Dragon Quest III (Game Boy Color)

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{{{Dragon Quest III}}}
Internal Name {{{GBDQ3}}}
Region Code {{{Japan}}}
Type {{{C0 (CGB Only)}}}
SGB Support {{{No}}}
Cartridge Type {{{1B (ROM+MBC5+RAM+BATTERY)}}}
License Code {{{B4 (ENIX)}}}
ROM Size {{{07 (4MB)}}}
ROM Checksum {{{545F}}}
SRAM Size {{{03 (32KB)}}}
Header Checksum {{{05}}}
[[{{{game}}}:ROM map|ROM map]] | [[{{{game}}}:RAM map|RAM map]] | [[{{{game}}}:TBL|Text table]] | [[{{{game}}}:Notes|Notes]] | [[{{{game}}}:Tutorials|Tutorials]]


None known.


None known.


None known.


Known Dumps

  • "Dragon Quest III - Soshite Densetsu he... (J) [C][!].gbc"; internal code BD3J; CRC32 21078C16; 4194304 bytes.
  • "Dragon Warrior III (U) [C][!].gbc"; internal code BD3E; CRC32 0FD9C59C; 4194304 bytes.

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