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This is the full tbl for the english translation of Lagrange Point, it uses uncompressed text and dte compression for the script and objects and plain text for the rest:

00= 01=0 02=1 03=2 04=3 05=4 06=5 07=6 08=7 09=8 0a=9 0b=<en> 0c=<in> 0d=<is> 0e=' 0f= 10=a 11=b 12=c 13=d 14=e 15=f 16=g 17=h 18=i 19=j 1A=k 1B=l 1C=m 1D=n 1E=o 1F=p 20=q 21=r 22=s 23=t 24=u 25=v 26=w 27=x 28=y 29=z 2A=A 2B=B 2C=C 2D=D 2E=E 2F=F 30=G 31=H 32=I 33=, 34=K 35=L 36=M 37=N 38=O 39=P 3A=R 3B=S 3C=T 3D=U 3E=V 3F=W 40=Y 41=. 42=! 43=- 44=: 45=? 46=X 47=" 50=J 51=Q 52=X 53=Z 54=ie 55=il 56=tr

-These entries are stored in 3fab0(f855 onward) and 3e211 (f800 to f854)

f800= the f801= you f802= to f803= f804=and f805=is f806= Bio Corps f807=ing f808=here f809=Got a f80a= have f80b=Satellite f80c='s f80d= can f80e=Bio Kaiser f80f=Resistance f810=Stolte f811=Please f812= City f813= with f814= from f815=The f816= was f817=weapon f818=, but f819=re f81a=ll f81b=I'm f81c=oldier f81d=Potatia f81e=ake f81f=hat f820=General Dan f821=Chairman T f822=Kaiser Roa f823= Unit f824= of f825=the f826=ed f827=General Da f828=for f829=Orangeria f82a=You f82b=... f82c=e careful f82d=waterway f82e=Got f82f=utant f830=n't f831=an f832=ome f833=Ceramic f834=attack f835=esearch f836= Base f837=er f838= a f839= I f83a=tion f83b=Hoverplane f83c=Matsushita f83d=Translator f83e= Yes f83f=Cyborg f840=back f841=combin f842=ould f843=Robo HP f844=Commander Sand f845=Morita f846=Thanks f847=huttle f848=ight f849= Card f84a=ent f84b=just f84c=out f84d=Cornarea f84e=Iron f84f=O2 Tank f850=ound f851=Earth f852=it f853=Bio Paradi f854=President f855=ing f856=like f857=member f858=now f859=ough f85a=veryone f85b= Body f85c=get f85d= to f85e= be f85f= party f860=hear f861= help f862=for f863= use f864=est f865=in f866= want f867=Captain Wolf f868=Isis f869=Professor f86a=Weapon: f86b=find f86c= me f86d=... f86e=They f86f=port f870=that f871=CornBase f872=Ledesma f873=enemy f874=rea f875=Pico: f876=Prof. f877=this f878= go f879=, Gene f87a=Calorie f87b=again f87c=ave f87d=stockpile f87e= we f87f=friend f880= mu f881=Armor: f882=Guide Robo f883=Recon Squa f884=actory f885=contain f886=return f887=wait f888= an f889=other f88A=to f88B=you f88C=some f88D=stro f88E= long f88F=Board f890=build f891=colony f892=give f893=head f894=ine f895= do f896= ha f897= le f898=Capsule f899=one f89A=undergr f89B=City f89C=Kit. f89D=able f89E=from f89F=look f8A0=my f8A1=plan f8A2=it f8A3=. I f8A4=attle f8A5=first f8A6=place f8A7=. We f8A8=Bio Palace f8A9=Corona Gun f8AA=HydroW f8AB=NavBot f8AC=escape f8AD=rotect f8AE= re f8AF=en f8B0=ter f8B1= need f8B2= please f8B3=Ceram f8B4=License f8B5=Missile. f8B6=Pamil f8B7=Titanium f8B8=com f8B9=control f8BA=lock f8BB=new f8BC=probably f8BD=space f8BE= wh f8BF=s a f8C0=Sword f8C1=. He f8C2=Kazu f8C3=Orange f8C4=dangerous f8C5=else f8C6=mountains f8C7=obot f8C8=pecial f8C9= Town f8CA= will f8CB=Kiesa f8CC=be f8CD=equip f8CE=north f8CF=think f8D0='ve f8D1=, so f8D2=000. f8D3=orry f8D4=our f8D5=side f8D6=Coron Disk f8D7=My name f8D8=enemies f8D9=everyth f8DA=message f8DB=vehicle f8DC= ca f8DD= died. f8DE=Bp Charge f8DF=Corps f8E0=Energy Pac f8E1=Info Box f8E2=Long f8E3=Looks f8E4=Passcard f8E5=Robotect f8E6=What f8E7=Yes f8E8=all f8E9=cience f8EA=him f8EB=human f8EC=into f8ED=lounge f8EE=made f8EF=old lady f8F0=only f8F1=over f8F2=sure f8F3= Bio f8F4=Hey f8F5=Rita f8F6=ance f8F7=ess f8F8=near f8F9=time f8FA= sh f8FB= wa f8FC=Oregi f8FD=Scott f8FE=cognize

  • This values can be edited in 3fecd (ingame text) and in 5f90f (split in two tables, one contains the first letter and the other the second, for combat and menus)

57=. 58=re 59=, 5a=on 5b=in 5c=th 5d=st 5e=se 5f= a 60=le 61=s 62=is 63=or 64=er 65=an 66=a 67=ar 68=ed 69=en 6a=at 6b=Th 6c=it 6d=! 6e=of 6f=y 70= 70=t 71=ll 72=am 73=? 74=o 75=to 76=e 77=un 78=ur 79=ve 7A=ch 7B=al 7C=id 7D=ro 7E=ay 7F=ad 80=be 81=ic 82='s 83=ac 84=up 85=We 86=as 87=I 88=I' 89=es 8A=me 8B=ow 8C= s 8D= t 8E=go 8F=If 90=if 91=s. 92=he 93=il 94=ge 95=ne 96=ol 97= f 98=ot 99='t 9A= m 9B= p 9C=It 9D=ak 9E=op 9F=He A0=ap A1=ir A2=: A3=Do A4=Is A5=No A6=ry A7=us A8=wi A9=d AA=de AB=ok AC= b AD=em AE=om AF= c B0=do B1=et B2=ft B3=ri B4=Wh B5=ab B6=li B7=od B8=ut B9=Oh BA=pe BB= K BC= L BD=av BE=su BF=we C0=lo C1=n C2=r C3=te C4=ul C5= C6=by C7=ca C8=ig C9= r CA=ce CB=ex CC=s, CD=wn CE= C CF=ai D0=ee D1=ev D2=ha D3=sa D4= d D5= e D6=m. D7=no D8=sh D9= M DA=OK DB=ck DC=ct DD=ra DE=um DF= T E0=Wi E1=d. E2=e. E3=ib E4=ly E5=o. E6=so E7=wh E8=1. E9=Bi EA=Re EB=mo EC=qu ED=sc EE=ta EF=So F0=co F1=fe F2=h F3=im F4=lp F5=s! F6= k F7= l F8=pq

fa=<page> fb=<line> f8b0=ter d1=ev d2=ha 64=er f899=one ff=<ff> fc=<end1>

  • f6=<char1>
  • f7=<char2>


Internal Data for Lagrange Point

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