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*  01   FF Prelude      0x1B8DD($B8CD-$B9??)
*  02   Unident. Town   0x1B9DF($B9CF-$BB??)
*  03   FF2 Town        0x1BB78($BB68-$BC??)
*  04   FF2 Main Theme  0x1BC76($BC66-$BD??)
*  05   FF2 Rebel Army  0x1BDEB($BDDB-$BF??)
*  06   FF2 Battle      0x1BF73($BF63-$C1??)
*  07   FF3 Boss        0x1C21B($C20B-$C4??)
*  08   FF  Victory     0x1C470($C460-$C6??)

Other Things

0x5508 to 0x553F = Init Party Data
0x55AA to 0x---- = Level 0 HP Baseline 1
0x567B to 0x---- = Level 0 HP Baseline2
0x6961 to 0x---- = Init Party
0x6966 to 0x---- = Init Potion Invt
0x696B to 0x---- = Init Phoenix Invt
0x6970 to 0x---- = Init HiEther Invt
0x6975 to 0x---- = Init Gil Lo
0x697A to 0x---- = Init Gil Md
0x697F to 0x---- = Init Gil Hi


0xBD1D  = Title Screen Tiling
0xBD21  = 'Final Fantasy 7' Tiling Upper
0xBDA3  = '最终幻想7' Tiling Upper
0xBFB3  = 'New Game' Tiling Upper
0xBFD3  = 'New Game' Tiling Lower
0xC013  = 'Continue' Tiling Upper
0xC033  = 'Continue' Tiling Lower
0xCXXX  = Saving Screen Tiling
0xCF57  = 'Saving' Tiling Upper
0xCF77  = 'Saving' Tiling Lower
0x22E8F = ??? Baseline?
0x28067	= Main Menu Tiles
0x284D0 = 'Status' Tiling Upper
0x284F0 = 'Status' Tiling Lower
0x28550 = 'Item' Tiling Upper
0x28570 = 'Item' Tiling Lower
0x285D0 = 'Magic' Tiling Upper
0x285F0 = 'Magic' Tiling Lower
0x28650 = 'Equip' Tiling Upper
0x28670 = 'Equip' Tiling Lower
0x286D0 = 'Party' Tiling Upper
0x286F0 = 'Party' Tiling Lower
0x28750 = 'Save' Tiling Upper
0x28770 = 'Save' Tiling Lower
0x287D0 = ??? Tiling Upper
0x287F0 = ??? Tiling Lower
0x28ECB = 'Int.' Tiling Upper
0x28EEB = 'Int.' Tiling Lower
0x2AA47 = Char Battle Sprite Tiles


0x2C244	to 0x2C2A3 = Party Level Stat Growths*50
0x2C7B0	to 0x2C941 = Level Exp To Nexts
0x2C942	to 0x2C949 = Party ???s

Armor Stats

0x2C94A	to 0x2CACA = Helmet Stats
0x2CACB	to 0x2CE4A = Armor Stats
0x2CE4B	to 0x2D1CA = Shinguard Stats
0x2D1CB	to 0x2D360 = Cape Stats

Enemy Data

0x0267CD to 0x026819 = Amount of EXP and Gil Gained from enemies as the game progresses.
0x026EA3 to 0x02714E = The amount of power gained by enemies as the game progresses.
0x02714F to 0x027211 = Enemy Encounter Groups
0x02c2A6 to 0x02C7AD = Enemy and Boss Stats

Example: 64 00 35 00 3C 00 1E 00 45 00 5A 00 00 00

The 1st and 2nd bytes are for HP
The 3rd and 4th bytes are for Str
The 5th and 6th bytes are for Vit
The 7th and 8th bytes are for Int
The 9th and 10th bytes are for Spr
The 11th and 12th bytes are for Agl
The 13th byte sets the resistance of enemies

0x= No resistance
1x= Fire resistance
2x= Water resistance
3x= Bolt resistance
4x= Wind resistance
5x= Earth resistance
6x= Holy resistance
7x= Dark resistance
8x= ?????? resistance
18= Fire + Attack resistance

Enemies can be resistant of up to two elements
The 14th byte sets the weakness of enemies

