will be 0 if monster attacker faces left,
                                    nonzero default if they face right)
C2/14F4: A0 06        LDY #$06
C2/14F6: A5 EE        LDA $EE
C2/14F8: EB           XBA          (save attacking monster's direction variable)
C2/14F9: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y  (Holds $01 for character 1, $02 for character 2,
                                    $04 for character 3, $08 for character 4)
C2/14FC: 2C 50 2F     BIT $2F50    (bitfield of which way all the characters face)
C2/14FF: F0 05        BEQ $1506    (branch if this character faces left)
C2/1501: EB           XBA 
C2/1502: 5D 19 30     EOR $3019,X  (A = reverse of attacking monster's direction)
C2/1505: EB           XBA
C2/1506: EB           XBA
C2/1507: D0 04        BNE $150D    (branch if the monster and character are facing
                                    each other)
C2/1509: EB           XBA          (get $3018,Y)
C2/150A: 0C 54 3A     TSB $3A54    (so we'll turn on this character's bit if the
                                    attacking monster is facing their back)
C2/150D: 88           DEY 
C2/150E: 88           DEY 
C2/150F: 10 E5        BPL $14F6    (loop for all 4 characters)
C2/1511: 60           RTS 

C2/1512 unknow

Set $BD to 2 if A is between #$1D and #$24 (inclusive)
Increment damage if weapon is spear

C2/1512: C9 1D        CMP #$1D
C2/1514: 90 08        BCC $151E   (Exit)
C2/1516: C9 25        CMP #$25
C2/1518: B0 04        BCS $151E   (Exit)
C2/151A: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/151C: 85 BD        STA $BD
C2/151E: 60           RTS 

C2/151F sketch command

C2/151F: BB           TYX
C2/1520: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/1523: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/1525: 85 B7        STA $B7
C2/1527: A9 AA        LDA #$AA
C2/1529: 8D A9 11     STA $11A9   (Store sketch in special effect)
C2/152C: 20 7B 31     JSR $317B
C2/152F: AC 17 34     LDY $3417   (get the Sketchee)
C2/1532: 30 EA        BMI $151E   (Exit if it's null)
C2/1534: 8E 17 34     STX $3417   (save the attacker as the SketcheR)
C2/1537: B9 81 3C     LDA $3C81,Y (get target [enemy] Special attack graphic)
C2/153A: 9D 81 3C     STA $3C81,X (copy to attacker)
C2/153D: B9 2D 32     LDA $322D,Y (get target Special attack)
C2/1540: 9D 2D 32     STA $322D,X (copy to attacker)
C2/1543: 9C 15 34     STZ $3415
C2/1546: AD 00 34     LDA $3400
C2/1549: 85 B6        STA $B6     (copy "spell # of second attack" into normal
                                   spell variable)
C2/154B: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/154D: 8D 00 34     STA $3400   (clear "spell # of second attack")
C2/1550: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/1552: 04 B2        TSB $B2     
C2/1554: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/1556: 20 BF 1D     JSR $1DBF   (choose a command based on spell #)
C2/1559: 85 B5        STA $B5
C2/155B: 0A           ASL 
C2/155C: AA           TAX 
C2/155D: 7C C7 19     JMP ($19C7,X)

C2/1560 rage command

C2/1560: B9 A8 33     LDA $33A8,Y   (get monster #)
C2/1563: 1A           INC 
C2/1564: D0 13        BNE $1579     (branch if it's already defined)
C2/1566: AE 93 3A     LDX $3A93     (if it's undefined [like with Mimic], get the
                                     index of another Rager, so we can copy their
                                     monster #)
C2/1569: E0 14        CPX #$14
C2/156B: 90 02        BCC $156F     (if the Rager index corresponds to a character
                                     [0, 2, 4, 6] or an enemy [8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18],
                                     consider it valid and branch.)
C2/156D: A2 00        LDX #$00      (if not, default to looking at character #1)
C2/156F: BD A8 33     LDA $33A8,X   (get that other Rager's monster)
C2/1572: 99 A8 33     STA $33A8,Y   (save it as our current Rager's monster)
C2/1575: 7B           TDC 
C2/1576: 99 A9 33     STA $33A9,Y
C2/1579: 8C 93 3A     STY $3A93     (save the index of our current Rager)
C2/157C: B9 F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,Y
C2/157F: 09 01        ORA #$01
C2/1581: 99 F9 3E     STA $3EF9,Y  (Set Rage status)
C2/1584: 20 10 06     JSR $0610    (Load monster Battle and Special graphics, its special
                                    attack, elemental properties, status immunities, startup
                                    statuses [to be set later], and special properties)
C2/1587: BB           TYX 
C2/1588: 20 50 26     JSR $2650    (deal with Instant Death protection, and Poison elemental
                                    nullification giving immunity to Poison status)
C2/158B: 20 54 15     JSR $1554    (Commands code.
                                    note that the attack's "Update Status" function will also
                                    be used to give the monster's statuses to the Rager.)
C2/158E: 4C 75 26     JMP $2675    (make some monster statuses permanent by setting immunity
                                    to them.  also handle immunity to "mutually exclusive"

C2/1591 steal command

C2/1591: BB           TYX
C2/1592: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/1595: A9 A4        LDA #$A4
C2/1597: 8D A9 11     STA $11A9   (Store steal in special effect)
C2/159A: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/159D blitz command

C2/159D: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/159F: 10 0F        BPL $15B0   (branch if the spell # indicates a Blitz)
C2/15A1: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/15A3: 14 B3        TRB $B3     (this will clear targets for a failed Blitz input)
C2/15A5: A9 43        LDA #$43
C2/15A7: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (Set to display Text $43 - "Incorrect Blitz input!")
C2/15AA: A9 5D        LDA #$5D    
C2/15AC: 85 B6        STA $B6     (store Pummel's spell number)
C2/15AE: 80 05        BRA $15B5

C2/15B0: A9 08        LDA #$08
C2/15B2: 8D 12 34     STA $3412   (will display a Blitz name atop screen)
C2/15B5: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/15B7: 48           PHA 
C2/15B8: 38           SEC 
C2/15B9: E9 5D        SBC #$5D    (subtract Pummel's spell index from our spell #)
C2/15BB: 85 B6        STA $B6     (save our 0 thru 7 "Blitz index", likely used for
C2/15BD: 68           PLA         (but use our original spell # for loading spell data)
C2/15BE: BB           TYX 
C2/15BF: 20 C1 19     JSR $19C1
C2/15C2: 20 51 29     JSR $2951
C2/15C5: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/15C8 desperation attacks

C2/15C8: C0 08        CPY #$08
C2/15CA: B0 44        BCS $1610   (No DA if monster)
C2/15CC: AD 3F 3A     LDA $3A3F
C2/15CF: C9 03        CMP #$03    
C2/15D1: 90 3D        BCC $1610   (No DA if time counter is 767 or less)
C2/15D3: B9 E5 3E     LDA $3EE5,Y
C2/15D6: 89 02        BIT #$02
C2/15D8: F0 36        BEQ $1610   (No DA If not Near Fatal)
C2/15DA: 89 24        BIT #$24
C2/15DC: D0 32        BNE $1610   (No DA If Muddled or Image) 
C2/15DE: B9 E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,Y
C2/15E1: 89 12        BIT #$12    
C2/15E3: D0 2B        BNE $1610   (No DA If Clear or Zombie)
C2/15E5: A5 B9        LDA $B9
C2/15E7: F0 27        BEQ $1610   (No DA if $B9 = 0)
C2/15E9: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A   (Random number 0 to 255)
C2/15EC: 29 0F        AND #$0F    (0 to 15)
C2/15EE: D0 20        BNE $1610   (1 in 16 chance for DA)
C2/15F0: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/15F3: 0C 2F 3F     TSB $3F2F
C2/15F6: D0 18        BNE $1610   (No DA if this character already used it this combat)
C2/15F8: B9 D8 3E     LDA $3ED8,Y (Which character it is)
C2/15FB: C9 0C        CMP #$0C
C2/15FD: F0 05        BEQ $1604   (branch if Gogo)
C2/15FF: C9 0B        CMP #$0B
C2/1601: B0 0D        BCS $1610   (branch if Character 11 or above: Gau, Umaro, or
                                   special character.  none of these characters have DAs)
C2/1603: 1A           INC 
C2/1604: 3A           DEC         (if it was Gogo, we decrement the DA by 1 to account
                                   for Gau -- who's before Gogo -- not having one)
C2/1605: 09 F0        ORA #$F0   
C2/1607: 85 B6        STA $B6     (add F0h to modified character #, then save as attack #)
C2/1609: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/160B: 14 B0        TRB $B0
C2/160D: 4C 14 17     JMP $1714

C2/1610 unknow

C2/1610: C0 08        CPY #$08
C2/1612: B0 07        BCS $161B   (If monster)
C2/1614: B9 D8 3E     LDA $3ED8,Y (Which character it is)
C2/1617: C9 0D        CMP #$0D
C2/1619: F0 20        BEQ $163B   (branch if Umaro)
C2/161B: BB           TYX 
C2/161C: BD 58 3C     LDA $3C58,X
C2/161F: 4A           LSR 
C2/1620: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/1622: 90 02        BCC $1626   (branch if no offering)
C2/1624: A9 07        LDA #$07
C2/1626: 8D 70 3A     STA $3A70   (# of attacks)
C2/1629: 20 4D 5A     JSR $5A4D   (Remove dead and hidden targets)
C2/162C: 20 65 38     JSR $3865
C2/162F: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/1631: 14 B2        TRB $B2     (clear no critical & ignore true knight)
C2/1633: A5 B5        LDA $B5
C2/1635: 8D 13 34     STA $3413
C2/1638: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/163B determine Umaro's attacks

