Final Fantasy VI:ROM map/Assembly C33

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C3/3008 unknow

C3/3008:	A08500  	LDY #$0085
C3/300B:	84E7    	STY $E7
C3/300D:	A900    	LDA #$00
C3/300F:	85E9    	STA $E9
C3/3011:	4C4306  	JMP $0643

C3/3014 unknow

C3/3014:	A545    	LDA $45
C3/3016:	8940    	BIT #$40
C3/3018:	D005    	BNE $301F
C3/301A:	A44D    	LDY $4D
C3/301C:	8C2D02  	STY $022D
C3/301F:	A546    	LDA $46
C3/3021:	8904    	BIT #$04
C3/3023:	F01B    	BEQ $3040
C3/3025:	8910    	BIT #$10
C3/3027:	F015    	BEQ $303E
C3/3029:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/302B:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/302E:	A08500  	LDY #$0085
C3/3031:	84E7    	STY $E7
C3/3033:	A900    	LDA #$00
C3/3035:	85E9    	STA $E9
C3/3037:	204306  	JSR $0643
C3/303A:	A555    	LDA $55
C3/303C:	F0ED    	BEQ $302B
C3/303E:	38      	SEC            (not done with this queue yet)
C3/303F:	60      	RTS
C3/3040:	18      	CLC            (this queue can be removed)
C3/3041:	60      	RTS

C3/3042 data: menu party selection area

Menu Party selection area hotspot data
C3/3042:	80 00 00 01 04

C3/3047 unknow

Finger positioning data is usually after hotspot data, but as it is this is currently unknown
C3/3047:	0828
C3/3049:	0858
C3/304B:	0888
C3/304D:	08B8   

C3/304F unknow

C3/304F:	7B      	TDC
C3/3050:	A09F30  	LDY #$309F
C3/3053:	4C7311  	JMP $1173      (put C3/309F in the queue)

C3/3056 unknow

C3/3056:	7B      	TDC
C3/3057:	A0CA30  	LDY #$30CA
C3/305A:	4C7311  	JMP $1173      (put C3/30CA in the queue)

C3/305D mosaic effect

This appears to be the mosaic effect
C3/305D:	7B      	TDC
C3/305E:	A06430  	LDY #$3064
C3/3061:	4C7311  	JMP $1173      (put C3/3064 in the queue)

C3/3064 code and table unknow

C3/3064:	AA      	TAX
C3/3065:	7C6830  	JMP ($3068,X)

C3/3068:	6C30  	
C3/306A:	7930    	

C3/306C unknow

C3/306C:	A62D		LDX $2D
C3/306E:	FE4936  	INC $3649,X    (execute the next entry in this queue's jump table)
C3/3071:	9ECA33    	STZ $33CA,X    	
C3/3074:	A908    	LDA #$08
C3/3076:	9D4933  	STA $3349,X
C3/3079:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/307B:	BD4933  	LDA $3349,X
C3/307E:	F015    	BEQ $3095
C3/3080:	7B      	TDC
C3/3081:	BDCA33  	LDA $33CA,X
C3/3084:	AA      	TAX
C3/3085:	BF9730C3	LDA $C33097,X  (load various mosaic intensities)
C3/3089:	85B5    	STA $B5        (save them to the variable)
C3/308B:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/308D:	FECA33  	INC $33CA,X
C3/3090:	DE4933  	DEC $3349,X
C3/3093:	38      	SEC            (not done with this queue yet)
C3/3094:	60      	RTS
C3/3095:	18      	CLC            (this queue can be removed)
C3/3096:	60      	RTS

C3/3097 data: mosaic intensities

C3/3097:	17
C3/3098:	27
C3/3099:	37
C3/309A:	47
C3/309B:	37
C3/309C:	27
C3/309D:	17
C3/309E:	07

C3/309F code and table

C3/309F:	AA      	TAX
C3/30A0:	7CA330  	JMP ($30A3,X)

C3/30A3:	A730    	
C3/30A5:	B130    	

C3/30A7 unknow

C3/30A7:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/30A9:	FE4936  	INC $3649,X    (execute the next entry in this queue's jump table)
C3/30AC:	A90F    	LDA #$0F
C3/30AE:	9DCA33  	STA $33CA,X
C3/30B1:	A420    	LDY $20
C3/30B3:	F00F    	BEQ $30C4
C3/30B5:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/30B7:	BDCA33  	LDA $33CA,X
C3/30BA:	8544    	STA $44
C3/30BC:	DECA33  	DEC $33CA,X
C3/30BF:	DECA33  	DEC $33CA,X
C3/30C2:	38      	SEC            (not done with this queue yet)
C3/30C3:	60      	RTS

C3/30C4 unknow

C3/30C4:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/30C6:	8544    	STA $44
C3/30C8:	18      	CLC            (this queue can be removed)
C3/30C9:	60      	RTS

C3/30CA code and table

C3/30CA:	AA      	TAX
C3/30CB:	7CCE30  	JMP ($30CE,X)

C3/30CE:	D230    	
C3/30D0:	DC30

C3/30D2 unknow

C3/30D2:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/30D4:	FE4936  	INC $3649,X    (execute the next entry in this queue's jump table)
C3/30D7:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/30D9:	9D4A34    	STA $344A,X
C3/30DC:	A420    	LDY $20
C3/30DE:	F00F    	BEQ $30EF
C3/30E0:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/30E2:	BD4A34  	LDA $344A,X
C3/30E5:	8544    	STA $44
C3/30E7:	FE4A34  	INC $344A,X
C3/30EA:	FE4A34  	INC $344A,X
C3/30ED:	38      	SEC            (not done with this queue yet)
C3/30EE:	60      	RTS

C3/30EF unknow

C3/30EF:	A90F    	LDA #$0F
C3/30F1:	8544    	STA $44
C3/30F3:	18      	CLC            (this queue can be removed)
C3/30F4:	60      	RTS

C3/30F5 unknow

C3/30F5:	20993F  	JSR $3F99
C3/30F8:	20286A  	JSR $6A28
C3/30FB:	202D6A  	JSR $6A2D
C3/30FE:	20196A  	JSR $6A19
C3/3101:	20416A  	JSR $6A41
C3/3104:	A0CF31  	LDY #$31CF
C3/3107:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window)
C3/310A:	A0D331  	LDY #$31D3
C3/310D:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window)
C3/3110:	A0C731  	LDY #$31C7
C3/3113:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window)
C3/3116:	A0BB31  	LDY #$31BB
C3/3119:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window that holds main menu options)
C3/311C:	207031  	JSR $3170      (apply gradient, and draw a couple windows)
C3/311F:	206C32  	JSR $326C      (prepare time for displaying)
C3/3122:	20F331  	JSR $31F3
C3/3125:	4C9F31  	JMP $319F

C3/3128 unknow

C3/3128:	20993F  	JSR $3F99
C3/312B:	20826E  	JSR $6E82
C3/312E:	20096C  	JSR $6C09
C3/3131:	20A831  	JSR $31A8
C3/3134:	A0C731  	LDY #$31C7
C3/3137:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window)
C3/313A:	A0CB31  	LDY #$31CB
C3/313D:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window)
C3/3140:	207031  	JSR $3170
C3/3143:	209532  	JSR $3295
C3/3146:	20D731  	JSR $31D7
C3/3149:	4C9F31  	JMP $319F

C3/314C unknow

C3/314C:	20993F  	JSR $3F99
C3/314F:	20826E  	JSR $6E82
C3/3152:	20096C  	JSR $6C09
C3/3155:	20A831  	JSR $31A8
C3/3158:	A0C731  	LDY #$31C7
C3/315B:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window)
C3/315E:	A0CB31  	LDY #$31CB
C3/3161:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window)
C3/3164:	207031  	JSR $3170
C3/3167:	209532  	JSR $3295
C3/316A:	20E531  	JSR $31E5
C3/316D:	4C9F31  	JMP $319F

C3/3170 unknow

C3/3170:	7B      	TDC
C3/3171:	221DCAD4	JSL $D4CA1D    (apply gradient 0 to the screen)
C3/3175:	A0BF31  	LDY #$31BF
C3/3178:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window that holds time)
C3/317B:	A0C331  	LDY #$31C3
C3/317E:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window that holds steps and money)
C3/3181:	20520E  	JSR $0E52
C3/3184:	208A31  	JSR $318A
C3/3187:	4C2132  	JMP $3221

C3/318A unknow

C3/318A:	20156A  	JSR $6A15
C3/318D:	203C6A  	JSR $6A3C
C3/3190:	20466A  	JSR $6A46
C3/3193:	20F132  	JSR $32F1      (get character 1 name, stats, etc displayed)
C3/3196:	203D33  	JSR $333D      (get character 2 name, stats, etc displayed)
C3/3199:	208933  	JSR $3389      (get character 3 name, stats, etc displayed)
C3/319C:	4CD533  	JMP $33D5      (get character 4 name, stats, etc displayed)

C3/319F unknow

C3/319F:	20280E  	JSR $0E28
C3/31A2:	206E0E  	JSR $0E6E
C3/31A5:	4C7C0E  	JMP $0E7C

C3/31A8 unknow

C3/31A8:	A566    	LDA $66
C3/31AA:	C901    	CMP #$01
C3/31AC:	F007    	BEQ $31B5
C3/31AE:	C902    	CMP #$02
C3/31B0:	F006    	BEQ $31B8
C3/31B2:	4CD93A  	JMP $3AD9
C3/31B5:	4CA13A  	JMP $3AA1
C3/31B8:	4CBD3A  	JMP $3ABD

C3/31BB data: windows

Window data
C3/31BB:	B758060D	(window that holds the main menu options)
C3/31BF:	775C0602	(window that holds time)
C3/31C3:	755D0705	(window that holds steps and money)
C3/31C7:	8B581C18
C3/31CB:	B558070A
C3/31CF:	B9600702
C3/31D3:	85580102

C3/31D7 unknow

C3/31D7:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/31D9:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/31DB:	A26537  	LDX #$3765
C3/31DE:	A00A00  	LDY #$000A
C3/31E1:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "Yes/No" "Erasing data. Okay?", also JMP fool!)
C3/31E4:	60      	RTS

C3/31E5 unknow

C3/31E5:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/31E7:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/31E9:	A25D37  	LDX #$375D
C3/31EC:	A00800  	LDY #$0008
C3/31EF:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "Yes/No" "This data?", also JMP fool!)
C3/31F2:	60      	RTS

C3/31F3 unknow

C3/31F3:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/31F5:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/31F7:	A22937  	LDX #$3729
C3/31FA:	A00800  	LDY #$0008
C3/31FD:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "Item, Skills, Relic, and Status")
C3/3200:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3202:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/3204:	A25937  	LDX #$3759
C3/3207:	A00400  	LDY #$0004
C3/320A:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "Equip and Config")
C3/320D:	AD0102  	LDA $0201      (is saving available?)
C3/3210:	1004    	BPL $3216      (branch if not)
C3/3212:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3214:	8002    	BRA $3218
C3/3216:	A924    	LDA #$24       (set text color to gray)
C3/3218:	8529    	STA $29
C3/321A:	A0FD37  	LDY #$37FD
C3/321D:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Save")
C3/3220:	60      	RTS            (no need for this, JMP $02F9 would be just as good)