0x= No weakness
1x= Fire weakness
2x= Water weakness
3x= Bolt weakness
4x= Wind weakness
5x= Earth weakness
6x= Holy weakness
7x= Dark weakness
8x= ?????? weakness

01= Fire + Attack Weakness

Enemies can be weak of up to two elements

0x02c2a6 to 0x02c2b3: Soldier (Boss)
0x02c2b4 to 0x02c2c1: Scorpion (Boss)
0x02c2c2 to 0x02c2cf: AirBustr (Boss)
0x02c2d0 to 0x02c2dd: Reno (Boss)
0x02c2de to 0x02c2eb: Flunky (Boss)
0x02c2eb to 0x02c2f9: Scotch (Boss)
0x02c2fa to 0x02c307: Kotch (Boss)
0x02c308 to 0x02c315: Apps (Boss)
0x02c316 to 0x02c323: Specimen (Boss)
0x02c324 to 0x02c331: Behemoth (Boss)
0x02c332 to 0x02c33f: Rufus (Boss)
0x02c340 to 0x02c34d: DarkNatn (Boss)
0x02c34e to 0x02c35b: MotorBal (Boss)
0x02c35c to 0x02c369: BotmSwel (Boss)
0x02c36a to 0x02c377: Jenova (Boss)
0x02c378 to 0x02c385: Dyne (Boss)
0x02c386 to 0x02c393: Rude (Boss)
0x02c394 to 0x02c3a1: GiNattak (Boss)
0x02c3a2 to 0x02c3af: Gi (Boss)
0x02c3b0 to 0x02c3bd: Palmer (Boss)
0x02c2be to 0x02c2cb: RedDragn (Boss)
0x02c2cc to 0x02c2d9: Scylla (Boss)
0x02c2da to 0x02c2e7: Shadow (Boss)
0x02c2e8 to 0x02c2f5: Sephirot (Boss)
0x02c3f6 to 0x02c403: Sephirot (Boss) (Bizarro Sephiroth)
0x02c404 to 0x02c411: 1WngAngl (Boss)
0x02c412 to 0x02c41f: Zolom (Optional Boss)
0x02c420 to 0x02c42d: Hornet
0x02c42e to 0x02c43b: Goblin
0x02c43c to 0x02c449: BigRat
0x02c44a to 0x02c457: Stingray
0x02c458 to 0x02c465: Pygman
0x02c466 to 0x02c473: RedWisp
0x02c474 to 0x02c481: Killrbee
0x02c482 to 0x02c48f: Helcan
0x02c490 to 0x02c49d: Needler
0x02c49e to 0x02c4ab: DarkFace
0x02c4ac to 0x02c4b9: Flyer
0x02c4ba to 0x02c4c7: Sahuagin
0x02c4c8 to 0x02c4d5: Basilisk
0x02c4d4 to 0x02c4e3: Big Toad
0x02c4e4 to 0x02c4f1: RedWorm
0x02c4f2 to 0x02c4ff: Mage
0x02c500 to 0x02c50d: Scyther
0x02c50e to 0x02c51b: Bear
0x02c51c to 0x02c529: Eyefang
0x02c52a to 0x02c537: Spider
0x02c538 to 0x02c545: Naga
0x02c546 to 0x02c553: Puti
0x02c554 to 0x02c561: Mummy
0x02c562 to 0x02c56f: Zombie
0x02c570 to 0x02c57d: Ninja
0x02c57e to 0x02c58b: Kraken
0x02c58c to 0x02c599: Bird
0x02c59a to 0x02c5a7: Gargoyle
0x02c5a8 to 0x02c5b5: Bluk
0x02c5b6 to 0x02c5c3: Liger
0x02c5c4 to 0x02c5d1: Thor
0x02c5d2 to 0x02c5df: Griffin
0x02c5e0 to 0x02c5ed: Ptaragon
0x02c5ee to 0x02c5fb: Peryton
0x02c5fc to 0x02c609: SeaLion
0x02c60a to 0x02c617: Manticor
0x02c618 to 0x02c625: TwinHead
0x02c626 to 0x02c633: Eagle
0x02c634 to 0x02c641: Ogre
0x02c642 to 0x02c64f: Azrael
0x02c650 to 0x02c65d: Caprcorn
0x02c65e to 0x02c66b: Hermit
0x02c66c to 0x02c679: Serpent
0x02c67a to 0x02c687: Coral
0x02c688 to 0x02c695: Angler
0x02c696 to 0x02c6a3: Adaman
0x02c6a4 to 0x02c6b1: Seahorse
0x02c6b2 to 0x02c6bf: Nitemare
0x02c6c0 to 0x02c6cd: Crocotta
0x02c6ce to 0x02c6db: Lizalfos
0x02c6dc to 0x02c6e9: Cerberus
0x02c6ea to 0x02c6f7: Minotaur
0x02c6f8 to 0x02c705: Chimera
0x02c706 to 0x02c713: Cyclops
0x02c714 to 0x02c721: Devil
0x02c722 to 0x02c72f: Paralyma
0x02c730 to 0x02c73d: Catoblep
0x02c73e to 0x02c74b: Clawgrip
0x02c74c to 0x02c759: Cronos
0x02c75a to 0x02c767: Mutant
0x02c768 to 0x02c775: Stroper
0x02c776 to 0x02c783: Witch
0x02c784 to 0x02c791: Sleipnir
0x02c792 to 0x02c79f: Ophiuchs
0x02c7a0 to 0x02c7ad: Mandrake

