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RAM Information
0x009E Currently selected area in the map.
  • 0x6C - Unused value for Number Museum (changes to 0xA8 when going back to the map)
  • 0x84 - Space Center
  • 0xA8 - Number Museum
  • 0xC0 - Number City
  • 0xCC - Pete's Hideout
  • 0xD8 - Number Factory
0x020C Timer before fading out of the stage.
  • Beating the stage without a number starts the value at 0x13.
  • Beating the stage with a number starts the value at 0x5B.
  • Exiting the stage via Select starts the value at 0x40.
0x020F/12 Palette for the bottom UI during gameplay.
0x0216 Difficulty.
  • 0x00 - Normal
  • 0x01 - Advanced
  • 0x02 - Super Advanced
0x021B/F Times cleared on Number City, Number Factory, Space Center, Number Museum, and Pete's Hideout, respectively.
0x0220 Total Magic Numbers collected.
0x0245/55 Palette for non-objects that aren't part of the bottom UI (i.e. stages, text, map, etc.).
0x0278 What audio plays when unpausing.
0x0389 Input state. Adds the values below to whatever is being pressed.
  • 0x01 - Right
  • 0x02 - Left
  • 0x04 - Down
  • 0x08 - Up
  • 0x10 - Start
  • 0x20 - Select
  • 0x40 - B
  • 0x80 - A

i.e. Holding B and A makes the address have a value of 0xC0.

0x0421/2 Camera's Y-position.
0x0425/6 Camera's X-position.
0x042C Maximum falling speed.
  • 0x01 - While in space in Space Center.
  • 0x03 - Default and maximum.
0x042F Gravity.
  • 0x14 - While in space in Space Center.
  • 0x24 - Default.
0x0430 Horizontal deceleration. (Updates every frame)
0x0431 Horizontal acceleration. (Doesn't update every frame)
0x0433 Timer when standing on the edge. When it hits the threshold value, it resets back to 0x00 and pushes Mickey off.
0x0435 Falling time. Resets to 0x00 upon landing. Stops at 0x0436's value while falling, which then stuns Mickey after landing.
0x0436 Falling stun threshold.
0x043E Idle time. Resets to 0x00 upon moving or finishing an animation (i.e. stunned from falling). When it reaches to 0xFF, Mickey plays his idle animation.
0x0440 Mickey's affecting animation.
0x044F Invincibility time from getting hit.
0x0461/9 Object 1-9's type.
0x046A Something to do with gravity?
  • 0x00 - Going Up, Facing Left
  • 0x01 - Going Up, Facing Right
  • 0x02 - Going Down, Facing Left
  • 0x03 - Going Down, Facing Right
0x04C4/CC Object 1-9's X-subposition.
0x04CD/D5 Object 1-9's X-position.
0x04DF/E7 Object 1-9's Y-subposition.
0x04E8/F0 Object 1-9's Y-position.
0x04F1 Mickey's current horizontal subspeed.
0x04FA Mickey's current horizontal speed.
0x0503 Mickey's current vertical subspeed.
0x050C Mickey's current vertical speed.
0x054F Is your bubblegum projectile still active?
  • 0x00 - No
  • 0x01 - Yes
0x0645/8 What animation to use for jumping, walking, standing, and being hurt, respectively.
0x064B Magic Number collected in level?
  • 0x00 - No
  • 0x01 - Yes
0x064E Paused?
  • 0x00 - No
  • 0xFF - Yes
0x0657 Cooldown/duration on "Wrong Number" animation.
0x065D Selected option during the Math Problem minigame.
0x0674 Current amount of bubblegum held.
0x0675 Current amount of health.
0x0676 Current amount of stars collected.
0x0678 Magic Number that you must find in the level. 0x0A is Magic Number 10.
0x067A/B What sound/music to play in the next frame. On the frame after, if it's applicable, the audio is played and the value is reduced by 0x80.

If a music is played as a sound, it'll be missing an instrument.

When setting the music manually, after it finishes the audio, it moves onto the next intended one.

Attempting to manually set the value to 0x9F as a music will only play it for a short time before moving onto the next music, unless the value is frozen to 0x1F after it starts playing.

0x067F Music Tempo (How exactly this works is unknown, the only notable thing is that when set to 0x00, it seems to play its original tempo)
0x06CD/D0 Instrument Pitches

Internal Data for Mickey's Adventures in Numberland

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