C3/3221 unknow

C3/3221:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3223:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/3225:	A00B38  	LDY #$380B
C3/3228:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display ":")
C3/322B:	A92C    	LDA #$2C
C3/322D:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to )
C3/322F:	A22337  	LDX #$3723
C3/3232:	A00600  	LDY #$0006
C3/3235:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "Time, Steps, and Order")
C3/3238:	A01738  	LDY #$3817
C3/323B:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "GP")
C3/323E:	20CE32  	JSR $32CE      (GP check, make sure it's not beyond 9,999,999)
C3/3241:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3243:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/3245:	AC6618  	LDY $1866      (steps, bytes 1 & 2)
C3/3248:	84F1    	STY $F1
C3/324A:	AD6818  	LDA $1868      (steps, byte 3)
C3/324D:	85F3    	STA $F3
C3/324F:	208205  	JSR $0582
C3/3252:	A2F77D  	LDX #$7DF7     (position of steps amount)
C3/3255:	20AC04  	JSR $04AC
C3/3258:	AC6018  	LDY $1860
C3/325B:	84F1    	STY $F1
C3/325D:	AD6218  	LDA $1862
C3/3260:	85F3    	STA $F3
C3/3262:	208205  	JSR $0582
C3/3265:	A2B77E  	LDX #$7EB7     (position of GP amount)
C3/3268:	20AC04  	JSR $04AC      (JMP fool!)
C3/326B:	60      	RTS

C3/326C unknow

C3/326C:	AD8811  	LDA $1188
C3/326F:	8910    	BIT #$10
C3/3271:	F016    	BEQ $3289
C3/3273:	AC8911  	LDY $1189      (is $1189 the elapsed time in seconds?)
C3/3276:	20B232  	JSR $32B2      (if so, this gives minutes)
C3/3279:	20B232  	JSR $32B2      (and this would give hours)
C3/327C:	A5E7    	LDA $E7        (load A with hours)
C3/327E:	8D6318  	STA $1863      (put hours in $1863)
C3/3281:	AD1642  	LDA $4216      (remainder is excess minutes)
C3/3284:	8D6418  	STA $1864      (put that in $1864)
C3/3287:	800C    	BRA $3295	
C3/3289:	AC1B02  	LDY $021B      (Hours and minutes)
C3/328C:	8C6318  	STY $1863      (store in SRAM)
C3/328F:	AD1D02  	LDA $021D      (Seconds amd frames)
C3/3292:	8D6518  	STA $1865      (store in SRAM)
C3/3295:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3297:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/3299:	AD6318  	LDA $1863      (hours)
C3/329C:	20E004  	JSR $04E0      (convert leading 0's to spaces)
C3/329F:	A2FB7C  	LDX #$7CFB     (The position, I believe)
C3/32A2:	20B604  	JSR $04B6      (2 digits to display)
C3/32A5:	AD6418  	LDA $1864      (minutes)
C3/32A8:	20F904  	JSR $04F9      (convert minutes to a displayable format)
C3/32AB:	A2017D  	LDX #$7D01
C3/32AE:	20B604  	JSR $04B6      (JMP fool!, 2 digits to display)
C3/32B1:	60      	RTS

C3/32B2 divider function

(Pass in Y, out comes Y/60 in $E7)
(Useful for taking frames and getting seconds,
minutes and hours)

C3/32B2:	8C0442  	STY $4204
C3/32B5:	A93C    	LDA #$3C	(60)
C3/32B7:	8D0642  	STA $4206
C3/32BA:	EA      	NOP            (2 cycles)
C3/32BB:	EA      	NOP            (4 cycles)
C3/32BC:	EA      	NOP            (6 cycles)
C3/32BD:	EA      	NOP            (8 cycles)
C3/32BE:	EA      	NOP            (10 cycles)
C3/32BF:	EA      	NOP            (12 cycles)
C3/32C0:	EA      	NOP            (14 cycles)
C3/32C1:	EA      	NOP            (16 cycles)
C3/32C2:	EA      	NOP            (18 cycles)
C3/32C3:	EA      	NOP            (20 cycles)
C3/32C4:	EA      	NOP            (22 cycles)
C3/32C5:	EA      	NOP            (24 cycles)
C3/32C6:	EA      	NOP            (26 cycles)
C3/32C7:	EA      	NOP            (28 cycles)
C3/32C8:	AC1442  	LDY $4214      (32 or 33 cycles, massive overkill)
C3/32CB:	84E7    	STY $E7        (unless NMI needs to waste this much time, this could be greatly optimized)
C3/32CD:	60      	RTS

C3/32CE check gold capacity

Gold handler, make sure that you don't have more than 9,999,999
C3/32CE:	A97F    	LDA #$7F       (127...)
C3/32D0:	CD6018  	CMP $1860      (compare against low byte of gold)
C3/32D3:	A996    	LDA #$96       (150...)
C3/32D5:	ED6118  	SBC $1861      (subtract middle byte of gold, carry will be set/clear depending on above)
C3/32D8:	A998    	LDA #$98       (152...)
C3/32DA:	ED6218  	SBC $1862      (subtract high byte of gold, carry will be set/clear depending on previous SBC)
C3/32DD:	B00B    	BCS $32EA      (if carry is set, there was no overflow, you have less than 9,999,999 gold)
C3/32DF:	A07F96  	LDY #$967F
C3/32E2:	8C6018  	STY $1860
C3/32E5:	A998    	LDA #$98
C3/32E7:	8D6218  	STA $1862      (make overall gold 9999999)
C3/32EA:	60      	RTS

C3/32EB unknow

C3/32EB:	20220A  	JSR $0A22
C3/32EE:	4C1B34  	JMP $341B

C3/32F1 unknow

C3/32F1:	A569    	LDA $69
C3/32F3:	30F6    	BMI $32EB     (branch if no character in slot)
C3/32F5:	A66D    	LDX $6D
C3/32F7:	8667    	STX $67
C3/32F9:	A924    	LDA #$24
C3/32FB:	8529    	STA $29       (set text color to blue)
C3/32FD:	A24137  	LDX #$3741
C3/3300:	A00600  	LDY #$0006
C3/3303:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA     (display character 1's "LV," "HP," and "MP")
C3/3306:	A02739  	LDY #$3927
C3/3309:	A27815  	LDX #$1578
C3/330C:	6448    	STZ $48
C3/330E:	202734  	JSR $3427     (display character 1's status ailments?)
C3/3311:	A23137  	LDX #$3731
C3/3314:	86F1    	STX $F1       (C3/69BA handles this already...)
C3/3316:	A00400  	LDY #$0004
C3/3319:	84EF    	STY $EF       (C3/69BA handles this already...)
C3/331B:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA     (display character 1's "/'s")
C3/331E:	A01939  	LDY #$3919
C3/3321:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF     (display character name)
C3/3324:	A22D33  	LDX #$332D
C3/3327:	206C0C  	JSR $0C6C     (display level, HP, MP, etc)
C3/332A:	4C220A  	JMP $0A22

C3/332D data: positions for level, HP and MP (char 1)

Data: Positioning for Level, HP, MP for character slot 1 in main menu
C3/332D:	A739            (level's position)
C3/332F:	E339            (current HP's position)
C3/3331:	ED39            (max HP's position)
C3/3333:	233A            (current MP's position)
C3/3335:	2D3A            (max MP's position)

C3/3337 unknow

C3/3337:	204B0A  	JSR $0A4B 
C3/333A:	4C1B34  	JMP $341B

C3/333D unknow

C3/333D:	A56A    	LDA $6A
C3/333F:	30F6    	BMI $3337     (branch if no character in slot)
C3/3341:	A66F    	LDX $6F
C3/3343:	8667    	STX $67
C3/3345:	A924    	LDA #$24
C3/3347:	8529    	STA $29       (set text color to blue)
C3/3349:	A24737  	LDX #$3747
C3/334C:	A00600  	LDY #$0006
C3/334F:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA     (display character 2's "LV," "HP," and "MP")
C3/3352:	A0A73A  	LDY #$3AA7
C3/3355:	A27845  	LDX #$4578
C3/3358:	6448    	STZ $48
C3/335A:	202734  	JSR $3427     (display character 2's status ailments?)
C3/335D:	A23537  	LDX #$3735
C3/3360:	86F1    	STX $F1       (C3/69BA handles this already...)
C3/3362:	A00400  	LDY #$0004
C3/3365:	84EF    	STY $EF       (C3/69BA handles this already...)
C3/3367:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA     (display character 2's "/'s")
C3/336A:	A0993A  	LDY #$3A99
C3/336D:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF     (display character name)
C3/3370:	A27933  	LDX #$3379
C3/3373:	206C0C  	JSR $0C6C     (display level, HP, MP, etc)
C3/3376:	4C4B0A  	JMP $0A4B

C3/3379 data: positions for level, hp and mp (char 2)

Data: Positioning for Level, HP, MP for character slot 2 in main menu
C3/3379:	273B            (level's position)
C3/337B:	633B            (current HP's position)
C3/337D:	6D3B            (max HP's position)
C3/3380:	A33B            (current MP's position)
C3/3381:	AD3B            (max MP's position)

C3/3384 unknow

C3/3384:	20760A    	JSR $0A76
C3/3386:	4C1B34  	JMP $341B

C3/3389 unknow

C3/3389:	A56B    	LDA $6B
C3/338B:	30F6    	BMI $3383     (branch if no character in slot)
C3/338D:	A671    	LDX $71
C3/338F:	8667    	STX $67
C3/3391:	A924    	LDA #$24
C3/3393:	8529    	STA $29       (set text color to blue)
C3/3395:	A24D37  	LDX #$374D
C3/3398:	A00600  	LDY #$0006
C3/339B:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA     (display character 3's "LV," "HP," and "MP")
C3/339E:	A0273C  	LDY #$3C27
C3/33A1:	A27875  	LDX #$7578
C3/33A4:	6448    	STZ $48
C3/33A6:	202734  	JSR $3427     (display character 3's status ailments?)
C3/33A9:	A23937  	LDX #$3739
C3/33AC:	86F1    	STX $F1       (C3/69BA handles this already...)
C3/33AE:	A00400  	LDY #$0004
C3/33B1:	84EF    	STY $EF       (C3/69BA handles this already...)
C3/33B3:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA     (display character 3's "/'s")
C3/33B6:	A0193C  	LDY #$3C19
C3/33B9:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF     (display character name)
C3/33BC:	A2C533  	LDX #$33C5
C3/33BF:	206C0C  	JSR $0C6C     (display level, HP, MP, etc)
C3/33C2:	4C760A  	JMP $0A76

C3/33C5 data: positions for level, hp and mp (char 3)

Data: Positioning for Level, HP, MP, for character slot 3 in main menu
C3/33C5:	A73C            (level's position)
C3/33C7:	E33C            (current HP's position)
C3/33C9:	ED3C            (max HP's position)
C3/33CB:	233D            (current MP's position)
C3/33CD:	2D3D            (max MP's position)