0x2EFAB	0x2F11A	Enemy Attack Patterns
28 13 37 00
The first byte sets Strength of an enemy's attack
The second byte sets the magic an enemy uses
The third byte sets a second magic spell the enemy uses
The fourth byte sets a third magic spell the enemy uses

This is for the second, third, and fourth byte:

00=None (If no magic spells are set, then the enemy will use a magic spell called "None")

0x02efab to 0x02efae:Soldier
0x02efaf to 0x02efb2:Scorpion
0x02efb3 to 0x02efb6:AirBustr
0x02efb7 to 0x02efba:Reno
0x02efbb to 0x02efbe:Flunky
0x02efbf to 0x02efc2:Scotch
0x02efc3 to 0x02efc6:Kotch
0x02efc7 to 0x02efca:Apps
0x02efcb to 0x02efce:Specimen
0x02efcf to 0x02efd2:Behemoth
0x02efd3 to 0x02efd6:Rufus
0x02efd7 to 0x02efda:DarkNatn
0x02efdb to 0x02efde:MotorBal
0x02efdf to 0x02efe2:BotmSwel
0x02efe3 to 0x02efe6:Jenova
0x02efe7 to 0x02efea:Dyne
0x02efeb to 0x02efee:Rude
0x02efef to 0x02eff2:GiNattak
0x02eff3 to 0x02eff6:Gi
0x02eff7 to 0x02effa:Palmer
0x02effb to 0x02effe:RedDragn
0x02efff to 0x02f002:Scylla
0x02f003 to 0x02f006:Shadow
0x02f007 to 0x02f00a:Sephirot
0x02f00b to 0x02f00e:Sephirot (Bizarro Sephirot)
0x02f00f to 0x02f012:1WngAngl
0x02f013 to 0x02f016:Zolom
0x02f017 to 0x02f01a:Hornet
0x02f01b to 0x02f01e:Goblin
0x02f01f to 0x02f022:BigRat
0x02f023 to 0x02f026:Stingray
0x02f027 to 0x02f02a:Pygman
0x02f02b to 0x02f02e:Redwisp
0x02f02f to 0x02f032:Killrbee
0x02f033 to 0x02f036:Helcan
0x02f037 to 0x02f03a:Needler
0x02f03b to 0x02f03e:DarkFace
0x02f03f to 0x02f042:Flyer
0x02f043 to 0x02f046:Sahuagin
0x02f047 to 0x02f04a:Basilisk
0x02f04b to 0x02f04e:Big Toad
0x02f04f to 0x02f052:Redworm
0x02f053 to 0x02f056:Mage
0x02f057 to 0x02f05a:Scyther
0x02f05b to 0x02f05e:Bear
0x02f05f to 0x02f062:Eyefang
0x02f063 to 0x02f066:Spider
0x02f067 to 0x02f06a:Naga
0x02f06b to 0x02f06e:Puti
0x02f06f to 0x02f072:Mummy
0x02f073 to 0x02f076:Zombie
0x02f077 to 0x02f07a:Ninja
0x02f07b to 0x02f07e:Kraken
0x02f07f to 0x02f082:Bird
0x02f083 to 0x02f086:Gargoyle
0x02f084 to 0x02f08a:Bluk
0x02f08b to 0x02f08e:Liger
0x02f08f to 0x02f092:Thor
0x02f093 to 0x02f096:Griffin
0x02f097 to 0x02f09a:Ptaragon
0x02f09b to 0x02f09e:Peryton
0x02f09f to 0x02f0a2:SeaLion
0x02f0a3 to 0x02f0a6:Manticor
0x02f0a7 to 0x02f0aa:TwinHead
0x02f0ab to 0x02f0ae:Eagle