C2/163B: 64 FE        STZ $FE     (start off allowing neither Storm nor Throw attack)
C2/163D: A9 C6        LDA #$C6
C2/163F: D9 D0 3C     CMP $3CD0,Y 
C2/1642: F0 05        BEQ $1649   (Branch if Rage Ring equipped in relic slot 1)
C2/1644: D9 D1 3C     CMP $3CD1,Y (Check Slot 2)
C2/1647: D0 0D        BNE $1656   (Branch if Rage Ring not equipped)
C2/1649: 7B           TDC 
C2/164A: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/164D: 4D 74 3A     EOR $3A74
C2/1650: F0 04        BEQ $1656   (Branch if Umaro is the only character alive)
C2/1652: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/1654: 04 FE        TSB $FE     (allow for Throw character attack)
C2/1656: A9 C5        LDA #$C5
C2/1658: D9 D0 3C     CMP $3CD0,Y
C2/165B: F0 05        BEQ $1662   (Branch if Blizzard Orb equipped in relic slot 1)
C2/165D: D9 D1 3C     CMP $3CD1,Y (Check Slot 2)
C2/1660: D0 04        BNE $1666   (Branch if Blizzard Orb not equipped)
C2/1662: A9 08        LDA #$08
C2/1664: 04 FE        TSB $FE     (allow for Storm attack)
C2/1666: A5 FE        LDA $FE
C2/1668: AA           TAX         (form a pointer based on availability of Storm and/or Throw.
                                   it will pick 1 of Umaro's 4 probability sets, each of
                                   which holds the chances for his 4 attacks)
C2/1669: 09 30        ORA #$30    (always allow Normal attack and Charge)
C2/166B: 0A           ASL 
C2/166C: 0A           ASL 
C2/166D: 20 47 52     JSR $5247   (Pick attack type to use.  Will return 0 for
                                   Throw character, 1 for Storm, 2 for Charge,
                                   3 for Normal attack)
C2/1670: 8A           TXA 
C2/1671: 0A           ASL 
C2/1672: AA           TAX 
C2/1673: 7C 76 16     JMP ($1676,X)

C2/1676 pointers: Umaro's actions

C2/1676: 92 16     (Throw character)
C2/1678: 0D 17     (Storm)
C2/167A: 7E 16     (Charge)
C2/167C: 1B 16     (Normal attack)

C2/167E Umaro's charge attack

C2/167E: BB           TYX
C2/167F: 20 C7 17     JSR $17C7   (attack Battle Power = sum of battle power of
                                   Umaro's hands.  initialize various other stuff)
C2/1682: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/1684: 0C A2 11     TSB $11A2   (Set ignore defense)
C2/1687: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/1689: 14 B2        TRB $B2     (Clear no critical and ignore True Knight)
C2/168B: A9 23        LDA #$23
C2/168D: 85 B5        STA $B5     (Set command to #$23)
C2/168F: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/1692 Umaro's throw attack

C2/1692: BB           TYX
C2/1693: 20 C7 17     JSR $17C7   (attack Battle Power = sum of battle power of
                                   Umaro's hands.  initialize various other stuff)
C2/1696: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/1699: 4D 74 3A     EOR $3A74   (Remove Umaro from possible characters to throw)
C2/169C: A2 06        LDX #$06    (Start pointing at 4th character slot)
C2/169E: 3C 18 30     BIT $3018,X (Check each character)
C2/16A1: F0 1C        BEQ $16BF   (Branch to check next character if this one is not
                                   present, or if we've already decided on a character
                                   due to them having Muddled or Sleep.)
C2/16A3: EB           XBA 
C2/16A4: BD F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,X
C2/16A7: 89 20        BIT #$20
C2/16A9: F0 07        BEQ $16B2   (Branch if not Hide)
C2/16AB: EB           XBA 
C2/16AC: 5D 18 30     EOR $3018,X (Remove this character from list of characters to throw)
C2/16AF: EB           XBA 
C2/16B0: 80 0C        BRA $16BE   (Check next character)
C2/16B2: BD E5 3E     LDA $3EE5,X
C2/16B5: 89 A0        BIT #$A0    
C2/16B7: F0 05        BEQ $16BE   (Branch if no Muddled or Sleep)
C2/16B9: EB           XBA 
C2/16BA: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X (Set to automatically throw this character)
C2/16BD: EB           XBA 
C2/16BE: EB           XBA 
C2/16BF: CA           DEX 
C2/16C0: CA           DEX 
C2/16C1: 10 DB        BPL $169E   (loop for all 4 characters)
C2/16C3: 48           PHA 
C2/16C4: 7B           TDC 
C2/16C5: 68           PLA         (clear top half of A)
C2/16C6: F0 B6        BEQ $167E   (Do Umaro's charge attack if no characters can be thrown)
C2/16C8: 20 2A 52     JSR $522A   (Pick a random character to throw)
C2/16CB: 20 F9 51     JSR $51F9   (Set Y to character thrown)
C2/16CE: BB           TYX         (put throwee in X, so they'll essentially be treated as
                                   the "attacker" from here on out)
C2/16CF: BD D8 3E     LDA $3ED8,X (Which character is thrown)
C2/16D2: C9 0A        CMP #$0A
C2/16D4: D0 04        BNE $16DA   (Branch if not Mog)
C2/16D6: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/16D8: 14 B3        TRB $B3     (Set always critical..  too bad we don't clear
                                   "Ignore damage increment on Ignore Defense", meaning
                                   this does nothing. :'(  similarly, the normal 1-in-32
                                   critical will be for nought.  i'm not sure what stops
                                   the game from flashing the screen, though..)
C2/16DA: BD 68 3B     LDA $3B68,X
C2/16DD: 7D 69 3B     ADC $3B69,X (add Battle power of thrown character's left hand to
                                   their right hand)
C2/16E0: 90 02        BCC $16E4
C2/16E2: A9 FE        LDA #$FE    (if that overflowed, treat throwee's overall
                                   Battle Power as 255 [Carry is set])
C2/16E4: 6D A6 11     ADC $11A6   (Add to battle power of attack)
C2/16E7: 90 02        BCC $16EB
C2/16E9: A9 FF        LDA #$FF    (if that overflowed, set overall Battle Power
                                   to 255)
C2/16EB: 8D A6 11     STA $11A6   (Store in new battle power for attack)
C2/16EE: A9 24        LDA #$24
C2/16F0: 85 B5        STA $B5     (Set command to #$24)
C2/16F2: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/16F4: 0C A2 11     TSB $11A2   (Set ignore defense)
C2/16F7: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/16F9: 14 B2        TRB $B2     (Clear no critical and ignore True Knight)
C2/16FB: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/16FD: 04 BA        TSB $BA     (Exclude Attacker [i.e. the throwee] from Targets)
C2/16FF: BD E5 3E     LDA $3EE5,X
C2/1702: 29 A0        AND #$A0    
C2/1704: 1D FD 3D     ORA $3DFD,X
C2/1707: 9D FD 3D     STA $3DFD,X (Set to clear Sleep and Muddled on thrown character,
                                   provided the character already possesses them)
C2/170A: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/170D umaro's storm attack

C2/170D: 9C 15 34     STZ $3415   (will force to randomly retarget)
C2/1710: A9 54        LDA #$54    (Storm)
C2/1712: 85 B6        STA $B6     (Set spell/animation)
C2/1714: A9 02        LDA #$02    (Magic)
C2/1716: 85 B5        STA $B5     (Set command)
C2/1718: 80 45        BRA $175F

C2/171A shock command

C2/171A: A9 82        LDA #$82
C2/171C: 80 02        BRA $1720

C2/171E health command

C2/171E: A9 2E        LDA #$2E
C2/1720: 85 B6        STA $B6     
C2/1722: A9 05        LDA #$05
C2/1724: 80 3F        BRA $1765

C2/1726 slot command

C2/1726: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/1728: 14 B0        TRB $B0
C2/172A: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/172C: C9 94        CMP #$94
C2/172E: D0 04        BNE $1734   (branch if not L.5 Doom [i.e. one of the Joker Dooms])
C2/1730: A9 07        LDA #$07
C2/1732: 80 31        BRA $1765
C2/1734: C9 51        CMP #$51
C2/1736: 90 2B        BCC $1763   (branch if spell # is below Fire Skean.  iow, branch
                                   if Slot's summoning an Esper.)
C2/1738: C9 FE        CMP #$FE
C2/173A: D0 05        BNE $1741   (Branch if not Lagomorph)
C2/173C: A9 07        LDA #$07
C2/173E: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (Set to display text 7)
C2/1741: C0 08        CPY #$08    (Magic command enters here)
C2/1743: B0 1A        BCS $175F   (Branch if attacker is monster)
C2/1745: B9 D8 3E     LDA $3ED8,Y
C2/1748: C9 00        CMP #$00
C2/174A: D0 13        BNE $175F   (Branch if not Terra)
C2/174C: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/174E: 1C BC 3E     TRB $3EBC   (Clear bit for that classic Terra/Locke/Edgar
                                   "M..M..Magic" skit, as it only happens once.)
                                  (Keep in mind the game will also clear this when
                                   exiting Figaro Cave to the South Figaro plains.)
C2/1751: F0 0C        BEQ $175F   (If it wasn't set, skip the special spellcast
                                   and the ensuing convo)
C2/1753: A2 06        LDX #$06    (Attack)
C2/1755: A9 23        LDA #$23    (Command)
C2/1757: 20 91 4E     JSR $4E91
C2/175A: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/175C: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4   (Set can't be dodged)
C2/175F: A9 00        LDA #$00    (Lore / Enemy attack / Magitek commands jump here)
C2/1761: 80 02        BRA $1765
C2/1763: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/1765: 8D 12 34     STA $3412
C2/1768: BB           TYX 
C2/1769: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/176B: 20 C1 19     JSR $19C1
C2/176E: 20 51 29     JSR $2951
C2/1771: A5 B5        LDA $B5
C2/1773: C9 0F        CMP #$0F
C2/1775: D0 03        BNE $177A   (branch if command is not Slot)
C2/1777: 9C A5 11     STZ $11A5   (Set MP cost to 0)
C2/177A: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/177D dance command

C2/177D: B9 F8 3E     LDA $3EF8,Y
C2/1780: 09 01        ORA #$01
C2/1782: 99 F8 3E     STA $3EF8,Y  (Set Dance status)
C2/1785: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/1787: 85 B7        STA $B7
C2/1789: B9 E1 32     LDA $32E1,Y  (Which dance is selected)
C2/178C: 10 06        BPL $1794
C2/178E: AD 6F 3A     LDA $3A6F
C2/1791: 99 E1 32     STA $32E1,Y
C2/1794: AE E2 11     LDX $11E2
C2/1797: DF 5B 8E ED  CMP $ED8E5B,X (Check if background is same as dance)
C2/179B: F0 A4        BEQ $1741     (Branch if it is)
C2/179D: 20 53 4B     JSR $4B53
C2/17A0: 90 0D        BCC $17AF     (50% chance of branch)
C2/17A2: AA           TAX 
C2/17A3: BF AB F9 D1  LDA $D1F9AB,X
C2/17A7: 85 B7        STA $B7
C2/17A9: 8D E2 11     STA $11E2     (Change background to dance background)
C2/17AC: 4C 41 17     JMP $1741

