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As most texts are in the same banks, in both versions, the first address refers to Dragon Quest, and the second to Dragon Warrior. The miscellaneous are mixed dialogues, from both I and II. There is an initial programming in some Dragon Warrior blocks, before the main table pointer.

  • 0x30000 to 0x30FFF, and 0x31000 to 0x31FFF: the entire font, standard Game Boy format and 8x8 mapping. The second section, with the kanji, is unaltered even in Dragon Warrior!
  • 0x38043: debug, items, names, magic, jobs, and locations. 0x38361: 1st. 0x391CE; 0x39254: end.
  • 0x391DD; 0x39264: monsters, battles and their menus. 0x39413; 0x3949A: 1st. 0x3A619; 0x3A9E8: end.
  • 0x8801C; 0x88079: dragon quest 1, part 1. 0x88152; 0x88185: 1st. 0x8B6B5; 0x8B94B: end.
  • 0x8C01C: dragon quest 1, part 2. 0x8C10E: 1st. 0x8E7B6; 0x8EE58: end.
  • 0x9002A; 0x90062: dragon quest 1, part 3. 0x901DC; 0x901D8: 1st. 0x93731; 0x93B84: end.
  • 0x94020; 0x94057: dragon quest 2, part 1. 0x941E2; 0x941B1: 1st. 0x97B19; 0x97103: end.
  • 0x9801E: dragon quest 2, part 2. 0x9816C: 1st. 0x9B5E4; 0x9BC26: end.
  • 0x9C01E; 0x9C055: dragon quest 2, part 3. 0x9C16E; 0x9C15D: 1st. 0x9F9AD; 0x9F3D7: end.
  • 0xA001C: dragon quest 2, part 4. 0xA00FC: 1st. 0xA279F; 0xA2FAA: end.
  • 0xA4020; 0xA4055: dragon quest 2, part 5. 0xA4190; 0xA4131: 1st. 0xA7C64; 0xA79D8: end.
  • 0xA801E: dragon quest 2, part 6. 0xA813A: 1st. 0xA9D4D; 0xAA016: end.
  • 0xAC01C: miscellaneous. 0xAC0E8: 1st. 0xAD351; 0xAD67B: end.
  • 0xF4000 to 0xFFFFF: BLANK.
  • 0x100000 to 0x103FFF: BLANK.
  • 0x134000 to 0x137FFF: BLANK.
  • 0x19C000 to 0x19FFFF: BLANK.
  • 0x1AC000 to 0x1AFFFF: BLANK.
  • 0x1B0000 to 0x1BFFFF: BLANK.
  • 0x1D8000 to 0x1DFFFF: BLANK.

Dragon Quest

  • 0x20000 to 0x27FFF: BLANK.
  • 0x50000 to 0x5FFFF: BLANK.
  • 0x70000 to 0x73FFF: BLANK.
  • 0x80000 to 0x87FFF: BLANK.
  • 0xB0000 to 0xBFFFF: BLANK.

Dragon Warrior

  • 0x2C000 to 0x2FFFF: BLANK.
  • 0xB0020: miscellaneous, part 2. 0xB0136: 1st. 0xB3206: end.
  • 0xB401A: miscellaneous, part 3. 0xB40AE: 1st. 0xB51B7: end.
  • 0xB8000 to 0xBFFFF: BLANK.

Internal Data for Dragon Quest I & II (Game Boy)

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