0x02f0af to 0x02f0b2:Ogre
0x02f0b3 to 0x02f0b6:Azrael
0x02f0b7 to 0x02f0ba:Caprcorn
0x02f0bb to 0x02f0be:Hermit
0x02f0bf to 0x02f0c2:Serpent
0x02f0c3 to 0x02f0c6:Coral
0x02f0c7 to 0x02f0ca:Angler
0x02f0cb to 0x02f0ce:Adaman
0x02f0cf to 0x02f0d2:Seahorse
0x02f0d3 to 0x02f0d6:Nitemare
0x02f0d7 to 0x02f0da:Crocotta
0x02f0db to 0x02f0de:Lizalfos
0x02f0df to 0x02f0e2:Cerberus
0x02f0e3 to 0x02f0e6:Minotaur
0x02f0e7 to 0x02f0ea:Chimera
0x02f0eb to 0x02f0ee:Cyclops
0x02f0ef to 0x02f0f2:Devil
0x02f0f3 to 0x02f0f6:Paralyma
0x02f0f7 to 0x02f0fa:Catoblep
0x02f0fb to 0x02f0fe:Clawgrip
0x02f0ff to 0x02f102:Cronos
0x02f103 to 0x02f106:Mutant
0x02f107 to 0x02f10a:Stroper
0x02f10b to 0x02f10e:Witch
0x02f10f to 0x02f112:Sleipnir
0x02f113 to 0x02f116:Ophiuchs
0x02f117 to 0x02f11a:Mandrake

Armor Prices

0x2F30F	to 0x2F345 = Helmet Prices/10
0x2F346	to 0x2F3C5 = Armor Prices/10
0x2F3C6	to 0x2F42E = Shinguard Prices/10
0x2F42F	to 0x2F468 = Cape Prices/10
0x2F46A	to 0x2FFCF = 0		


Offset		Description	Refs
0x2FFD0	0x3000F	Names Header	Ptr+28010
0x30010		Pointer to Names 1a	300	
0x30012		Pointer to Names 1b	301
0x30014		Pointer to Names 1c	302
0x30016		Pointer to Names 1d	303
0x30018		Pointer to Names 1e	304
0x3001A		Pointer to Names 1f	305
0x3001C		Pointer to Names 1g	306
0x3001E		Pointer to Names 1h	307
0x30020		Pointer to Names 1i	308
0x30022		Pointer to Names 1j	309
0x30024		Pointer to Names 1k	30A
0x30029		Names 1a Pointers	30000	30048
0x300BB		Names 1a Text (Menu/Battle Text)
0x3030F		Names 1b Pointers	30100	30137
0x3037F		Names 1b Text (Helmet Names)
0x305A1		Names 1c Pointers	30200	30280
0x306A3		Names 1c Text (Armor Names)
0x30B99		Names 1d Pointers	30300	30369
0x30C6D		Names 1d Text (Shinguard Names)
0x31089		Names 1e Pointers	30400	3043A
0x310FF		Names 1e Text (Cape Names)
0x31347		Names 1f Pointers	30500	30564
0x31411		Names 1f Text (Weapon Names)
0x317B3		Names 1g Pointers	30600	30607
0x317C3		Names 1g Text (Materia Names)
0x31801		Names 1h Pointers	30700	3073F
0x31881		Names 1h Text (Spell Names)
0x31AA9		Names 1i Pointers	30800	3081F
0x31AE9		Names 1i Text (Item Names)
0x31BFB		Names 1j Pointers	30900	3091F
0x31C3B		Names 1j Text (Item Details)
0x31E1C		Names 1k Pointers	30A00	30A63
0x31EE4		Names 1k Text (Enemy Names)		
0x321DB	0x37FCF	0		