C2/17AF stumble when trying to dance

C2/17AF: B9 F8 3E     LDA $3EF8,Y
C2/17B2: 29 FE        AND #$FE
C2/17B4: 99 F8 3E     STA $3EF8,Y (Clear Dance)
C2/17B7: BB           TYX 
C2/17B8: A9 06        LDA #$06
C2/17BA: 8D 01 34     STA $3401   (Set to display stumble message)
C2/17BD: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/17BF: 85 B5        STA $B5
C2/17C1: 20 8D 29     JSR $298D
C2/17C4: 4C 67 31     JMP $3167

C2/17C7 unknow

C2/17C7: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/17CA: 18           CLC 
C2/17CB: BD 68 3B     LDA $3B68,X (Battle Power for 1st hand)
C2/17CE: 7D 69 3B     ADC $3B69,X (add Battle Power for 2nd hand)
C2/17D1: 90 02        BCC $17D5
C2/17D3: A9 FF        LDA #$FF    (if sum overflowed, treat combined Battle Power
                                   as 255)
C2/17D5: 8D A6 11     STA $11A6   (Battle Power or Spell Power)
C2/17D8: BD 18 3B     LDA $3B18,X (Level)
C2/17DB: 8D AF 11     STA $11AF   (Level)
C2/17DE: BD 2C 3B     LDA $3B2C,X
C2/17E1: 8D AE 11     STA $11AE   (Vigor * 2 or Magic Power)
C2/17E4: 60           RTS 

C2/17E5 possess command

C2/17E5: BB           TYX
C2/17E6: 20 C1 19     JSR $19C1
C2/17E9: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/17EB: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4   (Set can't be dodged)
C2/17EE: A9 A0        LDA #$A0
C2/17F0: 8D A9 11     STA $11A9   (Stores Possess in special effect)
C2/17F3: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/17F6 jump command

C2/17F6: BB           TYX
C2/17F7: 20 C1 19     JSR $19C1   (load command data)
C2/17FA: BD 69 3B     LDA $3B69,X (Battle Power - left hand)
C2/17FD: F0 09        BEQ $1808   (if no battle power, call subfunction with carry unset
                                   to indicate right hand)
C2/17FF: 38           SEC         (set carry to indicate left hand)
C2/1800: BD 68 3B     LDA $3B68,X (Battle Power - right hand)
C2/1803: F0 03        BEQ $1808   (if no bat pwr, call subfunction with carry set)
C2/1805: 20 53 4B     JSR $4B53   (0 or 1 RNG - if both hands have weapon, carry flag
                                   will select hand used)

C2/1808: 20 9F 29     JSR $299F   (Load weapon data into attack data.
                                   Plus Sniper Sight, Offering and more)
C2/180B: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/180D: 8D A4 11     STA $11A4   (Set can't be dodged only)
C2/1810: 04 B3        TSB $B3     (Set ignore attacker row)
C2/1812: E6 BD        INC $BD     (Increment damage.  since $BD is zeroed right before
                                   this in function C2/13D3, it should be 1 now.)
C2/1814: BD A8 3C     LDA $3CA8,X (Weapon in right hand)
C2/1817: 20 12 15     JSR $1512   (Set $BD to 2 if spear)
C2/181A: BD A9 3C     LDA $3CA9,X (Weapon in left hand)
C2/181D: 20 12 15     JSR $1512   (Set $BD to 2 if spear)
C2/1820: BD 44 3C     LDA $3C44,X
C2/1823: 10 17        BPL $183C   (Branch if not jump continously [Dragon Horn])
C2/1825: CE 8E 3A     DEC $3A8E   (make a variable FFh to indicate the attack is
                                   a continuous jump)
C2/1828: 20 5A 4B     JSR $4B5A   (0 to 255)
C2/182B: EE 70 3A     INC $3A70   (Add 1 attack)
C2/182E: C9 40        CMP #$40
C2/1830: B0 0A        BCS $183C   (75% chance branch)
C2/1832: EE 70 3A     INC $3A70   (Add 1 attack)
C2/1835: C9 10        CMP #$10
C2/1837: B0 03        BCS $183C   (25% chance branch - so there's a 1/16 overall
                                   chance of 4 attacks)
C2/1839: EE 70 3A     INC $3A70   (Add 1 attack)
C2/183C: BD F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,X
C2/183F: 29 DF        AND #$DF
C2/1841: 9D F9 3E     STA $3EF9,X (Clear Hide status)
C2/1844: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/1847 sword tech command

C2/1847: BB           TYX
C2/1848: A5 B6        LDA $B6     (Battle animation)
C2/184A: 48           PHA 
C2/184B: 38           SEC 
C2/184C: E9 55        SBC #$55
C2/184E: 85 B6        STA $B6     (save unique index of SwdTech.  0 = Dispatch,
                                   1 = Retort, etc.)
C2/1850: 68           PLA 
C2/1851: 20 C1 19     JSR $19C1
C2/1854: 20 51 29     JSR $2951
C2/1857: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/1859: C9 01        CMP #$01
C2/185B: D0 20        BNE $187D   (branch if not Retort)
C2/185D: BD 4C 3E     LDA $3E4C,X
C2/1860: 49 01        EOR #$01
C2/1862: 9D 4C 3E     STA $3E4C,X (Toggle Retort condition)
C2/1865: 4A           LSR 
C2/1866: 90 11        BCC $1879   (branch if we're doing the actual retaliation
                                   as opposed to the preparation)
C2/1868: 66 B6        ROR $B6     ($B6 is now 80h)
C2/186A: 9C A6 11     STZ $11A6   (Sets power to 0)
C2/186D: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/186F: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4   (Set can't be dodged)
C2/1872: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/1874: 1C A2 11     TRB $11A2   (Sets to magical damage)
C2/1877: 80 09        BRA $1882
C2/1879: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/187B: 14 B0        TRB $B0
C2/187D: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/187F: 8D 12 34     STA $3412
C2/1882: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/1885 tools command

C2/1885: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/1887: E9 A2        SBC #$A2    (carry was clear, so subtract 163)
C2/1889: 85 B6        STA $B6     (save unique Tool index.  0 = NoiseBlaster,
                                   1 = Bio Blaster, etc.)
C2/188B: 80 11        BRA $189E

C2/188D throw command

C2/188D: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/188F: 85 BD        STA $BD     (Increment damage by 100%)
C2/1891: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/1893: 14 B3        TRB $B3     (Clear Ignore Damage Increment on Ignore Defense)
C2/1895: 80 07        BRA $189E

C2/1897 item command

C2/1897: 9C 14 34     STZ $3414    (Set ignore damage modification)
C2/189A: A9 80        LDA #$80
C2/189C: 14 B3        TRB $B3      (Set Ignore Clear)
C2/189E: BB           TYX 
C2/189F: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/18A1: 8D 12 34     STA $3412
C2/18A4: AD 7D 3A     LDA $3A7D
C2/18A7: 20 C1 19     JSR $19C1
C2/18AA: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/18AC: 14 B1        TRB $B1      (clear "don't deplete from Item inventory" flag)
C2/18AE: D0 05        BNE $18B5    (branch if it was set)
C2/18B0: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/18B2: 9D F4 32     STA $32F4,X  (null item index to add to inventory.  this means
                                    the item will stay deducted from your inventory.)
C2/18B5: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/18B8: 0C 8C 3A     TSB $3A8C    (flag character to have any applicable item in
                                    $32F4,X added back to inventory when turn is over.)
C2/18BB: A5 B5        LDA $B5    (Command #)
C2/18BD: 90 24        BCC $18E3  (Carry is set (by the $19C1 call) for:
                                   - Skeans/Tools that don't use a spell
                                   - normal Item usage
                                  which means it isn't set for:
                                   - Equipment Magic or Skeans/Tools that do use a spell )
C2/18BF: C9 02        CMP #$02   (Carry will be set if Command >=2, which means it'll
                                  be set for Throw and Tools, but not plain Item --
                                  or apparently Item Magic, which also uses Command 1)
C2/18C1: AD 11 34     LDA $3411   (get item #)
C2/18C4: 20 37 2A     JSR $2A37
C2/18C7: AD AA 11     LDA $11AA
C2/18CA: 89 C2        BIT #$C2    (Check if Dead, Petrify or Zombie attack)
C2/18CC: D0 12        BNE $18E0   (if so, branch)
C2/18CE: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/18D0: AD 74 3A     LDA $3A74   (Characters that are alive and present)
C2/18D3: 0D 42 3A     ORA $3A42
C2/18D6: 25 B8        AND $B8
C2/18D8: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/18DA: E2 20        SEP #$20    (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/18DC: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/18DE: 14 B3        TRB $B3
C2/18E0: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/18E3 unknow

C2/18E3: C9 01        CMP #$01    (is command Item?)
C2/18E5: D0 07        BNE $18EE   
C2/18E7: E6 B5        INC $B5     (if so, bump it up to Magic, as we've reached this
                                   point thanks to Equipment Magic)
C2/18E9: AD 10 34     LDA $3410   (get spell #)
C2/18EC: 85 B6        STA $B6
C2/18EE: 64 BD        STZ $BD     (if we reached here for Throw, it's for a Skean
                                   casting magic, so zero out the Damage Increment
                                   given by the Throw command.)
C2/18F0: 20 51 29     JSR $2951
C2/18F3: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/18F5: 0C A3 11     TSB $11A3   (Set Not reflectable)
C2/18F8: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/18FA: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4   (Set unblockable)
C2/18FD: A9 08        LDA #$08
C2/18FF: 14 BA        TRB $BA     (Clear "can target dead/hidden targets")
C2/1901: 9C A5 11     STZ $11A5   (Set MP cost to 0)
C2/1904: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/1907 GP rain command

C2/1907: BB           TYX
C2/1908: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/190B: EE A6 11     INC $11A6   (Set spell power to 1)
C2/190E: A9 60        LDA #$60
C2/1910: 0C A2 11     TSB $11A2   (Set ignore defense, no split damage)
C2/1913: 9C 14 34     STZ $3414   (Skip damage modification)
C2/1916: E0 08        CPX #$08
C2/1918: 90 05        BCC $191F
C2/191A: A9 05        LDA #$05
C2/191C: 8D 12 34     STA $3412
C2/191F: A9 A2        LDA #$A2
C2/1921: 8D A9 11     STA $11A9   (Store GP Rain in special effect)
C2/1924: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/1927 revert command

