Romance of the Three Kingdoms II: ROM map

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The notation I use for page numbers is the same as the hex value that is stored to the corresponding RAM bank value for switching. For example, 0xE0 accesses the first half of ROM page 0x00, 0xE1 accesses the second half, and so on. Sometimes the game loads both halves of a page into RAM $8000-$BFFF, or sometimes it loads two halves from different ROM pages into $8000-$9FFF and $A000-$BFFF.

Page FA ($A000-$BFFF)

Data Table FA:A004

Locates the first & second names of Officer

A004 + 0x04*(ID)        = Address of first  name
A004 + 0x04*(ID) + 0x02 = Address of second name 

Data Table FA:A584

Name strings pointed to by $A004

Data Table FA:B1C8

Locates entry in string table $B20A

Data Table FA:B20A

00 B20A supervise
01 B214 train soldiers
02 B223 assign
03 B22A hire soldiers
04 B238 Dismiss
05 B240 Appoint whom as governor
06 B259 Appoint whom as advisor
07 B271 search
08 B278 Recruit
09 B280 Send whom as messenger
0A B297 (blank)
0B B298 (blank)
0C B299 Send letter to
0D B2A8 (blank)
0E B2A9 Tempt
0F B2AF Withdraw
10 B2B8 Verify
11 B2BF Send
12 B2C4 View
13 B2C9 view
14 B2CE develop land
15 B2DB supervise
16 B2E5 Give writings to
17 B2F6 Give horse to
18 B304 Give gold to
19 B311 give
1A B316 go to market
1B B323 (blank)
1C B324 View
1D B329 (blank)
1E B32A Give
1F B32F View
20 B334 view

Data Table FA:B33A

Locates entry in string table $B37E

Data Table FA:B37E

00 B37E Ruler is not in this province
01 B39C No one is capable
02 B3AE Not enough gold
03 B3BE No negotiation partners
04 B3D6 Oops! Escaped!
05 B3E5 No province can launch an attack now
06 B40A No provinces can send reinforcements
07 B42F No generals can leave the field now
08 B453 Can't send goods
09 B464 Not enough rice
0A B474 Can't hire more soldiers
0B B48D No advisor here
0C B49D That general can't become advisor
0D B4BF Can't appoint
0E B4CD No horses
0F B4D7 No free generals
10 B4E8 No generals to recruit
11 B4FF No other provinces
12 B512 Can't threaten that ruler
13 B52C You have no daughters
14 B542 Your daughter is already married
15 B563 No rulers to trick
16 B576 No generals to reward
17 B58C No followers in that province
18 B5AA No gold
19 B5B2 No advisor here
1A B5C2 No rice
1B B5CA Can't impose special tax in fall
1C B5EB Already collected special tax
1D B609 Can't buy more weapons
1E B620 Can't buy more horses
1F B636 (Blank)
20 B637 (Blank)
21 B638 (Blank)