Bomberman II:RAM map

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RAM Function Details
0X0012 Pause 00: Yes, 01: No
0X0049 Menu option 00: NORMAL MODE, 01: VS MODE, 02: BATTLE MODE, 03: CONTINUE
0X004C Level
0X0072 X-Coord
0X0078 Y-Coord
0X0093 Bomb radius
0X03D0 Score 0000000x
0X03D1 Score 000000x0
0X03D2 Score 00000x00
0X03D3 Score 0000x000
0X03D4 Score 000x0000
0X03D5 Score 00x00000
0X03D6 Score 0x000000
0X03D7 Score x0000000
0X04E5 Lives
0X053A-0X0541 Password
0X055B Time 00x
0X055C Time 0x0
0X055D Time x00