Mega Man V: Level Data

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Level Data is logically common level data, but is here used to describe the part of level data which is unique for every level. Screen Bank Data on the other hand, can be used by multiple levels.

Mega Man 5 is structured so that each a bank is spent for each level's Level Data. With a bank is meant a $2000-byte bank as the MMC3 Mapper divides them into. The bank is either loaded into memory area $8000-$9FFF or $A000-$BFFF when level data is read.

The different datas are at fixed offsets in the bank. Offsets below have iNES header added to them. To get the proper ROM address for a Level ID, one must add an multiplication of $2000 (depending on the Level ID) to the offsets below. For example, the Screen Layout Data for Gravityman's Level (ID #0) is at ROM address $910, while the Screen Layout Data for Waveman's Level (ID #1) is at ROM address $2910.

Contents of Level Data Bank