Donkey Kong:RAM map

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RAM Purpose
010 Local copy of PPU register 2000
011 Local copy of PPU register 2001
021-023 6 digit Top Score using BCD (4bits per digit)
025-027 6 digit 1P Score using BCD (4bits per digit)
029-02B 6 digit 2P Score using BCD (4bits per digit)
02E-02F 4 digit time remaining using BCD (4bits per digit)
03F Hammer time remaining
044 Slow Timer that starts Demo Mode
050 Stores which option was selected on the title screen (00-03)
051 How many players: 18-1P, 1C-2P
052 Which player's turn it is: 00-1P, 01-2P
053 Which Zone you're on (1-3)
054 Number of times Zone 3 has been completed. Appears under the (L)
055 Marios remaining
058 01 While in Demo Mode
096 Mario's Satus: 01-Hor, 02-Ver, 04-Jump, 08-Falling, 0A-Has Mallet, FF-Dead
0C1-0C8 In Zone 3: 00-Beam Joint still there, 01-Beam Joint has been broken(moved over)
0F7-0F8 Pointer that holds address to music file
100-1FF CPU Stack
200-2FF Sprite Ram that is transferred via DMA every NMI
330 Offset for the current Name Table Update variable below
331-33f Stores the pending changes to update the Name Table
400 Zone number for player 1
401 Zone number for player 2
402 Level number for player 1
403 Level number for player 2
404 Player 1 Marios remaining
405 Player 2 Marios remaining
406 Player 1 game over: 00-False, 01-True
407 Player 2 game over: 00-False, 01-True
50C How many times demo Mario moves a direction
50D Which way demo Mario will move
50E Index in the array of demo movements