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This data is relevant to Dr. Mario (JU) [t1] and may not be correct for other dumps.


RAM Address Information
0x0046 Mode.
0x0065 Game option cursor position.
0x008B Speed cursor. (Copied from 0x030B.)
0x0305 Falling pill X position.
0x0306 Falling pill Y position.
0x030B Pill Speed. (26 = fastest, 85=slowest (hex))
0x0312 Frames left before current pill drops.
0x0316 Level number.
0x031A P1 Next pill: First color. 0=Yellow, 1=Red, 2=Blue
0x031B P1 Next pill: Second color.
0x0324 Number of remaining virii for P1. stored in the decimal representation of the hex value seen on screen (IE 10 viruses remaining = hex 10 = decimal 16; 20 viruses remaining = hex 20 = decimal 32; 19 viruses remaining = hex 19 = decimal 25).
0x039A P2 Next pill: First color. 0=Yellow, 1=Red, 2=Blue
0x039B P2 Next pill: Second color.
0x03A4 Number of remaining virii for P2, stored same way.
0x0400-0x047F Player 1 Play field tiles from top left to bottom right. 16 rows of 8 tiles. 255 when square is empty; 64/65/66 for top half of pill in Yellow, Red, and Blue; 80/81/82 for bottom half; 96/97/98 for left half; 112/113/114 for right half; 128/129/130 for single pellet; 208/209/210 for virii. Uses values including 139/140/141/142/143/237/238/239/254 for the "Clear" box.
0x067E Maximum frames to wait before the three viruses move.
0x067F Frames left before the three viruses move.
0x0727 Number of players.
0x0731 Music type.