C3/33CF unknow

C3/33CF:	20A10A  	JSR $0AA1
C3/33D2:	4C1B34  	JMP $341B

C3/33D5 unknow

C3/33D5:	A56C    	LDA $6C
C3/33D7:	30F6    	BMI $33CF     (branch if no character in slot)
C3/33D9:	A673    	LDX $73
C3/33DB:	8667    	STX $67
C3/33DD:	A924    	LDA #$24
C3/33DF:	8529    	STA $29       (set text color to blue)
C3/33E1:	A25337  	LDX #$3753
C3/33E4:	A00600  	LDY #$0006
C3/33E7:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA     (display character 4's "LV," "HP," and "MP")
C3/33EA:	A0A73D  	LDY #$3DA7
C3/33ED:	A278A5  	LDX #$A578
C3/33F0:	6448    	STZ $48
C3/33F2:	202734  	JSR $3427     (display character 4's status ailments?)
C3/33F5:	A23D37  	LDX #$373D
C3/33F8:	86F1    	STX $F1       (C3/69BA handles this already...)
C3/33FA:	A00400  	LDY #$0004
C3/33FD:	84EF    	STY $EF       (C3/69BA handles this already...)
C3/33FF:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA     (display character 4's "/'s")
C3/3402:	A0993D  	LDY #$3D99
C3/3405:	20CF34  	JSR $34CF     (display character name)
C3/3408:	A21134  	LDX #$3411
C3/340B:	206C0C  	JSR $0C6C     (display level, HP, MP, etc)
C3/340E:	4CA10A  	JMP $0AA1

C3/3411 data: positions for level, hp and mp (char 4)

Data: Positioning for Level, HP, MP, for character slot 4 in main menu
C3/3411:	273E            (level's position)
C3/3413:	633E            (current HP's position)
C3/3415:	6D3E            (max HP's position)
C3/3417:	A33E            (current MP's position)
C3/3419:	AD3E            (max MP's position)

C3/341B unknow

C3/341B:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/341D:	A9D800  	LDA #$00D8
C3/3420:	9F4A347E	STA $7E344A,X
C3/3424:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3426:	60      	RTS

C3/3427 unknow

C3/3427:	86E7    	STX $E7
C3/3429:	201935  	JSR $3519
C3/342C:	B91400  	LDA $0014,Y    (status byte 1)
C3/342F:	307F    	BMI $34B0      (branch if dead)
C3/3431:	2970    	AND #$70
C3/3433:	85E1    	STA $E1        (save the other statuses)
C3/3435:	B91400  	LDA $0014,Y    (status byte 1)
C3/3438:	2907    	AND #$07       (keep blind, zombie, and poison)
C3/343A:	0A      	ASL A
C3/343B:	85E2    	STA $E2
C3/343D:	B91500  	LDA $0015,Y    (status byte 4)
C3/3440:	2980    	AND #$80       (filter out float)
C3/3442:	05E1    	ORA $E1
C3/3444:	05E2    	ORA $E2
C3/3446:	85E1    	STA $E1
C3/3448:	F05F    	BEQ $34A9      (status is normal, so exit out)
C3/344A:	64F1    	STZ $F1
C3/344C:	64F2    	STZ $F2
C3/344E:	A20700  	LDX #$0007
C3/3451:	DA      	PHX
C3/3452:	0A      	ASL A
C3/3453:	9047    	BCC $349C
C3/3455:	48      	PHA
C3/3456:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/3458:	A0427B  	LDY #$7B42
C3/345B:	207311  	JSR $1173      (put C3/7B42 in the queue)
C3/345E:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/3460:	9F4A367E	STA $7E364A,X
C3/3464:	A548    	LDA $48
C3/3466:	9F49367E	STA $7E3649,X
C3/346A:	9B      	TXY
C3/346B:	A6F1    	LDX $F1
C3/346D:	8B      	PHB
C3/346E:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C3/3470:	48      	PHA
C3/3471:	AB      	PLB
C3/3472:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3474:	BF25ECD8	LDA $D8EC25,X  (get ailment icons from the VWF?)
C3/3478:	99C932  	STA $32C9,Y    (save as pointer to OAM data)
C3/347B:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/347D:	A5E7    	LDA $E7
C3/347F:	99CA33  	STA $33CA,Y
C3/3482:	A5E8    	LDA $E8
C3/3484:	994A34  	STA $344A,Y
C3/3487:	7B      	TDC
C3/3488:	99CB33  	STA $33CB,Y
C3/348B:	994B34  	STA $344B,Y
C3/348E:	A9D8    	LDA #$D8
C3/3490:	99CA35  	STA $35CA,Y    (save bank pointer to OAM data)
C3/3493:	AB      	PLB
C3/3494:	18      	CLC
C3/3495:	A90A    	LDA #$0A
C3/3497:	65E7    	ADC $E7
C3/3499:	85E7    	STA $E7
C3/349B:	68      	PLA
C3/349C:	E6F1    	INC $F1
C3/349E:	E6F1    	INC $F1
C3/34A0:	FA      	PLX
C3/34A1:	CA      	DEX
C3/34A2:	D0AD    	BNE $3451
C3/34A4:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/34A6:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/34A8:	60      	RTS

C3/34A9 unknow

C3/34A9:	A920    	LDA #$20       (status is normal)
C3/34AB:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/34AD:	4CE534  	JMP $34E5      (a BRA would work here, and better yet, since it jumps to an RTS, an RTS would work here too)

C3/34B0 unknow

C3/34B0:	A28B9E  	LDX #$9E8B
C3/34B3:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C3/34B6:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/34B8:	BF1B37C3	LDA $C3371B,X  (get finger positioning data)
C3/34BC:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/34BF:	E8      	INX
C3/34C0:	E00800  	CPX #$0008
C3/34C3:	D0F3    	BNE $34B8
C3/34C5:	9C8021  	STZ $2180      (end this string)
C3/34C8:	A928    	LDA #$28
C3/34CA:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to gray)
C3/34CC:	4CD97F  	JMP $7FD9

C3/34CF draw char name

Draw name of character onscreen at 16-bit Y
C3/34CF:	201935  	JSR $3519
C3/34D2:	A20600  	LDX #$0006     (length of character name)
C3/34D5:	B90200  	LDA $0002,Y
C3/34D8:	8D8021  	STA $2180      (write a letter)
C3/34DB:	C8      	INY
C3/34DC:	CA      	DEX
C3/34DD:	D0F6    	BNE $34D5
C3/34DF:	9C8021  	STZ $2180      (end this string)
C3/34E2:	4CD97F  	JMP $7FD9      (finish the drawing process)

C3/34E5:	60      	RTS            (this is left over from the original japanese routine, which displays class names)

C3/34E6 display esper name

Esper name displaying in most menus (this is not used to generate the esper list!)
C3/34E6:	201935  	JSR $3519
C3/34E9:	B91E00  	LDA $001E,Y
C3/34EC:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C3/34EE:	F018    	BEQ $3508      (branch if no esper equipped)
C3/34F0:	0A      	ASL A
C3/34F1:	0A      	ASL A
C3/34F2:	0A      	ASL A
C3/34F3:	AA      	TAX
C3/34F4:	A00800  	LDY #$0008     (esper name length)
C3/34F7:	BFE1F6E6	LDA $E6F6E1,X  (Load Esper name)
C3/34FB:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/34FE:	E8      	INX
C3/34FF:	88      	DEY
C3/3500:	D0F5    	BNE $34F7
C3/3502:	9C8021  	STZ $2180      (end this string)
C3/3505:	4CD97F  	JMP $7FD9

C3/3508 unknow

C3/3508:	A00800  	LDY #$0008
C3/350B:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C3/350D:	8D8021  	STA $2180      (blank esper name)
C3/3510:	88      	DEY            (have we done 8 letters yet?)
C3/3511:	D0FA    	BNE $350D      (branch if not)
C3/3513:	9C8021  	STZ $2180      (end this string)
C3/3516:	4CD97F  	JMP $7FD9

C3/3519 unknow

Take 16-bit Y and make it position onscreen, then transfer it to A and put it in VRAM
C3/3519:	A2899E  	LDX #$9E89
C3/351C:	8E8121  	STX $2181
C3/351F:	C220    	REP #$20      	(16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3521:	98      	TYA 
C3/3522:	E220    	SEP #$20      	(8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3524:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/3527:	EB      	XBA 
C3/3528:	8D8021  	STA $2180
C3/352B:	7B      	TDC
C3/352C:	A467    	LDY $67
C3/352E:	60      	RTS

C3/352F fade out screen

This would appear to be the "fade out screen" routine
C3/352F:	A980    	LDA #$80
C3/3531:	8D0021  	STA $2100      (turn the screen off)
C3/3534:	201411  	JSR $1114      (erase all onscreen sprites)
C3/3537:	9C0042  	STZ $4200      (turn off NMI, auto joypad read, etc)
C3/353A:	9C0B42  	STZ $420B      (turn off DMA)
C3/353D:	9C0C42  	STZ $420C      (turn off HDMA)
C3/3540:	60      	RTS

C3/3541 unknow

C3/3541:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/3543:	8544    	STA $44
C3/3545:	4C6813  	JMP $1368      (trigger NMI)

C3/3548 unknow

C3/3548:	20390F  	JSR $0F39
C3/354B:	4C6C32  	JMP $326C

C3/354E unknow

C3/354E:	A600    	LDX $00        (from C3/1AC0)
C3/3550:	A917    	LDA #$17
C3/3552:	9F099A7E	STA $7E9A09,X
C3/3556:	E8      	INX
C3/3557:	E0DF00  	CPX #$00DF
C3/355A:	D0F6    	BNE $3552
C3/355C:	A940    	LDA #$40
C3/355E:	8D6043  	STA $4360      (set transfer method to...?)
C3/3561:	A92C    	LDA #$2C
C3/3563:	8D6143  	STA $4361      (register address becomes $212C)
C3/3566:	A07B35  	LDY #$357B
C3/3569:	8C6243  	STY $4362      (set address)
C3/356C:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/356E:	8D6443  	STA $4364      (set bank, C3/357B)
C3/3571:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C3/3573:	8D6743  	STA $4367
C3/3576:	A940    	LDA #$40
C3/3578:	0443    	TSB $43        (eventually enable channel 6 of HDMA)
C3/357A:	60      	RTS

