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0x11ACD to  0x12621 = SPC700 program

0x1B40E to  0x1B431 =0xExperience levels - Required population
0x1B432 to  0x1B455 =0xExperience levels - Max SP

0x1B825 to  0x1B8FC = Lair data

0x1DCFA to  0x1DD79 = Town0xBuilding/obstacle Data related to 0x7F6800 (Fillmore)
0x1DD7A to  0x1DDF9 = Town0xBuilding/obstacle Data related to 0x7F6800 (Bloodpool)
0x1DDFA to  0x1DE79 = Town0xBuilding/obstacle Data related to 0x7F6800 (Kasandora)
0x1DE7A to  0x1DEF9 = Town0xBuilding/obstacle Data related to 0x7F6800 (Aitos)
0x1DEFA to  0x1DF79 = Town0xBuilding/obstacle Data related to 0x7F6800 (Marahna)
0x1DF7A to  0x1DFF9 = Town0xBuilding/obstacle Data related to 0x7F6800 (Northwall)


0x20000 to  0x2000D = Town name text pointers
0x2000E to  0x20042 = Town names
0x20043 to  0x2004A = Enemy name text pointers
0x2004B to  0x20076 = Enemy names
0x20077 to  0x21396 = Angel text
0x21397 to  0x213A2 = Town text metapointers
0x213A3 to  0x213E2 = Town text pointers (Fillmore)
0x213E3 to  0x21422 = Town text pointers (Bloodpool)
0x21423 to  0x21462 = Town text pointers (Kasandora)
0x21463 to  0x214A2 = Town text pointers (Aitos)
0x214A3 to  0x214E2 = Town text pointers (Marahna)
0x214E3 to  0x21522 = Town text pointers (Northwall)
0x21523 to  0x246AD = Town text
0x246AE to  0x246D7 = Offering text pointers
0x246D8 to  0x24C89 = Offering text
0x24C8A to  0x24C99 = Ending text pointers
0x24C9A to  0x258F2 = Ending text
0x258F3 to  0x25EF2 = Text Compression Dictionary
0x25EF3 to  0x27FFF = Unused

Maps, Sound, Graphics

0x28000 to  0x28E3F = Map metadata
0x28E40 to  0x28E7C = *** UNKNOWN -0x610xBytes (all null). There Are 61 maps.0xCoincidence? ***
0x28E7D to  0x2CE7E = Uncompressed map arrangement data
0x2CE7F to  0x2EE7E = Uncompressed graphics
0x2EE7F to  0x2FF7F = Compressed graphics
0x2FF80 to  0x2FFFF = Map palettes
0x30000 to  0x3002F = *** UNKNOWN - Pointers to following data ***
0x30030 to  0x302BE = *** UNKNOWN - data ***
0x302BF to  0x3032C = *** UNKNOWN - Pointers to following data ***
0x3032D to  0x31B76 = *** UNKNOWN - data ***
0x31B77 to  0x31FFF = Compressed sprite Composition data
0x32000 to  0x327FF = Uncompressed graphics
0x32800 to  0x32817 = *** UNKNOWN - Pointers to following data ***
0x32818 to  0x3289A = *** UNKNOWN - Data ***
0x3289B to  0x328C4 = *** UNKNOWN - Pointers to following data ***
0x328C5 to  0x32B8E = *** UNKNOWN - Data ***
0x32B8F to  0x32BFB = Music - (no music)
0x32BFC to  0x32BFF = Unused
0x32C00 to  0x3333E = SPC700 music setup, loaded after the SPC700 program
0x3333F to  0x37340 = Uncompressed map arrangement data
0x37341 to  0x37F76 = Compressed map arrangement data
0x37F77 to  0x37FFB = Compressed map arrangement data
0x37FFC to  0x37FFF = Unused
0x38000 to  0x3BFFF = Uncompressed graphics - Platform-mode warrior
0x3C000 to  0x3C00B = *** UNKNOWN - Pointers to following data ***
0x3C00C to  0x3C0E0 = *** UNKNOWN - Data ***
0x3C0E1 to  0x3C13E = *** UNKNOWN - Pointers to following data ***
0x3C13F to  0x3C7C4 = *** UNKNOWN - Data ***
0x3C7C5 to  0x3C7E4 = Map palettes
0x3C7E5 to  0x3C7FF = *** UNKNOWN ***
0x3C800 to  0x3C809 = *** UNKNOWN - Pointers to following data ***
0x3C80A to  0x3C959 = *** UNKNOWN - Data ***
0x3C95A to  0x3C971 = *** UNKNOWN - Pointers to following data ***
0x3C972 to  0x3CC23 = *** UNKNOWN - Data ***
0x3CC24 to  0x3CFF1 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0x3CFF2 to  0x3D09F = *** UNKNOWN ***
0x3D0A0 to  0x3D19F = Uncompressed Arrangement Data For the "just loaded a game" screen (Sky Palace interior w/ textbox)
0x3D1A0 to  0x3EFC6 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0x3EFC7 to  0x3FFDE = Compressed sprite Composition data
0x3FFDF to  0x3FFFF = Unused
