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Guns and Shooting
{{INES| title = Adventures of Lolo II
All about guns and shooting, including information on ammunition and reloading, online shopping for guns, manufacturers, holsters, scopes & sights, gun cleaning, and a whole lot more!
|image = [[Image:Adventures of Lolo 2 Title.png|center]]
All About Ammo (20) Muzzleloading, Black Powder (28) Gun & Shooting Product R... @ Shotguns (17) Guns & Shooting Top Picks (7) History / Gun Pioneers (7)
|mapperno = 4
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|mappername = MMC3
|prgrom = 2 x 16kB
|chrrom = 4 x 8kB
|mirroring = Horizontal
|4screen = No
|sram = No
|game = Adventures of Lolo II
The Sportsman's GuideLarge Selection at Discount Prices. Satisfaction Guaranteed!www.SportsmansGuide.com
{{Extensively Hacked}}
Free Rifle ZeroTargetsDownload and Print Immediately Learn to Shoot Better Today!www.precisionshootingprogram.com
Shooting StickShop Cabela's for shooting sticks & bipods. 100% satisfaction.www.Cabelas.com
Ron Paul for President
*Challenging Lolo 2 by Sivak Drac get it [http://www.romhacking.net/?Category=&Console=&Origgame=978&Cat=&transsearch=++Go++&title=&dsearch=&page=hacks&action=hackslist here]
Ron Paul for President! This Texas congressman is pro-freedom, believes in protecting our borders, and has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership. He's as close to a perfect match with my beliefs as I have seem for many a year.
Gun Safety Rules
Guns are used safely millions upon millions of times every year, but the potential for injury and death is always there. For this reason, we need to follow basic gun safety rules at all times when handling firearms, including handguns like revolvers and pistols, rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, airguns, etc.
H.R. 297: More Gun Control That Won't Work
==Known Dumps==
Stealing Your Rights - H.R. 297: More Gun Control That Won't Work
* Adventures of Lolo 2 (J)
LULA Magazine Loader & Unloader for AK47 (7.62x39)
* Adventures of Lolo 2 (U) [!p]
Review of LULA Magazine Loader & Unloader for AK47 (7.62x39). Very interesting product that allows fast and easy loading of AK mags.
==External Links==
Definition of Rifle. Types of rifles and what they are used for.
UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader
Test and Review of UpLULA Universal Pistol Magazine Loader. This loader performs very well and is very easy to use.
[[Category:NES Games|Adventures of Lolo II]]
Why Own a Gun?
[[Category:Adventures of Lolo II]]
Why do people choose to own guns? The reasons can be as varied as the people themselves. From soccer moms to deer hunters to serious collectors, gun ownership is widespread and has appeal for many folks. Here is a look at some of those reasons, with discussion of their merits and pitfalls.
[[Category:Eggerland series]]
Definition of Semi-Automatic
Bolt Action
Definition of Bolt Action
Can You Give me Information on a Smith & Wesson Model 1500 Rifle?
Some folks don't know that years ago, Smith & Wesson sold bolt-action centerfire rifles under their name. These guns are pretty much the same basic rifle as some marketed by Mossberg and Weatherby...
Definition of Bore, as it pertains to firearms.
Definition of Rifling, as it pertains to firearms.
Fiber-Optic Sights
Definition of Fiber-Optic Sights
A Day Full of Shooting and New Guns - 2007 Pre-SHOT Show
Shooting some of 2007's new guns and ammo, along with some old favorites. New rifles from Sako, Winchester, and Browning; new handguns from Smith & Wesson, Browning, Springfield Armory, Sig, and Rock River Arms, and more. What a day! I even ended up buying a Benelli SuperNova 12 gauge shotgun at an auction to benefit National 4-H Shooting Sports.
Why Will a Rifle Zeroed at 25 Yards Hit Close to Aim at Longer Range?
Why will a rifle zeroed at 25 yards hit close to point of aim at longer range? It's all about gravity's pull...
Field Stripping the AK-47 Rifle Including Variants WASR-10 SAR etc
Field stripping the AK-47 rifle (including fariants such as the WASR-10, SAR, etc.).
Notching AK-47 Safety Lever for Bolt Hold-Open
Notching an AK-47 safety selector lever for bolt hold-open. This will allow you to hold your bolt open, more easily satisfying range officers, and adding peace of mind while handling your rifle.
Sightron S1 3x-9x 40mm Rifle Scope Review
Sightron S1 3x-9x 40mm Rifle Scope Review - This scope is a good one, especially at the price for which it sells.