C2/1927: B9 F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,Y
C2/192A: 89 08        BIT #$08
C2/192C: D0 09        BNE $1937   (Branch if Morphed)
C2/192E: 98           TYA 
C2/192F: 4A           LSR 
C2/1930: EB           XBA 
C2/1931: A9 0E        LDA #$0E
C2/1933: 4C BF 62     JMP $62BF

C2/1936 morph command

C2/1936: 38           SEC
C2/1937: 08           PHP 
C2/1938: BB           TYX 
C2/1939: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/193C: 28           PLP 
C2/193D: A9 08        LDA #$08
C2/193F: 8D AD 11     STA $11AD   (mark attack to affect Morph status)
C2/1942: 90 01        BCC $1945
C2/1944: 7B           TDC 
C2/1945: 4A           LSR 
C2/1946: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4   (if Carry was clear, turn on Lift Status property.
                                   otherwise, the attack will just default to setting
                                   the status.)
C2/1949: 4C 67 31     JMP $3167

C2/194C row command

C2/194C: BB           TYX
C2/194D: BD A1 3A     LDA $3AA1,X
C2/1950: 49 20        EOR #$20
C2/1952: 9D A1 3A     STA $3AA1,X (Toggle Row)
C2/1955: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/1958: 4C 67 31     JMP $3167   (Set attacker as target.  Also set some other
                                   properties before continuing with Combat Action

C2/195B runic command

C2/195B: BB           TYX
C2/195C: BD 4C 3E     LDA $3E4C,X
C2/195F: 09 04        ORA #$04
C2/1961: 9D 4C 3E     STA $3E4C,X (Set runic)
C2/1964: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/1967: 4C 67 31     JMP $3167

C2/196A defend command

C2/196A: BB           TYX
C2/196B: A9 02        LDA #$02
C2/196D: 20 AB 5B     JSR $5BAB   (set Defending flag)
C2/1970: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/1973: 4C 67 31     JMP $3167

C2/1976 control command

C2/1976: B9 F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,Y
C2/1979: 89 10        BIT #$10
C2/197B: F0 0A        BEQ $1987   (If no spell status)
C2/197D: 20 2E 19     JSR $192E
C2/1980: B9 B8 32     LDA $32B8,Y
C2/1983: A8           TAY 
C2/1984: 4C 54 15     JMP $1554   (Commands code)

C2/1987 unknow

C2/1987: BB           TYX
C2/1988: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/198B: A9 A6        LDA #$A6
C2/198D: 8D A9 11     STA $11A9   (Store control in special effect)
C2/1990: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/1992: 1C A2 11     TRB $11A2   (Sets to magical damage)
C2/1995: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/1997: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4   (Sets unblockable)
C2/199A: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/199D leap command

C2/199D: BB           TYX
C2/199E: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/19A1: A9 A8        LDA #$A8
C2/19A3: 8D A9 11     STA $11A9   (Store Leap in special effect)
C2/19A6: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/19A8: 1C A2 11     TRB $11A2   (Sets to magical damage)
C2/19AB: A9 40        LDA #$40
C2/19AD: 85 BB        STA $BB     (Sets to Cursor start on enemy only)
C2/19AF: 4C 7B 31     JMP $317B

C2/19B2 unknow

C2/19B2: A9 0C        LDA #$0C
C2/19B4: 85 B5        STA $B5     (Sets command to Lore)
C2/19B6: 20 5F 17     JSR $175F
C2/19B9: A9 21        LDA #$21
C2/19BB: EB           XBA 
C2/19BC: A9 06        LDA #$06
C2/19BE: 4C BF 62     JMP $62BF

C2/19C1 unknow

C2/19C1: EB           XBA
C2/19C2: A5 B5        LDA $B5
C2/19C4: 4C D3 26     JMP $26D3

C2/19C7 pointers: commands

C2/19C7: C8 15     (Fight)
C2/19C9: 97 18     (Item) 
C2/19CB: 41 17     (Magic)
C2/19CD: 36 19     (Morph)
C2/19CF: 27 19     (Revert)
C2/19D1: 91 15     (Steal)   (05)
C2/19D3: 10 16     (Capture)
C2/19D5: 47 18     (Swdtech)
C2/19D7: 8D 18     (Throw)
C2/19D9: 85 18     (Tools)
C2/19DB: 9D 15     (Blitz)   (0A)
C2/19DD: 5B 19     (Runic)
C2/19DF: 5F 17     (Lore)
C2/19E1: 1F 15     (Sketch)
C2/19E3: 76 19     (Control)
C2/19E5: 26 17     (Slot)
C2/19E7: 60 15     (Rage)    (10)
C2/19E9: 9D 19     (Leap)
C2/19EB: 1E 15     (Mimic)
C2/19ED: 7D 17     (Dance)
C2/19EF: 4C 19     (Row)
C2/19F1: 6A 19     (Def.)    (15)
C2/19F3: F6 17     (Jump)
C2/19F5: 41 17     (X-Magic)
C2/19F7: 07 19     (GP Rain)
C2/19F9: 63 17     (Summon)
C2/19FB: 1E 17     (Health)  (1A)
C2/19FD: 1A 17     (Shock)
C2/19FF: E5 17     (Possess)
C2/1A01: 5F 17     (Magitek)

C2/1A03 pointers: special commands

C2/1A03: B2 19     (1E) (Enemy Roulette)
C2/1A05: 1E 15     (1F) (Jumps to RTS)
C2/1A07: 72 50     (20) (#$F2 Command script)
C2/1A09: D1 50     (21) (#$F3 Command script)
C2/1A0B: 0B 50     (22) (Poison, Regen, and Seizure/Phantasm Damage)
C2/1A0D: 57 4F     (23) (#$F7 Command script)
C2/1A0F: 97 4F     (24) (#$F5 Command script)
C2/1A11: CD 50     (25)
C2/1A13: 5F 4F     (26) (Doom cast when Condemned countdown reaches 0; Safe, Shell, or
                         Reflect* cast when character enters Near Fatal (* no items
                         actually do this, but it's supported); or revival due to Life 3.)
C2/1A15: DD 50     (27)
C1/1A17: 1E 15     (28) (Jumps to RTS)
C2/1A19: 61 51     (29) (Remove Stop, Reflect, Freeze, or Sleep when time is up)
C2/1A1B: DE 20     (2A) (Run)
C2/1A1D: 2D 64     (2B) (#$FA Command script)
C2/1A1F: A8 51     (2C)
C2/1A21: B2 51     (2D) (Drain from being seized)
C2/1A23: FA 1D     (2E) (#$F8 Command script)
C2/1A25: 1A 1E     (2F) (#$F9 Command script)
C2/1A27: 5E 1E     (30) (#$FB Command script)
C2/1A29: 1E 15     (31) (Jumps to RTS)
C2/1A2B: 1E 15     (32) (Jumps to RTS)
C2/1A2D: 1E 15     (33) (Jumps to RTS)

C2/1A2f unknow

C2/1A2F: DA           PHX
C2/1A30: 08           PHP
C2/1A31: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/1A33: 85 FC        STA $FC
C2/1A35: 85 FE        STA $FE
C2/1A37: E2 20        SEP #$20
C2/1A39: 64 F5        STZ $F5
C2/1A3B: 86 F6        STX $F6
C2/1A3D: 20 AF 1A     JSR $1AAF
C2/1A40: 28           PLP 
C2/1A41: FA           PLX 
C2/1A42: 60           RTS 

C2/1A43 read command script

Read command script, up through an FEh or FFh command
C2/1A43: 7B           TDC
C2/1A44: BF 00 87 CF  LDA $CF8700,X  (read first byte of command)
C2/1A48: E8           INX 
C2/1A49: C9 FE        CMP #$FE
C2/1A4B: B0 F5        BCS $1A42   (Exit if #$FE or #$FF - Done with commands)
C2/1A4D: E9 EF        SBC #$EF    (subtract F0h)
C2/1A4F: 90 F3        BCC $1A44   (Branch if not a control command)
C2/1A51: DA           PHX 
C2/1A52: AA           TAX 
C2/1A53: BF AF 1D C2  LDA $C21DAF,X (# of bytes in the control command)
C2/1A57: FA           PLX 
C2/1A58: CA           DEX 
C2/1A59: E8           INX 
C2/1A5A: 3A           DEC 
C2/1A5B: D0 FC        BNE $1A59   (loop through the whole command to reach
                                   the next one)
C2/1A5D: 80 E5        BRA $1A44   (go read the first byte of next command)

C2/1A5F read 4 bytes from command script

C2/1A5F: 08           PHP
C2/1A60: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1A62: A6 F0        LDX $F0
C2/1A64: BF 02 87 CF  LDA $CF8702,X
C2/1A68: 8D 2E 3A     STA $3A2E
C2/1A6B: BF 00 87 CF  LDA $CF8700,X (Command scripts)
C2/1A6F: 8D 2C 3A     STA $3A2C
C2/1A72: 28           PLP 
C2/1A73: 60           RTS 

C2/1A74 command script #$FD

C2/1A74: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/1A76: A5 F0        LDA $F0
C2/1A78: 85 F2        STA $F2
C2/1A7A: 60           RTS 

C2/1A7B command script #$FE and #$FF

C2/1A7B: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/1A7D: 85 F5        STA $F5
C2/1A7F: 60           RTS 

C2/1A80 unknow

C2/1A80: A9 03        LDA #$03
C2/1A82: 20 65 4B     JSR $4B65   (0 to 2)
C2/1A85: AA           TAX 
C2/1A86: BD 2D 3A     LDA $3A2D,X (Byte 1 to 3 of 4 byte command)
C2/1A89: C9 FE        CMP #$FE    
C2/1A8B: D0 B5        BNE $1A42   (Exit)
C2/1A8D: 68           PLA 
C2/1A8E: 68           PLA 
C2/1A8F: 80 23        BRA $1AB4

