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This contains the format for an Arcana save file. Each file takes up $500 bytes, and has a copy for protection.

File ranges

Slot 1 0100-05FF, 1100-15FF
Slot 2 0600-0AFF, 1600-1AFF
Slot 3 0B00-0FFF, 1B00-1FFF

Save file format

This assumes Slot 1. Add $0500 for Slot 2, and $0A00 for Slot 3.

Bytes Description
106 ?? (00 or 02)
10E ?? (00 or 01)
110-117 Party order
118-11F Stats: Attack (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2)
120-127 Stats: Intelligence (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2)
128-12F Stats: Endurance (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2)
130-137 Stats: Alertness (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2)
138 ?? (00 or 04)
13A-157 ?? (Unused?)
158-15F Stats: Party current HP (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2)
160-167 Copy of 158-15F
168-16F Stats: Party current MP (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2)
170-177 Copy of 168-16F
178-17F Stats: Spirits' current HP (Sylph, Dao, Marid, Efrite)
180-187 Stats: Spirits' current MP (Sylph, Dao, Marid, Efrite)
188-18F Stats: Party EXP (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2) (Spirit uses Rooks' EXP/LV)
190-197 Stats: Party LV (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2)
198-19F Stats: Party max HP (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2)
1A0-1A7 Stats: Party max MP (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2)
1A8-1A9 00 00 (Unused?)
1AA-1B9 Card inventory (2 bytes each, ID/quantity, 8 slots)
1BA-219 Item inventory (2 bytes each, 48 slots)
21A-259 Equipment inventory (2 bytes each, ID/User)
25A-359 Current party spell lists (Rooks, Spirit, Guest1, Guest2) (2 bytes per spell, 32 spells per character)
35A-35B GP
35C-363 Current party (00 = Rooks; 2 bytes each)
364 ?? (00 or 04)
366-367 Background color (Bit depth: 0BBB B0GG GG0R RRR0)
368 Chapter # (01-05)
369-374 ??
376 Dungeon X pos
378 Dungeon Y pos
37A Dungeon compass facing
37D ??
37E ??
380-3FF Suspected block for dungeon map progress