Blades of Steel

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Blades of Steel
Blades of Steel Title.png
Mapper No. 2
Mapper Name UNROM
PRG-ROM Pages 8 ‍×​ 16kB
CHR-ROM Pages 0 ‍×​ 8kB
Mirroring Vertical
4-Screen Mirroring No
SRAM Enabled No
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  • None known.


  • There is a ROM hack for Blades of Steel called Blades of Steel - S. American Championship. The hack replaces North American teams with South American teams so that people living in South America can better enjoy ice hockey.


  • None known.


  • No miscellaneous yet.

Known Dumps

  • Blades of Steel (E) [!p]
  • Blades of Steel (U) [!]
  • Blades of Steel (U) [p1]

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