Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer:Map Structs

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Game Crystal Beans From Dungeon Explorer
Start Address 0x02EEBB
End Address 0x030E78
# of Entries 478
Entry Length 17
Total Length 8126 (0x1FBE)
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These structures describe the location of the graphics pointers, the objects to be loaded and the room location within the full level map.



24-bits pointer to the Map:GfxDataPtrs for the level containing the room.


The left bound of the room with the level map.


The right bound of the room with the level map. Add 16 (2/3 of viewport width) to get full bound.


The top bound of the room with the level map.


The bottom bound of the room with the level map. Add 11 (2/3 of viewport height) to get full bound.


24-bits pointer to the the object definitions for the objects appearing in the room.


24-bits pointer to 2 consecutive arrays of bytes terminated by 0xFF. The first gives the type for the hostile objects, the second one, the type of friendly objects. Mainly used to load the objects graphics and palettes.

Unknown 1

Unknown 2