0x40000 to  0x40B02 = Sound sample 00 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x40B03 to  0x414EE = Sound sample 01 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x414EF to  0x4154A = Sound sample 02 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4154B to  0x41F36 = Sound sample 03 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x41F37 to  0x4281D = Sound sample 04 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4281E to  0x42DBF = Sound sample 05 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x42DC0 to  0x42DE5 = Sound sample 06 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x42DE6 to  0x43915 = Sound sample 07 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x43916 to  0x43DB2 = Sound sample 08 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x43DB3 to  0x43E0E = Sound sample 09 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x43E0F to  0x44923 = Sound sample 0A (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x44924 to  0x4566F = Sound sample 0B (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x45670 to  0x456C2 = Sound sample 0C (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x456C3 to  0x4628B = Sound sample 0D (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4628C to  0x462DE = Sound sample 0E (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x462DF to  0x464FC = Sound sample 0F (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x464FD to  0x46A44 = Sound sample 10 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x46A45 to  0x4799A = Sound sample 11 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4799B to  0x4826F = Sound sample 12 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x48270 to  0x483C7 = Sound sample 13 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x483C8 to  0x487C2 = Sound sample 14 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x487C3 to  0x48815 = Sound sample 15 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x48816 to  0x499B4 = Sound sample 16 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x499B5 to  0x499EC = Sound sample 17 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x499ED to  0x4A726 = Sound sample 18 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4A727 to  0x4BD3C = Sound sample 19 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4BD3D to  0x4C62C = Sound sample 1A (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4C62D to  0x4D92A = Sound sample 1B (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4D92B to  0x4DFD1 = Sound sample 1C (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4DFD2 to  0x4E453 = Sound sample 1D (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4E454 to  0x4E7EB = Sound sample 1E (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4E7EC to  0x4EB95 = Sound sample 1F (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4EB96 to  0x4F149 = Sound sample 20 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4F14A to  0x4FD2D = Sound sample 21 (16-bit length value And0xBRR data)
0x4FD2E to  0x4FFF9 = Compressed map arrangement data
0x4FFFA to  0x4FFFF = Unused
0x50000 to  0x517FF = Town maps (base layer)
0x51800 to  0x52FFF = Town maps (obstacle layer)
0x53000 to  0x530FF = *** UNKNOWN ***
0x53100 to  0x531C9 = *** UNKNOWN - Map IDs (for overworld0xAnd platform stages), pointers to following data ***
0x531CA to  0x5450C = *** UNKNOWN - data ***
0x5450D to  0x547BD = Compressed map tileset data
0x547BE to  0x547FF = *** UNKNOWN ***
0x54800 to  0x5497B = *** UNKNOWN - Pointers to following data ***
0x5497C to  0x55B16 = *** UNKNOWN - data ***
0x55B17 to  0x5782D = Compressed graphics
0x5782E to  0x57FFE = Compressed sprite Composition data
          0x57FFF = Unused
0x58000 to  0x582FF = *** UNKNOWN ***
0x58300 to  0x5C2FF = *** UNKNOWN - Graphics of some sort? ***
0x5C300 to  0x5DF21 = Compressed graphics
0x5DF22 to  0x5FA89 = Compressed map arrangement data
0x5FA8A to  0x5FFF7 = Compressed map tileset data
0x5FFF8 to  0x5FFFF = Unused
0x60000 to  0x6FFFF = Uncompressed graphics
0x70000 to  0x73FFF = *** UNKNOWN - Graphics of some sort? ***
0x74000 to  0x75B61 = Compressed graphics
0x75B62 to  0x7769E = Compressed graphics
0x7769F to  0x77FD7 = Music - Pyramid ~ Marahna
0x77FD8 to  0x77FFF = Unused
0x78000 to  0x79B27 = Compressed graphics
0x79B28 to  0x7B639 = Compressed graphics
0x7B63A to  0x7D145 = Compressed graphics
0x7D146 to  0x7EC4A = Compressed graphics
0x7EC4B to  0x7FE85 = Compressed graphics
0x7FE86 to  0x7FFFB = Compressed map arrangement data
0x7FFFC to  0x7FFFF = Unused
0x80000 to  0x81AE5 = Compressed graphics
0x81AE6 to  0x835A1 = Compressed graphics
0x835A2 to  0x85000 = Compressed graphics
0x85001 to  0x86A26 = Compressed graphics
0x86A27 to  0x87FB7 = Compressed graphics
0x87FB8 to  0x87FFF = Unused
0x88000 to  0x899E1 = Compressed graphics
