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All locations are for the Disk ROM, NOT the Cart ROM or the MAME Disk ROM.

ROM Start ROM End Details
0x73C30 NOP this to enable the Debug Menu
0xB00D0 0xB04CC Debug code that can be replaced safely
0xFE9F0 0xFFFF0 Textures - Latin characters for Night Comments, Debug Menu and NOW LOADING
0x150C68 0x152C68 Textures) - Kyojin no Doshin corner symbol
0x16A758 0x16AA58 pointers to Debug screen text
0x16AB38 0x16DB38 Textures - Disaster and Monument messages
0x16DD04 0x16DD38 Text (SJIS) - list of punctuation marks
0x16DD48 0x171848 Textures - Main Menu
0x171BB0 0x171CB0 Texture - *
0x171CB0 0x1720B0 Textures - End of Day - Generations
0x1720B0 0x172AB0 Textures - End of Day - Japanese Numbers
0x172C28 0x173028 Textures - Photo Album - Erase with Z (bottom right)
0x173830 0x173E30 Textures - Main Game - Album is Full (attempt to take a picture when Photo Album is full)
0x173EC8 0x1832C8 Textures - End Credits
0x183740 0x185340 Textures - End of Day - Japanese Counting Abbreviations
0x185340 0x186E40 Textures - End of Day - Excalamations for Changes
0x186E40 0x196F40 Textures - End of Day - Stat Names
0x196F40 0x196F68 Pointers to Latin 0-9 textures
0x196F70 0x196F88 Text (SJIS) - Japanese 0-9
0x196F88 0x197360 Pointers to Night Comments
0x198EA0 0x19A3A0 Textures - Japanese characters for Night Comments
0x19A5A8 0x19B8E8 Textures - Pause Menu
0x1B7990 0x1B7D34 Text (ASCII) - Debug Screen
0x1B7F50 0x1B9698 Text (SJIS) - Erase Save Data, unknown, Monument List (Title and Text)
0x1B97F0 0x1B9814 Text (SJIS) - Stats Menu
0x1B9B50 0x1B9B70 Text (SJIS) - Erase Photos
0x1B9D90 0x1B9DF0 Text (SJIS) - Stats Title
0x1B9E20 0x1B9E68 Text (SJIS) - unknown
0x1B9E70 0x1B9E80 Text (ASCII) - * NOW LOADING
0x1B9E80 0x1BC0D0 Text (SJIS) - Night Comments
0x1BC1C0 0x1BD390 Text (SJIS) - Morning Comments
0x1BD590 0x1BD5C4 Text (ASCII) - Error Messages
0x1BD5C4 0x1BD7E0 Text (SJIS) - System Errors
0x3837D8 0x3847D8 Texture - Stylized text
0xA27B98 0xA28A98 Texture - Photo Album Banner
0xD58240 0x1A4F160 Textures and Audio (General Area) - Sodoru's in-game messages