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I put my NES, GBA and misc. related open source or freeware projects here.


NES Lisp

I programmed neslisp which can be found at neslisp I also ported it to the Commodore 64, here's the link : neslispc64 The C64 version was made with cc65 (cc65) and can be easily ported to the NES natively but has memory area overflows.

Screenshots : Screenshot


There's also ados-nes at ADos OS NES which is my OS ported to the NES with lots of useful features for hardware hacking, the "massive" x86 ados OS is at Ados OS


bmp2nesc is a BMP to NES image, file converter. It is available with source code here.


Castlevania Demo

Based on code of others, I made a small game system for Super Nintendo. It is available at castlevania demo


Arm Lisp

arm-lisp is a Lisp compiler written in Objective-C (GNUstep) to provide for a good language on the ARMv7. It has a project page on arm-lisp

Dwarrendelf game

At the dwarrendelf page you can find my GBA action-RPG game.

Nintendo DS

Super Mario Tennis

A small game based on an MVC, at my DS page



My WiiU emulator and native compiler code can be found here : WiiUJoker

Misc Games

Super Mario Brothers (brothersinarms)

Then for fun, I made a Super Mario Bros. codebase with 2 levels, it has a windows version and was made with Python and Pygame (pygame). Here it is : brothersinarms

Screenshots : Screenshot

Final Fantasy II (angel's destiny)

I also wrote a Final Fantasy II clone in plain Java, the source code is at : Angel's Destiny RPG

Screenshots : Screenshot

Zelda II : The adventure of Link (pyZeldaII)

pyZelda II was also written by me and is a Python and Pygame based game which includes a full engine for making Zelda II games and has free source code written in Java at : pyZeldaII


A '1943 : The battle of Midway' clone was my first game programmed on Linux : forty-two The AI of enemies can be scripted in scheme with guile 1.6.

Contact information

If you want to contact me, I mostly live on the server. My blog : link