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Each game's main page includes a link to a text table page. This article describes the guidelines that should be followed when creating or adding to these pages.


The primary content of text table pages should be the actual table files. These should use pre-formatted text. This can be done by wrapping the contents of the table file in <pre></pre> tags, or preceding each line with a space. The table files should conform to common conventions as closely as possible. "Descriptions" of table files should not be substituted for actual table files.

Many games require multiple table files. In this case, it is generally preferable to place each table file under its own heading so that the article's table of contents can be used to find the desired table.

Supplemental explanatory text may also be included with a table file, but should be minimal. Text compression, script dumps or catalogs, and other material that does not directly relate to text tables are outside the scope of text table pages and should be placed in its own article, though you are encouraged to link to text-related articles from the text table page.


The basic format for table files is very straightforward and should always be used when possible. Each line should follow the format of HEX=Literal. If this minimal format is insufficient, be sure to state which standard or software's format the table is using.