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This Talk page has been categorized as an important community-wide discussion. Your input would be appreciated.

This is my idea for standardising console pages with an infobox. If it does get used, we need to decide on a couple of things, most importantly, what is to be included.

I've put a couple of examples of items that could be included into the template. Obviously there's a lot of other things that could be included, but I'm going to leave that to people who have probably been more involved into ROM hacking that I have been. It's possible to make fields optional, so bear that in mind when making suggestions. --Labmaster Talk 21:41, 23 Oct 2005 (EDT)

  • Manufacture
  • Release date
  • CPU
  • Memory
    • RAM
    • SRAM
    • VRAM
  • Media
  • Connectivity
  • GFX
    • Screen size
    • GFX Modes (optional?)
    • No. of colours
    • No. of sprites
  • Sound
    • I'm not a sound expert <_<