Idea no Hi:ROM map

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00FC80-00FD38: String block selection routines
00FD39-00FD76: String finding routines
060000-067F9B: Dialogue block 1 (strings #1-558)
068000-06FFDF: Dialogue block 2 (strings #559-986)
070000-077F10: Dialogue block 3 (strings #987-1580)
07A02D-07A29F: Skill names
07A2A6-07B45E: Item names
07B48F-07BA93: Enemy names
07BAA7-07CE46: Menus and other text
07CE84-07D5B4: Skill descriptions
07D5B5-07FF91?: Item descriptions
07F524-???: Unknown text block
0BF524-0BFF93: Battle messages
117DCA-117DF7: XX Pascal string entry pointers/Base address for Pascal strings
117DF8-117E91: FD XX dictionary(Pascal) strings pointer entries
11F239-11FE06?: Unidentified text
128000-12B697: Dialogue block 4 (strings #1581-1873)