C3/357B hdma transfer table

C3/357B:	F0
C3/357C:	09
C3/357D:	9A
C3/357E:	F0
C3/357F:	79
C3/3580:	9A
C3/3581:	00

C3/3582 unknow

C3/3582:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/3584:	C54B    	CMP $4B
C3/3586:	9015    	BCC $359D
C3/3588:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/358A:	A0D435  	LDY #$35D4
C3/358D:	207311  	JSR $1173      (put C3/35D4 in the queue)
C3/3590:	20C135  	JSR $35C1
C3/3593:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/3595:	A01F36  	LDY #$361F
C3/3598:	207311  	JSR $1173      (put C3/361F in the queue)
C3/359B:	8015    	BRA $35B2
C3/359D:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/359F:	A0D435  	LDY #$35D4
C3/35A2:	207311  	JSR $1173      (put C3/35D4 in the queue)
C3/35A5:	20B235  	JSR $35B2
C3/35A8:	A903    	LDA #$03
C3/35AA:	A01F36  	LDY #$361F
C3/35AD:	207311  	JSR $1173      (put C3/361F in the queue)
C3/35B0:	800F    	BRA $35C1
C3/35B2:	9B      	TXY
C3/35B3:	7B      	TDC
C3/35B4:	A528    	LDA $28
C3/35B6:	AA      	TAX
C3/35B7:	BFD035C3	LDA $C335D0,X
C3/35BB:	BB      	TYX
C3/35BC:	9FCA337E	STA $7E33CA,X
C3/35C0:	60      	RTS

C3/35C1 unknow

C3/35C1:	9B      	TXY
C3/35C2:	7B      	TDC
C3/35C3:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/35C5:	AA      	TAX
C3/35C6:	BFD035C3	LDA $C335D0,X
C3/35CA:	BB      	TYX
C3/35CB:	9FCA337E	STA $7E33CA,X
C3/35CF:	60      	RTS

C3/35D0 data

C3/35D0:	0D
C3/35D1:	3D
C3/35D2:	6D
C3/35D3:	9D

C3/35D4 code and table

C3/35D4:	AA      	TAX
C3/35D5:	7CD835  	JMP ($35D8,X)

C3/35D8:	DE35
C3/35DA:	E335
C3/35DC:	0236

C3/35DE unknow

C3/35DE:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/35E0:	FE4936  	INC $3649,X    (execute the next entry in this queue's jump table)
C3/35E3:	A42D    	LDY $2D
C3/35E5:	A522    	LDA $22
C3/35E7:	C90C    	CMP #$0C
C3/35E9:	F00F    	BEQ $35FA
C3/35EB:	7B      	TDC
C3/35EC:	B9CA33  	LDA $33CA,Y
C3/35EF:	AA      	TAX
C3/35F0:	A906    	LDA #$06
C3/35F2:	207736  	JSR $3677
C3/35F5:	99CA33  	STA $33CA,Y
C3/35F8:	38      	SEC            (not done with this queue yet)
C3/35F9:	60      	RTS

C3/35FA unknow

C3/35FA:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/35FC:	FE4936  	INC $3649,X    (execute the next entry in this queue's jump table)
C3/35FF:	DECA33  	DEC $33CA,X
C3/3602:	A545    	LDA $45
C3/3604:	8908    	BIT #$08
C3/3606:	F013    	BEQ $361B
C3/3608:	A42D    	LDY $2D
C3/360A:	A522    	LDA $22
C3/360C:	F00F    	BEQ $361D
C3/360E:	7B      	TDC
C3/360F:	B9CA33  	LDA $33CA,Y
C3/3612:	AA      	TAX
C3/3613:	A917    	LDA #$17
C3/3615:	208D36  	JSR $368D
C3/3618:	99CA33  	STA $33CA,Y
C3/361B:	38      	SEC            (not done with this queue yet)
C3/361C:	60      	RTS
C3/361D:	18      	CLC            (this queue can be removed)
C3/361E:	60      	RTS

C3/361F code and table

C3/361F:	AA      	TAX
C3/3620:	7C2336  	JMP ($3623,X)

C3/3623:	2936    	
C3/3625:	3736    	
C3/3627:	5836      	

C3/3629 unknow

C3/3629:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/362B:	FE4936  	INC $3649,X    (execute the next entry in this queue's jump table)
C3/362E:	BDCA33    	LDA $33CA,X
C3/3631:	18      	CLC
C3/3632:	692F    	ADC #$2F
C3/3634:	9DCA33  	STA $33CA,X
C3/3637:	A42D    	LDY $2D
C3/3639:	A522    	LDA $22
C3/363B:	C90C    	CMP #$0C
C3/363D:	F011    	BEQ $3650
C3/363F:	7B      	TDC
C3/3640:	B9CA33  	LDA $33CA,Y
C3/3643:	AA      	TAX
C3/3644:	A906    	LDA #$06
C3/3646:	208D36  	JSR $368D
C3/3649:	99CA33  	STA $33CA,Y
C3/364C:	C622    	DEC $22
C3/364E:	38      	SEC            (not done with this queue yet)
C3/364F:	60      	RTS

C3/3650 unknow

C3/3650:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/3652:	FE4936  	INC $3649,X    (execute the next entry in this queue's jump table)
C3/3655:	FECA33  	INC $33CA,X
C3/3658:	A545    	LDA $45
C3/365A:	8908    	BIT #$08
C3/365C:	F015    	BEQ $3673
C3/365E:	A42D    	LDY $2D
C3/3660:	A522    	LDA $22
C3/3662:	F011    	BEQ $3675
C3/3664:	7B      	TDC
C3/3665:	B9CA33  	LDA $33CA,Y
C3/3668:	AA      	TAX
C3/3669:	A917    	LDA #$17
C3/366B:	207736  	JSR $3677
C3/366E:	99CA33  	STA $33CA,Y
C3/3671:	C622    	DEC $22
C3/3673:	38      	SEC            (not done with this queue yet)
C3/3674:	60      	RTS
C3/3675:	18      	CLC            (this queue can be removed)
C3/3676:	60      	RTS

C3/3677 unknow

C3/3677:	9F099A7E	STA $7E9A09,X
C3/367B:	E8      	INX
C3/367C:	9F099A7E	STA $7E9A09,X
C3/3680:	E8      	INX
C3/3681:	9F099A7E	STA $7E9A09,X
C3/3685:	E8      	INX
C3/3686:	9F099A7E	STA $7E9A09,X
C3/368A:	E8      	INX
C3/368B:	8A      	TXA
C3/368C:	60      	RTS

C3/368D unknow

C3/368D:	9F099A7E	STA $7E9A09,X
C3/3691:	CA      	DEX
C3/3692:	9F099A7E	STA $7E9A09,X
C3/3696:	CA      	DEX
C3/3697:	9F099A7E	STA $7E9A09,X
C3/369B:	CA      	DEX
C3/369C:	9F099A7E	STA $7E9A09,X
C3/36A0:	CA      	DEX
C3/36A1:	8A      	TXA
C3/36A2:	60      	RTS

C3/36A3 unknow

C3/36A3:	A902    	LDA #$02       (from C3/1AC8, C3/1CA8, C3/1D0B)
C3/36A5:	8D5043  	STA $4350      (set transfer method to...?)
C3/36A8:	A912    	LDA #$12
C3/36AA:	8D5143  	STA $4351      (register address becomes $2112)
C3/36AD:	A0C236  	LDY #$36C2
C3/36B0:	8C5243  	STY $4352      (set the address)
C3/36B3:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/36B5:	8D5443  	STA $4354      (set the bank, C3/36C2)
C3/36B8:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/36BA:	8D5743  	STA $4357
C3/36BD:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/36BF:	0443    	TSB $43        (eventually enable channel 5 of HDMA)
C3/36C1:	60      	RTS

C3/36C2 hdma transfer

HDMA transfer table for main menu text on layer 3 (item, skills, equip, etc)
C3/36C2:	0F0000  	(15 scanlines, 0 pixel shift)
C3/36C5:	0F0300  	(15 scanlines, 3 pixel shift)
C3/36C8:	0F0400  	(15 scanlines, 4 pixel shift)
C3/36CB:	0F0500  	(15 scanlines, 5 pixel shift)
C3/36CE:	0F0600  	(15 scanlines, 6 pixel shift)
C3/36D1:	0F0700  	(15 scanlines, 7 pixel shift)
C3/36D4:	0F0800  	(15 scanlines, 8 pixel shift)
C3/36D7:	0F0900  	(15 scanlines, 9 pixel shift)
C3/36DA:	070800  	(7 scanlines, 8 pixel shift)
C3/36DD:	080000  	(8 scanlines, 0 pixel shift)
C3/36E0:	080000  	(8 scanlines, 0 pixel shift)
C3/36E3:	180000  	(24 scanlines, 0 pixel shift, 167 scanlines total)
C3/36E6:	00      	(end)

C3/36E7 unknow

C3/36E7:	A520    	LDA $20
C3/36E8:	D004    	BNE $36EF
C3/36EB:	A527    	LDA $27
C3/36ED:	8526    	STA $26
C3/36EF:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/36F1:	A535    	LDA $35
C3/36F3:	18      	CLC
C3/36F4:	659C    	ADC $9C
C3/36F6:	8535    	STA $35
C3/36F8:	8539    	STA $39
C3/36FA:	853D    	STA $3D
C3/36FC:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/36FE:	60      	RTS

C3/36FF unknow

C3/36FF:	A00E37  	LDY #$370E
C3/3702:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/3705 unknow

C3/3705:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/3708:	A01337  	LDY #$3713
C3/370B:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/370E data: hotspots for status menu

Hotspot data for status menu
C3/370E:	80 00 00 01 04

C3/3713 data

C3/3713:	9059    	(first command, normally "Fight")
C3/3715:	9065    	(second command, normally skill goes here)
C3/3717:	9071    	(third command, normally "Magic")
C3/3719:	907D    	(fourth command, normally "Item")

C3/371B data: finger positions for status menu

C3/371B:	96A8
C3/371D:	AEA7
C3/371F:	9D9E
C3/3121:	9DFF

C3/3723 data: strings

C3/3723:	0438    	("Time")
C3/3725:	0F38    	("Steps")
C3/3727:	5038    	("Order")
C3/3729:	CB37    	("Item")
C3/372B:	D237    	("Skills")
C3/372D:	E337    	("Relic")
C3/372F:	EB37    	("Status")
C3/3731:	7E37    	("/")
C3/3733:	8237    	("/")
C3/3735:	9537    	("/")
C3/3737:	9937    	("/")
C3/3739:	AC37    	("/")
C3/373B:	B037    	("/")
C3/373D:	C337    	("/")
C3/373F:	C737    	("/")
C3/3741:	6F37    	("LV")
C3/3743:	7437    	("HP")
C3/3745:	7937    	("MP")
C3/3747:	8637    	("LV")
C3/3749:	8B37    	("HP")
C3/374B:	9037    	("MP")
C3/374D:	9D37    	("LV")
C3/374F:	A237    	("HP")
C3/3751:	A737    	("MP")
C3/3753:	B437    	("LV")
C3/3755:	B937    	("HP")
C3/3757:	BE37    	("MP")
C3/3759:	DB37    	("Equip")
C3/375B:	F437    	("Config")
C3/375D:	1C38    	("Yes")
C3/375F:	2238    	("No")
C3/3761:	2738    	("This")
C3/3763:	2E38    	("data?")
C3/3765:	1C38    	("Yes")
C3/3767:	2238    	("No")
C3/3769:	3638    	("Erasing")
C3/376B:	4038    	("data.")
C3/376D:	4838    	("Okay?")
C3/376F:	9D398B9500    	(LV)
C3/3774:	DD39878F00    	(HP)
C3/3779:	1D3A8C8F00      (MP)
C3/377E:	EB39C000 
C3/3782:	2B3AC000
C3/3786:	1D3B8B9500    	(LV)
C3/378B:	5D3B878F00      (HP) 
C3/3790:	9D3B8C8F00  	(MP)
C3/3795:	6B3BC000
C3/3799:	AB3BC000 
C3/379D:	9D3C8B9500      (LV)
C3/37A2:	DD3C878F00      (HP)
C3/37A7:	1D3D8C8F00      (MP)
C3/37AC:	EB3CC000
C3/37B0:	2B3DC000
C3/37B4:	1D3E8B9500      (LV)
C3/37B9:	5D3E878F00      (HP)
C3/37BE:	9D3E8C8F00      (MP)
C3/37C3:	6B3EC000
C3/37C7:	AB3EC000

