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Being marked discussion I assume I can start a public discussion...

Can ROM hacking include emulator hacking as well, and emulator information? Or related game information?

Some examples off the top of my head: 1) The emulator VectorDream doesnt seem to be well known. It's one of the few that's not even on Zophar's Domain which contributes to it's obscurity and the original website it was once on is long gone. A public database of all emulators and information about them would be a good idea.

2) 'Emulator hacking' might include modifying INI files to get them to play more games and how one goes about the process... anyone since the days of UltraHLE knows it can be done, but i've never seen a tutorial on how others done it or i'd try it myself. Centralizing how to, process, and links to such information would also be beneficial.