Bomberman II:RAM map

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RAM Function Details
0X0012 Pause 00: Yes, 01: No
0X0049 Menu option 00: NORMAL MODE, 01: VS MODE, 02: BATTLE MODE, 03: CONTINUE
0X004C Level
0X0072 X-Coord
0X0078 Y-Coord
0X0093 Bomb radius
0X03D0 Score 0000000x
0X03D1 Score 000000x0
0X03D2 Score 00000x00
0X03D3 Score 0000x000
0X03D4 Score 000x0000
0X03D5 Score 00x00000
0X03D6 Score 0x000000
0X03D7 Score x0000000
0X04E5 Lives