Dialog 1

Offset		Description	Refs	
0x37FD0	0x3800F	Dialog 1  Header	Ptr+30010	
0x38010		Pointer to Dialog 1a	380	
0x38012		Pointer to Dialog 1b	381	
0x38014		Pointer to Dialog 1c	382	
0x38019		Dialog 1a Pointers	38000	380FE
0x38217		Dialog 1a Text (Start-Sec.6)		
0x3B2DA		Dialog 1b Pointers	38100	381FD
0x3B4D6		Dialog 1b Text (Wall Market)		
0x3E185		Dialog 1c Pointers	38200	38243
0x3E20D		Dialog 1c Text (The other girl is me)		
0x3EDDF	0x3FFCF	0		

Hanzi Tileset

0x3FFD0	0x4000F	= Hanzi Tileset Header
0x40010	0x4BC0F	= B0A1 Hanzi Tileset
0x4BC10	0x4E30F	= C0A1 Hanzi Tileset
0x4E310	0x4FFCF	= FF

Dialog 2

Offset		Description	Refs	
0x4FFD0	0x5000F	Dialog 2  Header	Ptr+48010	
0x50010		Pointer to Dialog 2a	500	
0x50012		Pointer to Dialog 2b	501	
0x50014		Pointer to Dialog 2c	502	
0x50019		Dialog 2a Pointers	50000	500FE
0x50217		Dialog 2a Text (Shinra Roof-Junon)		
0x5312E		Dialog 2b Pointers	50100	501C6
0x532BC		Dialog 2b Text (Junon-Corel)		
0x557EB		Dialog 2c Pointers	50200	50224
0x55835		Dialog 2c Text (Location Names)		
0x55A09	0x57FCF	0		

Dialog 3

Offset		Description	Refs	
0x57FD0	0x5800F	Dialog 3  Header	Ptr+50010	
0x58010		Pointer to Dialog 3a	580	
0x58012		Pointer to Dialog 3b	581	
0x58014		Pointer to Dialog 3c	582	
0x58019		Dialog 3a Pointers	58000	580FD
0x58215		Dialog 3a Text (Gold Saucer-Gongaga)		
0x5AFF1		Dialog 3b Pointers	58100	581FB
0x5B205		Dialog 3b Text (Cosmo-Rocket Town) 		
0x5E932		Dialog 3c Pointers	58200	5820D
0x5E957		Dialog 3c Text (Tiny Bronco)		
0x5EC22	0x5FFCF	0		

Dialog 4

Offset		Description	Refs	
0x5FFD0	0x6000F	Dialog 4  Header	Ptr+58010	
0x60010		Pointer to Dialog 4a	600	
0x60012		Pointer to Dialog 4b	601	
0x60017		Dialog 4a Pointers	60000	600FA
0x6020D		Dialog 4a Text (Gold Saucer)		
0x62B98		Dialog 4b Pointers	60100	601A3
0x62CE0		Dialog 4b Text (Temple)		
0x64A60	0x67FCF	0		

Dialog 5

Offset		Description	Refs	
0x67FD0	0x6800F	Dialog 5  Header	Ptr+60010	
0x68010		Pointer to Dialog 5a	680	
0x68012		Pointer to Dialog 5b	681	
0x68014		Pointer to Dialog 5c	682	
0x68019		Dialog 5a Pointers	68000	680FE
0x68217		Dialog 5a Text (Finding Aeris)		
0x6B521		Dialog 5b Pointers	68100	681B1
0x6B685		Dialog 5b Text (Crater-End)		
0x6DC0D		Dialog 5c Pointers	68200	68274
0x6DCF7		Dialog 5c Text (Spare Lines)		
0x6EDAB	0x6FE0F	0		
Offset		Description		
0x6FE10	0x6FE4F	???		
0x6FE50	0x6FFCF	0		
Offset		Description		