C2/1A91 command script #$FC

C2/1A91: AD 2D 3A     LDA $3A2D   (Byte 1 of command)
C2/1A94: 0A           ASL 
C2/1A95: AA           TAX 
C2/1A96: FC 55 1D     JSR ($1D55,X)
C2/1A99: B0 19        BCS $1AB4
C2/1A9B: C2 30        REP #$30    (Set 16-bit A,X, & Y)
C2/1A9D: A5 FE        LDA $FE
C2/1A9F: 85 FC        STA $FC
C2/1AA1: E2 20        SEP #$20    (Set 8-bit A)
C2/1AA3: A6 F0        LDX $F0     (get script position to start reading from)
C2/1AA5: 20 43 1A     JSR $1A43   (Read command script, up through an FEh or FFh
C2/1AA8: 1A           INC 
C2/1AA9: F0 D0        BEQ $1A7B   (branch if FFh command was last thing read)
C2/1AAB: 86 F0        STX $F0     (save script position of next command)
C2/1AAD: E6 F5        INC $F5
C2/1AAF: AD 98 3A     LDA $3A98
C2/1AB2: 85 F8        STA $F8
C2/1AB4: E2 20        SEP #$20    (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/1AB6: C2 10        REP #$10    (Set 16-bit X, & Y)
C2/1AB8: 20 5F 1A     JSR $1A5F   (Read 4 bytes from command script)
C2/1ABB: C9 FC        CMP #$FC    (compare the first one to FCh)
C2/1ABD: B0 11        BCS $1AD0   (Branch if FD or FE or FFh)
C2/1ABF: A5 F5        LDA $F5
C2/1AC1: C5 F4        CMP $F4
C2/1AC3: D0 0B        BNE $1AD0
C2/1AC5: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/1AC7: 85 F4        STA $F4
C2/1AC9: A6 F2        LDX $F2
C2/1ACB: 86 F0        STX $F0
C2/1ACD: 20 5F 1A     JSR $1A5F   (Read 4 bytes from command script)
C2/1AD0: 7B           TDC         (A = 0)
C2/1AD1: 38           SEC 
C2/1AD2: 9B           TXY
C2/1AD3: AD 2C 3A     LDA $3A2C   (Command to execute)
C2/1AD6: E9 F0        SBC #$F0
C2/1AD8: B0 02        BCS $1ADC   (Branch if control command)
C2/1ADA: A9 0F        LDA #$0F    (if not control command, it'll be 1 byte long)
C2/1ADC: AA           TAX 
C2/1ADD: BF AF 1D C2  LDA $C21DAF,X  (# of bytes in the command)
C2/1AE1: AA           TAX 
C2/1AE2: C8           INY 
C2/1AE3: CA           DEX 
C2/1AE4: D0 FC        BNE $1AE2   (loop, advancing Y by size of command)
C2/1AE6: 84 F0        STY $F0     (save updated script position)
C2/1AE8: E2 10        SEP #$10    (Set 8-bit X, & Y)
C2/1AEA: A5 F8        LDA $F8
C2/1AEC: F0 07        BEQ $1AF5
C2/1AEE: AD 2C 3A     LDA $3A2C   (Command to execute)
C2/1AF1: C9 FC        CMP #$FC
C2/1AF3: 90 A6        BCC $1A9B
C2/1AF5: A4 F6        LDY $F6
C2/1AF7: AD 2C 3A     LDA $3A2C   (Command to execute)
C2/1AFA: C9 F0        CMP #$F0
C2/1AFC: 90 27        BCC $1B25   (Branch if not control command)
C2/1AFE: 29 0F        AND #$0F
C2/1B00: 0A           ASL 
C2/1B01: AA           TAX 
C2/1B02: 7C 8F 1D     JMP ($1D8F,X)

C2/1B05 command script #$F6

C2/1B05: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/1B07: EB           XBA 
C2/1B08: AD 2D 3A     LDA $3A2D   (Item or Throw)
C2/1B0B: F0 03        BEQ $1B10   (Branch if item)
C2/1B0D: A9 08        LDA #$08
C2/1B0F: EB           XBA 
C2/1B10: AD 2E 3A     LDA $3A2E   (Item to use or throw)
C2/1B13: 8D 2D 3A     STA $3A2D   
C2/1B16: 20 80 1A     JSR $1A80   
C2/1B19: EB           XBA 
C2/1B1A: 80 0C        BRA $1B28

C2/1B1C command script #$F4

C2/1B1C: 7B           TDC         
C2/1B1D: 20 80 1A     JSR $1A80
C2/1B20: 80 06        BRA $1B28

C2/1B22 command script #$F0

C2/1B22: 20 80 1A     JSR $1A80   (Pick which command to use)
C2/1B25: 20 BF 1D     JSR $1DBF
C2/1B28: BB           TYX 
C2/1B29: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1B2B: 48           PHA 
C2/1B2C: A5 FC        LDA $FC
C2/1B2E: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/1B30: BD E4 3E     LDA $3EE4,X
C2/1B33: 89 00 20     BIT #$2000
C2/1B36: F0 02        BEQ $1B3A   (If not Muddled)
C2/1B38: 64 B8        STZ $B8
C2/1B3A: 68           PLA 
C2/1B3B: 20 B9 03     JSR $03B9
C2/1B3E: 20 E4 03     JSR $03E4
C2/1B41: 20 AD 4E     JSR $4EAD
C2/1B44: 4C B4 1A     JMP $1AB4

C2/1B47 command script #$F1

C2/1B47: AD 2D 3A     LDA $3A2D   (Script byte 1)
C2/1B4A: 18           CLC 
C2/1B4B: 20 25 1F     JSR $1F25   
C2/1B4E: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1B50: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/1B52: 85 FC        STA $FC
C2/1B54: 4C B4 1A     JMP $1AB4

C2/1B57 command script #$F5

C2/1B57: AD 2F 3A     LDA $3A2F
C2/1B5A: D0 06        BNE $1B62    (branch if command already has targets)
C2/1B5C: B9 19 30     LDA $3019,Y
C2/1B5F: 8D 2F 3A     STA $3A2F    (if it doesn't, save the monster who issued command
                                    as the target)
C2/1B62: A9 24        LDA #$24
C2/1B64: 80 12        BRA $1B78

C2/1B66 command script #$F3

C2/1B66: A9 21        LDA #$21
C2/1B68: 80 0E        BRA $1B78

C2/1B6A command script #$FB

C2/1B6A: A9 30        LDA #$30
C2/1B6C: 80 0A        BRA $1B78

C2/1B6E command script #$F2

C2/1B6E: A9 20        LDA #$20
C2/1B70: 80 06        BRA $1B78

C2/1B72 command script #$F8

C2/1B72: A9 2E        LDA #$2E
C2/1B74: 80 02        BRA $1B78

C2/1B76 command script #$F9

C2/1B76: A9 2F        LDA #$2F
C2/1B78: EB           XBA 
C2/1B79: AD 2D 3A     LDA $3A2D
C2/1B7C: EB           XBA 
C2/1B7D: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/1B7F: 8D 7A 3A     STA $3A7A
C2/1B82: AD 2E 3A     LDA $3A2E
C2/1B85: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/1B87: BB           TYX 
C2/1B88: 20 AD 4E     JSR $4EAD
C2/1B8B: 4C B4 1A     JMP $1AB4

C2/1B8E command script #$F7

C2/1B8E: BB           TYX
C2/1B8F: A9 23        LDA #$23
C2/1B91: 8D 7A 3A     STA $3A7A
C2/1B94: AD 2D 3A     LDA $3A2D
C2/1B97: 8D 7B 3A     STA $3A7B
C2/1B9A: 20 AD 4E     JSR $4EAD
C2/1B9D: 4C B4 1A     JMP $1AB4

C2/1BA0 command script #$FA

C2/1BA0: BB           TYX
C2/1BA1: AD 2D 3A     LDA $3A2D
C2/1BA4: EB           XBA 
C2/1BA5: A9 2B        LDA #$2B
C2/1BA7: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1BA9: 8D 7A 3A     STA $3A7A
C2/1BAC: AD 2E 3A     LDA $3A2E
C2/1BAF: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/1BB1: 20 AD 4E     JSR $4EAD
C2/1BB4: 4C B4 1A     JMP $1AB4

C2/1BB7 command 06 for #$FC

C2/1BB7: 20 34 1D     JSR $1D34   (Set who to check for using command 17)
C2/1BBA: 90 0B        BCC $1BC7   (Exit if no counter for command 17)
C2/1BBC: 7B           TDC 
C2/1BBD: AD 2F 3A     LDA $3A2F
C2/1BC0: EB           XBA 
C2/1BC1: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1BC3: 4A           LSR 
C2/1BC4: D9 F4 3B     CMP $3BF4,Y (Compare HP vs. second byte * 128)
C2/1BC7: 60           RTS 

C2/1BC8 command 07 for #$FC

C2/1BC8: 20 34 1D     JSR $1D34   (Do command 17 for FC)
C2/1BCB: 90 09        BCC $1BD6   (Exit if no counter for command 17)
C2/1BCD: 7B           TDC 
C2/1BCE: AD 2F 3A     LDA $3A2F   (Second byte for FC)
C2/1BD1: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1BD3: D9 08 3C     CMP $3C08,Y (Compare MP vs. second byte)
C2/1BD6: 60           RTS 

C2/1BD7 command 08 for FC

C2/1BD7: 20 34 1D     JSR $1D34   (Do command 17 for FC)
C2/1BDA: 90 49        BCC $1C25   (Exit if no counter for command 17)
C2/1BDC: AD 2F 3A     LDA $3A2F   (Second byte for FC)
C2/1BDF: C9 10        CMP #$10
C2/1BE1: 90 0B        BCC $1BEE   (Branch if less than 10)
C2/1BE3: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1BE5: AD 74 3A     LDA $3A74
C2/1BE8: 25 FC        AND $FC
C2/1BEA: 85 FC        STA $FC
C2/1BEC: E2 20        SEP #$20    (Set 8-bit Accumulator)
C2/1BEE: A9 10        LDA #$10
C2/1BF0: 1C 2F 3A     TRB $3A2F   (Second byte for FC)
C2/1BF3: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/1BF5: D0 05        BNE $1BFC   (If FC over 10)
C2/1BF7: A9 E4 3E     LDA #$3EE4
C2/1BFA: 80 03        BRA $1BFF
C2/1BFC: A9 F8 3E     LDA #$3EF8
C2/1BFF: 85 FA        STA $FA
C2/1C01: AE 2F 3A     LDX $3A2F   (Second byte for FC)
C2/1C04: 20 2D 1D     JSR $1D2D   (Set bit #X in A)
C2/1C07: 85 EE        STA $EE
C2/1C09: A0 12        LDY #$12
C2/1C0B: B1 FA        LDA ($FA),Y
C2/1C0D: 24 EE        BIT $EE
C2/1C0F: D0 05        BNE $1C16
C2/1C11: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/1C14: 14 FC        TRB $FC
C2/1C16: 88           DEY 
C2/1C17: 88           DEY 
C2/1C18: 10 F1        BPL $1C0B
C2/1C1A: 18           CLC 
C2/1C1B: A5 FC        LDA $FC
C2/1C1D: F0 06        BEQ $1C25
C2/1C1F: 20 2A 52     JSR $522A
C2/1C22: 85 FC        STA $FC
C2/1C24: 38           SEC 
C2/1C25: 60           RTS 

