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13=Crono 14=Marle 15=Lucca 16=Robo 17=Frog 18=Ayla 19=Magus 20=Epoch 21=the 22=th 23=he 24=ou 25=in 26=er 27=you 28=re 29=ing 2A=on 2B=ha 2C=an 2D=hat 2E=it 2F=at 30=her 31=here 32=to 33=en 34=ng 35=e t 36=is 37=me 38=or 39=st 3A=ve 3B=hi 3C=ea 3D=yo 3E=ere 3F=es 40=sti 41=e th 42=nd 43=ne 44=his 45=ca 46=t t 47=ro 48=be 49=s t 4A=t th 4B=and 4C=that 4D=al 4E=no 4F=The 50=this 51=s th 52='s 53=ight 54=You 55=ome 56=ther 57=: Th 58=t's 59=for 5A=se 5B=la 5C=te 5D=e the 5E=e a 5F=t the 60=Th 61=as 62=ow 63=CHANCELLOR: 64=ed 65=n the 66=n't 67=one 68=ay 69=e you 6A=ave 6B=thin 6C=ch 6D=ee 6E=et 6F=n th 70=rl 71=s a 72=s the 73=om 74=tha 75=ght 76=all 77=our 78=hin 79=ur 7A=thing 7B=ron 7C=have 7D=ck 7E=: T 7F=n t 80=ver 81=e s 82=lo 83=us 84=el 85=e w 86=What 87=ut 88=nt 89=ti 8A=igh 8B=e i 8C=d t 8D=e to 8E=t it 8F=of 90=to the 91=of the 92=uc 93=with 94=rea 98=ce 99=of th 9A=av 9B=o the 9C=f the 9D=o th 9E=are 9F=in the A0=A A1=B A2=C A3=D A4=E A5=F A6=G A7=H A8=I A9=J AA=K AB=L AC=M AD=N AE=O AF=P B0=Q B1=R B2=S B3=T B4=U B5=V B6=W B7=X B8=Y B9=Z BA=a BB=b BC=c BD=d BE=e BF=f C0=g C1=h C2=i C3=j C4=k C5=l C6=m C7=n C8=o C9=p CA=q CB=r CC=s CD=t CE=u CF=v D0=w D1=x D2=y D3=z D4=0 D5=1 D6=2 D7=3 D8=4 D9=5 DA=6 DB=7 DC=8 DD=9 DE=! DF=? E1=` E2=' E3=: E7=' E8=. E9=, EF= F1=...