C3/37CB:	397988AD9EA600         ("Item")
C3/37D2:	B97992A4A2A5A5AC00     ("Skills")
C3/37DB:	397A84AAAEA2A900       ("Equip")
C3/37E3:	B97A919EA5A29C00       ("Relic")
C3/37EB:	397B92AD9AADAEAC00     ("Status")
C3/37F4:	B97B82A8A79FA2A000     ("Config")
C3/37FD:	397C929AAF9E00         ("Save")
C3/3804:	BB7C93A2A69E00         ("Time")
C3/380B:	FF7CC100               (":") 
C3/380F:	B77D92AD9EA9AC00       ("Steps")
C3/3817:	777E86A900             ("Gp")
C3/381C:	BD7A989EAC00           ("Yes")
C3/3822:	3D7B8DA800             ("No")
C3/3827:	377993A1A2AC00         ("This")
C3/382E:	B7799D9AAD9ABF00       ("data?")
C3/3836:	377984AB9AACA2A7A000   ("Erasing")
C3/3840:	B7799D9AAD9AC500       ("data.")
C3/3848:	377A8EA49AB2BF00       ("Okay?")
C3/3850:	3D818EAB9D9EAB00       ("Order")

C3/3858 unknow

C3/3858:	A06738  	LDY #$3867
C3/385B:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/385E unknow

C3/385E:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/3861:	A06C38  	LDY #$386C
C3/3864:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/3867 data: hotspots for config screen 1

C3/3867:	81 00 00 01 09

C3/386C data: finger positions for config screen 1

C3/386C:	6029
C3/386E:	6039
C3/3870:	6049
C3/3872:	6059
C3/3874:	6069
C3/3876:	6079
C3/3878:	6089
C3/387A:	6099
C3/387C:	60A9

C3/387E unknow

C3/387E:	A08D38  	LDY #$388D
C3/3881:	4CFE05  	JMP $05FE

C3/3884 unknow

C3/3884:	202D07  	JSR $072D
C3/3887:	A09238  	LDY #$3892
C3/388A:	4C4006  	JMP $0640

C3/388D data: hotspots for config screen 2

Hotspot data for config screen 2
C3/388D:	81 00 00 01 06

C3/3892 data: finger positions for config screen 2

C3/3892:	6029
C3/3894:	6069
C3/3896:	6079
C3/3898:	6099
C3/389A:	60A9
C3/389C:	60B9

C3/389E config screen

The config screen (both parts)
C3/389E:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/38A0:	8D0721  	STA $2107
C3/38A3:	A0FBFF  	LDY #$FFFB
C3/38A6:	843F    	STY $3F
C3/38A8:	20286A  	JSR $6A28
C3/38AB:	A0E239  	LDY #$39E2
C3/38AE:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw config screen)
C3/38B1:	A0E639  	LDY #$39E6
C3/38B4:	204103  	JSR $0341      (draw window that holds "Config")
C3/38B7:	20520E  	JSR $0E52
C3/38BA:	205E39  	JSR $395E
C3/38BD:	20156A  	JSR $6A15
C3/38C0:	20196A  	JSR $6A19
C3/38C3:	203C6A  	JSR $6A3C
C3/38C6:	20416A  	JSR $6A41
C3/38C9:	A92C    	LDA #$2C
C3/38CB:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to blue)
C3/38CD:	A0A149  	LDY #$49A1
C3/38D0:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Config")
C3/38D3:	A924    	LDA #$24
C3/38D5:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to blue)
C3/38D7:	A29349  	LDX #$4993
C3/38DA:	A00E00  	LDY #$000E
C3/38DD:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "Bat. Mode," "Bat. Speed," "Msg. Speed," "Cmd. Set," "Gauge," "Sound," and "Reequip")
C3/38E0:	A924    	LDA #$24
C3/38E2:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to blue)
C3/38E4:	A20349  	LDX #$4903
C3/38E7:	A00400  	LDY #$0004
C3/38EA:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "Controller" and "Cursor")
C3/38ED:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/38EF:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/38F1:	A20749  	LDX #$4907
C3/38F4:	A00400  	LDY #$0004
C3/38F7:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "Fast" and "Slow")
C3/38FA:	208C3B  	JSR $3B8C      (display battle mode settings)
C3/38FD:	20B73B  	JSR $3BB7      (display battle speed settings)
C3/3900:	20F23B  	JSR $3BF2      (display message speed settings)
C3/3903:	20333C  	JSR $3C33      (display battle window settings)
C3/3906:	205C3C  	JSR $3C5C      (display gauge settings)
C3/3909:	20853C  	JSR $3C85      (display sound settings)
C3/390C:	20B03C  	JSR $3CB0      (display menu position settings)
C3/390F:	20DB3C  	JSR $3CDB      (display reequipping settings)
C3/3912:	20063D  	JSR $3D06      (display current controller settings)
C3/3915:	A924    	LDA #$24
C3/3917:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to blue)
C3/3919:	A21C4A  	LDX #$4A1C
C3/391C:	A00600  	LDY #$0006
C3/391F:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "Mag.Order," "Window," and "Color")
C3/3922:	205039  	JSR $3950
C3/3925:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3927:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/3929:	A2284A  	LDX #$4A28
C3/392C:	A00C00  	LDY #$000C
C3/392F:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display "R," "G," "B," "A..," "B..," and "C..")
C3/3932:	20FD3F  	JSR $3FFD
C3/3935:	20EA40  	JSR $40EA      (display window background)
C3/3938:	203341  	JSR $4133
C3/393B:	20C341  	JSR $41C3
C3/393E:	20F539  	JSR $39F5
C3/3941:	20280E  	JSR $0E28
C3/3944:	206E0E  	JSR $0E6E
C3/3947:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/3949:	A08039  	LDY #$3980
C3/394C:	207311  	JSR $1173      (put C3/3980 in the queue)
C3/394F:	60      	RTS

C3/3950 unknow

C3/3950:	A930    	LDA #$30
C3/3952:	8529    	STA $29
C3/3954:	A2224A  	LDX #$4A22
C3/3957:	A00600  	LDY #$0006
C3/395A:	20BA69  	JSR $69BA      (display what looks like the ATB bars for the color component changing)
C3/395D:	60      	RTS

C3/395E unknow

C3/395E:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/3960:	A940    	LDA #$40
C3/3962:	8D2121  	STA $2121
C3/3965:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3967:	BF80E8D8	LDA $D8E880,X
C3/396B:	9FC9307E	STA $7E30C9,X
C3/396F:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3971:	8D2221  	STA $2122
C3/3974:	EB      	XBA 
C3/3975:	8D2221  	STA $2122
C3/3978:	E8      	INX
C3/3979:	E8      	INX
C3/397A:	E02000  	CPX #$0020
C3/397D:	D0E6    	BNE $3965
C3/397F:	60      	RTS

C3/3980 code and table unknow

C3/3980:	AA      	TAX
C3/3981:	7C8439  	JMP ($3984,X)

C3/3984:	8839      	
C3/3986:	AB39  	

C3/3988 unknow

C3/3988:	A62D    	LDX $2D
C3/398A:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/398C:	A9CB39  	LDA #$39CB
C3/398F:	9DC932  	STA $32C9,X    (save as pointer to OAM data)
C3/3992:	A97800  	LDA #$0078
C3/3995:	9DCA33  	STA $33CA,X
C3/3998:	A91800  	LDA #$0018
C3/399B:	9D4A34  	STA $344A,X
C3/399E:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/39A0:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/39A2:	9DCA35  	STA $35CA,X    (save bank pointer to OAM data)
C3/39A5:	FE4936  	INC $3649,X    (execute the next entry in this queue's jump table)
C3/39A8:	200612  	JSR $1206
C3/39AB:	A42D    	LDY $2D
C3/39AD:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C3/39AF:	F004    	BEQ $39B5
C3/39B1:	A902    	LDA #$02
C3/39B3:	8001    	BRA $39B6
C3/39B5:	7B      	TDC
C3/39B6:	AA      	TAX
C3/39B7:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/39B9:	BFC739C3	LDA $C339C7,X
C3/39BD:	99C932  	STA $32C9,Y    (save as pointer to OAM data)
C3/39C0:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/39C2:	202112  	JSR $1221      (draw the sprites!)
C3/39C5:	38      	SEC            (not done with this queue yet)
C3/39C6:	60      	RTS

C3/39C7 oam: giant arrow

OAM pointers, giant arrow for both config screens
C3/39C7:	CB39
C3/39C9:	D439

C3/39CB oam data

OAM data: format is pointer, timer, pointer, timer, pointer, end
C3/39CB:	5BB4
C3/39CD:	10
C3/39CE:	DD39
C3/39D0:	10
C3/39D1:	5BB4
C3/39D3:	FF

C3/39D4:	5BB4
C3/39D5:	10
C3/39D7:	61B4
C3/39D9:	10
C3/39DA:	5BB4
C3/39DC:	FF

C3/39DD:	01

C3/39DE:	80D0033E	(position 80,D0, 03 is ?, giant arrow pointing down)

C3/39E2 data: windows sizes and positions

C3/39E2:	0B591C16        (config screen)
C3/39E6:	B7580602        (window that holds "Config")

C3/39EA unknow

C3/39EA:	A0FB00  	LDY #$00FB
C3/39ED:	8437    	STY $37
C3/39EF:	207E38  	JSR $387E     (get hotspot data for config screen 2)
C3/39F2:	4C8738  	JMP $3887     (get finger positioning data for config screen 2)

C3/39F5 unknow

C3/39F5:	A0FBFF  	LDY #$FFFB
C3/39F8:	8437    	STY $37
C3/39FA:	205838  	JSR $3858     (get hotspot data for config screen 1)
C3/39FD:	4C6138  	JMP $3861     (get finger positioning data for config screen 1)

C3/3A00 unknow

C3/3A00:	A520    	LDA $20       (from C3/027B, the massive jump table; $26 = #$50)
C3/3A02:	F011    	BEQ $3A15
C3/3A04:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C3/3A06:	D014    	BNE $3A1C
C3/3A08:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3A0A:	A537    	LDA $37
C3/3A0C:	18      	CLC
C3/3A0D:	691000  	ADC #$0010
C3/3A10:	8537    	STA $37
C3/3A12:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3A14:	60      	RTS