C2/1C26 command 09 for FC

C2/1C26: 20 D7 1B     JSR $1BD7   (Do command 08 for FC)
C2/1C29: 4C 26 1D     JMP $1D26  

C2/1C2C command 1A for FC

C2/1C2C: 20 34 1D     JSR $1D34   (Do command 17 for FC)
C2/1C2F: 90 09        BCC $1C3A
C2/1C31: B9 E0 3B     LDA $3BE0,Y
C2/1C34: 2C 2F 3A     BIT $3A2F
C2/1C37: D0 01        BNE $1C3A
C2/1C39: 18           CLC 
C2/1C3A: 60           RTS 

C2/1C3B command 03 for FC: counter item usage

C2/1C3B: 98           TYA
C2/1C3C: 69 13        ADC #$13
C2/1C3E: A8           TAY 
C2/1C3F: C8           INY          (Command 02 for FC - counter Spell usage - jumps here)
C2/1C40: BB           TYX          (Command 01 for FC - counter a command - jumps here)
C2/1C41: BC 90 32     LDY $3290,X  (get $3290 or $3291 or $32A4, depending on where
                                    we entered function.)
C2/1C44: 30 0D        BMI $1C53
C2/1C46: BD 48 3D     LDA $3D48,X  (get $3D48 or $3D49 or $3D5C, depending on where
                                    we entered function.)
C2/1C49: CD 2E 3A     CMP $3A2E
C2/1C4C: F0 07        BEQ $1C55
C2/1C4E: CD 2F 3A     CMP $3A2F
C2/1C51: F0 02        BEQ $1C55
C2/1C53: 18           CLC 
C2/1C54: 60           RTS 

C2/1C55 unknow

C2/1C55: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1C57: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/1C5A: 85 FC        STA $FC
C2/1C5C: 38           SEC 
C2/1C5D: 60           RTS 

C2/1C5E command 04 for FC

C2/1C5E: 98           TYA
C2/1C5F: 69 15        ADC #$15
C2/1C61: AA           TAX 
C2/1C62: BC 90 32     LDY $3290,X  (get attacker index.  [or in the case of reflection,
                                    the reflector.]  accessed as $32A5 in C2/35E3.)
C2/1C65: 30 08        BMI $1C6F
C2/1C67: BD 48 3D     LDA $3D48,X  (get attack's element(s).  accessed as $3D5D
                                    in C2/35E3.)
C2/1C6A: 2C 2E 3A     BIT $3A2E    (compare to script element(s) [1st byte for FC])
C2/1C6D: D0 E6        BNE $1C55    (branch if any matches)
C2/1C6F: 60           RTS 

C2/1C70 command 05 for FC

C2/1C70: BB           TYX
C2/1C71: BC 7C 32     LDY $327C,X
C2/1C74: 30 08        BMI $1C7E
C2/1C76: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1C78: B9 18 30     LDA $3018,Y
C2/1C7B: 85 FC        STA $FC
C2/1C7D: 38           SEC 
C2/1C7E: 60           RTS 

C2/1C7F command 16 for FC

C2/1C7F: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1C81: AD 44 3A     LDA $3A44
C2/1C84: 80 05        BRA $1C8B

C2/1C86 command 0B for FC

C2/1C86: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1C88: B9 C0 3D     LDA $3DC0,Y
C2/1C8B: 4A           LSR 
C2/1C8C: CD 2E 3A     CMP $3A2E
C2/1C8F: 60           RTS 

C2/1C90 command 0D for FC

C2/1C90: AE 2E 3A     LDX $3A2E   (First byte for FC)
C2/1C93: 20 45 1E     JSR $1E45   ($EE = variable #X)
C2/1C96: A5 EE        LDA $EE
C2/1C98: CD 2F 3A     CMP $3A2F
C2/1C9B: 60           RTS 

C2/1C9C command 0C for FC

C2/1C9C: 20 90 1C     JSR $1C90   (Do command 0D for FC)
C2/1C9F: 4C 26 1D     JMP $1D26

C2/1CA2 command 14 for FC

C2/1CA2: AE 2F 3A     LDX $3A2F   (Second byte for FC)
C2/1CA5: 20 2D 1D     JSR $1D2D   (Set bit #X in A)
C2/1CA8: AE 2E 3A     LDX $3A2E   (First byte for FC)
C2/1CAB: 20 45 1E     JSR $1E45   ($EE = variable #X)
C2/1CAE: 24 EE        BIT $EE
C2/1CB0: F0 01        BEQ $1CB3
C2/1CB2: 38           SEC 
C2/1CB3: 60           RTS 

C2/1CB4 command 15 for FC

C2/1CB4: 20 A2 1C     JSR $1CA2   (Do command 14 for FC)
C2/1CB7: 4C 26 1D     JMP $1D26

C2/1CBA command 0F for FC

C2/1CBA: 20 34 1D     JSR $1D34   (Do command 17 for FC)
C2/1CBD: 90 06        BCC $1CC5
C2/1CBF: B9 18 3B     LDA $3B18,Y (Level)
C2/1CC2: CD 2F 3A     CMP $3A2F
C2/1CC5: 60           RTS 

C2/1CC6 command 0E for FC

C2/1CC6: 20 BA 1C     JSR $1CBA   (Do command 0F for FC)
C2/1CC9: 4C 26 1D     JMP $1D26

C2/1CCC command 10 for FC

C2/1CCC: A9 01        LDA #$01
C2/1CCE: CD CA 3E     CMP $3ECA   (Only counter if one type of monster active)
                                  (specifically, this variable is the number of
                                   unique enemy names still active in battle.
                                   it's capped at 4, since it's based on the
                                   enemy list on the bottom left of the screen
                                   in battle, but that limitation doesn't matter
                                   since we're only comparing it to #$01 here.)
C2/1CD1: 60           RTS 

C2/1CD2 command 19 for FC

C2/1CD2: B9 19 30     LDA $3019,Y
C2/1CD5: 2C 2E 3A     BIT $3A2E
C2/1CD8: F0 01        BEQ $1CDB
C2/1CDA: 38           SEC 
C2/1CDB: 60           RTS 

C2/1CDC command 11 for FC

C2/1CDC: 20 EE 1D     JSR $1DEE   (if first byte of FC command is 0,
                                   set it to current monster)
C2/1CDF: AD 75 3A     LDA $3A75
C2/1CE2: 80 0B        BRA $1CEF

C2/1CE4 command 12 for FC

C2/1CE4: 64 F8        STZ $F8
C2/1CE6: 20 EE 1D     JSR $1DEE   (if first byte of FC command is 0,
                                   set it to current monster)
C2/1CE9: AD 73 3A     LDA $3A73   (bitfield of monsters in formation)
C2/1CEC: 4D 75 3A     EOR $3A75
C2/1CEF: 2D 2E 3A     AND $3A2E
C2/1CF2: CD 2E 3A     CMP $3A2E
C2/1CF5: 18           CLC 
C2/1CF6: D0 01        BNE $1CF9
C2/1CF8: 38           SEC 
C2/1CF9: 60           RTS 

C2/1CFA command 13 for FC

C2/1CFA: AD 2E 3A     LDA $3A2E   (First byte for FC)
C2/1CFD: D0 07        BNE $1D06
C2/1CFF: AD 76 3A     LDA $3A76   (Number of characters in party)
C2/1D02: CD 2F 3A     CMP $3A2F   (Second byte for FC)
C2/1D05: 60           RTS 

C2/1D06: AD 2F 3A     LDA $3A2F   (Second byte for FC)
C2/1D09: CD 77 3A     CMP $3A77
C2/1D0C: 60           RTS 

C2/1D0D command 18 for FC

C2/1D0D: AD DF 1E     LDA $1EDF
C2/1D10: 89 08        BIT #$08
C2/1D12: D0 01        BNE $1D15
C2/1D14: 38           SEC 
C2/1D15: 60           RTS 

C2/1D16 command 1B for FC

C2/1D16: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1D18: AD 2E 3A     LDA $3A2E   (First byte for FC)
C2/1D1B: CD E0 11     CMP $11E0   (Battle formation)
C2/1D1E: F0 01        BEQ $1D21
C2/1D20: 18           CLC 
C2/1D21: 60           RTS 

C2/1D22 command 1C for FC

C2/1D22: 64 F8        STZ $F8
C2/1D24: 38           SEC 
C2/1D25: 60           RTS 

C2/1D26 unknow

C2/1D26: E2 20        SEP #$20
C2/1D28: 2A           ROL 
C2/1D29: 49 01        EOR #$01
C2/1D2B: 4A           LSR 
C2/1D2C: 60           RTS 

C2/1D2D set bit #$X in A

Sets bit #X in A (C2/1E57 and this are identical)
C2/1D2D: 7B           TDC
C2/1D2E: 38           SEC 
C2/1D2F: 2A           ROL 
C2/1D30: CA           DEX 
C2/1D31: 10 FC        BPL $1D2F
C2/1D33: 60           RTS 

C2/1D34 command 17 for FC

C2/1D34: AD 2E 3A     LDA $3A2E   (Load first byte for FC)
C2/1D37: 48           PHA 
C2/1D38: 38           SEC 
C2/1D39: 20 25 1F     JSR $1F25   (Set target using first byte as parameter)
C2/1D3C: 90 0B        BCC $1D49   (If invalid or no targets)
C2/1D3E: C2 20        REP #$20    (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C2/1D40: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/1D42: 85 FC        STA $FC
C2/1D44: 20 F9 51     JSR $51F9   (Y = highest targest number * 2)
C2/1D47: E2 21        SEP #$21
C2/1D49: 68           PLA 
C2/1D4A: 08           PHP 
C2/1D4B: C9 36        CMP #$36
C2/1D4D: D0 04        BNE $1D53   (Branch if not targeting self)
C2/1D4F: 64 FC        STZ $FC     (Clear targets)
C2/1D51: 64 FC        STZ $FC     (Clear targets)
C2/1D53: 28           PLP 
C2/1D54: 60           RTS 