0x899E2 to  0x8B3BC = Compressed graphics
0x8B3BD to  0x8CD69 = Compressed graphics
0x8CD6A to  0x8E6D4 = Compressed graphics
0x8E6D5 to  0x8FFE6 = Compressed graphics
0x8FFE7 to  0x8FFFF = Unused
0x90000 to  0x9192E = Compressed graphics
0x9192F to  0x93233 = Compressed graphics
0x93234 to  0x94B04 = Compressed graphics
0x94B05 to  0x963BF = Compressed graphics
0x963C0 to  0x97C75 = Compressed graphics
0x97C76 to  0x97FFB = Compressed sprite Composition data
0x97FFC to  0x97FFF = Unused
0x98000 to  0x998A7 = Compressed graphics
0x998A8 to  0x9B12E = Compressed graphics
0x9B12F to  0x9C949 = Compressed graphics
0x9C94A to  0x9E13B = Compressed graphics
0x9E13C to  0x9F926 = Compressed graphics
0x9F927 to  0x9FFF6 = Compressed map tileset data
0x9FFF7 to  0x9FFFF = Unused
0xA0000 to  0xA1789 = Compressed graphics
0xA178A to  0xA2F04 = Compressed graphics
0xA2F05 to  0xA4642 = Compressed graphics
0xA4643 to  0xA5D75 = Compressed graphics
0xA5D76 to  0xA749C = Compressed graphics
0xA749D to  0xA7FB6 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xA7FB7 to  0xA7FFF = Unused
0xA8000 to  0xA971B = Compressed graphics
0xA971C to  0xAADC2 = Compressed graphics
0xAADC3 to  0xAC44C = Compressed graphics
0xAC44D to  0xADAC7 = Compressed graphics
0xADAC8 to  0xAF130 = Compressed graphics
0xAF131 to  0xAFF7F = Compressed map arrangement data
0xAFF80 to  0xAFFFF = Map palettes
0xB0000 to  0xB164F = Compressed graphics
0xB1650 to  0xB2C85 = Compressed graphics
0xB2C86 to  0xB4203 = Compressed graphics
0xB4204 to  0xB56C7 = Compressed graphics
0xB56C8 to  0xB6B08 = Compressed graphics
0xB6B09 to  0xB7F12 = Compressed graphics
0xB7F13 to  0xB7FFE = Compressed map arrangement data
          0xB7FFF = Unused
0xB8000 to  0xB9057 = Compressed graphics
0xB9058 to  0xBA067 = Compressed graphics
0xBA068 to  0xBB05B = Compressed graphics
0xBB05C to  0xBC026 = Music - Ending
0xBC027 to  0xBCFED = Music - All Over The World
0xBCFEE to  0xBDF8D = Compressed map arrangement data
0xBDF8E to  0xBECFA = Compressed map arrangement data
0xBECFB to  0xBF7A1 = Compressed font graphics (2BPP GameBoy0xFormat)
0xBF7A2 to  0xBFFF4 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xBFFF5 to  0xBFFFF = Unused
0xC0000 to  0xC0A91 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xC0A92 to  0xC147E = Compressed map arrangement data
0xC147F to  0xC1E64 = Music - Fillmore
0xC1E65 to  0xC27CE = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xC27CF to  0xC3136 = Compressed sprite Composition Data
0xC3137 to  0xC3A40 = Compressed sprite Composition Data
0xC3A41 to  0xC432B = Compressed map arrangement data
0xC432C to  0xC4C16 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xC4C17 to  0xC54F9 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xC54FA to  0xC5DCB = Music - Satan
0xC5DCC to  0xC665C = Music - Bloodpool ~ Kasandora
0xC665D to  0xC6EE5 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xC6EE6 to  0xC7726 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xC7727 to  0xC7F64 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xC7F65 to  0xC7FFF = Compressed map arrangement data
0xC8000 to  0xC8819 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xC881A to  0xC9019 = Uncompressed map tileset data
0xC901A to  0xC9819 = Uncompressed map tileset data
0xC981A to  0xCA019 = Uncompressed map tileset data
0xCA01A to  0xCA819 = Uncompressed map tileset data
0xCA81A to  0xCB016 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xCB017 to  0xCB7F7 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xCB7F8 to  0xCBFC5 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xCBFC6 to  0xCC777 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xCC778 to  0xCCF21 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xCCF22 to  0xCD694 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xCD695 to  0xCDDDB = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xCDDDC to  0xCE502 = Compressed map tileset data
0xCE503 to  0xCEC1C = Compressed map arrangement data
0xCEC1D to  0xCF334 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xCF335 to  0xCFA4A = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xCFA4B to  0xCFFEB = Music - Northwall
0xCFFEC to  0xCFFFF = Unused
0xD0000 to  0xD0703 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xD0704 to  0xD0DFA = Compressed map arrangement data
