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RAM Function Details
0x003A Player X Position X position on current map. Map not redrawn on direct change.
0x003B Player Y Position Y position on current map.
0x003E Player V-position on Overworld Map #00 = Horizontal Strip two rows north of Garinham.
0x0042 Player H-position on Overworld Map #00 = Verticalal Strip two columns west of Garinham.
0x0047 Button(s) pressed Uses binary processing. Here are the values:
Value Button Value Button
*1 A 1* Up
*2 B 2* Down
*4 Select 4* Left
*8 Start 8* Right
0x004F Countup Clock on Overworld Activates small status window in upper-left corner when player doesn't move.
0x0090-91 Player X Position (Sprite) Increments of 0x10 for major position. Relates to NPCs. Should match with 0x003A to ensure NPCs are in correct location on the map.
0x0092-93 Player Y Position (Sprite) Increments of 0x10 for major position. Relates to NPCs. Should match with 0x003B to ensure NPCs are in correct location on the map.
0x0094-95 Random Number generator state 0x95 is used for the random value; influenced by 0x94.
0x00BA-BB Experience Raw experience amount. Level and other stats are generated from this value (eventually reverting changes wihtin 0x00C5-CD)
0x00BC-BD Gold Gold
0x00BF Magic Keys Set $00-$0A for that amount of keys. $0A will not show a number. $0B=1, $0C=2, etc.
0x00C0 Amount of Herbs
0x00C1-0x00C4 Items Each nybble represents an item for a total of 8 items (not counting Magic Keys) in your inventory:
Value Item Value Item
0 Nothing 8 Gwaelin's Love
1 Torch 9 Cursed Belt
2 Fairy Water A Silver Harp
3 Wings B Death Necklace
4 Dragon's Scale C Stones of Sunlight
5 Fairy Flute D Staff of Rain
6 Fighter's Ring E Rainbow Drop
7 Erdrick's Token F Herb
0x00C5 Player HP
0x00C6 Player MP
0x00C7 Player LV
0x00C8 Player Strength
0x00C9 Player Agility
0x00CA Player Max HP
0x00CB Player Max MP
0x00CC Player Attack Power
0x00CD Player Defense Power
0x00CE Spells Uses binary processing. Here are the values:
Value Spell Value Spell
*1 Heal 1* Stopspell
*2 Hurt 2* Outside
*4 Sleep 4* Return
*8 Radiant 8* Repel
0x00CF More Spells The first two bits are used for spells, the latter 6 bits are unused/unknown:
Value Spell
*1 Healmore
*2 Hurtmore
0x00d0 Light radius Used to determine vision within dungons. Valid values are 01, 03, 05, 07. Can be set to 16, but values that high don't necessarily update the screen outside the centered 7x7 grid.
0x00d8 Menu horiz ptr Horizontal position pointer for battle menu
0x00d9 Menu vert ptr Vertical position pointer for battle menu
0x00da Light timer Set by Radiant spell and counts down. When it reaches 0, light radius is decreased.
0x00e0 Terrain / Enemy pointer In battle, is a pointer to the current enemy type. Out of battle, is a pointer to the current terrain type. Enemy list below.
0x00e2 Enemy HP
0x00e6-e7 Music Track 1 position Pointer
0x00ea-eb Music Track 2 position Pointer
0x00f4 Music note delay timer (drum/track 1) Timers for two independent music sources. If set to 00, that track is paused.
0x00f8 Music note delay timer (flute/track 2)
0x00fc Music tempo 00=off, ff=full

Enemy IDs: 00 = slime 01 = red slime 02 = drakee 03 = ghost 04 = magician 05 = magidrakee 06 = scorpion 07 = druin 08 = poltergeist 09 = droll 0a = drameema 0b = skeleton 0c = warlock 0d = metal scorpion 0e = wolf 0f = wraith 10 = metal slime 11 = specter 12 = wolflord 13 = druinlord 14 = drollmagi 15 = wyvern 16 = rogue scorpion 17 = wraith knight 18 = golem 19 = goldman 1a = knight 1b = magiwyvern 1c = demon knight 1d = werewolf 1e = green dragon 1f = starwyvern 20 = wizard 21 = axe knight 22 = blue dragon 23 = stoneman 24 = armored knight 25 = red dragon 26 = dragonlord form 1 27 = dragonlord form 2 * setting this outside of battle will freeze all NPCs, make movement impossible, black out parts of the screen, etc.