C2/1D55 pointers: command #$FC

C2/1D55: 2C 1D     (00) (Nothing)
C2/1D57: 40 1C     (01) (Command counter)
C2/1D59: 3F 1C     (02) (Spell counter)
C2/1D5B: 3B 1C     (03) (Item counter)
C2/1D5D: 5E 1C     (04) (Elemental counter)
C2/1D5F: 70 1C     (05) 
C2/1D61: B7 1B     (06) (HP low counter)
C2/1D63: C8 1B     (07) (MP low counter)
C2/1D65: D7 1B     (08)
C2/1D67: 26 1C     (09)
C2/1D69: 2C 1D     (0A) (Nothing)
C2/1D6B: 86 1C     (0B)
C2/1D6D: 9C 1C     (0C)
C2/1D6F: 90 1C     (0D)
C2/1D71: C6 1C     (0E)
C2/1D73: BA 1C     (0F)
C2/1D75: CC 1C     (10)
C2/1D77: DC 1C     (11)
C2/1D79: E4 1C     (12) (Final attack)
C2/1D7A: FA 1C     (13)
C2/1D7D: A2 1C     (14)
C2/1D7F: B4 1C     (15)
C2/1D81: 7F 1C     (16)
C2/1D83: 34 1D     (17)
C2/1D85: 0D 1D     (18) 
C2/1D87: D2 1C     (19)
C2/1D89: 2C 1C     (1A)
C2/1D8B: 16 1D     (1B) 
C2/1D8D: 22 1D     (1C)

C2/1D8F pointers: control commands

Code pointers for control commands (monster scripts)

C2/1D8F: 22 1B     (F0)
C2/1D91: 47 1B     (F1)
C2/1D93: 6E 1B     (F2)
C2/1D95: 66 1B     (F3)
C2/1D97: 1C 1B     (F4)
C2/1D99: 57 1B     (F5)
C2/1D9B: 05 1B     (F6)
C2/1D9D: 8E 1B     (F7)
C2/1D9F: 72 1B     (F8)
C2/1DA1: 76 1B     (F9)
C2/1DA3: A0 1B     (FA)
C2/1DA5: 6A 1B     (FB)
C2/1DA7: 91 1A     (FC)
C2/1DA9: 74 1A     (FD)
C2/1DAB: 7B 1A     (FE)
C2/1DAD: 7B 1A     (FF)

C2/1DAF data: unknow

# of bytes for control command
C2/1DAF: 04   (F0)
C2/1DB0: 02   (F1)
C2/1DB1: 04   (F2)
C2/1DB2: 03   (F3)
C2/1DB3: 04   (F4)
C2/1DB4: 04   (F5)
C2/1DB5: 04   (F6)
C2/1DB6: 02   (F7)
C2/1DB7: 03   (F8)
C2/1DB8: 04   (F9)
C2/1DB9: 04   (FA)
C2/1DBA: 03   (FB)
C2/1DBB: 04   (FC)
C2/1DBC: 01   (FD)
C2/1DBD: 01   (FE)
C2/1DBE: 01   (FF)

C2/1DBF figure type of attack

Figure what type of attack it is (spell, esper, blitz, etc.)

C2/1DBF: DA           PHX
C2/1DC0: 48           PHA 
C2/1DC1: EB           XBA 
C2/1DC2: 68           PLA            (Spell # is now in bottom of A and top of A)
C2/1DC3: A2 0A        LDX #$0A
C2/1DC5: DF D8 1D C2  CMP $C21DD8,X  (pick an attack category?)
C2/1DC9: 90 06        BCC $1DD1      (if attack is in a lower category, try the next one)
C2/1DCB: BF E3 1D C2  LDA $C21DE3,X  (choose a command)
C2/1DCF: 80 05        BRA $1DD6
C2/1DD1: CA           DEX 
C2/1DD2: 10 F1        BPL $1DC5
C2/1DD4: A9 02        LDA #$02       (if spell matched nothing in loop, it was between
                                      0 and 35h, making it Magic command)
C2/1DD6: FA           PLX 
C2/1DD7: 60           RTS 

C2/1DD8 data: delimit commands based on spells

(Data - used to delimit which spell #s are which command)
C2/1DD8: 36        (Esper)
C2/1DD9: 51        (Skean)
C2/1DDA: 55        (Swdtech)
C2/1DDB: 5D        (Blitz)
C2/1DDC: 65        (Dance Move)
C2/1DDD: 7D        (Slot Move, or Tools??)
C2/1DDE: 82        (Shock)
C2/1DDF: 83        (Magitek)
C2/1DE0: 8B        (Enemy Attack / Lore)
C2/1DE1: EE        (Battle, Special)
C2/1DE2: F0        (Desperation Attack, Interceptor)

C2/1DE3 data: related to commands

C2/1DE3: 19   (Summon)
C2/1DE4: 02   (Magic)
C2/1DE5: 07   (Swdtech)
C2/1DE6: 0A   (Blitz)
C2/1DE7: 02   (Magic)
C2/1DE8: 09   (Tools)
C2/1DE9: 1B   (Shock)
C2/1DEA: 1D   (Magitek)
C2/1DEB: 0C   (Lore)
C2/1DEC: 00   (Fight)
C2/1DED: 02   (Magic)

C2/1DEE unknow

(If first byte of FC command is 0, set it to current monster.)
C2/1DEE: AD 2E 3A     LDA $3A2E
C2/1DF1: D0 06        BNE $1DF9
C2/1DF3: B9 19 30     LDA $3019,Y
C2/1DF6: 8D 2E 3A     STA $3A2E
C2/1DF9: 60           RTS

C2/1DFA variable manipulation

C2/1DFA: A6 B6        LDX $B6
C2/1DFC: 20 45 1E     JSR $1E45
C2/1DFF: A9 80        LDA #$80
C2/1E01: 14 B8        TRB $B8     (Clear bit 7 of byte 1)
C2/1E03: D0 05        BNE $1E0A   (If bit 7 of byte 1 is set)
C2/1E05: 4A           LSR 
C2/1E06: 14 B8        TRB $B8     (Clear bit 6 of byte 1)
C2/1E08: 64 EE        STZ $EE     
C2/1E0A: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/1E0C: 89 40        BIT #$40
C2/1E0E: F0 03        BEQ $1E13   (If bit 6 of byte 1 is clear)
C2/1E10: 49 BF        EOR #$BF    (Toggle all but bit 6)
C2/1E12: 1A           INC 
C2/1E13: 65 EE        ADC $EE
C2/1E15: 85 EE        STA $EE
C2/1E17: 4C 38 1E     JMP $1E38

C2/1E1A unknow

Code for command #$2F (used by #$F9 monster script command)

C2/1E1A: A6 B9        LDX $B9     (Byte 3)
C2/1E1C: 20 57 1E     JSR $1E57   (Set only bit #X in A)
C2/1E1F: A6 B8        LDX $B8     (Byte 2)
C2/1E21: 20 45 1E     JSR $1E45   (Load variable X into $EE)
C2/1E24: C6 B6        DEC $B6     (Byte 1)
C2/1E26: 10 04        BPL $1E2C
C2/1E28: 45 EE        EOR $EE
C2/1E2A: 80 0C        BRA $1E38
C2/1E2C: C6 B6        DEC $B6
C2/1E2E: 10 04        BPL $1E34
C2/1E30: 05 EE        ORA $EE
C2/1E32: 80 04        BRA $1E38
C2/1E34: 49 FF        EOR #$FF
C2/1E36: 25 EE        AND $EE
C2/1E38: E0 24        CPX #$24
C2/1E3A: B0 05        BCS $1E41
C2/1E3C: 9D B0 3E     STA $3EB0,X
C2/1E3F: 80 03        BRA $1E44
C2/1E41: 99 AC 3D     STA $3DAC,Y
C2/1E44: 60           RTS 

C2/1E45 unknow

Load variable X into A

C2/1E45: 48           PHA
C2/1E46: E0 24        CPX #$24
C2/1E48: B0 05        BCS $1E4F   
C2/1E4A: BD B0 3E     LDA $3EB0,X
C2/1E4D: 80 03        BRA $1E52
C2/1E4F: B9 AC 3D     LDA $3DAC,Y
C2/1E52: 85 EE        STA $EE
C2/1E54: 68           PLA 
C2/1E55: 18           CLC 
C2/1E56: 60           RTS 

C2/1E57 set bit #$X in A

C2/1E57: 7B           TDC
C2/1E58: 38           SEC 
C2/1E59: 2A           ROL 
C2/1E5A: CA           DEX 
C2/1E5B: 10 FC        BPL $1E59
C2/1E5D: 60           RTS 

C2/1E5E monster command script #$FB

C2/1E5E: A5 B6        LDA $B6
C2/1E60: 0A           ASL 
C2/1E61: AA           TAX 
C2/1E62: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/1E64: 7C 09 1F     JMP ($1F09,X)

C2/1E67 monster command FB: operation 0

Clears monster time counter

C2/1E67: 7B           TDC
C2/1E68: 99 C0 3D     STA $3DC0,Y
C2/1E6B: 99 C1 3D     STA $3DC1,Y
C2/1E6E: 60           RTS 

C2/1E6F monster command FB: operation 09

C2/1E6F: A9 0A        LDA #$0A
C2/1E71: 80 02        BRA $1E75
C2/1E73: A9 08        LDA #$08    (Operation 2 jumps here)
C2/1E75: 8D 6E 3A     STA $3A6E
C2/1E78: 60           RTS 

C2/1E79 monster command FB: operation 01

C2/1E79: 08           PHP
C2/1E7A: 38           SEC 
C2/1E7B: 20 25 1F     JSR $1F25
C2/1E7E: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1E80: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/1E82: 0C 3C 3A     TSB $3A3C
C2/1E85: 28           PLP 
C2/1E86: 60           RTS 

C2/1E87 monster command FB: operation 05

C2/1E87: 08           PHP
C2/1E88: 38           SEC 
C2/1E89: 20 25 1F     JSR $1F25
C2/1E8C: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1E8E: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/1E90: 1C 3C 3A     TRB $3A3C
C2/1E93: 28           PLP 
C2/1E94: 60           RTS 