C3/3A15 unknow

C3/3A15:	A901    	LDA #$01
C3/3A17:	854A    	STA $4A
C3/3A19:	20EA39  	JSR $39EA
C3/3A1C:	A90E    	LDA #$0E
C3/3A1E:	8526    	STA $26        (execute at C3/22C5)
C3/3A20:	60      	RTS

C3/3A21 unknow

C3/3A21:	A520    	LDA $20       (from C3/027D, the massive jump table; $26 = #$51)
C3/3A23:	F011    	BEQ $3A36
C3/3A25:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C3/3A27:	F01E    	BEQ $3A47
C3/3A29:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3A2B:	A537    	LDA $37
C3/3A2D:	38      	SEC
C3/3A2E:	E91000  	SBC #$0010
C3/3A31:	8537    	STA $37
C3/3A33:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3A35:	60      	RTS

C3/3A36 unknow

C3/3A36:	644A    	STZ $4A
C3/3A38:	A0FBFF  	LDY #$FFFB
C3/3A3B:	8437    	STY $37
C3/3A3D:	205838  	JSR $3858
C3/3A40:	A908    	LDA #$08
C3/3A42:	854E    	STA $4E        (set the starting hotspot when pressing up to go back to config screen 1)
C3/3A44:	206138  	JSR $3861
C3/3A47:	A90E    	LDA #$0E
C3/3A49:	8526    	STA $26        (execute at C3/22C5)
C3/3A4B:	60      	RTS

C3/3A4C unknow

C3/3A4C:	A901    	LDA #$01       (from C3/1C82)
C3/3A4E:	8D5043  	STA $4350
C3/3A51:	A928    	LDA #$28
C3/3A53:	8D5143  	STA $4351      (register address becomes $2128)
C3/3A56:	A07A3A  	LDY #$3A7A
C3/3A59:	8C5243  	STY $4352      (set address)
C3/3A5C:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/3A5E:	8D5443  	STA $4354      (set bank, C3/3A7A)
C3/3A61:	A9C3    	LDA #$C3
C3/3A63:	8D5743  	STA $4357
C3/3A66:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3A68:	0443    	TSB $43        (eventually enable channel 5 of HDMA)
C3/3A6A:	60      	RTS

C3/3A6B unknow

C3/3A6B:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3A6D:	1443    	TRB $43        (eventually disable channel 5 of HDMA)
C3/3A6F:	A908    	LDA #$08
C3/3A71:	8D2821  	STA $2128
C3/3A74:	A9F7    	LDA #$F7
C3/3A76:	8D2921  	STA $2129
C3/3A79:	60      	RTS

C3/3A7A hdma transfer table

C3/3A7A:	27FFFF
C3/3A7D:	5008F7
C3/3A80:	5008F7
C3/3A83:	10FFFF
C3/3A86:	00      	(end)

C3/3A87 unknow

C3/3A87:	A00078  	LDY #$7800
C3/3A8A:	8414    	STY $14
C3/3A8C:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/3A8F:	20303B  	JSR $3B30      (paint wallpaper for "Save Game" ?)
C3/3A92:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/3A95:	A26000  	LDX #$0060
C3/3A98:	205B3B  	JSR $3B5B
C3/3A9B:	A0001C  	LDY #$1C00
C3/3A9E:	4C2603  	JMP $0326

C3/3AA1 unknow

C3/3AA1:	A0007A  	LDY #$7A00
C3/3AA4:	8414    	STY $14
C3/3AA6:	A491    	LDY $91
C3/3AA8:	F006    	BEQ $3AB0
C3/3AAA:	AF4E6730	LDA $30674E    (if calculations are correct, this loads $1D4E of save slot 1)
C3/3AAE:	8001    	BRA $3AB1
C3/3AB0:	7B      	TDC
C3/3AB1:	20303B  	JSR $3B30      (paint wallpaper of save file 1)
C3/3AB4:	208814  	JSR $1488
C3/3AB7:	A02018  	LDY #$1820
C3/3ABA:	4C2603  	JMP $0326

C3/3ABD unknow

C3/3ABD:	A0007C  	LDY #$7C00
C3/3AC0:	8414    	STY $14
C3/3AC2:	A493    	LDY $93
C3/3AC4:	F006    	BEQ $3ACC
C3/3AC6:	AF4E7130	LDA $30714E    (if calculations are correct, this loads $1D4E of save slot 2)
C3/3ACA:	8001    	BRA $3ACD
C3/3ACC:	7B      	TDC
C3/3ACD:	20303B  	JSR $3B30      (paint wallpaper of save file 2)
C3/3AD0:	208814  	JSR $1488
C3/3AD3:	A04014  	LDY #$1440
C3/3AD6:	4C2603  	JMP $0326

C3/3AD9 unknow

C3/3AD9:	A0007E  	LDY #$7E00
C3/3ADC:	8414    	STY $14
C3/3ADE:	A495    	LDY $95
C3/3AE0:	F006    	BEQ $3AE8
C3/3AE2:	AF4E7B30	LDA $307B4E    (if calculations are correct, this loads $1D4E of save slot 3)
C3/3AE6:	8001    	BRA $3AE9
C3/3AE8:	7B      	TDC
C3/3AE9:	20303B  	JSR $3B30      (paint wallpaper of save file 3)
C3/3AEC:	208814  	JSR $1488
C3/3AEF:	A06010  	LDY #$1060
C3/3AF2:	4C2603  	JMP $0326

C3/3AF5 unknow

C3/3AF5:	A491    	LDY $91
C3/3AF7:	F006    	BEQ $3AFF
C3/3AF9:	AF4E6730	LDA $30674E    (if calculations are correct, this loads $1D4E of save slot 1)
C3/3AFD:	8001    	BRA $3B00
C3/3AFF:	7B      	TDC
C3/3B00:	A24000  	LDX #$0040
C3/3B03:	205B3B  	JSR $3B5B
C3/3B06:	4CD214  	JMP $14D2

C3/3B09 unknow

C3/3B09:	A493    	LDY $93
C3/3B0B:	F006    	BEQ $3B13
C3/3B0D:	AF4E7130	LDA $30714E    (if calculations are correct, this loads $1D4E of save slot 2)
C3/3B11:	8001    	BRA $3B14
C3/3B13:	7B      	TDC
C3/3B14:	A22000  	LDX #$0020
C3/3B17:	205B3B  	JSR $3B5B
C3/3B1A:	4CD214  	JMP $14D2

C3/3B1D unknow

C3/3B1D:	A495    	LDY $95
C3/3B1F:	F006    	BEQ $3B27
C3/3B21:	AF4E7B30	LDA $307B4E    (if calculations are correct, this loads $1D4E of save slot 3)
C3/3B25:	8001    	BRA $3B28
C3/3B27:	7B      	TDC
C3/3B28:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/3B2A:	205B3B  	JSR $3B5B
C3/3B2D:	4CD214  	JMP $14D2

C3/3B30 paint wallpaper design at save screen

Paint the correct wallpaper design for save files on the save screen
C3/3B30:	290F    	AND #$0F
C3/3B32:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/3B34:	64E1    	STZ $E1
C3/3B36:	A00000  	LDY #$0000
C3/3B39:	8416    	STY $16
C3/3B3B:	A9ED    	LDA #$ED
C3/3B3D:	8518    	STA $18
C3/3B3F:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3B41:	7B      	TDC
C3/3B42:	A4E0    	LDY $E0
C3/3B44:	F008    	BEQ $3B4E
C3/3B46:	18      	CLC
C3/3B47:	698003  	ADC #$0380
C3/3B4A:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/3B4C:	80F4    	BRA $3B42
C3/3B4E:	18      	CLC
C3/3B4F:	6516    	ADC $16
C3/3B51:	8516    	STA $16
C3/3B53:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3B55:	A00004  	LDY #$0400
C3/3B58:	8412    	STY $12
C3/3B5A:	60      	RTS

C3/3B5B unknow

C3/3B5B:	290F    	AND #$0F
C3/3B5D:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/3B5F:	DA      	PHX
C3/3B60:	A900    	LDA #$00
C3/3B62:	85E9    	STA $E9
C3/3B64:	64E1    	STZ $E1
C3/3B66:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3B68:	A9571D  	LDA #$1D57
C3/3B6B:	A4E0    	LDY $E0
C3/3B6D:	F008    	BEQ $3B77
C3/3B6F:	18      	CLC
C3/3B70:	690E00  	ADC #$000E
C3/3B73:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/3B75:	80F4    	BRA $3B6B
C3/3B77:	85E7    	STA $E7
C3/3B79:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3B7B:	A400    	LDY $00
C3/3B7D:	FA      	PLX
C3/3B7E:	B7E7    	LDA [$E7],Y
C3/3B80:	9FCB307E	STA $7E30CB,X
C3/3B84:	C8      	INY
C3/3B85:	E8      	INX
C3/3B86:	C00E00  	CPY #$000E
C3/3B89:	D0F3    	BNE $3B7E
C3/3B8B:	60      	RTS

C3/3B8C unknow

C3/3B8C:	AD4D1D  	LDA $1D4D
C3/3B8F:	2908    	AND #$08
C3/3B91:	F009    	BEQ $3B9C
C3/3B93:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3B95:	20A53B  	JSR $3BA5
C3/3B98:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3B9A:	8012    	BRA $3BAE
C3/3B9C:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3B9E:	20A53B  	JSR $3BA5
C3/3BA1:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3BA3:	8009    	BRA $3BAE
C3/3BA5:	8529    	STA $29
C3/3BA7:	A0F149  	LDY #$49F1
C3/3BAA:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Active")
C3/3BAD:	60      	RTS

C3/3BAE unknow

C3/3BAE:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3BB0:	A01849  	LDY #$4918
C3/3BB3:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Wait")
C3/3BB6:	60      	RTS

C3/3BB7 unknow

C3/3BB7:	A928    	LDA #$28
C3/3BB9:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to gray)
C3/3BBB:	A06E49  	LDY #$496E
C3/3BBE:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "1 2 3 4 5 6")
C3/3BC1:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3BC3:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/3BC5:	7B      	TDC
C3/3BC6:	AD4D1D  	LDA $1D4D
C3/3BC9:	2907    	AND #$07
C3/3BCB:	0A      	ASL A
C3/3BCC:	AA      	TAX
C3/3BCD:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3BD3:	85F7    	STA $F7
C3/3BD5:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3BD7:	AD4D1D  	LDA $1D4D
C3/3BDA:	2907    	AND #$07
C3/3BDC:	18      	CLC
C3/3BDD:	69B5    	ADC #$B5
C3/3BDF:	85F9    	STA $F9
C3/3BE1:	64FA    	STZ $FA
C3/3BE3:	4C1641  	JMP $4116

C3/3BE6 data: positions for battle speed

Data: positions for white value for battle speed (IE, the one currently set)
C3/3BE6:	253A    	(1)
C3/3BE8:	293A    	(2)
C3/3BEA:	2D3A    	(3)
C3/3BEC:	313A      	(4)
C3/3BEE:	353A    	(5)
C3/3BF0:	393A    	(6)