0x6FFD0	0x7000F	??? Header		
0x70010		Pointer to ???		
0x717E8	0x717F0	Midgar Store Item Inventory		
0x71DBA	0x71DCA	Item Prices/10		
0x71DD3	0x71DD5	Midgar Store Helmet Inventory		
0x71DD6	0x71DD9	Midgar Store Armor Inventory		
0x71DDA	0x71DDC	Midgar Store Shinguard Inventory		
0x71DDD	0x71DE1	Midgar Store Gauntlet Inventory		
0x72FFF		Level 0 Stat Baseline		
0x760EE	0x77C0F	0		
0x77C10	0x77F34	???		
0x77F35	0x77FCF	0		

Dialog 6

Offset		Description	Refs	
0x77FD0	0x7800F	Dialog 6 Header	Ptr+70010	
0x78010		Pointer to 6a	780	
0x78012		Pointer to 6b	781	
0x78020	0x7900F	ASCII Tileset (Header is in 1st tile)		
0x79011		Dialog 6a Pointers	78000	780FB
0x79209		Dialog 6a Text (Corneo-Pillar)		
0x7BFF2		Dialog 6b Pointers	78100	781F6
0x7C1E0	0x7EF7B	Dialog 6b Text (Shinra Building)		
0x7EF7C	0x7F10F	0		
Offset		Description		
0x7F110	0x1789E1	Map Tilesets		
0x1789E2	0x106B49	0

Spell Tilesets

0x18FFC8 = Spell Tilesets
0x1900C9 = Spell Tilesets
0x193BB1 = Ice? 4x4
0x194149 = 4x?
0x1947A1 = Senpuu 4x4
0x19748D = Lil Ball 1x1
0x1974AD = Ball 2x2
0x1974ED = Ball 2x2
0x197619 = Ball?
0x197679 = Holy 4x4
0x197779 = Holy 4x4
0x197CB6 = End	

Enemy Tilesets

0x1980A6 = Enemy Tilesets
0x1985DB = Puti Tileset
0x198959 = Zombie Tileset


0x5667  = Possibly Level Cap
0x22E7B	= Possibly Level Cap
0x72FEB = Possibly Level Cap

Magic Stats

this is for the location of magic spell stats and how they work.

Example: The byte set is 32 00 19 00 01

The first byte sets the power for the magic
The second byte further increases magic power
(The power of a spell can range from 00-655)
The third byte increases the amount of MP that is allowed for that spell
(This can range from 01-63 for an MP range of 01-99)
The fourth byte sets who the spell affects
00: one enemy
01: all enemies
02: one ally
03: all allies
04: none
05 and on...:all enemies

The fifth byte is for how much power is gained from an upgrade


Fire1:  0x02e3f0 to 0x02e3f4
Blaze1 :0x02e3f5 to 0x02e3f9
Fire2:  0x02e3fa to 0x02e3fe
Blaze2: 0x02e3ff to 0x02e403
Fire3:  0x02e404 to 0x02e408
Blaze3: 0x02e409 to 0x02e40d
Fire4:  0x02e40e to 0x02e412
Blaze4: 0x02e413 to 0x02e417
Ifrit:  0x02e418 to 0x02e41c


Water1: 0x02e41d to 0x02e421
Wave1:  0x02e422 to 0x02e426
Water2: 0x02e427 to 0x02e42b
Cure2:  0x02e42c to 0x02e430
Water3: 0x02e431 to 0x02e435
Wave3:  0x02e436 to 0x02e43a
Water4: 0x02e43b to 0x02e43f
Cure4:  0x02e440 to 0x02e444
Leviat: 0x02e445 to 0x02e449


Bolt1: 0x02e44a to 0x02e44e
Rage1: 0x02e44f to 0x02e453
Bolt2: 0x02e454 to 0x02e458
Rage2: 0x02e459 to 0x02e45d
Bolt3: 0x02e45e to 0x02e462
Rage3: 0x02e463 to 0x02e467
Bolt4: 0x02e468 to 0x02e46c
Rage4: 0x02e46d to 0x02e471
Ramuh: 0x02e472 to 0x02e476