C2/1E95 monster command FB: operation 06

C2/1E95: 38           SEC
C2/1E96: 20 25 1F     JSR $1F25
C2/1E99: A5 B9        LDA $B9
C2/1E9B: 0C 46 2F     TSB $2F46
C2/1E9E: 60           RTS 

C2/1E9F monster command FB: operation 07

C2/1E9F: 38           SEC
C2/1EA0: 20 25 1F     JSR $1F25
C2/1EA3: A5 B9        LDA $B9
C2/1EA5: 1C 46 2F     TRB $2F46
C2/1EA8: 60           RTS 

C2/1EA9 monster command FB: operation 03

C2/1EA9: A9 08        LDA #$08
C2/1EAB: 0C DF 1E     TSB $1EDF
C2/1EAE: B9 D9 3E     LDA $3ED9,Y
C2/1EB1: AA           TAX 
C2/1EB2: BD 50 18     LDA $1850,X
C2/1EB5: 09 40        ORA #$40
C2/1EB7: 29 E0        AND #$E0
C2/1EB9: 0D 6D 1A     ORA $1A6D
C2/1EBC: 85 EE        STA $EE
C2/1EBE: 98           TYA 
C2/1EBF: 0A           ASL 
C2/1EC0: 0A           ASL 
C2/1EC1: 05 EE        ORA $EE
C2/1EC3: 9D 50 18     STA $1850,X
C2/1EC6: 60           RTS 

C2/1EC7 monster command FB: operation 04

C2/1EC7: 9C 44 3A     STZ $3A44
C2/1ECA: 9C 45 3A     STZ $3A45
C2/1ECD: 60           RTS 

C2/1ECE monster command FB: operation 08

C2/1ECE: 38           SEC
C2/1ECF: 20 25 1F     JSR $1F25
C2/1ED2: 90 05        BCC $1ED9
C2/1ED4: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/1ED6: 99 C9 3A     STA $3AC9,Y
C2/1ED9: 60           RTS 

C2/1EDA monster command FB: operation 0C

C2/1EDA: 20 EB 1E     JSR $1EEB
C2/1EDD: A9 04        LDA #$04
C2/1EDF: 0C A4 11     TSB $11A4
C2/1EE2: 4C 67 31     JMP $3167

C2/1EE5 monster command FB: operation 0B

C2/1EE5: 20 EB 1E     JSR $1EEB
C2/1EE8: 4C 67 31     JMP $3167

C2/1EEB unknow

C2/1EEB: 20 8A 29     JSR $298A   (Clear special effect, magic power, etc.)
C2/1EEE: 18           CLC 
C2/1EEF: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/1EF1: 20 17 52     JSR $5217
C2/1EF4: 1D AA 11     ORA $11AA,X
C2/1EF7: 9D AA 11     STA $11AA,X
C2/1EFA: BB           TYX 
C2/1EFB: A9 12        LDA #$12
C2/1EFD: 85 B5        STA $B5     (Store Mimic in command)?
C2/1EFF: 60           RTS 

C2/1F00 monster command FB: operation 0D

C2/1F00: B9 F9 3E     LDA $3EF9,Y
C2/1F03: 09 20        ORA #$20
C2/1F05: 99 F9 3E     STA $3EF9,Y (Set Hide status)
C2/1F08: 60           RTS 

C2/1F09 pointers: monster command FB

C2/1F09: 67 1E  (00)       
C2/1F0B: 79 1E  (01)
C2/1F0D: 73 1E  (02)
C2/1F0F: A9 1E  (03)   
C2/1F11: C7 1E  (04)      
C2/1F13: 87 1E  (05)      
C2/1F15: 95 1E  (06)      
C2/1F17: 9F 1E  (07)
C2/1F19: CE 1E  (08)
C2/1F1B: 6F 1E  (09)
C2/1F1D: 08 1F  (0A) (jumps to RTS)
C2/1F1F: E5 1E  (0B)      
C2/1F21: DA 1E  (0C)        
C2/1F23: 00 1F  (0D)   

C2/1F25 unknow

C2/1F25: DA           PHX
C2/1F26: 5A           PHY 
C2/1F27: 48           PHA 
C2/1F28: 64 B8        STZ $B8
C2/1F2A: A2 06        LDX #$06
C2/1F2C: BD D8 3E     LDA $3ED8,X  (Which character it is)
C2/1F2F: 30 05        BMI $1F36    (Branch if not present)
C2/1F31: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/1F34: 04 B8        TSB $B8      (Set character as target)
C2/1F36: CA           DEX 
C2/1F37: CA           DEX 
C2/1F38: 10 F2        BPL $1F2C
C2/1F3A: 64 B9        STZ $B9      (Set no monsters as target)
C2/1F3C: A2 0A        LDX #$0A
C2/1F3E: BD 02 20     LDA $2002,X
C2/1F41: 30 05        BMI $1F48
C2/1F43: BD 21 30     LDA $3021,X
C2/1F46: 04 B9        TSB $B9      (Set monster as target)
C2/1F48: CA           DEX 
C2/1F49: CA           DEX 
C2/1F4A: 10 F2        BPL $1F3E
C2/1F4C: B0 06        BCS $1F54
C2/1F4E: 20 4D 5A     JSR $5A4D    (Remove dead and hidden targets)
C2/1F51: 20 17 59     JSR $5917
C2/1F54: 68           PLA 
C2/1F55: C9 30        CMP #$30
C2/1F57: B0 14        BCS $1F6D   
C2/1F59: A2 06        LDX #$06
C2/1F5B: DD D8 3E     CMP $3ED8,X  (Which character it is)
C2/1F5E: D0 07        BNE $1F67
C2/1F60: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/1F63: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/1F65: 80 3A        BRA $1FA1
C2/1F67: CA           DEX 
C2/1F68: CA           DEX 
C2/1F69: 10 F0        BPL $1F5B
C2/1F6B: 80 32        BRA $1F9F
C2/1F6D: C9 36        CMP #$36
C2/1F6F: B0 10        BCS $1F81
C2/1F71: E9 2F        SBC #$2F
C2/1F73: 0A           ASL 
C2/1F74: AA           TAX 
C2/1F75: BD 02 20     LDA $2002,X
C2/1F78: 30 25        BMI $1F9F
C2/1F7A: BD 21 30     LDA $3021,X
C2/1F7D: 85 B9        STA $B9    
C2/1F7F: 80 27        BRA $1FA8
C2/1F81: E9 36        SBC #$36
C2/1F83: 0A           ASL 
C2/1F84: AA           TAX 
C2/1F85: 7C 65 20     JMP ($2065,X)

C2/1F88 unknow

C2/1F88: 64 B9        STZ $B9
C2/1F8A: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1F8C: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/1F8E: 20 2A 52     JSR $522A   (randomly pick a bit that is set)
C2/1F91: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/1F93: C2 20        REP #$20    (46 jumps here)
C2/1F95: A5 B8        LDA $B8
C2/1F97: E2 21        SEP #$21    (set 8-bit Accumulator, and
                                   set Carry)
C2/1F99: D0 01        BNE $1F9C
C2/1F9B: 18           CLC 
C2/1F9C: 7A           PLY 
C2/1F9D: FA           PLX 
C2/1F9E: 60           RTS 

C2/1F9F unknow

C2/1F9F: 64 B8        STZ $B8
C2/1FA1: 64 B9        STZ $B9     (43 jumps here)
C2/1FA3: 80 EE        BRA $1F93

C2/1FA5 unknow

C2/1FA5: 20 2D 20     JSR $202D
C2/1FA8: 64 B8        STZ $B8     (38 jumps here)
C2/1FAA: 80 E7        BRA $1F93

C2/1FAC unknow

C2/1FAC: 20 2D 20     JSR $202D
C2/1FAF: 64 B8        STZ $B8     (3A jumps here)
C2/1FB1: 80 D7        BRA $1F8A

C2/1FB3 unknow

C2/1FB3: 20 37 20     JSR $2037
C2/1FB6: 80 E9        BRA $1FA1

C2/1FB8 unknow

C2/1FB8: 20 37 20     JSR $2037
C2/1FBB: 80 CB        BRA $1F88

C2/1FBD unknow

C2/1FBD: 20 37 20     JSR $2037
C2/1FC0: 80 E6        BRA $1FA8

C2/1FC2 unknow

C2/1FC2: 20 37 20     JSR $2037
C2/1FC5: 80 E8        BRA $1FAF

C2/1FC7 unknow

C2/1FC7: 20 4E 20     JSR $204E
C2/1FCA: 80 D5        BRA $1FA1

C2/1FCC unknow

C2/1FCC: 20 4E 20     JSR $204E
C2/1FCF: 80 B7        BRA $1F88

C2/1FD1 unknow

C2/1FD1: 20 4E 20     JSR $204E
C2/1FD4: 80 D2        BRA $1FA8

C2/1FD6 unknow

C2/1FD6: 20 4E 20     JSR $204E
C2/1FD9: 80 D4        BRA $1FAF

C2/1FDB unknow

C2/1FDB: 20 2D 20     JSR $202D   (Remove self as target)
C2/1FDE: 20 53 4B     JSR $4B53   (0 or 1)
C2/1FE1: 90 A7        BCC $1F8A
C2/1FE3: 80 AE        BRA $1F93

C2/1FE5 unknow

C2/1FE5: BE F5 32     LDX $32F5,Y
C2/1FE8: 30 B5        BMI $1F9F   (No targets)
C2/1FEA: A9 FF        LDA #$FF
C2/1FEC: 99 F5 32     STA $32F5,Y
C2/1FEF: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/1FF1: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/1FF4: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/1FF6: 20 4D 5A     JSR $5A4D   (Remove dead and hidden targets)
C2/1FF9: 80 98        BRA $1F93

C2/1FFB unknow

C2/1FFB: 64 B8        STZ $B8
C2/1FFD: 64 B9        STZ $B9
C2/1FFF: B9 E0 32     LDA $32E0,Y  (get last entity to attack monster.
                                    0-9 indicates a valid previous attacker.
                                    7Fh indicates no previous attacker.)
C2/2002: C9 0A        CMP #$0A
C2/2004: B0 8D        BCS $1F93    (branch if no previous attacker)
C2/2006: 0A           ASL 
C2/2007: AA           TAX          (turn our 0-9 index into the more common
                                    0,2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18 index used to
                                    address battle entities.)
C2/2008: C2 20        REP #$20
C2/200A: BD 18 30     LDA $3018,X
C2/200D: 85 B8        STA $B8
C2/200F: 80 82        BRA $1F93