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A message in Page1Text is displayed by setting the MessagePage variable ($06B8) to #$01, and then storing the message index into MessageNumber ($06BA).


Message text

Description of message
00 eat verb
01 drink verb
03 licked verb
04 apply verb
05 put into cd player
06 changed his shoes
07 was equipped with (missing space)
08 took a break and played the %s game
09 read the book
0A use verb
0B took a break and cooked the %s
0C chew verb
0D  %s (missing space) "has already been uses"
0E PUNCH is up by (missing space) %d
18 could not swing the powerful and heavy sword
19 held the mythic power of olympus
1A feathers started flying everywhere
1B and was allowed to keep it after a drug test
1C hugged %s and (missing CR) knelt down
1D thanked fermers deeply
1E  %s: "W.What? My body is..."
1F  %s "GUAA"
20 was refreshed
21 UFO lands on Toys Galore! Alien kidnaps Teddy Bear!
22 Hot tunes filled the air
23 started jamming
24 "How am I going to run in these %s?"
25 's feet were grateful and jumped for joy.
26 Unfortunately, %s looked pretty silly in the %s.
28 It was almost as fun as River City Ransom.
2A The belt was quite amazing, but not too fashionable.
2B While nobody was watching, %s hugged the bear.
2C Acquired a technique called %s.
2D enjoyed the light reading.
2E "Your destiny awaits you at River City High."
2F opened %s and discovered ancient secrets
30 Standing up, a great aura surrounded %s
31  %s "Wow!"
32 "What am I supposed to do with this thing?"
33 "Boy, that was a great piece of meat"
37 Grotto Mall
38 Waterfront Mall
39 Flatirons Mall
3A OAK Hill Mall
3B Sherman Park
3C Capital Ave. Bridge
3D W.S.L. Co. Warehouse
3E Armstrong Thru-way
3F Vacant 3rd Wheel Factory
40 Sticksville
41 Downtown
42 Burb Village
43 River City High
44 Cross Town High
45 Select game mode & character
46 Select start or continue
47 Name your character
48 Erase the name?
49 Is %s's status ok?
4A Input or write down your password.
4B Wrong password.
4C Erase the password?
4D Trade passwords?
4E Select speed & level
4F  %s can's carry any more.
50 Select belonging and its use
51 Whose going to use it?
55 Present status.
56 Present Password. Cont End Again
57 Good Job!
58 You'll regret that!
5B Select message speed & level
66 PUNCH isMax
6F MAX POWER is limit
70 Erase the name? (right side)
71 Erase the name? (both sides)
7C Wrong password (right side)
7D Wrong password (both sides)
7E Erase the password? (Right side)
7F Erase the password? (Both sides)

Internal Data for River City Ransom

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