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A Notes Page contains hacking notes and small explanations specific to a game. It's a good place for small amounts of information that don't warrant their own article.

General Information

When creating a notes page, be sure to add the {{notes|game=name of game}} template at the top of the page.


The notes page is a good place to add tidbits of information about hacking a particular game. This could be a explanation of a simple data format used in the game, or a short how-to on editing a particular piece of the game's data. If the information you would like to add to the wiki seems too small to have its own article, the notes page is probably the best place for it.

There is certain information that does not belong in a game's Notes page. Listings of locations for data belong in RAM and ROM maps. Explanations of how this data works, on the other hand, is well-suited to the notes page. (You are encouraged to link between the two pages.) You should also consider placing the information in its own article if it is large enough to warrant it. Walls of text and massive tables generally do not belong in the Notes pages.

Format And Style

Due to the general-purpose nature of the notes section, there are no strict format and style guidelines here. Remember, though, that all the general Data Crystal guidelines still apply: Standard English, third-person, and Neutral Point Of View. For more information, see Help:Contents.

One important rule for notes pages (and all pages) is to use the wiki markup to add headings and organize the notes. This allows readers to quickly find information using the table of contents. This also helps for editing purposes. If the notes are organized, as information accumulates over time it will be easier to group related information and decide when there is enough information about a particular topic to place it in its own page.