Definition of Shot
Definition of Shot
Definition of Primer
Definition of Primer
Definition of Cartridge
Definition of Cartridge
Definition of Bullet
Definition of Bullet
Definition of Powder Charge
Definition of Powder Charge
Definition of Cartridge Case
Definition of Cartridge Case
Can I mount a rifle scope on a shotgun, or will the recoil destroy it?
Questions about rifle scopes and shotguns have been around for years, especially in the years since the advent of the fully-rifled barrel and very accurate shotgun slugs. Folks with spare rifle scopes, or who choose a rifle scope because there are so many more types available than shotgun scopes, want to put them on their slug guns. Problem is, this really isn't a good idea...
Need Help With Ruger 44 Carbine Assembly
Sturm, Ruger, and Company's old original semi-auto 44 magnum carbine is an excellent gun, which is fitting because it's the first long gun the company marketed. There are some things to consider when reassembling the gun back into the stock...
Review: Red Oxx Gun Runner and Flat Dog Soft Gun Cases
Red Oxx makes high-quality gun cases that should last for many years, which are guaranteed forever. They are much tougher than run-of-the-mill cases, and these two cases can be used together for extra protection, or used separately.
Review: Tuffpak Gun Case - Practical and Tough
The Tuffpak gun case is a unique and useful case that doesn't actually look like a gun case. Its wheels and handles make it easy to move around, and the simple design makes for a very flexible rifle, shotgun, and handgun case that be packed with many different combinations of guns and gear.
Information on 22 LR Target Pistols and Where to Shoot
Answering a question from a reader about information on 22 LR target pistols and where to shoot.
How Do I Accurize my Rifle?
How to Accurize a Rifle - the answer is, one step at a time.
How to Boresight a Scope on a Bolt-Action Rifle or Pistol
A simple How to on Boresighting a Scope on a Bolt-Action rifle or pistol
How to Shoot More Accurately
A simple How to on Shooting Accurately
How to Sight in a Gun
A simple How to on Sighting-in a Gun
How to Remove Rust From a Gun
A simple How to on Removing Rust From Guns
Review of Limb Saver Recoil Pad, used on a Ruger Red Label over/under 12 gauge shotgun.
Review of Limb Saver Recoil Pad, used on a Ruger Red Label over/under 12 gauge shotgun. This slip-on pad performed very well and was very easy to install. Other Limb Saver pads I have used work equally well.
Gun Stock Refinishing Tips
These are some tips and advice on gun stock finishing that should come in handy next time you refinish a shotgun or rifle stock.
Rifle & Shotgun Scopes - Some Tips, Explanations, and Experience to Help You in Choosing a Rifle Scope
Choosing a rifle scope is something that most hunters must do. This article will help you decide whether to scope your rifle, whether to choose a variable or fixed scope, how much is a reasonable cost for a good scope, and whether you need a large or adjustable objective for your hunting or target shooting.
Some of my Experiences with the Savage 110 Bolt-Action Rifle
The Savage 110 and Me - I have long respected Savage rifles, but it took some time for my admiration to ripen into love. Here's some insight into my history with the Savage Model 110 bolt-action rifle, and some of the reasons why I do love 'em.
Airguns (BB Guns) Often Help Foster Kids' Love for Shooting
Airguns (BB Guns) Often Help Foster Kids' Love for Shooting - By Russ Chastain. I don't remember for certain the first gun ever shot, but I believe it was a 22 rifle - and most likely it was a Winchester Model 69A. But the most unadulterated fun I had shooting as a kid (and they're still fun even now) was with good ol' fashioned air power... BB guns! -RC
Hunting and Shooting - CBS News Targets Remington Model 700 rifle as Having a Defective Safety
Hunting and Shooting - CBS News targets Remington Model 700 rifle as having a defective safety mechanism that can cause it to fire inadvertently
Tips and Advice on Buying a Gun Online - Page One
Some tips and advice on buying a gun online, from someone who's been there and done it.
Before You Buy a Used Rifle
Things to know Before You Buy a Used Rifle for hunting or target shooting, by Russ Chastain
Assault Weapons Ban Expired - What Does that Mean to You?
The ill-conceived assault weapons and high-capacity magazine ban of 1994 came to a screeching halt in September of 2004. Will that make a difference to you and me?
Review of BoreSnake Gun Bore Cleaner
The BoreSnake is a fabric ropelike item, with an embedded bore brush and a weighted cord for feeding it through a gun's barrel. Read more...

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  • Challenging Lolo 2 by Sivak Drac get it here


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  • Adventures of Lolo 2 (J)
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