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Pointer Table

(This covers all in-game cutscenes, as well as the intro dialog after the scrolling section)

  • The pointer table starts at 5BF6C. This is also the base address.
  • Each pointer is a 2-byte hex pair which points to the command values that precede the text.
To find the text start from the pointer, multiply the second byte by 0x100.
Then, add the first byte to it.
Finally, add this sum to the base address to get to the start of the text.


In the original game, 56F6C is the first dialog pointer address. The 2-byte hex pair at that location is A8 00. 56F6C + A8 + (0x100 * A8) equals 5C014, the first line of dialog in the intro (after the scrolling section).


  • Font tiles for horizontal view are located at 5AB64 (The hex value 00 is represented by the first tile)
  • Font tiles for vertical view are located at 5B56C
  • Each letter is a 2-byte hex pair; the first hex value is the letter you want, the second is a potential accent mark.
    • 00 is the standard unaccented mark
  • FE FF represents the end of the line, followed by a newline character.
  • 40 57 FE FF represents the end of that current dialog (the "Press A to read the next sentence" indicator)
  • 40 58 40 33 40 36, followed by 40 57 FE FF FF FF indicated the end of that character's speech, and lets the game know to go to the next pointer.
    • (Provided you have the space, you can increase or decrease the length of a cut-scene by any amount you want)
  • By default, all but the last line can have 17 characters in them; the last line can only have 16 characters due to the "Press A to read the next sentence" indicator character.