0xD0DFB to  0xD14B7 = Compressed map tileset data
0xD14B8 to  0xD1B6E = Music - Opening
0xD1B6F to  0xD21F7 = Compressed0xFont graphics (2BPP GameBoy0xFormat)
0xD21F8 to  0xD287A = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xD287B to  0xD2EFC = Compressed map arrangement data
0xD2EFD to  0xD3574 = Compressed map tileset data
0xD3575 to  0xD3BA5 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xD3BA6 to  0xD41C9 = Compressed map tileset data
0xD41CA to  0xD47D6 = Compressed map tileset data
0xD47D7 to  0xD4DAE = Compressed map arrangement data
0xD4DAF to  0xD5372 = Compressed map tileset data
0xD5373 to  0xD5933 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xD5934 to  0xD5EC5 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xD5EC6 to  0xD6456 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xD6457 to  0xD69E1 = Compressed map tileset data
0xD69E2 to  0xD6F62 = Music - The Beast0xAppears
0xD6F63 to  0xD74E0 = Music - Sacrifices
0xD74E1 to  0xD7A49 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xD7A4A to  0xD7FB1 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xD7FB2 to  0xD7FFE = Compressed map arrangement data
          0xD7FFF = Unused
0xD8000 to  0xD8553 = Compressed map tileset data
0xD8554 to  0xD8A8E = Music -0xAitos ~ Temple
0xD8A8F to  0xD8F9C = Compressed map arrangement data
0xD8F9D to  0xD946F = Compressed map arrangement data
0xD9470 to  0xD9942 = Music - Powerful0xEnemy
0xD9943 to  0xD9DF8 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xD9DF9 to  0xDA2AA = Compressed map tileset data
0xDA2AB to  0xDA757 = Music - Peaceful World
0xDA758 to  0xDABEC = Compressed map arrangement data
0xDABED to  0xDB07D = Music -0xBirth of the People
0xDB07E to  0xDB501 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xDB502 to  0xDB961 = Compressed map tileset data
0xDB962 to  0xDBDA6 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xDBDA7 to  0xDC1E5 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xDC1E6 to  0xDC621 = Compressed map tileset data
0xDC622 to  0xDCA55 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xDCA56 to  0xDCE69 = Compressed map tileset data
0xDCE6A to  0xDD279 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xDD27A to  0xDD686 = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xDD687 to  0xDDA92 = Compressed map tileset data
0xDDA93 to  0xDDE97 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xDDE98 to  0xDE299 = Uncompressed map arrangement data
0xDE29A to  0xDE69B = Uncompressed map arrangement data
0xDE69C to  0xDEA9D = Uncompressed map arrangement data
0xDEA9E to  0xDEE92 = Compressed map tileset data
0xDEE93 to  0xDF25C = Compressed map arrangement data
0xDF25D to  0xDF619 = Compressed map tileset data
0xDF61A to  0xDF9D6 = Compressed map tileset data
0xDF9D7 to  0xDFD6A = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xDFD6B to  0xDFFEE = Music - ???
0xDFFEF to  0xDFFFF = Unused
0xE0000 to  0xE0391 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE0392 to  0xE071E = Compressed map tileset data
0xE071F to  0xE0A8D = Compressed sprite Composition data
0xE0A8E to  0xE0DDD = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE0DDE to  0xE112C = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE112D to  0xE1455 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE1456 to  0xE1762 = Compressed map tileset data
0xE1763 to  0xE1A05 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE1A06 to  0xE1CA1 = Compressed map tileset data
0xE1CA2 to  0xE1F3C = Compressed map tileset data
0xE1F3D to  0xE219D = Music - Silence
0xE219E to  0xE23CF = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE23D0 to  0xE25FA = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE25FB to  0xE27CB = Music - Round0xClear
0xE27CC to  0xE2987 = Music - Descent
0xE2988 to  0xE2B40 = Music - Sky Palace
0xE2B41 to  0xE2CD9 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE2CDA to  0xE2E66 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE2E67 to  0xE2FEA = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE2FEB to  0xE3148 = Music - Level Up
0xE3149 to  0xE329F = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE32A0 to  0xE33F1 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE33F2 to  0xE353C = Music - ???
