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He is a former member of TEK and current member at

He began "hacking" in 2001 upon discovering Acmlm's SMB2 Dicombobulator.

He began true hacking began upon taking up FCEUD by finding RAM addresses for pallets and ROM addresses as well in Faxanadu.

His real rom hacking began with the release of FCEUXD and FCEUXDSP by furthering knowledge using RAM addresses and breakpoints to hack the values of NES gaming. Later, this drove him to understand the 6502 processor in order to hack the ASM as well.

Games he has found RAM and/or ROM addresses include (but may not be uploaded as of the time of typing) include Zelda 2, Super Mario Bros. 2, Yo! Noid, Snake, Rattle 'N Roll, Spiritual Warfare, Pac-Man, Mega Man 2, Swords and Serpents, Kid Niki: Radical Ninja, and Whomp 'Em.

Formally known as Chill Penguin.

Only full release hack is Faxanadu - Facelift.

Demos include (some might not be available anymore): Super Metroid - R (there's a few different versions floating around out there.) Super Mario World RAZ138 (located on Zophar's)

Current hacks in works include (for an odd reason, all sequels): Super Mario Bros. 2 DX, Mega Man 2 Untitled, Zelda 2 Untitled, Mega Man 1 ASM hack

Super Mario Bros. 2 DX began as a project to rewrite some code in order to make the game more interesting (eg. bouncing shells), this lead to massive documentation of the ROM. The game slowed in means of programming and focused more on graphics with the newly found data for block makeup.

Mega Man 1 ASM hack (very simple) is a current work. Trying to understand how the ROM uses different routines and pointers is an interest. Using FCEUXDSP, the yellow addresses provided the newly accessed code for weapons. The plan is to hack some better weapons for the game, possibly weapons from later Mega Man games depending the limitations.

Mega Man 2, same as Mega Man 1.

Zelda 2 needs work, extreme lack of ASM coding.