Wind1: 0x02e477 to 0x02e47b
Squal1:0x02e47c to 0x02e480
Wind2: 0x02e481 to 0x02e485
Cure2: 0x02e486 to 0x02e48a
Wind3: 0x02e48b to 0x02e48f
Squal3:0x02e490 to 0x02e494
Wind4: 0x02e495 to 0x02e499
Cure4: 0x02e49a to 0x02e49e
Typhon:0x02e49f to 0x02e4a3


Rock1: 0x02e4a4 to 0x02e4a8
Quake1:0x02e4a9 to 0x02e4ad
Rock2: 0x02e4ae to 0x02e4b2
Quake2:0x02e4b3 to 0x02e4b7
Rock3: 0x02e4b8 to 0x02e4bc
Quake3:0x02e4bd to 0x02e4c1
Rock4: 0x02e4c2 to 0x02e4c6
Quake4:0x02e4c7 to 0x02e4cb
Titan: 0x02e4cc to 0x02e4d0


Cure1: 0x02e4d1 to 0x02e4d5
Holy1: 0x02e4d6 to 0x02e4da
Cure2: 0x02e4db to 0x02e4df
Heal2: 0x02e4e0 to 0x02e4e4
Cure3: 0x02e4e5 to 0x02e4e9
Holy3: 0x02e4ea to 0x02e4ee
Cure4: 0x02e4ef to 0x02e4f3
Heal4: 0x02e4f4 to 0x02e4f8
Bhamut:0x02e4f9 to 0x02e4fd


Dark1:  0x02e4fe to 0x02e502
Shade1: 0x02e503 to 0x02e507
Dark2:  0x02e508 to 0x02e50c
Shade2: 0x02e50d to 0x02e511
Dark3:  0x02e512 to 0x02e516
Shade3: 0x02e517 to 0x02e51b
Dark4:  0x02e51c to 0x02e520
Shade4: 0x02e521 to 0x02e525
Odin:   0x02e526 to 0x02e52a

Gil Gained After Battle

This controls the amount of Gil gained after a fight in proportion to the amount of EXP gained


Item Effects

When items used during battle

0x02372d: Potion
0x02372e: MdPotion
0x02372f: HiPotion
0x023730: X-Potion
0x023731: Mega
0x023732: HiMega
0x023733: X-Mega
0x023734: Ether
0x023735: HiEther
0x023736: Phoenix
0x023737: Smoke
0x023738: HP+
0x023739: Str+
0x02373a: Vit+
0x02373b: Int+
0x02373c: Spr+
0x02373d: Agl+

When items used in menu

0x074c0a: Potion
0x074c0b: MdPotion
0x074c0c: HiPotion
0x074c0d: X-Potion
0x074c0e: Mega
0x074c0f: HiMega
0x074c10: X-Mega
0x074c11: Ether
0x074c12: HiEther
0x074c13: Phoenix
0x074c14: Smoke
0x074c15: HP+
0x074c16: Str+
0x074c17: Vit+
0x074c18: Int+
0x074c19: Spr+
0x074c1a: Agl+

Setting what the items do

00= Heal 100 HP
01= Heal 200 HP
02= Heal 500 HP
03= Heal 9999 HP
04= Heal 400 HP
05= Heal 9999 HP
06= Heal 58188 HP
07= Heal 44453 HP
08= Heal 100 HP to all
09= Heal 200 HP to all
0a= Heal 500 HP to all
0b= Heal 9999 HP to all
0c= Heal 400 HP to all
0d= Heal 9999 HP to all
0e= Heal 58188 HP to all
0f= Heal 44453 HP to all
10= Heal 5 MP
11= Heal 99 MP
12= Heal 99 MP
13= Heal 174 MP
14= Heal 99 MP
20= Revive Character
38= Escape from battle
40= HP +5
50= Str +1
60= Vit +1
70= Int +1
80= Spr +1
90= Agl +1

Internal Data for Final Fantasy VII (NES)

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