0xE353D to  0xE366E = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE366F to  0xE3783 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE3784 to  0xE388E = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE388F to  0xE3990 = Uncompressed map arrangement data
0xE3991 to  0xE3A92 = Uncompressed map arrangement data
0xE3A93 to  0xE3B92 = Map palettes
0xE3B93 to  0xE3C92 = Map palettes
0xE3C93 to  0xE3D92 = Map palettes
0xE3D93 to  0xE3E92 = Map palettes
0xE3E93 to  0xE3F92 = Map palettes
0xE3F93 to  0xE4092 = Map palettes
0xE4093 to  0xE4192 = Map palettes
0xE4193 to  0xE4262 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4263 to  0xE4327 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4328 to  0xE43EB = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE43EC to  0xE44AF = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE44B0 to  0xE4564 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4565 to  0xE4619 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE461A to  0xE46C6 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE46C7 to  0xE4770 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4771 to  0xE4816 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4817 to  0xE48BB = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE48BC to  0xE4956 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4957 to  0xE49F0 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE49F1 to  0xE4A86 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4A87 to  0xE4B1C = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4B1D to  0xE4BB2 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4BB3 to  0xE4C46 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4C47 to  0xE4CD7 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4CD8 to  0xE4D64 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4D65 to  0xE4DEE = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4DEF to  0xE4E73 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4E74 to  0xE4EF7 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE4EF8 to  0xE4F77 = Map palettes
0xE4F78 to  0xE4FF7 = Map palettes
0xE4FF8 to  0xE5077 = Map palettes
0xE5078 to  0xE50F7 = Map palettes
0xE50F8 to  0xE5177 = Map palettes
0xE5178 to  0xE51F7 = Map palettes
0xE51F8 to  0xE5277 = Map palettes
0xE5278 to  0xE52F7 = Map palettes
0xE52F8 to  0xE5377 = Map palettes
0xE5378 to  0xE53F7 = Map palettes
0xE53F8 to  0xE5477 = Map palettes
0xE5478 to  0xE54F7 = Map palettes
0xE54F8 to  0xE5577 = Map palettes
0xE5578 to  0xE55F7 = Map palettes
0xE55F8 to  0xE5677 = Map palettes
0xE5678 to  0xE56F7 = Map palettes
0xE56F8 to  0xE5777 = Map palettes
0xE5778 to  0xE57F7 = Map palettes
0xE57F8 to  0xE5877 = Map palettes
0xE5878 to  0xE58F7 = Map palettes
0xE58F8 to  0xE5977 = Map palettes
0xE5978 to  0xE59F7 = Map palettes
0xE59F8 to  0xE5A77 = Map palettes
0xE5A78 to  0xE5AF7 = Map palettes
0xE5AF8 to  0xE5B77 = Map palettes
0xE5B78 to  0xE5BF7 = Map palettes
0xE5BF8 to  0xE5C77 = Map palettes
0xE5C78 to  0xE5CF7 = Map palettes
0xE5CF8 to  0xE5D77 = Map palettes
0xE5D78 to  0xE5DF7 = Map palettes
0xE5DF8 to  0xE5E77 = Map palettes
0xE5E78 to  0xE5EF7 = Map palettes
0xE5EF8 to  0xE5F77 = Map palettes
0xE5F78 to  0xE5FF7 = Map palettes
0xE5FF8 to  0xE6077 = Map palettes
0xE6078 to  0xE60F7 = Map palettes
0xE60F8 to  0xE6177 = Map palettes
0xE6178 to  0xE61F7 = Map palettes
0xE61F8 to  0xE6277 = Map palettes
0xE6278 to  0xE62F7 = Map palettes
0xE62F8 to  0xE6377 = Map palettes
0xE6378 to  0xE63F7 = Map palettes
0xE63F8 to  0xE6477 = Map palettes
0xE6478 to  0xE64F7 = Map palettes
0xE64F8 to  0xE6577 = Map palettes
0xE6578 to  0xE65F6 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE65F7 to  0xE6673 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE6674 to  0xE66ED = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE66EE to  0xE6766 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE6767 to  0xE67DE = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE67DF to  0xE6854 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE6855 to  0xE68CA = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE68CB to  0xE6940 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE6941 to  0xE69B4 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE69B5 to  0xE6A14 = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE6A15 to  0xE6A5E = Compressed map arrangement data
0xE6A5F to  0xFFFFF = Unused