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English Japanese Data
652F 651F Title screen music ID
660A 6620 Starting lives
6628 N/A Starting lives (after pressing Down+A+B on title screen)
031B 662A Starting continues
660A 67D2 Lives (after continuing)
195AE-????? 195B3-????? Music tempo list
03A4-???? 039C-???? Level-based music ID list
55C7-????  ??? Internal level ID list
38300-383DF  ??? Spaceship Vulture (Intro, front)
38400-384DF  ??? Spaceship Vulture (Intro, back)
87C4-8EF8  ??? The Revolution graphics (compressed)
8FE9-9488  ??? Volkmire's Inferno graphics (alternate set, part 1)
9489-9588  ??? Volkmire's Inferno graphics (alternate set, part 2)
9589-9E34  ??? Volkmire's Inferno graphics (main set, compressed)
A6B2-B0AC  ??? Terra Tubes graphics (compressed)
22CFB-23982  ??? Turbo Tunnel graphics (compressed)
23983-24554  ??? Wookie Hole graphics (compressed)
24555-24D8E  ??? Ragnarok's Canyon graphics (compressed)
24D8F-25763  ??? Intruder Excluder and Rat Race graphics (compressed)
25764-261CD  ??? Karnath's Lair graphics (compressed)
261CE-26DF1  ??? Arctic Caverns graphics (compressed)
26DF2-27403  ??? Clinger-Winger and Armageddon graphics (compressed)
27404-27F70  ??? Surf City graphics (compressed)

Internal Data for Battletoads (NES)

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