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PRG ROM is mapped from C000 to FFFF. All the addresses below correspond to this. In order to find the data in a .nes file simply subtract BFEF from the values below. A simple method is to change the first digit to 0, 1, 2 or 3 depending if it is C, D, E or F repectivley. Then increase the result by 10 to compensate for the 8 byte header. I.E. C000 = 0010, D2F8 = 1308, etc.


Interrupt Vectors

  • FFFA to FFFB = NMI Vector: C85F
  • FFFC to FFFD = Reset Vector: C79E
  • FFFE to FFFF = IRQ Vector: FFF0

Game Variables

  • C014 to C027 = First element in the Array of demo Mario moves. Determines his direction
  • C028 to C03B = Second element of above array. Determines how many times to repeat direction in first element
  • C600 to C603 = Values of Bonus given
  • D636 = Amount of time hammer has (4B)


Backgrounds(Name Table Data)

  • F8F5 to FA1A = Title Screen
  • F58C to F71B = Zone 1
  • F809 to F8D8 = Zone 2
  • F743 to F7CC = Zone 3
  • FA1B to FA1E = I-
  • FA1F to FA24 = TOP
  • FA25 to FA29 = II-
  • FA2A to FA36 = (M)(BONUS)(L)
  • FA37 to FA44 = ( )( )( )


  • C6AA to C6C1 = PLAYER I in middle of screen(two player mode)
  • C6C2 to C6E0 = GAMER OVER in middle of screen with a blank line above and below


  • EBBB to EBC3 = Sub that will change 0096(Mario's status) to FF(Dead) if no time is left
  • EBBB to EBC3 = Sub that loads data for demo movement of Mario from ROM to RAM