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Animation Data

Undocumented data between attack strings is most likely animation data for the helper of the preceding data's power. See Cutter(2p) for example.

040634-04063F	walking (2 bytes per frame)
		b0-b9	sprite
		b10-b15	duration (up to 63)

The walking animation doesn't use the default instruction set like the rest of the animations do.

040996-04	floating
0409B0-04	spit cloud
040B18-040B27	jumping
040B93-04	sliding
040BA4-04	inhaling
040BC5-04	swallowing object
040BD9-04	swallowing object w/power
040C7F-04	create helper
040CF7-040D23	idle
040D5D-04	enter door
040ECE-04	try to make/convert helper

041842-04	Cutter: transform
041857-04	Cutter: strike
041875-04	Cutter: jumping strike
041884-04	Cutter: charging slash
0418BA-04	Cutter: 1st strike, close-range
0418D8-04	Cutter: 2nd strike, close-range
04190C-04	Cutter: 3rd strike, close-range
041954-04	Cutter(2p): strike
041972-04	Cutter(2p): jumping strike

041A3C-04	Beam: transform
041AE4-04	Beam: beam
041B8C-04	Beam: running beam
041BB7-04	Beam: running, jumping beam
041C0A-04	Beam: grab and hold
041C26-04	Beam: beam on hold
041C35-04	Beam: charge
041C51-04	Beam: blast

041E9F-04	Yoyo: transform
041ECD-04	Yoyo: throw
041F07-04	Yoyo: upward throw
041F40-04	Yoyo: downward throw
041F76-04	Yoyo: running topspin
0420A8-04	Yoyo: bodyslam with yoyo

04232B-04	Ninja: transform
042346-04	Ninja: throw knife
04236B-04	Ninja: strike
0423EE-04	Ninja: sliding strike

0425F0-04	Wing: transform
042609-04	Wing: shoot 1 feather
04262B-04	Wing: running charge
04271C-04	Wing: divebomb

0429FC-04	Jet: transform
042A53-04	Jet: charging
042A7C-04	Jet: kick
042AC9-04	Jet: air blast-off (not charged)
042B1E-04	Jet: blast-off
042B7F-04	Jet: shoot orbs at blast-off
042BB1-04	Jet: grab, hold, blast
042BF7-04	Jet: blast-off, grab and body-slam

042F23-04	Sword: transform
042F44-04	Sword: 1st strike (upward)
042F63-04	Sword: 2nd strike (downward)
042F8F-04	Sword: 3rd strike (jabbing)
042FC7-04	Sword: running thrust
042FEC-04	Sword: somersault
043018-04	Sword: jumping strike
043034-04	Sword: jumping downward strike

043052-04	bounce backward

0431C5-04	Fire: transform
04323C-04	Fire: blow fire
0432DE-04	Fire: charging fireball
0433DF-04	Fire: tumbling fireball

0436D6-04	Bomb: throw bomb
0436E8-04	Bomb: running bomb throw
043715-04	Bomb: produce bomb
04373E-04	Bomb: set down bomb

043834-04	Stone: turn into stone

043A3B-04	Plasma: shoot small spark
043A56-04	Plasma: shoot arrow spark
033A71-04	Plasma: shoot sparks
043A97-04	Plasma: shoot spiral
043ABD-04	Plasma: shoot full-charge sparks

043BFD-04	Wheel: wheeling
043C22-04	Wheel: turning
043C7E-04	Wheel: run into wall
043CA6-04	Wheelie-ride: wheeling
043CC3-04	Wheelie-ride: turning
043D0D-04	Wheelie-ride: run into wall

043D59-04	Ice: spit snow
043D8C-04	Ice: running snow field
043DB3-04	Ice: air spin
043E15-04	Ice: running air spin
043E77-04	Ice: swallow object
043E8C-04	Ice: spit out object
043EA6-04	Ice: kick ice-block

044030-04	Mirror: strike

04416C-04	Fighter: light punch
0441AD-04	Fighter: strong punch
0441F5-04	Fighter: running kick
04422D-04	Fighter: air kick
044256-04	Fighter: uppercut
044294-04	Fighter: toss on hold

0444D2-04	Suplex: charge
044553-04	Suplex: grab
044593-0445D9	Suplex: throwdown (press v)
0445DA-04	Suplex: backbreaker (press ^)
044614-04	Suplex: throw (press >)
044673-04	Suplex: backflip (press <)
0446E2-04	Suplex: strike (press Y)
04472B-044789	Suplex: powerbomb (press B)
04483F-04	Suplex: grapestomper

044CAC-04	Hammer: strike
044D07-04	Hammer: running, spinning strike
044DA4-04	Hammer: air tumble
044DF0-04	Hammer: running air tumble
044E40-04	Hammer: charged swing

04512E-04	Parasol: strike
0451CA-04	Parasol: running strike
04523C-04	Parasol: air strike
0452FC-04	Parasol: downward air strike
0453A6-04	Parasol: floating

0457C9-04	Copy: copy