Conquest of the Crystal Palace:RAM map

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RAM Function Details
0x0041 Text Running $1B=Text Appearing, $1C=Text Stopped
0x0073 Player State
Value Action Value Action
$00 Nothing $06 Falling
$01 Move $07 Air Attack
$02 Crouch $08 180 Attack
$03 Attack $09 Unknown
$04 Crouch Attack $0A Inventory
$05 Jumping $0B+ Unknown
0x0074 Lives Remaining The display won't change until your lives are affected through normal gameplay.
0x0075-0x0076 Coins Each nybble represents a digit for the coins. From *00000 to 000*00. The two ending zeros never change.
0x0097 Zap Active Boolean If >= $01 Then Zap is active

The following has been verified for the Crystal Select screen, but not sure if these same variables are used in the main gameplay.

RAM Function Details
0x0328 Cursor X
0x032C Player X
0x032D Zap X
0x0348 Cursor Y
0x034C Player Y
0x034D Zap Y
0x04EC Player Sprite Offset
0x04ED Zap Sprite Offset