C3/3BF2 unknow

C3/3BF2:	A928      	LDA #$28
C3/3BF4:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to gray)
C3/3BF6:	A07C49  	LDY #$497C
C3/3BF9:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "1 2 3 4 5 6")
C3/3BFC:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3BFE:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/3C00:	7B      	TDC
C3/3C01:	AD4D1D  	LDA $1D4D
C3/3C04:	2970    	AND #$70
C3/3C06:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3C07:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3C08:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3C09:	AA      	TAX
C3/3C0A:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3C0C:	BF273CC3	LDA $C33C27,X
C3/3C10:	85F7    	STA $F7
C3/3C12:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3C14:	AD4D1D  	LDA $1D4D
C3/3C17:	2970    	AND #$70
C3/3C19:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3C1A:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3C1B:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3C1C:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3C1D:	18      	CLC
C3/3C1E:	69B5    	ADC #$B5
C3/3C20:	85F9    	STA $F9
C3/3C22:	64FA    	STZ $FA
C3/3C24:	4C1641  	JMP $4116

C3/3C27 data: positions for message speed

Data: positions of white values for message speed (IE, the one currently set)
C3/3C27:	A53A    	(1)
C3/3C29:	A93A    	(2)
C3/3C2B:	AD3A    	(3)
C3/3C2E:	B13A    	(4)
C3/3C2F:	B53A    	(5)
C3/3C31:	B93A    	(6)

C3/3C33 unknow

C3/3C33:	AD4D1D  	LDA $1D4D
C3/3C34:	3009    	BMI $3C41
C3/3C38:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3C3A:	204A3C  	JSR $3C4A
C3/3C3D:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3C3F:	8012    	BRA $3C53
C3/3C41:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3C43:	204A3C  	JSR $3C4A
C3/3C46:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3C48:	8009    	BRA $3C53
C3/3C4A:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3C4C:	A02D49  	LDY #$492D
C3/3C4F:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Short")
C3/3C52:	60      	RTS

C3/3C53 unknow

C3/3C53:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3C55:	A0FA49  	LDY #$49FA
C3/3C58:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Window")
C3/3C5B:	60      	RTS

C3/3C5C unknow

C3/3C5C:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/3C5F:	1009    	BPL $3C6A
C3/3C61:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3C63:	20733C  	JSR $3C73
C3/3C66:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3C68:	8012    	BRA $3C7C
C3/3C6A:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3C6C:	20733C  	JSR $3C73
C3/3C6F:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3C71:	8009    	BRA $3C7C
C3/3C73:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3C75:	A03549  	LDY #$4935
C3/3C78:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "On")
C3/3C7B:	60      	RTS

C3/3C7C unknow

C3/3C7C:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3C7E:	A03A49  	LDY #$493A
C3/3C81:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Off")
C3/3C84:	60      	RTS

C3/3C85 unknow

C3/3C85:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/3C88:	2920    	AND #$20
C3/3C8A:	F009    	BEQ $3C95
C3/3C8C:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3C8E:	209E3C  	JSR $3C9E
C3/3C91:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3C93:	8012    	BRA $3CA7
C3/3C95:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3C97:	209E3C  	JSR $3C9E
C3/3C9A:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3C9C:	8009    	BRA $3CA7
C3/3C9E:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3CA0:	A04049  	LDY #$4940
C3/3CA3:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Stereo")
C3/3CA6:	60      	RTS

C3/3CA7 unknow

C3/3CA7:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3CA9:	A04949  	LDY #$4949
C3/3CAC:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Mono")
C3/3CAF:	60      	RTS

C3/3CB0 unknow

C3/3CB0:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/3CB3:	2940    	AND #$40
C3/3CB5:	F009    	BEQ $3CC0
C3/3CB7:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3CB9:	20C93C  	JSR $3CC9
C3/3CBC:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3CBE:	8012    	BRA $3CD2
C3/3CC0:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3CC2:	20C93C  	JSR $3CC9
C3/3CC5:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3CC7:	8009    	BRA $3CD2
C3/3CC9:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3CCB:	A0034A  	LDY #$4A03
C3/3CCE:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Reset")
C3/3CD1:	60      	RTS

C3/3CD2 unknow

C3/3CD2:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3CD4:	A05049  	LDY #$4950
C3/3CD7:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Memory")
C3/3CDA:	60      	RTS

C3/3CDB unknow

C3/3CDB:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/3CDE:	2910    	AND #$10
C3/3CE0:	F009    	BEQ $3CEB
C3/3CE2:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3CE4:	20F43C  	JSR $3CF4
C3/3CE7:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3CE9:	8012    	BRA $3CFD
C3/3CEB:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3CED:	20F43C  	JSR $3CF4
C3/3CF0:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3CF2:	8009    	BRA $3CFD
C3/3CF4:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3CF6:	A05949  	LDY #$4959
C3/3CF9:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Optimum")
C3/3CFC:	60      	RTS

C3/3CFD unknow

C3/3CFD:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3CFF:	A00B4A  	LDY #$4A0B
C3/3D02:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Empty")
C3/3D05:	60      	RTS

C3/3D06 unknow

C3/3D06:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/3D09:	1009    	BPL $3D14
C3/3D0B:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3D0D:	201D3D  	JSR $3D1D
C3/3D10:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3D12:	8012    	BRA $3D26
C3/3D14:	A920    	LDA #$20       (set text color to white)
C3/3D16:	201D3D  	JSR $3D1D
C3/3D19:	A928    	LDA #$28       (set text color to gray)
C3/3D1B:	8009    	BRA $3D26
C3/3D1D:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3D1F:	A0134A  	LDY #$4A13
C3/3D22:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Single")
C3/3D25:	60      	RTS

C3/3D26 unknow

C3/3D26:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color)
C3/3D28:	A06349  	LDY #$4963
C3/3D2B:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "Multiple")
C3/3D2E:	60      	RTS

C3/3D2F unknow

C3/3D2F:	7B      	TDC
C3/3D30:	A54B    	LDA $4B
C3/3D32:	0A      	ASL A
C3/3D33:	AA      	TAX
C3/3D34:	A54A    	LDA $4A
C3/3D36:	F008    	BEQ $3D40
C3/3D38:	DA      	PHX
C3/3D39:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/3D3C:	FA      	PLX
C3/3D3D:	7C553D  	JMP ($3D55,X)
C3/3D40:	7C433D  	JMP ($3D43,X)

C3/3D43 pointers: functions in config menu

Pointers for functions in the Config menu
C3/3D43:	613D (Battle mode)   	
C3/3D45:	7A3D (Battle speed)     	
C3/3D47:	AB3D (Message speed)
C3/3D49:	E83D (Command set)    	
C3/3D4B:	013E (Reequip)  	
C3/3D4D:	1A3E (Sound) 
C3/3D4F:	4E3E (Cursor)	
C3/3D51:	6D3E (Gauge)	
C3/3D53:	863E (Controller setting)

C3/3D55:	9F3E (Magic order)	
C3/3D57:	CD3E (Window)	
C3/3D59:	013F (Color (font vs. window components))
C3/3D5B:	3C3F (Change window component color)
C3/3D5D:	5B3F (Change window component color)
C3/3D5F:	7A3F (Change window component color)

C3/3D61 battle mode setting

Battle Mode setting (Active vs. Wait)

C3/3D61:	20A30E    	JSR $0EA3
C3/3D64:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3D66:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3D68:	D008    	BNE $3D72
C3/3D6A:	A908    	LDA #$08
C3/3D6C:	1C4D1D  	TRB $1D4D
C3/3D6F:	4C8C3B  	JMP $3B8C

C3/3D72:	A908    	LDA #$08
C3/3D74:	0C4D1D  	TSB $1D4D
C3/3D77:	4C8C3B  	JMP $3B8C

C3/3D7A battle speed setting

C3/3D7A:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/3D7D:	AD4D1D  	LDA $1D4D
C3/3D80:	2907    	AND #$07
C3/3D82:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/3D84:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3D86:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3D88:	F00B    	BEQ $3D95
C3/3D8A:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3D8C:	C905    	CMP #$05
C3/3D8E:	F004    	BEQ $3D94
C3/3D90:	E6E0    	INC $E0
C3/3D92:	800A    	BRA $3D9E
C3/3D94:	60      	RTS
C3/3D95:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3D97:	F004    	BEQ $3D9D
C3/3D99:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/3D9B:	8001    	BRA $3D9E
C3/3D9D:	60      	RTS
C3/3D9E:	AD4D1D  	LDA $1D4D
C3/3DA1:	29F8    	AND #$F8
C3/3DA3:	05E0    	ORA $E0
C3/3DA5:	8D4D1D  	STA $1D4D
C3/3DA8:	4CB73B  	JMP $3BB7

C3/3DAB message speed setting

C3/3DAB:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/3DAE:	AD4D1D  	LDA $1D4D
C3/3DB1:	2970    	AND #$70
C3/3DB3:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3DB4:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3DB5:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3DB6:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3DB7:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/3DB9:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3DBB:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3DBD:	F00B    	BEQ $3DCA
C3/3DBF:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3DC1:	C905    	CMP #$05
C3/3DC3:	F004    	BEQ $3DC9
C3/3DC5:	E6E0    	INC $E0
C3/3DC7:	800A    	BRA $3DD3
C3/3DC9:	60      	RTS
C3/3DCA:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3DCC:	F004    	BEQ $3DD2
C3/3DCE:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/3DD0:	8001    	BRA $3DD3
C3/3DD2:	60      	RTS
C3/3DD3:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3DD5:	0A      	ASL A
C3/3DD6:	0A      	ASL A
C3/3DD7:	0A      	ASL A
C3/3DD8:	0A      	ASL A
C3/3DD9:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/3DDB:	AD4D1D  	LDA $1D4D
C3/3DDE:	298F    	AND #$8F
C3/3DE0:	05E0    	ORA $E0
C3/3DE2:	8D4D1D  	STA $1D4D
C3/3DE5:	4CF23B  	JMP $3BF2

C3/3DE8 command set setting

C3/3DE8:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/3DEB:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3DED:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3DEF:	D008    	BNE $3DF9
C3/3DF1:	A980    	LDA #$80
C3/3DF3:	1C4D1D  	TRB $1D4D		(Clear short command list (makes it go to long list) setting)
C3/3DF6:	4C333C  	JMP $3C33

C3/3DF9:	A980    	LDA #$80
C3/3DFB:	0C4D1D  	TSB $1D4D		(Set short command list setting)
C3/3DFE:	4C333C  	JMP $3C33

C3/3E01 reequip mode setting

C3/3E01:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/3E04:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3E06:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3E08:	D008    	BNE $3E12
C3/3E0A:	A980    	LDA #$80
C3/3E0C:	1C4E1D  	TRB $1D4E		(Clear reequip party setting (makes it go to empty))
C3/3E0F:	4C5C3C  	JMP $3C5C

C3/3E12:	A980    	LDA #$80
C3/3E14:	0C4E1D  	TSB $1D4E		(Set optimum party setting)
C3/3E17:	4C5C3C  	JMP $3C5C

