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  • DED3 = Bananas
  • DED4 = Lives
  • DF00 = Current Character
    • 00 = Diddy Kong
    • 01 = Dixie Kong
    • 02 = Rambi
    • 03 = Squawks
    • 04 = Enguarde
    • 05 = Squitter
    • 06 = Rattly
    • 07 = Roller Coaster
  • DF2D = Traction
    • 03 = Non-ice levels
    • 34 = Ice levels
  • DE80-DE81 = Horizontal scroll offset in level
  • DE82-DE83 = Vertical scroll offset in level
  • DF10 = Horizontal velocity
  • DF11 = Vertical velocity
  • C5F7 = Current stage type
    • 00 = Find the Token!
    • 01 = Collect the Stars!
    • 02 = Destroy them All!
    • 03 = Warp
    • FE = Regular stage (after exiting bonus stage)
    • FF = Regular stage (from world map screen)
  • C5F8 = Bonus stage timer counter (remaining seconds)
  • C5F9 = Bonus stage counter (remaining stars/Kremlings)
  • C5AA = Bonus/Warp Stage 1
  • C5AB = Bonus/Warp Stage 2
  • C5AC = Bonus/Warp Stage 3 (Always FF in this game, but used for warps in DKL3)
  • DAF7 = Current music tempo

Saved data

  • A000-A04F = File 1
  • A050-A0BF = File 2
  • A0A0-A0EF = File 3
File 1 File 2 File 3 Description
A000-A001 A050-A051 A0A0-A0A1 16-bit big endian checksum of 4E bytes afterwards (e.g. A002-A04F for File 1)
A002 A052 A0A2 Current Kong (00=Diddy, 01=Dixie)
A003 A053 A0A3 Number of hits remaining
A004 A054 A0A4 Last world visited
A005 A055 A0A5 Last submap location visited (typically Kong Kollege)
(Unused, because the game always starts you on the overworld map when loading a saved game.)
A006-A008 A056-A058 A0A6-A0A8 Total time (hours, minutes, seconds)
A009 A059 A0A9 Banana Coins collected
(This data is not used. Upon loading a save file, after the game reads the Banana Coin count and stores it into RAM, it is then reset to 0. It is unclear whether or not this is a bug.)
A00A A05A A0AA Kremkoins collected
A00B A05B A0AB DK Coins collected
A015-A03F A065-A08F A0B5-A0DF Level data
  • Bit 7: 0 if cleared with Diddy the first time, 1 if cleared with Dixie for the first time
  • Bit 6: 0 if missing at least one Bonus Coin, 1 if all Bonus Coins have been found
  • Bit 5: Unused?
  • Bit 4: 0 if Bonus Coin #2 is missing, 1 if Bonus Coin #2 is collected
  • Bit 3: 0 if Bonus Coin #1 is missing, 1 if Bonus Coin #1 is collected
  • Bit 2: Unused?
  • Bit 1: 0 if DK Coin is not collected, 1 if DK Coin is collected
  • Bit 0: 0 if not cleared, 1 if cleared
Backup copies of given file, used if previous checksum fails


For each 50-byte block, a 16-bit, big endian checksum is stored in the first two bytes. This is a sum of each 8-bit value in the rest of the 4E bytes. If the checksum fails, the checksum in the file's first backup copy is checked. If this also fails, the checksum in the file's second and final backup copy is checked. If they all fail, the file is erased. If any of them pass, the game always uses the data in the first block. This occurs even if the checksum failed in this block, but passed in either of the two backup blocks. This is a bug; the intended behavior is that the game would copy a valid backup block to the first block in this situation. Since the game always uses the data in the first block, this can cause glitches if the first block is corrupted, but the other two are intact.

Internal Data for Donkey Kong Land 2

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