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Keitai Denjuu Telefang - Power Version
Keitai Denjuu Telefang - Power Version Title.png
Region Code Japan
Type Grayscale [GBC Features]
SGB Support Yes
Cartridge Type MBC3 + TIMER + RAM + BATTERY
License Code NEW 2N (Smilebit)
ROM Size 16 Mbit (128 x 2Mbyte)
ROM Checksum $F68B
SRAM Size 256 KBit (4 x 8Kbyte)
Header Checksum $56 (OK)
ROM map | RAM map | Text table | Notes | Tutorials


  • Denjuu Editor SP A tool to edit the base stats, movesets, types, evolution, palette, experience items and stat growth of all the Denjuu in Telefang 1 ROMs, including the Bootleg 'Pokémon Diamond'.
  • Telefang Tools A tool to decompress and recompress the graphics and tilemaps in Telefang. Also happens to work with Medarot.
  • Telefang Map Dumper A tool to rip the maps in Telefang.


  • Pokémon Diamond - The most common hack of this game, it is a badly translated English version dubbed "Pokémon Diamond" (hacked from the original game's Power version) to attract more buyers. There was also a "Pokémon Jade" to go along with it, a hack of the original game's Speed version. There were also Chinese versions of both, also labeled as Pokémon games. Both English and Chinese versions were most likely made in Hong Kong, and without permission from the game's original creators.
  • English translation - A proper English translation is very slowly being worked on. It is hacked from the Power version, and is remade from scratch; in other words, it is not hacked from the fake Diamond version. This is to avoid the numerous glitches that were present in the fake, as well as retaining the title screen. [1] Changelog: [2]


Format of Data

Known Dumps

  • Keitai Denjuu Telefang - Power Version (J) [C][!]
  • Keitai Denjuu Telefang - Speed Version (J) [C][!]

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