C3/3E1A sound mode setting

C3/3E1A:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3E1C:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3E1E:	D00F    	BNE $3E2F
C3/3E20:	7B      	TDC
C3/3E21:	203F3E  	JSR $3E3F
C3/3E24:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3E26:	1C4E1D  	TRB $1D4E		(Set sound stereo setting)
C3/3E29:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/3E2C:	4C853C  	JMP $3C85

C3/3E2F:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C3/3E31:	203F3E  	JSR $3E3F
C3/3E34:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/3E36:	0C4E1D  	TSB $1D4E		(Set sound mono setting)
C3/3E39:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/3E3C:	4C853C  	JMP $3C85

C3/3E3F:	8F011300	STA $001301
C3/3E43:	A9F3    	LDA #$F3
C3/3E45:	8F001300	STA $001300
C3/3E49:	220400C5	JSL $C50004
C3/3E4D:	60      	RTS

C3/3E4E cursor mode setting

C3/3E4E:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/3E51:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3E53:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3E55:	D00B    	BNE $3E62
C3/3E57:	20F748  	JSR $48F7
C3/3E5A:	A940    	LDA #$40
C3/3E5C:	1C4E1D  	TRB $1D4E		(Clear cursor memory setting)
C3/3E5F:	4CB03C  	JMP $3CB0

C3/3E62:	A940    	LDA #$40
C3/3E64:	0C4E1D  	TSB $1D4E		(Set cursor memory setting)
C3/3E67:	206870  	JSR $7068
C3/3E6A:	4CB03C  	JMP $3CB0

C3/3E6D gauge mode setting

C3/3E6D:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/3E70:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3E72:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3E74:	D008    	BNE $3E7E
C3/3E76:	A910    	LDA #$10
C3/3E78:	1C4E1D  	TRB $1D4E		(Clear gauge off setting (makes gauge be on))
C3/3E7B:	4CDB3C  	JMP $3CDB

C3/3E7E:	A910    	LDA #$10
C3/3E80:	0C4E1D  	TSB $1D4E		(Set gauge off setting)
C3/3E83:	4CDB3C  	JMP $3CDB

C3/3E86 controller mode setting

C3/3E86:	20A30E  	JSR $0EA3
C3/3E89:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3E8B:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3E8D:	D008    	BNE $3E97
C3/3E8F:	A980    	LDA #$80
C3/3E91:	1C541D  	TRB $1D54
C3/3E94:	4C063D  	JMP $3D06

C3/3E97:	A980    	LDA #$80
C3/3E99:	0C541D  	TSB $1D54
C3/3E9C:	4C063D  	JMP $3D06

C3/3E9F magic order mode setting

C3/3E9F:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/3EA2:	2907    	AND #$07
C3/3EA4:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/3EA6:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3EA8:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3EAA:	F00B    	BEQ $3EB7
C3/3EAC:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3EAE:	C905    	CMP #$05
C3/3EB0:	F004    	BEQ $3EB6
C3/3EB2:	E6E0    	INC $E0
C3/3EB4:	800A    	BRA $3EC0
C3/3EB6:	60      	RTS
C3/3EB7:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3EB9:	F004    	BEQ $3EBF
C3/3EBB:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/3EBD:	8001    	BRA $3EC0
C3/3EBF:	60      	RTS
C3/3EC0:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/3EC3:	29F8    	AND #$F8
C3/3EC5:	05E0    	ORA $E0
C3/3EC7:	8D541D  	STA $1D54

C3/3ECD window selection setting

C3/3ECD:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/3ED0:	290F    	AND #$0F
C3/3ED2:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/3ED4:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3ED6:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3ED8:	F00B    	BEQ $3EE5
C3/3EDA:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3EDC:	C907    	CMP #$07
C3/3EDE:	F004    	BEQ $3EE4
C3/3EE0:	E6E0    	INC $E0
C3/3EE2:	800A    	BRA $3EEE
C3/3EE4:	60      	RTS
C3/3EE5:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3EE7:	F004    	BEQ $3EED
C3/3EE9:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/3EEB:	8001    	BRA $3EEE
C3/3EED:	60      	RTS
C3/3EEE:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/3EF1:	29F0    	AND #$F0
C3/3EF3:	05E0    	ORA $E0
C3/3EF5:	8D4E1D  	STA $1D4E
C3/3EF8:	20EA40  	JSR $40EA
C3/3EFB:	20873A  	JSR $3A87
C3/3EFE:	4CC341  	JMP $41C3

C3/3F01 color setting

Color (Font vs. Window components) settting

C3/3F01:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/3F04:	2938    	AND #$38
C3/3F06:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3F07:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3F08:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3F09:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/3F0B:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3F0D:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3F0F:	F00B    	BEQ $3F1C
C3/3F11:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3F13:	C907    	CMP #$07
C3/3F15:	F004    	BEQ $3F1B
C3/3F17:	E6E0    	INC $E0
C3/3F19:	800A    	BRA $3F25
C3/3F1B:	60      	RTS
C3/3F1C:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3F1E:	F004    	BEQ $3F24
C3/3F20:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/3F22:	8001    	BRA $3F25
C3/3F24:	60      	RTS
C3/3F25:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3F27:	0A      	ASL A
C3/3F28:	0A      	ASL A
C3/3F29:	0A      	ASL A
C3/3F2A:	85E0    	STA $E0
C3/3F2C:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/3F2F:	29C7    	AND #$C7
C3/3F31:	05E0    	ORA $E0
C3/3F33:	8D541D  	STA $1D54
C3/3F36:	203341  	JSR $4133
C3/3F39:	4CC341  	JMP $41C3

C3/3F3C change font or window red component

C3/3F3C:	20FE41  	JSR $41FE
C3/3F3F:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3F41:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3F43:	F00A    	BEQ $3F4F
C3/3F45:	A5E2    	LDA $E2
C3/3F47:	C91F    	CMP #$1F
C3/3F49:	F00A    	BEQ $3F55
C3/3F4B:	E6E2    	INC $E2
C3/3F4D:	8006    	BRA $3F55
C3/3F4F:	A5E2    	LDA $E2
C3/3F51:	F002    	BEQ $3F55
C3/3F53:	C6E2    	DEC $E2
C3/3F55:	202142  	JSR $4221
C3/3F58:	4CC43F  	JMP $3FC4

C3/3F5B change font or window green component

C3/3F5B:	20FE41  	JSR $41FE
C3/3F5E:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3F60:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3F62:	F00A    	BEQ $3F6E
C3/3F64:	A5E1    	LDA $E1
C3/3F66:	C91F    	CMP #$1F
C3/3F68:	F00A    	BEQ $3F74
C3/3F6A:	E6E1    	INC $E1
C3/3F6C:	8006    	BRA $3F74
C3/3F6E:	A5E1    	LDA $E1
C3/3F70:	F002    	BEQ $3F74
C3/3F72:	C6E1    	DEC $E1
C3/3F74:	202142  	JSR $4221
C3/3F77:	4CC43F  	JMP $3FC4

C3/3F7A change font or window blue component

C3/3F7A:	20FE41  	JSR $41FE
C3/3F7D:	A50B    	LDA $0B
C3/3F7F:	8901    	BIT #$01
C3/3F81:	F00A    	BEQ $3F8D
C3/3F83:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3F85:	C91F    	CMP #$1F
C3/3F87:	F00A    	BEQ $3F93
C3/3F89:	E6E0    	INC $E0
C3/3F8B:	8006    	BRA $3F93
C3/3F8D:	A5E0    	LDA $E0
C3/3F8F:	F002    	BEQ $3F93
C3/3F91:	C6E0    	DEC $E0
C3/3F93:	202142  	JSR $4221
C3/3F96:	4CC43F  	JMP $3FC4

C3/3F99 unknow

C3/3F99:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3F9B:	AD551D  	LDA $1D55      (font color)
C3/3F9E:	8F4F307E	STA $7E304F
C3/3FA2:	8F73307E	STA $7E3073
C3/3FA6:	8F77307E	STA $7E3077
C3/3FAA:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3FAC:	60      	RTS

C3/3FAD unknow

C3/3FAD:	A600    	LDX $00
C3/3FAF:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3FB1:	B9571D  	LDA $1D57,Y
C3/3FB4:	9F2B317E	STA $7E312B,X
C3/3FB8:	C8      	INY
C3/3FB9:	C8      	INY
C3/3FBA:	E8      	INX
C3/3FBB:	E8      	INX
C3/3FBC:	E00E00  	CPX #$000E
C3/3FBF:	D0F0    	BNE $3FB1
C3/3FC1:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/3FC3:	60      	RTS

C3/3FC4 unknow

C3/3FC4:	7B      	TDC
C3/3FC5:	AD4E1D  	LDA $1D4E
C3/3FC8:	290F    	AND #$0F
C3/3FCA:	8D0242  	STA $4202
C3/3FCD:	A90E    	LDA #$0E
C3/3FCF:	8D0342  	STA $4203
C3/3FD2:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/3FD5:	2938    	AND #$38
C3/3FD7:	F019    	BEQ $3FF2
C3/3FD9:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3FDA:	4A      	LSR A
C3/3FDB:	18      	CLC
C3/3FDC:	6D1642  	ADC $4216
C3/3FDF:	AA      	TAX
C3/3FE0:	A59A    	LDA $9A
C3/3FE2:	9D551D  	STA $1D55,X
C3/3FE5:	A59B    	LDA $9B
C3/3FE7:	9D561D  	STA $1D56,X
C3/3FEA:	AC1642  	LDY $4216
C3/3FED:	20AD3F  	JSR $3FAD
C3/3FF0:	8008    	BRA $3FFA
C3/3FF2:	A49A    	LDY $9A
C3/3FF4:	8C551D  	STY $1D55
C3/3FF7:	20993F  	JSR $3F99
C3/3FFA:	4CC341  	JMP $41C3

C3/3FFD setting magic order

C3/3FFD:	A928    	LDA #$28
C3/3FFF:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to gray)
C3/4001:	A0A54A  	LDY #$4AA5
C3/4004:	20F902  	JSR $02F9      (display "1 2 3 4 5 6")
C3/4007:	A920    	LDA #$20
C3/4009:	8529    	STA $29        (set text color to white)
C3/400B:	7B      	TDC
C3/400C:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/400F:	2907    	AND #$07
C3/4011:	0A      	ASL A
C3/4012:	AA      	TAX
C3/4013:	C220    	REP #$20      (16 bit memory/accum.)
C3/4015:	BF2F40C3	LDA $C3402F,X
C3/4019:	85F7    	STA $F7
C3/401B:	E220    	SEP #$20      (8 bit memory/accum.)
C3/401D:	AD541D  	LDA $1D54
C3/4020:	2907    	AND #$07
C3/4022:	18      	CLC
C3/4023:	69B5    	ADC #$B5
C3/4025:	85F9    	STA $F9
C3/4027:	64FA    	STZ $FA
C3/4029:	201641  	JSR $4116
C3/402C:	4C3B40  	JMP $403B      (BRA would work here)