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Known Locations of data in Super Mario world:

Music Banks

There are a total of five blocks of data. The addresses are from the actual subroutines that load in the banks. The SPC engine and samples may be loaded in at startup, then a jump to the one of the other three subrountines determines which music bank is loaded in. Games like Super Mario Kart and Super Mario World 2 load in a default music bank, which has the global tracks (death, game over, invincibility, etc.), and then load in an different block of data with level music on it.

SPC Pointers (in SNES format)

70200 SPC Engine/SFX/Instrument Definitions/unknown 24-byte table
2E9 [00] - Low Byte
2EE [80] - Middle Byte
2F3 [0E] - High Byte

78200 SPC Sample Pointers/Samples

2FE [00] - Low
303 [80] - Middle
308 [0F] - High

71AB1 SPC Music Bank 1 (Map)

30F [B1] - Low
314 [98] - Middle
319 [0E] - High

730D6 SPC Music Bank 2 (Levels)

349 [D6] - Low
34E [AE] - Middle
353 [0E] - High

1E600 SPC Music Bank 3 (Ending)

35A [00] - Low
35F [E4] - Middle
364 [03] - High